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  1. This website is in six main parts. It is updated almost daily. It is designed to be educational for politicians, technocrats, economists, sociologists, scientists, etcetera in the hope that they can somehow bring about a world order composed of highly intelligent, self motivated, caring and relevantly trained technocrats, in the not too distant future. The images on this page are a reminder to politicians that the main threat to the human race is global warming. This website is composed of the following sections:

    Ideas; This a philosophical view of the human race divided into 40 chapters. It tells you how things should be. It is basically an index of information that is already on the internet. The large chapters are 4...Getting A Job, 16...Space Research & UFOs, 19...Ecology - Global Warming, 21...The National Health Service (NHS), 24...Coronavirus Pandemic 28...Zero Carbon Requires Drastic Change In Lifestyle and 30...IT Information Technology, the latter devoted to creating a website. The purpose of this website however, is to promote the inevitable acceptance of a world technocracy, as described in chapters 37 to 39.

    Story; We all make mistakes, and here are mine.

    Music; The Immortals Music Hits Lists consists of about 13,000 music hits divided into 94 genre, which you can listen to on the internet. The music genre are in roughly chronological order, with international music (Afro Pop, India Pop, Latin, EU) at the end.

    Education; You think that getting qualifications will get you a well paid and secure job; think again. It's all pure chance, and whether your relatives and friends can find you employment, but it doesn't have to be.

    Hovel; This is a carousel of images of home and garden.

    Birmingham, UK; This is a carousel of images of the city I live in, Birmingham, UK. Plus hyperlinks to Birmingham based websites.

  2. Here you will learn the important facts of life which your parents and authority haven't got the guts to tell you about. This section contains images of clean energy plants, to emphasize the importance of going green, the importance of supplying clean energy to Europe during the Russia - Ukraine war, and as a way of paying off this nation's national debt.

    A few years ago a pub drinking friend of mine died from diabetes. His brother came into the Brasshouse, my local pub, told the DJ he had died over Christmas, and left. They were both sudden departures. After some delay I eventually got a copy of his death certificate. Looking at it I realised that it was probably the only thing he had left behind for the human race to acknowledge his existence. And it then occurred to me that that would also apply to me, and countless others. No tombstone. Like my parents I would be cremated. It also occurred to me that for those that had died in wars and natural disasters, there was probably no funeral and no one close to them left alive to mourn. But that's nothing compared to those who are about to die, because for them, there will be no one left alive to issue the death certificates. Yes the end of the world is nigh. I decided not to kick the bucket without so much as a whimper. Instead, I created this website (the hard way without Wordpress), as a warning to those billions of people, whose life expectancy will be much shorter than mine. I was born in 1948, and having endured the rigors of a long life. I therefore consider myself eminently qualified to do this. I also feel a strong urge to get this subject off my back, so I can then get back to my gardening. I have mulled over the problems facing the human race for over thirty years, so please take these ideas seriously.

  3. The human race now stands at a crossroads. Advancing technology such as nuclear fusion, artificial intelligence and bio-engineering are dictating this. Humans can either undergo a drastic change in their thinking and way of life, or they can literally go to hell. Become extinct. This website exposes the problems and lists the solutions. They may be solutions, but I do not believe there is a hope in hell of them ever being realised. The reason is plainly obvious. Whilst technology advances, political systems do not. Multi party democracies, politicians and electorate, are fearful of change. They want to maintain the status quo, preserve the establishment. In order to do that, they ignore the dangers that new technologies present. As such, these political systems are looked upon as being apathetic, incompetent and corrupt. The UK has no written constitution, and therefore no recognised way of reforming itself to any large extent. The entire structure of government is dictated by the need to ensure that no one becomes dictator, thereby ensuring that bureaucracy rules. Nothing gets done on time and within budget. Seeing politicians running around like headless chickens in the House of Commons over Brexit, fills me with despair, as I'm sure it does others. They are plainly unfit to manage a nation. What nations need is professionalism within government, but there is not enough time for that to evolve. The advancement of global warming and terrorism clearly dictates that an intelligent world order be created immediately. Conceivably this can only come about through the United Nations, and if it doesn't then there are two things that the general public can do. Firstly there can be a referendum on the creation of a World Technocracy, throughout the developed world, just as soon as the first internet satellite constellation is launched (probably Starlink or OneWeb). Currently 4.4 billion people use the internet, in 2019, whilst even in the UK there are still homes and businesses without it. The referendum would have to be arranged by an alternative to the UN, namely a non-government organisation, such as Extinction Rebellion. I leave out the third world because many do not even have a proper democracy, so are unlikely to know what a technocracy would be like, and in any case, the people's of the third world will gladly join the developed world later, in theory. Secondly, if you have the money, you may well prefer to relocate to a peaceful but remote part of the southern hemisphere (away from any expected nuclear fall-out), and live off grid with a zero carbon lifestyle.

