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My Home & Garden

I have included photographs of my home and garden on this website, for two reasons. Firstly, global warming is mentioned on numerous occasions on this website. Insects are in decline, particularly butterflies, I've noticed. Also the weather is becoming considerably wetter, since higher temperatures enable our atmosphere to hold 7% more water. The prolonged cloud cover is inhibiting my flowers from blooming. Should, as seems likely, existing cars and vans be replaced by zero polluting computer driven taxi-vans, then what happens to the vehicle parking areas on people's front gardens, and of course, garages? Many of which are too narrow to accommodate vehicles that comply with side impact legislation. We owe it to nature, and in particular wildlife, to restore these potential natural habitats. But that is not all. Secondly, gardening keeps gardeners fit. Well it does if you don't overdo it. With employment being less arduous, and the climate being warmer, we need to find ways of burning off energy, particularly in a civilisation beset by obesity. The complexities of landscape design, coupled with the logistical problems to overcome whilst engaged upon projects in the garden, exercise the brain. I regret that I cannot motivate myself to do physical exercises. I regard it as pointless. However, I do like a nice garden to look at. It gives me an immense amount of satisfaction, a real sense of achievement. Something I definitely can't say about my struggles with IT. Anyway, here are a few photos which I hope will motivate you. And remember, if you are over sixty years or disabled, don't carry heavy loads, over 20kg, as these can prove debilitating to legs and back, as I've found out on occasion. Good luck.

ImagesGarden/2014 Bathroom Shower.jpg
Bathroom Shower

ImagesGarden/2014 Bedroom 1 (main).jpg
Main Bedroom

ImagesGarden/2014 Bedroom 2 (spare).jpg
Spare Bedroom

ImagesGarden/2014 Bedroom 3 (main).jpg
Main Bedroom

ImagesGarden/2014 Front of house.jpg
Front facade. PV panels being fitted to roof.

ImagesGarden/2014 Kitchen.jpg

ImagesGarden/2014 Lounge 1.jpg
Lounge 1

ImagesGarden/2014 Lounge 2.jpg
Lounge 2

ImagesGarden/2014-12 Barbed wire prevents fox holes.jpg
Rear garden: Barbed Wire Prevents Fox Holes.

ImagesGarden/2014-12 Fluted spindle tree & hedgehog home.jpg
Fluted Spindle Tree & Hedgehog Home.

ImagesGarden/2014-12 Lattice fence.jpg
Lattice Fence & Pile Of Rocks I Dug Up.

ImagesGarden/2014-12 Monkey puzzle tree.jpg
Monkey Puzzle Tree.

ImagesGarden/2014-12 Ornametal  fish pond.jpg
Rear Garden, Lower Section

ImagesGarden/2015-02 Rear Facade.jpg
Rear Facade

ImagesGarden/2015-02 Rear garden in snow.jpg
Rear Garden In Snow.

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Alpine Bed Hedgehog Home.jpg
Alpine Bed & Hedgehog Home

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Apple Tree & Primulas.jpg
Apple Tree, Polyanthus & Dwarf Tulip.

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Daffodils & Tulips.jpg
Daffodils & Tulips

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Daffodils 1 & Himalayan poppy.jpg
Daffodils 1

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Daffodils 2.jpg
Daffodils 2

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Daffodils 3.jpg
Daffodils 3

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Hyacinths & Trellace Fence.jpg
Hyacinths, Pansies, Agapanthus, Roses, Jasmine, Honeysuckle & Clematis Along Fence

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Marginals by Pond.jpg
Marginal Plants By Fish Pond.

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Ornamental Pond Fish.jpg
New Fish Pond With New Fish.jpg

ImagesGarden/2015-04 Tulips.jpg
Dwarf Tulips

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Alpine Bed 2.jpg
Alpine Bed 2

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Alpine Bed.jpg
Alpine Bed

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Back Garden Daisy.jpg
A Giant Rudbeckia

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Base Of Weeping Silver Birch.jpg
More Flowers

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Delphinium & Hanging Basket.jpg
Delphinium & Hanging Basket.jpg

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Formal Bed.jpg
Formal Bed: Italian Cypress, Silverdust, buxus balls & Allium

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Gladioli & Stag's Horn Sumach.jpg
Gladioli & Stag's Horn Sumach

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Herbaceous Border 1.jpg
Herbaceous Border 1, Foxgloves

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Herbaceous Border 2.jpg
Herbaceous Border 2

Herbaceous Border 3.jpg
Herbaceous Border 3

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Herbaceous Border 4.jpg
Herbaceous Border 4, Lobelia & Gladioli

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Mahonia Aquilegia Primula.jpg
Mahonia, Aquilegia & Primula

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Marginal Plants.jpg
Marginal Plants, Ferns & Astilbe

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Monkey Puzzle Tree.jpg
Monkey Puzzle Tree

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Natural & Ornamental Ponds.jpg
Large Fish Pond & Small Ornamental Pond For Fish Fry & Hibiscus.

