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21...The National Health Service (NHS)

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      WC: Surgeon in Operating Theatre

    1. Based upon the costly failure of HMG to IT the NHS (National Health Service), it's plainly obvious that IT is beyond their understanding. As I write, junior doctors striking over contracts, has now given way to consultants in conflict over pensions. It beggars the question, why do we need to train doctors for seven years simply to spend their days listening to their patient's common complaints, when the general public should have access to expert systems software and hardware that would diagnose problems from home. I am quite certain that our degree qualified nurses would have no difficulty in using such software in order to decide treatment, or referral to specialists, in most cases. In addition, on the internet can be found reviews of GP surgeries and their rating. Looking at many of these ratings, one is forced to ask the question, why is this doctor still being employed in the NHS when their surgery is so poorly managed? The NHS should employ good doctors only, employed mainly in research labs and hospitals, since the future lies with gene therapy (bio engineering) enabled through greater understanding of how the human genome works. The days of designer drugs and designer humans is not far off, which has the capability to dramatically reduce the cost of running the NHS.

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      SHUT: NHS DNA in testtube
    3. At present, when you go to see your GP (General Practitioner) most of them just sit there, saying nothing, presumably afraid to open their mouths in case they later get sued. They expect you to tell them what is wrong with you. So if you are no good at surfing the internet for the answer, then it could turn out to be terminal, through wasted time in diagnosis. In addition the client is only allowed to present one ailment to the GP per appointment. Considering the trouble people go to get to the surgery, plus the fact that many workers would be fired for taking too much time off to attend appointments, one is forced to admit that the NHS is more of a bureaucracy than an emergency service. Wouldn't it be better to convert GP's surgeries into annual medical test centres run by nurses? I have no idea of the cost in diagnostic machines, but on a mass production basis there must be savings. These test centres could be set up in exchange for the scrapping of most medical negligence claims, whilst the earlier an ailment is detected, the cheaper the treatment will be. Outstanding NHS litigation costs are estimated to amount to 83 billion pounds (2019), plus 4.3 billion pounds in legal fees, with costs rising by 17 per cent per annum. The NHS receives 10,000 new claims for compensation each year.

    4. That brings to mind how my step-father, Walter Hewitt, died. He was on holiday with my mother Audrey in Blackpool, staying at a hotel on the sea front affiliated to the Post Office. He collapsed from emphysema (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which he had been suffering from for about three years. Emphysema is caused by smoking. At the time there was no cure, and still isn't, apart from a lung transplant. My brother Stephen and I went up to see him in hospital. We sat there by his bed with my mother, when a nurse came in, and gave him an injection. I watched the heart rate monitor becoming less and less active, and within five minutes he was dead. Later the nurse said,"Do you have any complaints?" My mother didn't know what to say. I've always thought he was bumped off. The trouble with this treatment, is that it doesn't provide the NHS with an incentive to find a cure.

    5. In 2019 the NHS is short of 107,000 staff, resulting in 4.4 million people awaiting surgery. And then of course there is the shortage of hospital beds. In addition, between April 2017 and October 2019, there were 1019 reports of sexual assault on mixed gender wards, some committed by staff. Clearly some solution must be found soon. Waiting for bio engineering to cut NHS costs is likely to be a wait too long, whilst the long wait for medical diagnostics on the internet, appears to be due to resistance to change within the organisation. I can't even book an appointment with a GP via the internet. I have to walk to my local surgery and ask for one, because if I telephone, I am invariably told to hang on whilst the staff attend to someone else, or I've phoned at the wrong time of day. As for a blood test, I have to wait a week or two to see a GP, usually a locum, then wait another week to see a nurse who extracts the blood. I can book over the internet a delivery time for my groceries from Tesco supermarket, so why can't I do it to see a GP or nurse? The organisation has become as bureaucratic as the government. Not a good idea when you're an emergency service. HMG should set up Coordination Centres operated 24/7 like the Dutch, out of existing surgeries and get the GPs to work as doctors in hospitals and medical research labs.

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      WTN: Birmingham City Hospital & Treatment Centre Dudley Road
    7. Litigation costs could well prove astronomical if allegations in the Mail newspaper are proven. In it, 29% of elderly patients become victims of NHS euthanasia, even when they are not suffering from a terminal illness. It all began to unravel with the arrest of NHS Doctor Harold Shipman who was found guilty of the murder of 15 patients in the year 2000, although he is thought to have terminated about 250. At the moment there are two large investigations by the police into NHS practices. One involves poor maternity care to 900 babies at a Shropshire hospital, (Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals Trust) involving clinical malpractice by doctors, midwives, etc. over forty years, and the other at Gosport War Memorial Hospital where 450 patients died between 1989 and 2000, possibly due to opioid overdose administered by Dr. Jane Barton & Co. A fourth police investigation into this incident is underway, ten years after the General Medical Council exposed this practice. Police are now investigating 15,000 death certificates, whilst staff have been warned that they could face murder charges, as from March 2021. I look upon this as nothing more than delaying tactics. If murder charges were brought then its likely that they would also be brought against UK members of COBRA and SAGE.

    8. GP Manish Shah has just been given three life sentences for sexual assaults on 24 of his female patients, whilst the NHS Healthcare Safety Branch is investigating 25 baby deaths at hospitals in Margate and Ashford. In November 2020 nurse Lucy Letby was charged with the murder of eight babies and the attempted murder of ten more at Chester Hospital two years before. These people do it because they can get away with it, because there is no psychologically based personnel selection, visible security, no indoctrination and no personal monitoring.

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      WC: Professional Medical Doctor

    10. It is plainly obvious that HMG cannot manage the NHS anymore than it can manage government departments, which it prefers to outsource. There are a couple of things I would like to say about this tragic state of affairs. I can detail here the most brilliant management structure applicable to every organisation in the country, including government, but no one can make it work smoothly without a workforce that is loyal, intelligent, hard working, humane and honest. Those values have to be instilled by parents and teachers. The UK is beset with a workforce that comes from all over the world, from different cultures, with varying beliefs and values. Many of them are prepared to risk their lives to live in a land of the free, often only speaking a language which they are already familiar with. HMG wants a medical service on the cheap, rather than make the effort of instilling the values mentioned into homes and schools, etc., and then recruiting from within our borders. In addition there appears to be little oversight by NHS managers, via CCTV in wards and offices, plus the electronic tracking of patient treatment, operations, staff conduct, forensic accounting of drug issues and recording of electrical equipment use. The data from which is necessary in any due investigation. It should all be monitored in real time by quality assurance personnel. The UK is a multi party system with a history of buying your loyalty through promises. It can't manage through the application of hard love. Until a technocracy comes along, the problems within the NHS are insurmountable. I do not believe that there is a large enough organisation out there that can manage it effectively. These proposed QA/IT systems will therefore have to be managed by AI.

    11. By failing to legalise mercy killing in the NHS and victim agreed assisted suicide or euthanasia, on the outside, Parliament has blurred the lines between good and bad medical practice. In maintaining this policy of non-committal, they are troubling the minds of many doctors, who as a result, either leave the medical profession, or commit suicide. No matter how impossible you may think it is, don't you think that the best policy would be for HMG and the NHS to work towards immortality, thereby keeping people out of hospital? Because until then, if the police and courts fail to stamp out these serial killings, these scandals will continue to be exposed. Secondly, after reading this, I would rather get my chain saw out and construct a funeral pyre on my lawn, than go into an NHS hospital as a patient. You can learn a lot by watching Channel 4's Time Team. You never know when the knowledge could come in handy. Namely, how to construct a funeral pyre.