  4. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Vitafougue Makai's_Ocean_Thermal_Energy_Conversion_Scale_Up.jpg
    WC: Ocean Thermal Energy Converter For Power Station

  5. As I write this in November 2019, there are numerous protests in London, including the environment, Brexit, global economic excesses, and soldier F bloody Sunday incident. Democracies permit protest, but do they really achieve anything? When politicians really take notice, the protesters usually end up corralled up a side street for hours, shitting in their pants. For those of you prepared to suffer such ignominious treatment, here are a few noteworthy organisations simply wanting a higher quality of life:

  6. Problems Facing the Human Race

  7. Solutions to some of the problems listed here can be found in the Ideas section of this website.

  8. 1 Once AI can produce its own computer code, it will be able to design highly capable androids that will supplant humans in the workplace. Since all humans will then be unemployed, where will the 'earnings' come from for consumerism to continue supporting the global economy? It's obvious to me that there needs to be a new financial system. This web site proposes and details such a system.

  9. 2 Many people have tattoos, plastic surgery or gender change for no medical reason. In a world of bioengineering, how will your government stop thousands of back street clinics changing their clients genome, in order to look more attractive? Some of these genome changes maybe passed on to future generations, thereby trashing the standard human genome. Imagine the bar scene in the movie Star Wars, at your local. Such a situation would prove catastrophic for the medical services. A similar problem already exists in the UK regarding teeth-whitening clinics. These are required to be registered with the General Dental Council, but some have illegal qualifications, resulting in burns and lost teeth in clients. Teeth whitening kits are now available to everyone on the internet. If the authorities can't put a stop to that, what hope is there for the future?

  10. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Dniester_Pumped_Storage_Power_Station.jpg
    WC: Dniester Pumped Storage Power Station

  11. 3 In a world of AI, what is to stop one person (a domineering politician having a bad day) from triggering WWIII, when that nation's armed forces consist solely of androids and AI equipped missiles, requiring minimal human intervention? Only a world technocracy can counter this threat by scrapping military weapons, thereby channeling the newly available personnel into building a new civilisation for everyone on this planet. Many ships and aircraft could become part of an international rescue organisation, or engage in oceanographic research, or the removal of polluting waste such as plastic.

  12. 4 What is there to stop major aerospace companies in the USA from triggering a galactic war with aliens, when American politicians appear to be unwilling to engage in forensic accountancy, regarding unrealistically expensive science and aerospace projects? Something is going on, but the USG is doing nothing in order to monitor this. Does the TR-3B exist? Not according to USG. If Russia has nuclear powered cruise missiles, why doesn't the USA have something equally as fantastic? Why is it lying to its allies on this subject? Why is it lying to its own electorate? Plausible deniability fools no one.

  13. 5 As technology advances, terrorist organizations and suicidal individuals are becoming more dangerous. To wipe out the human race one would only have to study bioengineering, to create a cocktail of lethal viral and bacterial strains, including a zombie virus, replicate them, seal them in sample bags disguised as perfume samples (to avoid detection at postal sorting centres) and post them to unsuspecting people around the world at christmas, ensuring that medical research centre neighbourhoods are included. If it was transmitted easily and had a long incubation period, then the success rate is likely to be high. Government agencies cannot just sit there and see how these things develop, because the first attempt may prove totally successful. This web site explains how this and other crimes can be prevented. But does your government have the intelligence and guts to implement it? In the end, if we don't get a world technocracy, these governments, in despair, will wipe out the human race, probably leaving a few outposts on the Moon and Mars. Only a WT (world technocracy) can prevent this and all other crimes from happening. This web site details the solution.

  14. 6 Is your government and financial system prepared to become totally honest? Will it agree to scrap bank notes and coins, thereby making all transactions transparent, effectively putting an end to offshore accounts, money laundering, confidence tricks via the internet, including crypto-currencies and other money related crimes? Will you ban the transfer of money abroad, except directly by approved companies to other approved companies. AI should at the very least monitor international calls, and disconnect them the moment it detects an attempt at fraud. Until then these exchanges should be monitored by humans. In addition, dormant bank accounts, that is those that do not carry out at least two transactions per month, should be shut down (frozen) immediately. A nominal reactivation charge would apply. This would highlight to banks, etc. those people who are unable to manage their accounts, necessitating that there activities be monitored more intensely. Financial institutions would be legally required to arrange a third party mandate or power of attorney, for an account holder who is not mentally able to manage their financial affairs. They would be required to interview the account holder annually. I believe that every person should be entitled to have a current account and a deposit account, regardless of mental capability. AI will be able to police the global financial system, but it is unlikely to do so as long as frontiers, and petty political squabbles exist. AI is more likely to be used by terrorists and gangsters to destroy the internet and all computers connected to it.

  15. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Rjglewis Steam_Separator_Kawerau_Power_Plant_NZ.jpg
    WC: Geothermal Power Station

    Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Rehman Abubakr Geothermal_Binary_System.jpg
    WC: Geothermal Power Station Schematic

  16. You can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority, an organisation financed by the advertising industry. I complained to them years ago about my LG smart TV. The advertising did not include details of CPU, RAM, ROM, browser, operating system, and a manual that was anything but helpful. I had contacted LG via the internet, and the people there had no information about my set, an LG 47LW550T, nor whether it could be updated and made secure. Based upon my experience I do not advise you to buy a smart TV. I got nowhere because of a technicality. I left it too late to complain. And if you are looking for a way of disposing or recycling your electronics, read this:

  17. Anyone who has connected to the internet has probably come across msn and a plethora of 'news stories' to click on. Many of them offer PPI (payment protection insurance) refunds or some other windfall. They are all designed to extract your personal details, but for who? The CIA or criminals? Tap in a website you want to go to, and is it the first website on the list that appears? No it isn't. Now try criminal record checks, and you will probably be surprised to see that is not at the top of the list. What are these other organisations, and why are they being allowed to operate? There appears to be nothing to stop someone setting up a copycat website designed to steal your personal data and sell it to others. Why is this? Is the government and police really that incompetent? Just who is policing the internet? Apparently no one. This is why parliament needs to be replaced by an all embracing complaints department, additionally with laws created via the internet, by the people, for the people. Incidentally, the owners of websites at the top of these lists pay the browser company to display them there.

