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NDT Magnetic Particle Inspection 1982 West Bromwich College

I have included copies of my higher education notes on this website, that amount to ten years of my life approximately, for the following reasons. They prove that in a world of over population and hence competition, incomplete and out of date courses, the inablity to find out where the job vacancies are and then know how to apply for them, plus too much automation, education beyond the three R's is for most people a complete waste of time, money and effort. Only a technocracy, that is government by highly intelligent, qualified and trained technocrats, supported by artificial intelligence, can put this matter right, providing purpose, an identity, mental well being and hence loyalty to the state. Such a system can only come about through a technocracy. A world technocracy can lead to greater benefits, the obvious one being the directing of finance for war towards finance for scientific research.

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