    12. In the NHS there are approximately 142 operations carried out on the wrong part of the patient's body per annum. There are about 1000 baby deaths here in the UK compared to Sweden per capita. Reports on these incidents appear to be ignored in hospitals as time goes by, hence the need for an expert systems software based quality control system. In the year 2020/21 there were 10,000 claims for medical negligence, which cost the NHS £83 billion, much of it going in legal costs. In Birmingham, one hospital gets four claims per week. To reduce costs, Sweden has a no blame system where claims are settled by insurance companies. This encourages staff to admit mistakes, thereby passing on this knowledge to those that need to know, in order to ensure that it won't happen again.

    13. There are 2300 hospitals in the NHS, employing 146,000 doctors, 370,000 nurses and 37,000 managers working for 223 trusts, out of a total workforce of 1,093,638 in England, 162,000 in Scotland, 389,000 in Wales, and 64,000 in Northern Ireland. This does not include temporary staff, locums, dentists, optometrists, and those working in the private sector. There are 10,300 GP's (general practitioner - doctor) surgeries in the UK, 450 of which closed between 2013 and 2018. Half of these surgeries are regarded as below standard. Average GP waiting time is two weeks. GPs have twice the safe number of clients. GPs are leaving the NHS at the rate of about one thousand per annum. The NHS costs £126 billion per annum to serve 68 million people. The NHS recruits about 6,000 nurses from abroad each year at a cost of £23,000 per annum each, because it costs £70,000 and three years to train one UK nurse to degree standard. The NHS is currently recruiting about 2,000 to 5,000 doctors mainly from abroad, paying agencies £100,000 in the process, because it costs £230,000 (students return £67,000) and three years to train one doctor here in the UK. 12.5% of the NHS workforce are from abroad. Once recruited, doctors then work either in a hospital, GP's surgery or in medical research. At the time of writing this prospectus, nurses in Northern Ireland are on strike. So, you've read the good and the bad about the NHS, now what am I bid? The reserve price is only £400 billion pounds, whilst its sale could well result in an expensive civil war. Please note that compensation to the UK's pharmaceutical industry, due to loss of business resulting from this state approved, potentially foreign monopoly, is not included. HMG will not pay litigation compensation and legal costs for incidents which occurred prior to this sale. And of course the above details are...vague, whilst the GP wait is officially 2 weeks, I've been waiting 2 years, whilst there are many who have no GP at all.

    14. In addition to the above problems, paying GP's huge salaries that enable them to retire early, or work part time, was a bad idea brought on by parliament. Not only can't I get a self diagnosis, but also, I have no idea where I can find a list of treatments that I can buy from the chemist (farmacy) that do not require a prescription, thereby saving both me and the NHS time. And why send a patient to see a specialist when the specialist hasn't got a clue about your condition, as happened to me once. It all points to an organisation that at a very senior level is very badly managed. Of course my views are pretty simplistic. Rumour has it that HMG under prime minister May, wanted the NHS to be restructured rather like the US Kaiser Permanente system. It employs 14,000 doctors, 40,000 nurses at a cost of $38 billion. This organisation is approximately one tenth the size of the NHS. This equates to an annual cost of $380 billion, or £292 billion, whereas the NHS actually costs £126 billion. Running the NHS like Kaiser Permanente would cost the government considerably more, since the staff would be paid more, whilst the patients would be allowed to live longer. Needless to say, this would likely meet fierce resistance within parliament, since many MPs have private medical insurance and don't feel that the peasants deserve similar.

    15. Resistance in parliament concerning increasing income tax or national insurance to pay for a better NHS and social health care in old age is symptomatic of our corrupt political system that has wallowed in a low tax sauna for millionaires and billionaires since the creation of monetarism by the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and has no intension's of correcting this anomaly. Margaret Thatcher was the most corrupt politician in the UK during my lifetime. If anybodies statue should be torn down and thrown into a river it's hers. (Palace of Westminster and London's Guildhall, bust in Port Stanley, Grantham, Lincolnshire). She was in effect a slavemaster who destroyed the careers of countless professionals, forcing them into low skilled, low paid jobs that led to an unforgivable amount of ill health and crime. She sold off the nationalized industries, handing the wealth created to millionaires in the form of a ridiculously low top rate of income tax, rather than placing it in a sovereign wealth fund, to be invested in the nation's future. Parliament rubber stamped this policy after being told that it would turn millionaire entrepreneurs into billionaires, for the good of the nation. That gave every MP a clear conscience. And of course the dumb dumb electorate simply rubber stamped it at the next general election, on the euphoria created by winning the Falkland Islands war in 1982 at a cost of 255 British soldier's lives. Millions were made unemployed through high interest rates through the 1980s, which undermined the power of trade unionism, encouraging slavery in all but word, and we've had the blind leading the blind ever since, straight into a global downturn and pandemic, seemingly incapable of managing effectively the NHS, with calls in parliament in September 2021 for GPs to see patients face to face, rather than replacing the system with AI over the internet. A political system that has no intention of improving people's quality of life is a liability, not an asset, whilst a political system that does not understand technical matters like IT and AI, is little better than a bomb with a lit fuse, or a walking disaster area.

    16. On September 7th, 2021 prime minister Boris Johnson announced in parliament that the cost of the pandemic and social care would be paid for through a 1.25% increase in national insurance levy paid by employer and employees and on a 1.25% return on personal investments. A person will not have to pay more than £86,000 for social care in their entire life. There will be a means test for those with savings between £20,000 and £100,000. Those with less than £20,000 will pay nothing. The tax rises will raise £12 billion per annum. BJ has now nailed himself to the NHS crucifix, since the conservative party stated in its election manifesto and confirmed in the PM's speeches later, that there would be no tax rises. Some people have stated that even this rise isn't enough to solve the NHS's problems. As the prime minister pointed out, at the start of the pandemic 30,000 beds out of 100,000 in NHS hospitals were occupied by long term, mainly elderly people, fearful of losing their homes if they went into care. A cure for long term ailments was clearly overdue.

    17. After a day of thought, many people realised that HMG's new deal for those in a care home, would not pay for bed and meals. They still risked their homes being sold off to pay for those extras. As was pointed out by the leader of the opposition at prime minister's questions the next day, landlords would pay no more, but care home nurses on the national minimum wage would be lumbered with the national insurance rise, as would 2.5 million families on universal credit faced with a £20 cut in benefits amounting to £1,000 per annum. It appeared to be another conservative party con. As I see it there are three ways of solving this problem; restore our tax system to pre-Thatcher levels, increase efficiency in the NHS by replacing GP's surgeries with AI and expert system software on the internet, and getting parliament to finally approve euthanasia. Let's face it, who the hell wants to spend their remaining months in an old folk's home in the rainy UK, waiting for the grim reaper, since HMG is not considering relocating geriatrics to the Caribbean, which would be a far cheaper solution? It would be comparable to that in the USA, where Americans are relocated to Florida. As for increasing NHS efficiency, the AI already exists and it's just as good as a GP, and could no doubt be better if modern diagnostic kits were distributed to people's homes. As for social care, one would only need to relocate to a care home if there was no one at home to dress you in the morning, feed you in the evenings, and look after your toilet needs. Everything else would be done by robots and electronic monitors. The GP's and their staff could then be transferred to hospitals to work, thereby solving the recruitment problem. Does HMG have the necessary intelligence and backbone to do this, risking a strike. Good heaven's no!'