  18. For UK businesses seeking guidance over Brexit, please note that there are many unofficial websites offering advice, presumably for a small fee. My advice is to go to the following official website:

  19. 7 Is your government willing to sign an international agreement to police in real time the internet and global financial system effectively, employing a supercomputer with both detection and executive action capability, without the need for human involvement? The alternative to the internet is for each nation to have its own intranet, which it could police far more effectively than present.

  20. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 NASA_solar_power_satellite_concept_1976.jpg
    WC: Space Based Solar Power Station

  21. 8 And on the subject of global warming, is your government prepared to do the following:

    (I) Outlaw the manufacture of fossil fuel burning automobiles in two years time, and outlaw the use of similar vehicles in seven years time? Theses cars will be replaced by dual use taxi vans for people and parcel delivery owned by taxi companies only, due to their high purchase price, high maintenance standards and high usage required. Re-charging will be in off road car parks and through the use of under road surface charging points at major road junctions. Private parking areas will be converted to gardens, which the government will encourage, in order to improve people's well being, and the environment. Additional gardens will be created in road narrowing schemes, since the number of smart vehicles will only be about a quarter of what exists at present, greatly reducing the need for street parking. As photo-voltaic arrays increase in efficacy, vehicles fitted with such technology may not require recharging points.

  22. (II) Ensure that all new dwellings are off-grid zero carbon bio-homes (biomes), including areas for the in-house production of food (vegetables, fruit, rabbit, chicken, fish)? This will lead to the phasing out of food outlets (supermarkets, etc.), and traditional animal farming, particularly cattle and sheep (due to their methane production)? Since no cattle will be reared and no leather imported, the boot & shoe industry will have to employ alternative bio-degradable materials, such as pineapple, bamboo, jute, hemp, kelp and cork. Bio-homes will need two family groups to live in them in order to maintain the food production facilities whilst the other family are on holiday. The state will have to outlaw the concept of adults living on their own. Biomes are necessary, not just to reduce our carbon footprint, but to also give people alternative employment in an AI dominated working environment, through the management of their hydroponic facilities, etc., in an automated world, as a means of combating obesity, crime and mental illness, etc. Other civilisation's had their pyramids, zig-a-rats and great walls, and we will have our biomes.

  23. Whilst biomes will produce their electricity from steerable photo-voltaic arrays and heating via the glazed structure, we must be realistic and provide clean energy for existing homes. Electricity can come from PVAs, whilst heating can come from grass. Most homes do not have enough space for heating from PVAs, so why not switch from underground natural gas to on the ground bio-methane from grass grown on marginal land? After harvesting, the grass would be placed in anaerobic digesters, where an absence of oxygen would produce flammable gas. The electricity provider Ecotricity are promoting this idea in the UK, and assuming their figures are accurate, it definitely beats heat pumps. It would cost just 10% of that of heat pumps, use the existing gas network, provide thousands of jobs in the countryside and protect nature, thereby complying with UN ecology standards. It would also fit in with HMG's agricultural policy since leaving the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. In January 2022 HMG announced its policies based upon the Sustainable Farming Incentive, Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery. Whilst some people feel that these policies would encourage added food imports, the necessary investment in vegetable production under glass and hydroponics, precludes this.

  24. (III) Replace deep sea fishing with factory farmed fish, in order to improve bio-diversity? How many species have gone extinct in the world's oceans in the past two centuries that science has never seen?

  25. (IV) Outlaw foreign holidays, whilst banning foreign tourists? This will require the make-over of UK based holiday resorts. The alternative is to switch to electric or bio-fueled powered airliners.

  26. (V) Issue trade embargoes against countries engaged in slash and burn agriculture, including the destruction of tropical rain forests, rape of the seas through industrialised fishing, and those engaged in industrial espionage, phishing, fraud, misinformation and denial of service over the internet.

  27. (VI) Ensure that spectators to public events come from the local area only, in order to reduce the nation's travel carbon footprint? Smart vehicles will likely supersede established cars, taxis, buses and coaches. So how are you going to get back from such an event. Will you pay to keep your smart taxis waiting for you, until the event ends? That could be expensive.

  28. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 kallerna PVA Andasol_5.jpg
    WC: Phot-Voltaic Array Generates Electricity From Sunlight

    Images Wikimedia Commons/0 afloresm PS10_solar_power_tower_2.jpg
    WC: Solar Tower Electricity

  29. (VII) Ban plastic products including plastic bags, bottles, car dashboards & upholstery, children's toys, flooring, construction kits, and replace electric cable with MIMS (mineral insulated metal sheathed); in fact everything composed of non-biodegradable plastic should be banned? Alternatives to plastic are, paper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, zinc, grape waste, liquid wood/lignin, etc. There are at least three biodegradable plastics such as PCL which is used in medical sutures. They are not liked by the plastics industry because they can get mixed up with recycled standard plastic, and corrupt it. As for the alternatives to wood and paper, research at MIT, California, USA, where zinnia plant cells are being 3D printed into shapes, suggests that artificial wood could be available in 2030. We now have plastic bags at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. The only answer therefore is to ban plastics completely. Nine billion tonnes of plastic has been produced worldwide since 1950. Much of that still exists in some form. The largest plastic monument on the planet consists of 134 square miles of poly tunnels on fruit and vegetable farms in southern Spain. In March 20202 Dutch scientists at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University Medical Centre found micro-plastics in the blood stream of humans for the first time. It has taken 80 years to proove that plastics aren't simply contaminating the planet, they are contaminating us. What does it take for governments to pull their finger out and ban almost all plastics?