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Natural Bed.jpg
Natural Flower Bed

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Natural Pond.jpg
Ornamental Pond, Zebra Grass & Primulas

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Ornamental Pond Fish.jpg
My Goldfish Under Netting, From The Footbridge.

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Pampas Grass & Alliums.jpg
Pampass Grass, Forsythia & Allium Sphaerocephalon

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Pestemon.jpg
Herbaceous Border 5

ImagesGarden/2015-07 Pond Net & Lillies.jpg
Pond Net & Water Lillies

ImagesGarden/2015-10 Alpines.jpg
Alpines, Succulents & Heather

ImagesGarden/2015-10 Daisy.jpg
Yellow Flowering Dahlia?

ImagesGarden/2015-10 Stags Horn Sumach.jpg
Stags Horn Sumach

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Alpines.jpg
Succulents In Alpine Bed

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Aquilegia.jpg
Aquilegia & Hydrangea

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Aster.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Aster & View Down Path.jpg
Aster & View Down Path

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Astilbe.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Gunnera.jpg
Gunnera, To Shade The Ponds

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Bog, Swamp & Ornamental Pond.jpg
ImagesGarden/Fish Pond & Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Carnation.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Chinese Banana & Oriental Lily.jpg
Chinese Banana & Oriental Lily

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Delphinium.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Dicksonia Antarctica.jpg
Dicksonia Antarctica. (Not hardy so it's kept in kitchen for half the year.)

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Fuchsias.jpg
Front Garden: Fuchsia, Cordyline Australis, Red Hot Poker

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Goldfish & Shubunkins.jpg
Goldfish & Shubunkins Through Netting

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Irises, Cotton & Zebra Grass In Marsh.jpg
Irises, Cotton & Zebra Grass In Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Lupin.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Lupin1.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Protea.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Stags Horn Sumach & Lupin.jpg
Stags Horn Sumach & Lupin

ImagesGarden/2016-06 Syringa & Italian Cyprus.jpg
Syringa Lilac Tree & Italian Cypress

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Archway.jpg
Trellace Fence & Archway. Clematis & Honeysuckle.

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Clematis On Arch.jpg
Clematis On Arch

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Climbing Rose & Fox Scarer.jpg
Climbing Rose & Fox Scarer

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Cobwebs On Swing.jpg
Cobwebs On Swing Seat

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Fish In Pond.jpg
Fish In Pond

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Giant Aster.jpg
Giant Rudbeckia

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Giant Aster & Stags Horn Sumach.jpg
Giant Rudbeckia & Stags Horn Sumach

ImagesGarden/2016-07 2 Iris In Swamp.jpg
Two Lily In Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Iris In Swamp.jpg
Lily In Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Lily & Astilbe.jpg
Lily & Astilbe By Fence

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Oriental Lily.jpg
Impatien & Campanula

ImagesGarden/2016-07 Yellow Flower.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-08 Formal Garden.jpg
Yellow Flower

ImagesGarden/2016-08 Gazania.jpg

ImagesGarden/2016-08 Giant Aster In Flower.jpg
Giant Rudbeckia & Gladioli In Flower

ImagesGarden/2016-12 Mahonia.jpg

ImagesGarden/2017-04 Apple Tree.jpg
Apple Tree

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Fence Italian Cypress.jpg
Scarlet Pimpernel, Forsythia, 3 Italian Cypress & Wysteria Against Back Fence

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Garden Fence Wisteria.jpg
Close up Of Garden Fence & Wisteria Sinensis

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Lawn & Monkey Puzzle Tree.jpg
Lawn & Monkey Puzzle Tree

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Lawn, Silver Birch & Pond.jpg
Lawn, Silver Birch & Pond

ImagesGarden/2017-05 My First Baby Fish.jpg
My First Baby Fish

ImagesGarden/2017-04 Ornamental Pond.jpg
Silver Birch Tree & Ponds

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Pergola.jpg
Pergola, 4 Planters, 4 baskets, Buxus Balls, Cheals Weeping Cherry

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Swamp & Bog From Pond Bridge.jpg
Pampass Grass & Gunnera From Footbridge

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Alpines & Pergola.jpg
Alpine Bed & Pergola

ImagesGarden/2017-05 Alpines, Swing & Arch.jpg
Salix, Alpine Bed, Swing Seat & Lattice Arch

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Lawn.jpg
Deep Snow On Lawn

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Monkey Puzzle Tree.jpg
Snow On Monkey Puzzle & Mountain Ash Trees

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Pergula.jpg
Snow On Pergula

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Pond Bridge.jpg
Snow On Pond Bridge

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Pond.jpg
Snow On Pond

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow On Raised Garden Wall.jpg
Snow On Raised Garden Wall

ImagesGarden/2017-12 Snow At Back Gate.jpg
Snow At Back Gate

ImagesGarden/2018-03 Front Garden Chinese Banana.jpg
Front Garden Chinese Banana, Crown Imperiel Fritillaria, Fatsia

ImagesGarden/2018-04 Rear Garden Pergola.jpg
Rear Garden Pergola & Weeping Cherry