    18. Needless to say, when I'm frail and in need of hospital care, it's now highly likely that the staff having read these criticisms, will gleefully get out the lethal injection kit. This beggars the question, 'did HMG reveal to the USG all the good, bad and ugly points about the NHS, in its sales pitch?'

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      WC: Peter Lawrence Medical Illustrator Barrow Neurological Institute

    20. Litigation however, is not the only financial problem. The spectre of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and privatisation raise their ugly head each time people talk about finance. PFI was a way to privately finance construction of hospitals and surgeries across the UK. It financed at least one hundred NHS projects over a period of twenty years, resulting in the NHS still owing 55 billion pounds. In addition, many young people simply don't want to work in the NHS. The regime is too strict, the exams too difficult, the financial reward too little, whilst the environment is too depressing. It is clear that as attitudes change, without robotics, hospital services will break down. It should also be pointed out that the cost of new hospitals is unnecessarily expensive. Generally speaking, a general hospital is a general hospital, like homes, they can be factory built from standard modules. In the NHS, they are not. There is therefore enormous room for financial improvement. The economical bulk buying of drugs, enhanced by the in-house manufacture of pharmaceuticals (generic drugs), is an as yet untouched opportunity.

    21. Bio engineering will have the capability to turn the average human into a super human. Super in both physical and mental capability. Water Bears (Tardigrade), minute creatures that hang around water sodden ferns, have the capability to repair their DNA, and also have an abundance of anti-oxidant repair genes. It now appears that the Great White Shark can do something similar. Their genome is fifty per cent larger than ours, having an abundance of anti-cancer and blood clotting genes, the latter enabling it to survive serious wounds. If this capability were added to the human genome, it maybe possible to repair not just limbs, but also organs, including people's brains. At least eighty per cent of people have some form of brain injury or deformity. It will also open the Pandora's box on immortality. Contrary to the views of many so called experts, there is no certainty that the population of the human race will level off simply because people will become more affluent, thereby watching more TV instead of canoodling. The exponential growth in our global population has been as a direct result of medical advances in a time of relative peace.

    22. For the last ten years I've suffered from an allergy to spices and possibly some garden plants, causing the sole of my left foot, or left wrist, or lips or left part of my tongue to swell up, and no one seems to know why. It is called angioedema. My tongue will swell up if I brush it first, or I get a small 'lump' in the same place of the tongue before it swells. Recently, I could not get a replacement prescription from reception, only through a GP appointment. Rather than endure more delay, I went to the chemist next door and bought the drug for two pounds fifty. For about forty years I've suffered from tinnitus affecting my hearing. I could get a smart phone attachment called a CellScope Oto, an otoscope used to examine the ear tract. It might come in handy for locating hairs for my tweezers to remove, though I'm sure it could be used for something more important. As I understand it; whilst researchers can get the inner ear (cochlea) to regrow the sensory hair cells, they do not regrow in the correct place. So I and millions of others have to live with this annoyance. It means I cannot hear high pitched sounds, including voices. Additionally, I had sciatica in 2019 for four months, possibly caused by gardening, for which I was prescribed paracetemol tablets, by a locum, to kill the pain, which of course don't work. These are common ailments in people, which the NHS has no quick cure, despite the tens of billions of pounds the national health service costs to run.

    23. Examples of Angioedema

      2019-12 Nigel Allen allergy lips.jpg
      2019-12 Nigel Allen allergy lips
      2020-03 Nigel Allen allergy eye lids.jpg
      2020-03 Nigel Allen allergy eye lids
    24. About thirty years ago I woke up one morning to find I had a fungal infection around my groin. The heat generated in bed from the duvet must have contributed. For the next one and a half years I was prescribed ointment which clearly did not work. After considerable thought I decided to cover my groin in a solution of half disinfectant, half water. The pain was excruciating as the heat built up, whilst the skin concertinaed. After twenty minutes it dropped off, the skin that is. I was cured. So why doesn't the NHS prescribe treatments that work? I was told that the NHS cannot prescribe cures that inflict pain. If there's not pain, then there's no gain. It all points to a lack of proper financial and moral control blended with medical knowledge, which for such a large organisation, where so many lives are at stake, is unforgivable. Clearly GP's and patients should be allowed to refer to an NHS database that describes such alternative treatments. One of the most common problems is back pain. One day whilst lowering a paving slab into a car boot my back went. It was very painful, and I decided there and then to act, rather than wait a week or two to see a GP. I curled up into a tight ball on the floor, as tight as I could make it. To my amazement I could feel the slipped disc moving back into place. Years later I had an x-ray which showed a large gap in my spine, but I feel no pain. With an accessible NHS database and teleconferencing with a doctor or nurse, patients could get fixed straight away. I understand that this treatment does not work after the first twenty-four hours or so, as the discs set in their place.

    25. Medical research costs a great deal of money, and yet without it, there is no possibility of reducing the cost of medical care. Some of the advances being made at the moment are in the following fields:

    26. Premature babies:
      Ten per cent of births are premature, usually requiring the baby to be placed in an incubator. Today research is being carried out at the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, USA on the development of artificial wombs. Animal trials have been promising.

    27. Organ transplants:
      Organ transplants have been around for over half a century. One fundamental problem has been that of supply. There never appear to be enough healthy and compatible organs. To get around this problem, the growing of compatible organs in animals is now being researched. The pig is an ideal choice, since its organs are similar in size and shape to humans. They can also be grown in a relatively short time of nine months. Organ rejection was overcome in 2016 when human stem cells were produced in pigs.

    28. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Då.nu PET_CT_scanner.jpg
      WC: (PET CT) Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography Scanner

    29. Cardiovascular disease:
      Along with cancers and diabetes, one of the major causes of death is that of heart failure, caused by cardiovascular disease. The ability to replace dead or dying heart muscle, with modifying leaves of spinach or broccoli, does take some convincing. The leaf's plant cells are replaced with human muscle cells, whilst the leaf's veins through which normally flow water, are filled with blood, which is then pumped around the leaf by the muscles. Heart disease will also be treated better through the use of smart mobile scanners which will see blocked arteries in sufficient detail as to enable immediate treatment. On the DNA front, some heart cells could be reprogrammed, from repairing tissue to pumping blood, known as regenerative medicine. In March 2021 Oxford University announced the use of AI to detect inflammation and scarring of the heart using a CaRi scanner, which is to be installed into 15 major hospitals in the UK.