  30. (VIII) Ban fireworks (to be replaced by reprogrammable LED light shows), etc?

  31. (IX) Impose alternatives to cement, which is used in concrete, but emits masses of carbon dioxide during manufacture? Alternatives are aircrete, mycelium or hempcrete. Or artificial cellulose as an alternative to wood, steel and concrete. It has been calculated that the PRC consumed more concrete in two years, from 2011 to 2013, than the whole of the USA in all of the twentieth century. It is of course, not the only country that wants to dramatically improve the living standards of its citizens, but it probably explains why the oceans are getting warmer, increasing evaporation and hence precipitation over north America and northern Europe. Once in a hundred year storms over the UK are now arriving annually. It is clearly global warming. It must stop, and the only way to do that is through an international agreement in law, either through the United Nations, International Law Court or both. All materials and industrial processes, including fertilizer, that produce carbon dioxide, methane or CFCs must be banned. As the storms become more frequent, the winds become faster. Just how long have we got before the roofs on our homes are blown away?

  32. However, all is not doom and gloom. Whilst the United Nations maybe incapable of creating the necessary laws to outlaw the production of cement, when one looks at the big picture, one realizes that once energy becomes far cheaper with the introduction of nuclear fusion, improved battery and PVA efficiency, other opportunities arise. Cheaper electricity means cheaper steel and ceramics as alternatives to concrete.

  33. (X) Eight per cent of the world's carbon emissions comes from tourism. Now I haven't had a holiday for thirty-six years, and surprisingly, I don't feel that I need one. I really enjoy where I live, despite the constant rain. Birmingham, UK, is a great city, but it could be better. Instead of people going on long plane journeys, burning all that jet fuel, don't you think it would be better to build holiday venues close to population centres, here in the UK for instance?

  34. (XI) Admit that recycling of waste via wheelie bins is a failure and adopt refuse disposal by incineration and plasma arc recycling. Recycling from wheelie bins requires numerous expensive and bulky waste bins, rubbish that requires sorting by people who are hard to recruit, whilst the recycled waste merely encourages competing similar new materials to fall in price, below the recycled price. Recycled plastic is not wanted by the industry because of contamination problems. As a result, whilst some plastics are recyclable, they cannot be recycled because the recycling plant has not been built. It also requires a co-operative general public, many of whom are social misfits in a society where there is no national service....yet. Plasma arc recycling may cost more as regards energy use, but it can also be used to treat historic waste on landfill sites. As with incinerators, the waste heat can be used in industrial plant or on housing estates, whilst the ash can be used as a building material and the solid waste does not generally require separation.

  35. (XII) Relocate the entire population of the UK to Madagascar. Why? Read the rest of my website. We need to learn from the pharaohs.

  36. Yes, to combat global warming requires a drastic change in lifestyle. This is the opposite of what government advisers are saying. Please, also read Chapter 19 of My Ideas, on the subject of global warming, etc.

  37. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Kenneth Allen Hydro_Electric_Generator_Omagh.jpg
    WC: Hydro Electric Generator, Omagh, Ireland
    Fitted With Archimedes Screw

  38. 9 Now we come to the embarrassing subject of sex. No I'm not talking about MP's bonking their secretaries. I'm talking about the population explosion. Yes it's still with us despite what the experts say, and the problem is likely to get worse. Advances in medical science, will lead to longer, healthier and more sexually productive lives, particularly in the third world where, due to advances in automation, the benefits of the global economy will never reach. The more spare time people have, and the more repeats on TV, the more likely it is that people will invent their own! Is your government capable of arranging your society's leisure time, and imposing mass contraception, particularly on your nation's ethnic minorities? Where is their TV channel on Freeview that matches their culture and religion?

  39. 10 One of the greatest problems facing HMG every day, that costs the government billions of pounds per year, is obesity. HMG has no idea how to combat it. I was walking through Grand Central one day, a place full of cafes above New Street railway station, Birmingham, and watched an obese couple urging their son to take a cake from a three tier platter that they had bought. Somehow I don't think HMG is going to get through to these people in a softly softly approach. It will take government to impose food rationing and the imposition of physical sports and hobbies, in order to create a healthier general public. As it is, HMG cannot even ban junk foods, and ration other foods to certain times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter. With dual use zero polluting taxis driven by computers replacing public transport, cars, etcetera, that leaves an awful lot of unoccupied empty space in front gardens. It's time government's started promoting gardening, as a means of getting fit, extending wildlife habitats, improving diet and air quality. Is your government up to it? Somehow I doubt it. Heart disease, diabetes, fat removal, gut constriction, hip and knee joint replacements, will just go on and on. It's also time that HMG passed legislation compelling employers to set up gymnasiums and social clubs, plus high quality working environments to improve general physical and mental well being.