ImagesGarden/2018-04 Brunera.jpg
Brunera Flowering

ImagesGarden/2018-04 Pergola - Weeping Cherry.jpg
Pergola - Weeping Cherry

ImagesGarden/2018-04 Pergola Weeping Cherry 2.jpg
Pergola Weeping Cherry 2

ImagesGarden/2018-05 Cat & 2 Magpies.jpg
Cat Near Nest Of Two Magpies

ImagesGarden/2018-05 Fish bonking.jpg
Fish Breeding

ImagesGarden/2018-05 Spider egg cluster.jpg
Spider egg cluster

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Border plants.jpg
Aquilegia & Other Border Plants

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Brunnera & Pampass Grass.jpg
Amanogawa Cherry, Willow, Holly, Acer Palmatum, Gunnera & Pampass Grass

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Foxgloves .jpg
Foxgloves Digitalis

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Pond & Brunnera.jpg
Fish Pond & Gunnera

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Rambling rose & Gunnera.jpg
Gunnera, Rambling Rose & Forsythia

ImagesGarden/2018-06 Roses on lattice fence.jpg
Pink & Scarlet Roses on Lattice Fence

ImagesGarden/2018-07 Water lillies.jpg
Water Lillies

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Gladiola & Archway.jpg
Gladioli, Salvia Near Archway

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Natural Pond.jpg
Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Dicksonia Antarctica.jpg
Dicksonia Antarctica

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Flower Border.jpg

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Pond My Favourite Fish.jpg
My Favourite Fish

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Pond My Fish.jpg
My Fish Pond

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Sun Flowers.jpg
Sun Flowers

ImagesGarden/2018-08 Weeping Willow.jpg
Weeping Willow

ImagesGarden/2018-09 Pond New Turf Left.jpg
Fish Pond: New Turf Left

ImagesGarden/2018-09 Pond New Turf.jpg
Fish Pond: New Turf Right

ImagesGarden/2018-09 Natural Pond Spider Making Web.jpg
Ornamental Pond: Spider Making Web

ImagesGarden/2018-10 Pampass Grass.jpg
Pampass Grass

ImagesGarden/2019-07 Fence Hanging Basket.jpg
Fence Hanging Basket

ImagesGarden/2019-07 Gunnera & Ornamental Pond.jpg
Gunnera & Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2019-07 Hydrangea & Willow Tree.jpg
Hydrangea & Willow Tree

ImagesGarden/2019-07 Swing Seat Hanging Baskets.jpg
Swing Seat Hanging Baskets

ImagesGarden/2020-04 Pergola.jpg

ImagesGarden/2020-04 Small Fish.jpg
Fish In Fish Pond

ImagesGarden/2020-04 Back Garden Small Pools.jpg
Back Garden Ornamental Ponds, Later Combined

ImagesGarden/2020-04 Back Garden Tulips.jpg
Back Garden Tulips

ImagesGarden/2020-05 2 Magpies On Weeping Cherry.jpg
Magpies On Weeping Cherry

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Archway To Ponds Right.jpg
Archway To Ponds Right

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Baby Pond Left Ornamental Pond Right.jpg
Ornamental Pond Left, Fish Pond Right

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Flowers.jpg

ImagesGarden/2020-05 New Baby Pond.jpg
Combined Ornamental Pond

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Ornamental Pond Breeding Brush.jpg
Ornamental Pond: Breeding Brush

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Ornamental Pond From Rear Gate.jpg
Fish Pond From Rear Gate

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Pergola To Lattice Fence Left.jpg
Pergola To Lattice Fence Left

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Primula Marginal.jpg
Primula, A Marginal Plant

ImagesGarden/2020-05 Tulips.jpg

ImagesGarden/2020-06 Baby Pond & Footbridge At Night.jpg
Baby Pond & Footbridge At Night

ImagesGarden/2020-06 Bridge Over Ornamental Pond At Night.jpg
Bridge Over Fish Pond At Night

ImagesGarden/2020-06 Kitchen Window At Night.jpg
Kitchen Window At Night

ImagesGarden/2020-06 Lattice Fence Archway At Night.jpg
Lattice Fence Archway At Night

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel & cotoneaster.jpg
Nigel & Cotoneaster

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel & Nasturtiums.jpg
Nigel & Nasturtiums

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel & WTN.jpg
Nigel & World Technocracy Now Website

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel frontal.jpg
Nigel Standing

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel in his New York gallery 1.jpg
Nigel In His New York Gallery 1

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel in his New York gallery 2.jpg
Nigel In His New York Gallery 2

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel looking at his website WTN.jpg
Nigel looking at his website WTN

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel no pot belly.jpg
ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel Standing In Bedroom

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel Smiling.jpg
Nigel Smiling, One Of Those Rare Moments

ImagesGarden/2020-11 Nigel with the mermaid.jpg
Nigel With The Mermaid

ImagesGarden/2020-12 Mermaid Mural.jpg
Mermaid Mural

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