    30. In September 2021 HMG announced that the drug Inclisiran, made by Novartis, would be available to patients with high cholesterol levels, which the generally available drug Statin failed to reduce. Inclisiran only needs to be taken twice per year, whilst Statins are taken more frequently. I don't take them as I have low blood pressure. Eating the right food makes all the difference, such as honey and Marmite on wholemeal toast, though probably not together. One wonders how much money the government would save if it promoted the idea by delivering a healthy menu and food samples to everyone's home. Better still, why don't we have food rationing to recreate the healthy nation we had during WWII? Judging by the shortage of farm workers, that wish may soon be answered. It's about time HMG put school leavers on work experience courses; two months on the farm, shop floor, office, NHS, service overseas, then six months military service. A total of 16 months minimum, followed by at least two year's job training, based upon physical and mental assessment, ideally in a science based field of research.

    31. Cancer:
      Advanced blood analysis, beam shaping in radiotherapy, molecular markers causing tumour's to light up in UV light prior to surgery, focused ultrasound to kill tumours, and personalized treatment where bespoke medicine in the form of pills, are 3D printed at your bedside, a technology known as genomics, illuminate the way forward. Proteus Discover developed smart pills with a digestible RFID circuit. When in contact with body juices they generate electricity, then send a message to a patch worn on the patient's arm. The patch then sends a signal to an application on the patient's mobile phone, which phones a database to prove that the patient has taken the pill. As a child, my mother use to give me a daily spoonful of cod liver oil. So far so good. Currently one in two people survive cancer treatment. In 2019 the EU was given permission to use agnostic drugs capable of searching for genetic abnormalities, tumours.

    32. The latest cancer announcement by Cardiff University in January 2020, is an advancement in T-cell receptor (TCR) therapy where the receptor does not need to be genetically engineered by inserting a virus into it, to be compatible with the patient. This alternative to the TCR, called MR1, is the same for everyone. Testing on mice suggests that MR1 can defeat all cancers. Testing on humans commenced in 2020. Meanwhile research on mice at Tel Aviv University, New York University and Harvard Medical School using crispr genome editing technology has dramatically improved survival rates in brain and ovarian cancer, announced in November 2020. Capable of destroying a tumour in just three injections, the discovery is likely to open the door to treatments for other ailments. Destroying is one thing, but you first have to find it. In December 2020 the HMG announced a trial involving 165,000 patients, whose blood will be analyzed in the search for 50 cancers. If successful, the tests will be extended to one million people per annum by 2024.

    33. If you are a survivor of metastic (spreading) cancer, then you may have something to offer medical science. Please read the website Continuum on the list of hyperlinks at the end of this chapter.

    34. In June 2021 it was announced that scientists at the University of Edinburgh had developed a sugar bomb, technically known as SeNBD, that can kill glioblastoma cancer in zebra fish and human cells in a laboratory. It has the probability to treat breast, prostate and lung cancer.

    35. Another drug for the treatment of lung cancer was announced in September 2021. Called sotorasib or trade name Lumakras, made by Amgen UK it targets the KRAS G12C mutation. In the same month the NHS announced the Galleri trial, to test out an innovation by a US company called Grail.LLC. The trial by Cancer Research and King's College, London, involves volunteers over the age of 50 who will have three blood tests each one year apart. The tests will search blood for DNA that indicates that its been altered by cancerous cells. Volunteers are by invitation only, must not have cancer, and live where these test are being carried out.

    36. 2021 also saw astounding results from the CheckMate 651 combined immunotherapy medication trial, consisting of the drugs nivolumab and ipilimumab, employed in cases of neck and head cancer. It may also be effective in kidney, skin and bowl cancer.

    37. 2022 April saw the testing of high amplitude nano frequency ultrasound to treat liver cancer. Only part of the cancer needs to be attacked,leaving the immune system to finish off the job. It is known as histotripsy, consisting of non invasive focused ultrasound. The project is researched by the University of Michigan, USA.

    38. In May 2022 it was announced that a trial of 100 people suffering from advanced cancerous tumours had started using an oncolytic CF33-hNIS virus called Vaxinia manufactured by Imugene Limited. The trial is at ten sites including City Of Hope Hospital, Duarte, California and in Australia. Results are due in 2025. The drug, a genetically modified virus found in nature, attacks the cancer whilst ignoring healthy cells, enabling the immune system to recognise the cancer. It also makes further medical treatment, immunotherapy, more successful.

    39. In June 2022 it was announced by American company EtiraRx that they would begin human trials in 2023 of a protein called ERX-41, for the treatment of brest, pancreatic, brain and ovarian tumours.

    40. Also in June 2022 a new type of cancer treatment called photoimmunotherapy was noounced. This consists of treating neck and head cancers immediately after major surgery with synthethic molecules called affibodies. These combined with a fluerescent molecule, cause mutated proteins called EGFR to glow under laser light. Switching to near infrared light triggers an immune response designed to remove small pockets of cancererous tissue missed by surgery.

    41. Diabetes:
      Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas, preventing it from controlling the level of glucose in the blood. One in ten people with diabetes suffer from type 1. Presently an artificial pancreas is being created. Based upon stem cell technology, the artificial beta cells in the pancreas would be coated to prevent rejection. In addition, the Scottish government is the first to introduce c-peptide blood tests for type 1 diabetics. The test determines how much insulin is being produced by the human body, and is therefore a guide as to how much insulin should be injected in future.
      Type 2 diabetes is caused when the body stops responding to insulin produced by the pancreas. This effect can be stopped when people lose weight drastically, either by low calorie dieting and exercise, or through weight loss surgery.
      In the meantime patients will probably be required to wear an insulin monitor. Google Novartis have produced a smart contact lens that can monitor glucose levels in tears. In April 2020 it was announced that an artificial pancreas, designed to prevent hypoglycemia attacks, had been created, consisting of a sensor planted under the skin, which directs a pump to feed insulin into the body when required.

    42. Immortality:
      Much research has been carried out on immortality, only for researchers to realise that the process of aging is complicated. It therefore comes as no surprise for me to learn that the latest elixir of life has been discovered by accident. In the USA, nine people were given two medications for diabetes and a growth hormone a part of a medical study, sometime after the study ended changes were noted in their genome. DNA tag levels, called epigenome, were noticed to give much reduced epigenetic levels. In other words they were biologically younger. In the UK in 2022 it was announced that research was taking place involving the drugs rapamycin and trametinib. When the supply of such an elixir becomes common practice, the medication is likely to be delivered through an advanced capsule containing a micro-chip, which controls the timing and quantity of drug delivery. Such a smart capsule can also be used in diagnostics, sensing blood sugar, pressure, etc. via a blue tooth transmitter.

    43. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Timur Safardiar Capsular,_Search_for_Immortality_1.jpg
      WC: The Search for Immortality

    44. In November 2020 it was announced by Tel Aviv University and Shamir Medical Centre that they had succeeded in extending telomeres found at the ends of chromosomes by 20 to 38% depending upon cell type, and reducing senescent cells (old malfunctioning) by 11 to 37% depending upon cell type, both indicators of ageing. It was achieved by submitting 35 patients over the age of 64 years to HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) for 90 minutes per day, five days per week for three months at a pressure three times normal.

    45. Limb regeneration:
      Some lizards can regrow their tails. An axolotl salamander can regrow limbs, lungs and eyes. By studying this creature's DNA it maybe possible to regrow human limbs and organs swiftly. If it was possible to repair the human brain, it would revolutionize civilisation.