  40. 11 Austerity, what austerity? The national debt has almost doubled during this so called austerity period. Clearly there has been no real austerity. We should all be on the national minimum wage until all government, company and individual debts have been paid off, by which time you will all possess an intense loathing for capitalism. Clearly this is not going to happen, since capitalism doesn't work where there is too much automation, low wages and unemployment, due to insufficient consumerism. Most of these debts will never be paid off. Government's are ignoring this fact just as effectively as HMG is ignoring the problems listed here. There will of course come a day of reckoning, and if it's not planned, you will probably have to say goodbye to civilisation.

  41. In this age of austerity HMG must review existing grandiose government projects.

  42. (a)...Scrap HS2 high speed rail link from London to Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds. Speeds above 125mph inter city cannot be justified financially because the country is geographically too small, and anyway, we are bankrupt, and should therefore invest only in something with export potential, not a project based on rail lines from the PRC, signalling from Germany and rolling stock from Japan. And of course there is the environmental impact. The Wildlife Trust has stated that the construction of HS2 will destroy 108 ancient woodland sites, and prove detrimental to the wildlife that depends upon it. There must be a way of stopping it. The peasants aren't protesting effectively. It's a slowly unfolding tragedy. How much will it cost to cancel it? In February 2020 the prime minister Boris Johnson, announced that the project would go ahead.

  43. (b)...Give full support to the UK's nuclear fusion industry, including the mass production of power stations for rapid export. Scaled down, fusion technology could possibly power air taxis and airliners.

  44. (c)...Promote self driving electric vehicles, battery technology based upon UK mined lithium and graphene, etc.

  45. (d)...Support bio-engineering, and other medical advances.

  46. These will be the nation's new wealth creating ventures, after docklands and North Sea oil. And this time we should create a sovereign wealth fund consisting of global investments, to support the welfare state, pensions, health and elderly care.

  47. images my ideas/shut stimulus nuclear fusion tokamak.jpg
    SHUT: Nuclear Fusion Tokamak

  48. (e)...Nuclear fusion, assuming it can generate cheap electricity, would negate the need for HMG to insulate existing UK homes to a higher standard. However, even if HMG wanted to go ahead, it may well be cheaper to locate new homes in a warmer climate that requires lower, and hence cheaper, construction standards, and is more appealing to a more leisure orientated society. Further reasons as to why we should do this, are in the '28...Zero Carbon Requires Drastic Change In Lifestyle' section of this web site.

  49. The one thing that most people want, no matter where in the world they live, more than anything else, is a home fit for the twenty-first century. HMG should instigate a project to design and factory build such bio-homes using advanced materials and techniques, for home consumption and export. Should they be ceramic domes or 3D printed 'traditional layout' zero carbon homes?

  50. 12 IT standards! In January 2018 there were reports of computer user's losing data following confessions from INTEL regarding the spectre, meltdown and foreshadow CPU architecture bugs. Now we have the Zombieload bug. What's next? I have seen anomalies on my computer screens. It's worrying, especially if you're using this software and hardware in financial institutions and engineering design. Just who do you blame? Is it the CPU manufacturer, the operating system provider, or the application's supplier? And as each software fix is installed, our computer's get slower and slower, to the point where my brain can't work that slowly. It blows my mind, as I'm sure my neighbours would testify. Meanwhile parliament sucks its thumb, whilst the government buries its head in the silicon sand to the problem of increasing worker efficiency. We will soon reach the point, hopefully, when AI will be able to write flawless, secure and advanced computer code. Hopefully, someone or something will then write a complete range of compatible software, and give it away to the world, and we will also have no more badly designed hardware for it to run on. In the meantime, we all pray, because clearly this problem is beyond the capabilities of individual governments. My computers get slower as Windows 10 gets more bloated. Windows 11 came out in late 2021 but won't run on my PCs. With Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 in 2025, I guess I'll have to switch either to Windows 11 Lite or Linux. The option of replacing my three computers with a new one is simply not acceptable from a zero carbon point of view, is it?

  51. If you look at my GTC engineering notes in the education section of this web site, you will see that they display smaller than other exercise books. This is because I scanned them three years later than the others, by which time I had forgotten how to do it, and omitted to write down the instructions. I had so many files on my computer by then, I couldn't tell one from the other because the apps don't display the file extension nor the file path. On top of that I had computer failings due to overheating in the July 2019 heat wave, whilst my bathroom flooded, but that's another story. Through trial and error I scanned the documents (JPG's), saved as reduced dpi and converted them each to a HTM and _files folders, but it took about one month, by which time I was a nervous wreck. HMG is proposing to train prison inmates to program. Well in that case they can produce a full range of apps and the operating system to run them on, then give it to the world. Whilst using it, an algorithm can analyze what the user is doing and provide hints, including offering the name and address of British companies that can help in their endeavor. This is modern day public relations and marketing. Why do we need public relations? Well maybe then we will win the Eurovision song contest again.

  52. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 GreenWikiGuys DEA_2274.jpg
    WC: Sea Current Generator

  53. 13 Knife crime! Some people might regard me as an expert on the subject, though in all honesty, I don't feel that I am any better at advising HMG than anyone else. Take away one weapon, such as firearms, and people will simply use something else. As I stated in my biography, tomahawks, flare guns, etc. As for banning hunting knives, border guards will have to look out for them, whilst gangs will simply sharpen cutlery knives. Yesterday it was acid, and today it's knives, tomorrow, who knows? How do you get rid of knives, as a potential weapon? Well, in prison the cutlery is all plastic. I'm sure that will go down well at a state banquet in Buck Place. As for the rest of us, I suppose we will all be relegated to the use of chopsticks, including quality restaurants in the pleasure palace of Westminster. So prime minister, when will the knife amnesty be? And how much compensation do we get for our family heirlooms, including cutlery wedding presents? I'm certain that many knife crimes could be prevented if only the media would stop broadcasting these incidents. It serves no good purpose in doing so. The police could request help from the general public by sending messages to local people's mobile phones. These crimes could be reduced by encouraging young people to take part in girl guides, scouts, sea and air cadets, youth clubs, and school evening events with parents in order to instil discipline. However, discipline begins at home, from a stable family background, not single parent environment. In the UK it is no longer necessary to determine where blame lies in order to get a divorce. Marriage is becoming an irrelevance, but cohabitation is not. HMG should make the formation of new partnerships a priority. It is also clear that the UK's illicit drug culture must be brought to an end. As for the creation of a crime free society, where there are no prisons, no courts and no police, not even androids, you will have to read MY Ideas section of this web site for answers.

  54. 14 The touchy subject of anti-social behaviour needs to be addressed. People that repeatedly vandalize properties, fail to maintain their own home to acceptable standards, constantly drop litter or fly tip, nag people, or constantly blast music to the point where it affects others mental well being, need to be taken to task. During the middle ages the ducking stool was used on women who nagged. Since the scrapping of corporal punishment, there has been no substitute. My biography clearly shows that it's time that there was. When it comes to nagging, we had thirty years of the troubles in Northern Ireland on BBC News, and God knows how many years we'll have on Brexit. And during the quiet periods we'll have that wailing banshee north of Hadrian's Wall bemoaning the fact that the Scots did not vote for Brexit and that the union is a union only in the eyes of those in Westminster. That's what happens when people stare at spiders for too long.

  55. 15 People talk a lot about discrimination, but when it comes to discrimination against ex-cons, no one wants to talk about it. I am of course talking about the insurance industries aversion to risk by not wanting to insure the home and contents of people with criminal records. It is time that this policy was outlawed, particularly as web sites encourage ex-cons to apply for it, by not mentioning the escape clauses until they have filled in the long application form on the internet. It beggars the question, how many insurance policies are worthless because the applicant has been incentivised to lie about their past. A list of rejecting insurance companies can be seen on a price comparison web site. It is a grim display of discrimination.

  56. You can complain to:

    I'm not sure which of the above is relevant.

    Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Global_Temperature_And_Forces.jpg
    WC: Global Temperature Trend & Causes

  57. On April 29th, 2020 I attempted to buy home and home contents insurance, through Go Compare (, at a cost of £197-36. I filled in their application form correctly, after going through it about five times. The one important question concerned my criminal record. 'Do you or anyone else living at the property have any unspent criminal convictions? I answered yes. The cheapest insurance policy was through an insurance broker called Deeside Insurance Brokers Limited, Shotton, Flintshire, UK ( I filled in their application form via the internet correctly, and paid the required fee. It also asked about criminal records saying,'Have you got any criminal convictions or prosecutions pending?' The normal terminology is 'unspent.' I looked up pending in my Penguin Pocket English Dictionary. It means either 'until' or 'yet decided'. Since my case had most definitely been decided in 1984, I answered 'no.' I later realised that if I had said yes, a relevant hidden page would then have appeared, asking for more details. Now I had gone through this application form five times without seeing this page. At the time I saw that the cancellation fee was sixty pounds, and I did not use PayPal. I later received forms from the broker to sign. There were two details that were incorrect, as follows.

  58. The application looked suspicious as the time I had been at the present address was stated as one year instead of six.

    Have you or anyone who normally lives with you ever been convicted of, or charged with but not yet tried for, any offence other than a driving offence?

    At the top of the page it stated Rainbow Statement Of Fact, and the logo of the insurance company Legal & General. Now I knew that Legal & General ( don't accept policies from ex-cons, so I emailed the facts to AIM. They then charged me the sixty pounds cancellation fee, and told me that the repayment will take up to 45 days. And I still have the application forms. Should I contact the police at 0300 123 2040 ? I want a full refund. On June 26th, 2020, £107-30 was deposited into my current account.

  59. All this beggars the following questions:

    I...Does Go Compare know and approve of what is going on?

    II...Does the regulatory body know and approve of what is going on?

    III...Why are brokers listed on the internet, when the whole purpose of the web is to streamline business by eliminating the middle men, particularly in investment, pensions, insurance and employment agencies? Doesn't HMG believe in efficiency?

    IV...Are these job opportunities being created by politicians, in order to grease the palms of their friends and relatives?

    V...When the insurance sector refuses to take on the risk of offering ex-cons insurance, surely that implies that these companies are not really what they claim to be? Surely that requires HMG to sort things out, because this policy affects not just ordinary people but also potential investors and entrepreneurs?

    VI...What is the percentage of policies that the insurance sector regards as fraudulent, and what does HMG intend to do about it?