    46. In the meantime, the unfortunate will have to use prosthetics. These are becoming more advanced, more complicated. Being individually designed and composed of awkward shapes, many are now being manufactured using the art of 3D printing, otherwise known as additive engineering. Such technology is likely to be used also for the manufacture of internal body parts, and not just out of metal and plastic. In fact, work at 3D printing bladders, kidneys, and ultimately just about every organ out of living cells, is already underway.

    47. In January 2022 the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Tufts University announced that they had caused a frog to regrow an almost complete rear leg in one month. Research on larger animals is likely to follow.

    48. Smart diagnostics:
      There will come a time when everyone's health will be monitored continuously by smart devices, both implanted and strapped on. The data will enter your personal health hub which you will be able to view. It will also be interrogated by NHS algorithms to determine course of action, if any, and viewable by doctors at your local medical centre. GP appointments will be electronic and via video conferencing, as quick reaction medicine progresses from reacting to ill health, to keeping people healthy. A person with a chronic condition would be scanned by the GP with mobile equipment. The scan results, including video would be streamed to the specialist(s), resulting in the course of care treatment being finalized all within twenty-four hours. It will be possible to scan a person walking on a treadmill, showing the expanding and contracting lungs of a person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

    49. Robotics:
      Robots that can act as companions, engage in conversation, make a cup of tea, find mislaid items, and be affordable, are many years away. If medical science is unable to keep people healthy all their lives, then there will come a time when assistant robots will come into use, to look after people at home or hospice. They must be capable of getting patients out of bed and dressing them, then making the bed. Based upon present levels of AI, I would say that is a long way off. Through bioengineering techniques, it may prove to be easier to keep people mobile. Robots will be used to clean hospitals and move patients, whilst hospital visits will be replaced by video conferencing (skyping) between 'visitor' and patient, in order to ensure a more sterile environment on wards, thereby eliminating cross-infections. As it is, twenty per cent of UK adults do not use the internet, without which the internet-of-things in the NHS, predicted on many health websites, simply isn't going to happen. Robots are however being used in hospitals to transport goods, laundry, food, selecting and delivering drugs, and assisting surgeons in operating theatres.

    50. Nano medicine:
      Where particles in the size range 1 to 100 nanometres exist,lies the field of nanotechnology. Very small particles varying in thinness, size and shape, can vary in function, often changing colour, enabling them to be used as biomarkers, indicating the presence or absence of a virus or bacteria. Often created from atoms, they are nanostructures which can be loaded with a DNA carrying virus designed to modify a mutant gene, or stop a genetic based disease. They will be able to deliver nano-antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs, the ultimate chemotherapy without the side effects.

    51. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Lee Haywood Blood_test_kit_(4141300940).jpg
      WC: Blood Test Kit

    52. Alzheimer's
      Alzheimer's is the most common form of senile dementia. It afflicts the elderly by impairing their mental ability. In June 2021 the US Food & Drug Administration announced the first treatment for this affliction in twenty years. Called aducanumab, it is now likely to be approved in the UK. However, research at Tel Aviv University on patients with mild cognitive impairment suggests that treatment in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber could clear away some amyloid plaques in the brain. The treatment consisted of 90 minute sessions at 3 times atmospheric pressure, five days per week for 3 months. Since there are 850,000 people with similar mental problems in the UK, it beggars the question, 'could this treatment be practical financially, or do we need a pill that can produce similar results?' Considering the cost of care for all these patients, the stress on carers and the absence from the job pool of these people, can we afford not to adopt this treatment?' The only costs I could find were $360 per session, which would make the total cost $21,600. There is definitely room for improvement. One day it could be regarded as essential as having a hair do.

    53. Lack of oxygen in the bedroom whilst sleeping, maybe one cause of this affliction. HMG should therefore consider the cost of installing HVAC with a heat recovery system when upgrading the UK's housing stock to a zero carbon level. My own view is that we need people to live in biomes. Two centuries ago eight people or more were living in a two up and two down house during the industrial revolution and we called that progress. We are now at a point in time where we are required to make a similar leap in living standards.

    54. In September 2021 the drug amlodipine besilate emerged as a candidate for the treatment of vascular dementia. It widens arteries to allow more oxygen into the brain, restoring levels of protein in cell linings. Also called Istin or Amlostin.

    55. In October 2021 it was announced that NVG-291 removes the natural barrier that prevents nerve cells from being repaired. It is a protein that stimulates nerve regeneration, additionally restoring myelin around nerve fibers. Produced by the Canadian firm NerveGen, it is designed to enable repair to Alzeimer's patients and those suffering from spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. The drug will be available in 2022.

    56. Depression
      A treatment for depression for those where drugs do not work, was announced in October 2021. This consists of an electrical brain implant. See hyperlink to Telegraph news.

    57. Arthritis:
      In September 2021 it was announced by the UK Research & Innovation and the UK Medical Research Council that a possible cause of rheumatoid arthritis had been discovered. It was noticed that a damaged gut, which permitted the release of bacteria, which then attacked the stomach lining and joints maybe to blame. Investigations into the use of existing drugs, namely AT1001 and vercirnin for the treatment of cobliac and crohn's disease respectively, would take three to four years.

    58. I suffered in agony for years with arthritis. At least that's what I was told it was, after I had an x-ray of my right knee. I was told it would only get worse. There was no cure. One day whilst browsing through Microsoft news I came across an image of a knee receiving osteopathy. I then fondled both of my knees and realised that my right knee cap did not move when I applied pressure to it. I then applied greater pressure, forcing my knee cap to move horizontally left and right and then vertically up and down. It only took a couple of minutes. During the rest of the day my leg felt much better. This experience presents the question, "why didn't the GP do this, or pass me over to an osteopath or physiotherapist?" Now in some regions of the UK osteopaths are available on the NHS, whilst in other areas they are not. Does this also apply to acupuncturists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and psychotherapists, etc. Why is that, and what other medical experts are in effect barred from the NHS? It also beggars the question, "what percentage of people who have knee replacements, would not have needed it if they had seen an osteopath or orthotist first?" Clearly all medical professions in the UK must work in the NHS only. The NHS appears to be badly organized and managed. Months after this 'cure' I knelt down to operate my video recorder, and when I went to get up my knee momentarily failed, as if the bones were out of alignment. Unfortunately I still suffer from chronic arthritis in my right knee, so I'm still looking for a cure for that. Reading the NHS website on the subject, I concluded that my symptoms applied to different types of arthritis. I possibly suffer from osteoarthritis, the cure for which is weight loss and exercise syas the NHS, although researchers at Soochow University in the PRC recommend melatonin, which is derived from serotonin, which is acquired by the body when subjected to sunlight. Maybe I'm also spending too much time in front of my computer indoors. I am now confined to my home, as I find that walking any distance is too painful. Whilst I have always taken my health seriously, it appears that nature has other ideas.