    VII...Will I and others get all of our monies back? I'm still waiting for my dental fine to be handed back.

    VIII...Don't you think its about time we eliminated this problem by scrapping money and capitalism? HMG could be the insurer through taxation. Of course that would probably require creating a technocracy first.

  60. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Diagram_showing_ten_indicators_of_global_warming.jpg
    WC: Diagram showing ten indicators of global warming

  61. I sent an email based upon the above text to the FCA on 28-06-20. About one week later I sent a letter to L&G, and emails to ASA and the Financial Ombudsman.

    Every government department I contacted appeared to be closed due to the pandemic. After waiting weeks for a response from them I finally contacted Action Fraud on August 22nd, 2020. Although I had a detailed letter containing names and dates, I had to enter this information piecemeal into the websites dialogue boxes. It was very tedious and frustrating, because I could see no end to this affair. No matter how rough the going gets, you never shut down government. By now HMG was considering shutting down over one hundred local authorities, many of which were deeply in debt due to government financial cuts and the cost of running public transport with little customer revenue due to Covid-19. In late August 2020 I received an email from Victim Support. Well I only lost about seventy-five pounds, whilst others have lost their entire life savings, and still HMG fails to put warning advertisements on TV about the subject. Is it mentioned in soap operas on TV? When are people in this country going to get paid in SPEVs?

  62. On November 10th, 2020 I received a lengthy email from the Financial Ombudsman Service, basically telling me that I didn't have a leg to stand on. Well this is my response:

    1...This insurance broker charges me 75 pounds, which presumably included admin, when the stated cancellation fee is 60 pounds. Why should I pay any when clearly the broker is at fault?

    2...In addition the broker falsifies my insurance application by stating that I had lived there less than one year.

    3...The insurance broker has created its own regulations that nullify HMG's regulations, whilst the regulatory bodies and parliament do nothing about it. Although I complained within 3 days of receiving from Deeside a copy of the application form to Legal & General, the 14 day cooling off period has little impact as the broker can clearly charge what it likes, even though internet advice states that the cancellation fee should be about 15 pounds.

    4...I have to fill in 2 application forms (Go Compare and Deeside), whilst parts of the latter are only visible to me depending upon the answers I initially give. This makes it impossible for an applicant to know with certainty what they are signing up to.

    5...In addition the vast majority of the insurance sector does not provide insurance to ex-cons, which amounts to up to 30% of the population. Clearly the insurance sector does not want to take on risk. Why does parliament turn a blind eye to what's going on?

    Despite this, the blame for the cancellation is put on me. After serious thought, I can only state the following: I cannot in any way recommend price comparison websites, nor any part of the insurance sector in this country, nor the use of brokers in any financial transactions. The bodies that I contacted in this affair were created by parliament to protect the consumer. Instead, these bodies appear to be nothing more than employment bureaucracies. This case shows that it simply doesn't pay to be honest. This is a serious state of affairs.

  63. 16 There are of course other less grand problems facing the human race, which government's appear to be totally incapable of addressing, such as mercy killing, a will depository (that would no doubt promote payments to charities, instead of to HM treasury), welfare benefits paid directly only to men (in order to promote marriage and the stable upbringing of children, whilst reducing demand for housing for single parent families), etc.

  64. 17 I have spent the last thirty three years effectively doing nothing (1987 to 2020). I didn't realise my life would end up that way. With AI doing all the work, have you really got the determination to spend most of your life doing nothing? Of course not. You want a challenge in life. A family probably, but where? The weather in northern Europe is miserable at least seven months of the year. Don't you think your government should arrange a suitable alternative, in the leisure orientated society that AI will provide? This website explains why the answer to this problem is not as easy as you might think. It's a matter of economics. It's not just for the under-employed but also the retired, especially those requiring social care, which is presently experiencing a nine billion pound shortfall in HMG's budget. And as for scrapping pensioner's free bus passes, 200 pound winter fuel allowance and free TV licence for the over 75's, and demanding God knows how much of my savings to pay for social care, I'll agree to that when you and your cronies receive your remunerations via a payment-by-results scheme, managed by MENSA!

  65. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 AEDP Distribuzione_gaussiana_dell'intelligenza.jpg
    WC: Gaussian distribution of intelligence

  66. 18 As I write this a computer games contest is being set up, where the prize money will be greater than that at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Don't you think its about time this effort was channeled elsewhere, to something more important. Our education system is at least thirty years out of date. Where is the interactive education and training software? I educated my ex-wife on software in 1983, so why is it that the software that I use has no such help programs? HMG is plainly ignoring the basics of a successful economy. By the year 2030 it is likely that AI will have arrived in the workplace. That being so, don't you think our school children should be educated for such an environment. That is, educated in sport, arts and crafts. After playing computer chess one realizes that there is no place for most humans in the work place, anymore than when Direct Numerical Control took over from manual systems.