    59. In July 2022 I decided that in addition to exercise I would take one vitamin D tablet per day and get out into the sunshine. Sunbath for about one hour per week. I had only lost seven pounds, now down to 10 stone 3 pounds which was within acceptable levels. However my knee hadn't improved. Within a couple of weeks of taking vitamin D I realised that the pain in my right leg had mysteriously ceased. A couple of weeks after that my right leg felt the same as my other leg. It no longer felt dead. It does beggar the question, why doesn't the NHS promote this treatment? Could it be that job security amongst GPs is more important? If this is not a good reason for replacing GPs with an NHS AI GP on the internet, then what is? It appears obvious to me that the expert systems software for such an AI system should be produced abroad, probably in more than one country, so that the competing teams can be paid a bonus for accuracy and effectiveness.

    60. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Linda Bartlett  Cat_scan.jpg
      WC: Computer Aided Tomography Scan

    61. Obesity & Allergies:
      Overeating resulting in weight gain, leaves an awful lot of rubbish in your body. It is not surprising therefore that it results in a run down of the immune system. Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, et cetera. It is caused mainly through lack of exercise in a world of under-employment, global warming, well insulated clothes and duvets, natural gas central heating, double and triple glazing, cavity wall & loft insulation, motorized transport, internet buying/delivery, bank standing orders, automatic washer/tumble dryers, robo vacuum cleaners, and of course junk food from a plethora of restaurants, cafes and fast food stalls, et cetera. I cannot remember the last time I wore my overcoat, decades ago, but I can remember waking up as a child, to find the windows frozen on the inside, in an age before central heating. Today, that would be called child cruelty.

    62. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 ParentingPatch Obese_Man_in_Motorized_Cart_at_Lowe's.jpg
      WC: Obese Man On Motorized Cart

    63. The main culprit is parliament. It has failed to outlaw junk food and tobacco products. It makes no effort to get cannabis removed from the streets of my own community. Over the last sixty years it has decimated marriage and the family, without which people simply do not go out for the day. With no family to rely on it has been the root cause of mental illness. I have been out on an excursion less than five times in the last thirty years, with no package holidays in that time. HMG has failed to order employers to incorporate compulsory exercise periods in the work's gymnasium, and failed to get them to provide only healthy meals in their canteens, along with a decent family orientated social club. It has also failed to get employers to provide a low stress working environment, based upon a modern, spacious, clean, quiet, well lit working environment. Parliament clearly spends more time worshiping that pagan idol called capitalism, than getting the nation to work like clockwork. Parliament can have a gym, the working class...never. And why do you need a gym at work. Over time you establish a comradeship with your colleagues. It is this teamwork spirit which motivates people into taking exercise seriously, gradually achieving an ideal BMI (body mass index). HMG has to accept some of the blame, for failing to create a full employment society. It is not an unachievable aim, especially if we had a WT. The less people are engaged in physical activities, the more they are munching.

    64. Your body mass index is calculated as follows, where weight is in kilogrammes and height is in metres:

      BMI = weight/height²
      For example: 68.04/1.676² = 24.2
      The maximum acceptable BMI is 25 to 30.
    65. The NHS recommends that your waist measurement should be no greater than half of your height. You can convert pounds weight to kilogrammes and inches to metres, from an internet website.

    66. And if you're thinking of bragging about your exercise without actually doing it, there's an app for you. 50Cent's SMS Audio and Intel have developed Bio Sport headphones that monitor your fitness whilst taking exercise. It sends a signal to an app called RunKeeper on your smart phone.

    67. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Sandra Cohen-Rose & Colin Rose Obesity_v Diabetes Chart.jpg
      WC: Obesity v Diabetes Chart

    68. Obesity and allergies are a political problem. What is an allergen? An allergen is poison. There is no way that it would be allowed within a medication, so why allow it in food? The EU lists only 14 allergens; why so few when there are so many more? Governments have the power to ban all allergens from the environment, including food, so why don't they? The fact is that most politicians don't take their jobs seriously, but this is nothing compared to what is really needed. Our free-for-all capitalist system needs it's wings clipped. I decided recently to make an apple pie out of the fruit growing in my garden. I was amazed at the volume of fattening ingredients there were in the recipe. When your food intake consists mainly of convenience foods, you don't realise how unhealthy these meals can be. I have therefore reluctantly come to the conclusion, that the only way to tackle obesity and allergens, is for parliament, through the food standards agency, to list complete meals, including ingredients, banning all allergens, and specify quantities, that the food retail industry would be allowed to make and retail, with every other consumable, including alcohol, energy drinks and tobacco, banned. Customers would only be able to purchase for themselves meals using their, NHS issued, specific person electronic vouchers.

    69. Now you know, and I know, that this would never happen. Some medical scientists think that a treatment that balances out microbes in the gut is all that is needed. Time will tell, during which many people will die from these problems.

    70. Obesity is a major problem in the developed world. You can blame it upon a warmer climate, less walking, less physically demanding employment, too much junk food and warmer clothing, but knowing the cause doesn't solve the problem. Obesity is related to hardening of the arteries and heart failure. It creates a population that can barely get out of bed, never mind go to work. The fundamental cause of obesity is lack of political willpower, for there is no way that our political parties, being dependent upon financial support from limited companies, is going to reduce salt, sugar and fat, never mind ban junk food, and replace supermarkets with biomes. They can't even ban the plethora of food programmes on television. Not one of which promotes healthy living.

    71. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Robert Lawton Childhood_Obesity.jpg
      WC: Childhood Obesity

    72. Compared to the police and intelligence agencies in a multi-party democracy, a technocracy is a control freak. The state will visit your home every three months to see to it that it is being managed properly. The visiting team will consist of home inspector, welfare, social services, education / training and of course health. You will undergo compulsory medical examinations as necessary. Your body mass index will be measured, resulting in you being put on the appropriate diet should you be over or under weight. Living in a biome, you will of course receive agricultural advice as to what healthy foods to grow and how best to cook them. The growing of red fruits and vegetables (red apples, plums, peppers, chill, strawberries, raspberries) to promote weight loss will be encouraged, for instance. There will of course be no growing of banned plants such as cannabis, whilst chemistry sets and their ingredients at home are also banned. If you want to know why illicit hallucinogenic drugs should not be consumed in a civilised society then please go on holiday to the Yemen. They're almost all at it, but don't expect me to pay the ransom.

    73. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 James Heilman, MD Obesity_Med2008.jpg
      WC: Obesity Medication's Xenical & Meridia

    74. The government will promote advertising on television regarding the dangers of obesity, what to grow and how much. It will censor TV programmes on the subject of cooking. Drugs are available. Meridia (sibutramine) an appetite suppressant has been discontinued due to cardiovascular events and strokes. Xenical by Roche prevents the absorption of fats. It is marketed by GlaxoSmithCline under the name Alli.

    75. Surgery:
      Operations in hospital are becoming more adventurous as technology brings ideas into practice. The recent successful separation of heads in Siamese twins, beggars belief. However, many operations are entirely internal. To speed up recovery it is advisable to keep the entry as small as possible, known as keyhole surgery. Eventually the aim is to use endoscope type equipment to perform operations through natural openings in the body.

    76. STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections):
      By creating a liberalized society, western government's have accelerated the spread of what my generation call VD (venereal disease). By failing to make prostitution illegal, promoting homosexual acts, and failing to stamp out holidays to sex venues like Magaluf, replacing them with educational tours, HMG clearly doesn't give a damn about its responsibilities. Homosexuality was decriminalized in England and Wales in 1967. Fourteen years later we have the disease AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), spread by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). In the year that AIDS reached the UK, 1981, only one person survived out of 400 infected. It took HMG under Margaret Thatcher, five years to warn the general public with the 'AIDS, Don't Die of Ignorance' campaign. 'We now have HIV (109,293 HIV in 2009, 26.063 AIDS), gonorrhea (44,676 in 2017), syphilis (7,137 in 2017), chlamydia (202,546 in 2016), genital warts called Human Papilova Virus, scabies (mites on skin whilst sharing a bed infects the entire family), crabs/lice in pubic hair and mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen infects one in one hundred adults in UK) as the main threats to public health amongst the young and gay. In 1996 treatment became generally available to control HIV. It still lingers in the bone marrow of victims. In February 2022 it was announced that a mixed race woman had been cured of HIV after a stem cell bone marrow transplant for the treatment of blood cancer. Such a procedure is not available to the generally HIV infected population. The treatment knocks out the CCR5 receptor on the surface of blood cells. That same month news came from the Netherlands that a highly dangerous version of HIV existed, known as HIV VB which has 500 variants, making it 5 times more virulent.

    77. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 NIMH_MEG scanner.jpg
      WC: Magneto EncphaloGraphy (MEG) scanner

    78. In 2019 it's thought there are 105,000 people in the UK with AIDS/HIV with 6% not knowing it. The WHO states that 33 million people have died from this disease since it began. 600,000 have died in the UK. Half were gay, one third women and many of the remainder were haemophiliacs infected with contaminated blood from the USA. In 2017 there were 420,000 cases of STI in England. Based upon the following statistics it must be assumed that HIV will never be irradiated. The social implications of this are profound. Legalised homosexuality destroys trust between people, HIV instills dread. HMG's and parliament's exercise in social engineering has been a bloody disaster, for which thus far none of them have been put on trial. HMG has slashed the budget on STI, although why, I simply fail to understand. There were half a million cases of STI in England in 2018, says the State of Nation Report. In the past ten years there has been a 249% increase in gonorrhoea, 165% increase in syphilis, 75% of which are amongst ethnic minorities, gay and bi-sexual men. These are the highest levels since the second world war. Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen), which was discovered in 1981 and often has no symptoms, is mainly undiagnosed, since there is no reliable test to detect it. Through its failure to act, government is systematically destroying people's quality of life, no doubt causing many people to commit suicide. In November 2021 it was announced that a woman in Argentina had successfully rid herself of HIV, only the second recorded person to have done so without treatment. The exact method of doing so is currently unknown. In that same month it was announced that the NHS would provide a long acting injection to replace the daily intake of pills. This would help 13,000 people in the UK. AIDS existed in the Congo, caused by eating infected bush meat. Eventually it spread to the cities built by the Belgium government, and from there to Haiti and the USA. It probably existed for thousands of years before that, just waiting for the right conditions to spread across the globe. Homosexual acts between anonymous gay men in city parks at night provided such conditions. Which disease is next?

    79. Eighty per cent of women will have been infected with HPV before the age of fifty in the UK. HPV vaccine is available in the UK for ages 9 to 26 years. All bacterial infections, including gonorrhea and syphilis are treated with antibiotics, though not necessarily successfully. Some people I met in the navy had had it so many times that they were now sterile. HIV can be cured, though probably not within the bone marrow. That is until recently. The infusion of special stem cells into a patient can cure that person of HIV. This has been done twice. The stem cells create blood cells which the HIV retrovirus cannot latch onto. A vaccine for HIV is being worked on. If you don't like injections, then perhaps one day you will be offered treatment with a nanopatch instead. As for a quick urine test, the Biosense uChek diagnostic kit will use a smart mobile phone's camera to record the colour of a wet test strip, and relay the information to a data centre for analysis. Of course the best way to reduce STI numbers is to publicize the danger. Unfortunately HMG appears to care less about its obligations to the general public of the UK than the government of the PRC does about Covid-19. AIDS don't die of ignorance...remember? The company bit.bio located in Cambridge, UK is now working on reducing the cost of producing stem cells for regenerative purposes. The stem cells are used by a 3D bioprinter to produce tissue, etc.

    80. The home:
      When it comes to health, technology in the home doesn't immediately spring to mind. Discrete cameras behind the smart mirror in the bathroom analyses facial features, then displays corrective suggestions for better health, such as more exercise and better diet. It will also tell you how you slept and what the oxygen levels were during the night. The latter, in my opinion, is extremely important because I believe that deteriorating brain activity, as you age, is caused in part by lack of oxygen in the home. My mother's parents would spend much of the day sitting in front of an open gas fire, and do nothing. Finally her mother could not even recognise her dad.
      Smart scales work out your body mass index (BMI) and transmit it to your personal health database, via bluetooth. Your fridge freezer suggests a healthy nutritionally balanced meal based upon the content of the appliance, and results from a molecular analyzer and ingredients bar code. You use an ultrasonic toothbrush that has teeth and tongue wash facility. It can pass data to your health database to indicate whether you brushed your teeth and mouth correctly, and whether you have bad breath.
      You replace your home's air inlet filters, which traps dust, allergens, viruses and bacteria, etc. Your home's air monitor tells you what type of air pollution is entering your home, accesses a database and reports it to the local authority. Of course this will not happen until the Department for the Environment creates such a database and puts it in the public domain. Will it?
      Your smart watch monitors your heart and physical activity throughout the day. Your toilet will monitor its contents, all data going to your personal health database. The baby monitor also has a database. Automated pill dispensers, help and fall alarms for the disabled and elderly are now widespread.
      When it comes to smart clothing, fabrics could let out heat when you are cold, they could protect you from high ultra-violet radiation, or morph into an inflatable umbrella in the rain. They could even analyse your sweat.
      These bio-sensors would have a bluetooth connection to the wearer's mobile smart phone. The Covid-19 app would analyze then pass on any alert data to HQ. HQ would then send you a message to stay put, whilst a tracker team was sent out to you.
      Currently the nearest tool to a tricorder at present, is the Butterfly Network's Zoom hand held scanner. This is connected to a mobile phone or computer. Some advanced Apple iphone and ipads have AR Kit software for even showing images in 3D. Since the product costs two thousand pounds, plus subscription, it's intended for sending data/images to a doctor via the internet from the patient. Known as tele medicine, it can be used for pregnancies, fractures and even to determine the condition of lungs. Important in this age of Covid-19.
      All this data needs to be accessed by your GP, a local medical Centre's nurse, specialist, hospital, statisticians 'to do' lists and charts. Patients need access to their electronic medical records, repeat prescriptions, et cetera, and need a list of drugs that they can purchase, instead of wasting time with GP appointments.
      What of your doctor's surgery could visit you? Well with Tyto they can. It may not be a tricorder, but at the moment it's the next best thing. To enable your doctor to examine you, it needs to operate on a smart mobile phone whilst your doctor also needs the accompanying software. It can provide images of the body and sounds produced by it, and measure heart rate and body temperature. It costs about $300. All these things and more help create a healthier life for you and your family. Prevention is better than cure.