  67. You know, economics, accountancy and management are subjects that politicians know little about. Ask them what they will do to stop the pound from falling, and they will just say that the lower its value, the cheaper and more competitive our exports are. What exports? In the 1980's parliament just stood there, sucking their thumb whilst watching prime minister Margaret Thatcher trash engineering and manufacturing exporters through high interest rates, in order to undermine the power of the trade union movement and worker's rights. As a result, millions of careers were destroyed. Nationalised industries were broken up (to prevent nationwide strikes) and sold off. The money was used to subsidize the top rate of income tax, to the unrealistically low level that it remains to this day. The money from these sales was squandered decades ago, but this tax rate has not gone back up. I wonder why? Could it be that our political system is totally corrupt? Could it be that our politicians regard the electorate as punters, to be ripped off? Do they look upon politics as a joke? The next time you watch proceedings in parliament, watch out for the jokers, those that take no interest in a speech or shout over it. Only ex-prime minister Sir Harold Macmillan protested with any effect, accusing HMG of selling off the family silver. In so doing it also sold off any decency it may have possessed. Our nationalised industries were paid for through taxation from all taxpayers, not just the rich. As such, the revenue from their sale belonged to the nation, not individuals. It should have been reinvested in research and development, leading to new wealth creating seed companies. This sale was a blatant act of fraud, for which no police officer had the guts to make an arrest. Profits from such investments should have gone into a sovereign wealth fund, invested in shares world wide. She also scrapped the wages councils, which is why many of you are now working for next to nothing. And of course our new prime minister Boris Johnson has openly offered bribes to Conservative MP's, to lower income tax for the rich, if they vote him into number 10 Downing Street, which they did with enthusiasm. I'm still waiting for him to be arrested. Time and time and time again I see gross misconduct in public office, and yet the police turn a blind eye. Since the electorate and police will do nothing, that leaves a military coup d'etat, doesn't it? Will our beloved prime minister reward all those working class northerners who voted him into office, by creating a sovereign wealth fund out of all the profits made from e-cars and nuclear fusion? I doubt it.

  68. Our prime minister was made head of the Conservative party because he was regarded as the entertainer, someone who would please the electorate and thereby generate votes. Sir Winston Churchill had a similar charisma with his speech making ability. They both however, cost the lives of many people through their reckless decision making. Gallipoli and Italy by Churchill, Covid-19 by Johnson. What politics needs are seriously minded intelligent people, but it's not what multi-party members want.

  69. At the time of writing this we have the Windrush scandal, where hundreds of Afro-Caribbean's find themselves deported from the UK, or threatened with deportation, simply because HMG's border guards never kept a complete record of who entered the country at the invitation of HMG. Also, there will be another police enquiry over the potential mass murder of 456 patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, a public enquiry into the haemophilia blood contamination outbreak forty years ago in which about three thousand people lost their lives, twenty-eight thousand infected by HIV or hepatitus C blood transfusions, whilst the Hillsborough football stadium disaster in which 96 spectators were crushed to death, has seen two inquiries and two inquests, and a trial almost thirty years later. And Brexit drags on and on and on. I never thought I could create so much havoc, and so much apathy by voting for it.

  70. Today our political system is plainly totally apathetic, incompetent and corrupt. I am right aren't I peasant? There you are, all working for next to nothing, with no competent management and no job security. It's all taxes, commuting costs, rent/mortgage and a trip to the charitable food bank or the bank of mum and dad. And all the time the threat of boom and bust, boom and bust, to screw up your plans. Is the quality of your life better than that of your parents? It should be, because that's what government's are for. To them politics is a joke, as they live it up in the pleasure palace of Westminster. For three years they did nothing over Brexit. Do nothing for two minutes in industry and you're fired, as happened to me once, as I stood there waiting to use a machine that someone else was using. Now is the time to sack the lot of them. Show no mercy, take no prisoners. Ignore what they say, but watch what they do. As for all you who always vote for the same political party, words fail me. This website is not for you. Just look at this list in the prime minister's in tray. HMG should be showing the way for other countries to follow. It's plainly obvious that our constitution is hopelessly out of date, by about a century I estimate. What is parliament. Parliament has its origins in the magna carta, sealed at Runnymede in 1215 by twenty-five barons and King John. It is basically a complaints department, which satisfies the masses by creating laws and regulations, in the days before telecommunications came along. Today, this work could be done via the internet on a government 'social networking' site. Our antiquated constitution is a deterrent to entrepreneurs and investors from abroad, who expect something far more professional. In the main, the only investors we attract are those looking for cheap semi-skilled labour, or somewhere to stash their ill gotten gains from the eyes of other governments.

  71. Images Wikimedia Commons/0 Royal Navy HMT_Empire_Windrush_FL9448.jpg
    WC: HMT Empire Windrush
    Brought migrant workers to the UK
    at the invitation of HMG

  72. When you look at this list, you know deep in your heart, that only a world technocracy can address these issues. It's time to put your religious values to the test. Ask yourself the question, "what right do I have to live in a relatively well off developed world, when at least one billion people are living in abject poverty and lawlessness around the world, with few modern amenities, many of whom are indirect victims of slavery and asset stripping (ivory, gold, etc.), imposed upon their nation in the distant past by the now developed world?" This injustice needs to be addressed, and the only way can be through a world technocracy, that would eliminate the barriers to building modern biomes, transport infrastructure and all the amenities we in the developed world take for granted, in order to create a world of equals, an egalitarian civilisation. Because equal opportunity in a world of ever growing automation is meaningless. A world technocracy now, is not.

  73. Just about every ethnic group on the planet has suffered from slavery at some time in the past. In recent years some have asked and demanded an apology and restitution. I regard that as unrealistic. If you want to see a fair egalitarian world, then a world technocracy is what to strive for.