    81. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 NIOSH Microscopic_scanner.jpg
      WC: Microscopic Scanner

    82. Medical MOT Centre:
      A whole body scan will cost you from 1000 to 1400 ponds in the UK. Such is the cost of private medicine when you can't convince your GP that you really have something wrong with you. Wouldn't it be great if we could all have a regular health MOT check? That of course beggars the question, 'how much would it cost and would it save the NHS money in the long run? To be cost effective, a medical centre would have to have a whole body scanner which could do the job in no more than fifteen minutes, be cheap to purchase, linked to AI which could diagnose the ailment and advise treatment instantly. Whilst a whole body scanner has been developed in the PRC (existing ones produce an image by slicing), reading an image, never mind in 3D, is something that computers can't do at present. As for a hand held tricorder, similar to that used in Star Trek, hardware exists that contains chips that can identify odours eminating from the human body. It is possible for a dog to sense cancer for instance, whilst I can sense syphilis, because the pump man on the first ship I was on suffered from it. His pump room phone stank awfully, to the extent that no one else would use it. This tricorder technology has existed for at least one decade, so I fail to understand why it is not already in use in the field.
      Medical MOT centres are unlikely to be cost effective from a medical point of view; however, the data from all this technology will be analyzed, and any trends noted, possibly leading to medical breakthroughs. This does pose one problem however. The UK has no information technology act, without which, much of this medical data will not be stored on a NHS database, for later analysis.

    83. There is also the problem of contagious diseases and their impact upon society in general. Take STI for instance. HMG does not issue meaningful statistics, because there is no census backed up with compulsory testing. The impact of having to live in a society full of unknown threats, is hard to judge. Take me for instance. I go out in the evening to my favorite disco bar. I get the come-on from an sexy looking woman. I turn her down; why? She is a call girl, bait laid out by her two female companions. I am terrified of STI. For someone of working age, this terror filled society is a disincentive to work. Should everyone be scanned? Should those with contagious diseases be obliged to live in a sheltered community, until they are cured? In a multi-party democracy, you know that those questions will be ignored. The sooner we have a technocracy, the better. One of the most popular apps used by the medical profession is WebMD's Medscape. In addition to a huge medical database of drugs and diseases, it also has the latest medical news and courses. But regrettably, it does not have a cure for everything.

    84. Bio Engineering:
      When the workings of the human genome are fully understood, no doubt organs and our DNA, will be engineered to maintain themselves. Until then millions of researchers around the world, will be required to tease out nature's secrets. For financial reasons - reducing the NHS bill - the benefits that the Great White Shark has, will one day be transferred to humans. Competition between nations will see to that, in the fields of sport, warfare and space travel, etc. Maybe then a nation's health service will be cost effective for all persons on this planet to benefit from. In October 2019 the Broad Institute, USA announced that research into the prime editing of DNA, presented the possibility of 89% of genetic mutations in a person being corrected. To go beyond that, to modify the brain's guilt, love, belief, tolerance complexes, intelligence, etc., would result in massive cultural and scientific advances.

    85. I tried to find information on the internet on the cost of setting up and running a health MOT centre, but got nowhere. Free diagnostics and treatment for sexually transmitted disease in the UK is through your GP only, in most parts of the UK, due to budget cuts by HMG. As for a free general medical check up, I asked my GP for one once, and he simply took my blood pressure and that was it. I already pump it up, at home.

    86. In July 2020 I went three times to my local medical surgery only to find that I could not get in. Since my brother had died a couple of months before from stomach cancer, I naturally wanted cancer screening. I didn't phone because every time I did I was told to hang on, indefinitely. Eventually I phoned them again, only to learn the GP appointments were now over the phone only. I had received no letter nor email on the subject, whilst the surgery web site displayed the pre-pandemic hours of opening, with no way of making an appointment on it. I was told to phone back at 8am the next day to arrange the appointment. The next day I was told the GP would phone me sometime that morning. Needless to say, when the GP phoned me it was in the afternoon, whilst I was watering the garden. I phoned the surgery an hour later but only got as far as the answer phone. I eventually got an interview, only to be told that I can't have a cancer scan since I had no symptoms. I'm now waiting for another type of scan, which again did not materialize.

    87. A few days later, I learned from a news story, that cancer scans are not available on the NHS for the over seventies. Am I at death's door? On July 2nd my tongue swelled up, an allergic reaction, whilst the next day I had a rare attack of migraine. On September 11th I had black urine. I booked a telephone appointment with a GP, but none phoned. It was probably caused by dehydration brought on by a three hour walk around the city centre according to a medical website I accessed. On October 1st I had my annual flu jab, whilst two weeks later I attended an appointment for a steroid injection in my right knee. An x-ray weeks before had revealed arthritis. To get the injection I had to go to a side entrance located in an underground car park. After waiting half an hour I was examined by a male doctor. After standing on one leg, he told me that I didn't need the steroid injection, and that if I experienced any pain then I should take paracetamol. I told him that I had taken the spice turmeric with black pepper, and that paracetamol is no longer recommended as a pain killer by the NHS. In fact the NHS has banned the use of paracetemol for 35 ailments as a cost cutting measure as its available over the counter at chemists. He was unaware of this decision, as was another GP I discovered a few weeks previously. There appears to be no cascade of information from senior management. Of course patients will be wasting their time seeing a GP if the outcome is to buy paracetemol. This is an effective way of discouraging sick people from seeking help. An indication of dire managerial ineptitude. He also knew nothing about turmeric. During the whole of 2020 I had received only minimal and belated help for the sciatica, muscle and arthritis problems in my legs. It just wasn't worth contacting the medical centre, was it? When do I gain access to NHS AI diagnostics? Now just how do we sell off this dysfunctional NHS to those affluent unsuspecting yanks across the pond? And will you lot out there stop that Covid-19 clapping?

    88. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Ptrump16 Sysmex_XT-4000i,jpg
      WC: Sysmex XT-4000i Hematology Analyzer.
      To look at RNA/DNA

    89. One of the main problems with the NHS is that of staff shortages. People are leaving the NHS mainly because it is undermanned. At this time, 2021, HMG wants to recruit and train thousands of doctors and nurses. The alternative is to recruit existing doctors, nurses and support staff from abroad, but they have to pass written, oral and practical exams in this country first. It's a long complicated and stressful procedure, but there is an alternative, which takes some believing. Have you ever thought of running an organisation without any management? For years I looked at many managers and directors and realised that they added no worth to the company. What employees want are clear directions as to what comes next and how to do it. All of that can be done with expert systems software, put together by IT geeks and a director that knows how IT works. You also need a government body that you can call up when you get stuck. And don't I know it with this website. The global economy runs on IT, and yet the UK is an IT disaster. For how much longer will the blind have to lead the blind? In the mean time here is listed the problems of getting a job in the UK from abroad. I have concentrated on nurses and doctors, but the problem is similar for most professions.

    90. Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Stockholm TEP_sagittal_thymome_B1.jpg
      WC: PET Scan of Sagittal Thymome B1

      Images Wikimedia Commons/21 Walsh, David The_Röntgen_rays_in_medical_work_(1899)_(14570302349).jpg
      WC: Röntgen Rays in Medical Work (1899)

    91. Looking at all the problems listed here pertaining to the NHS, I have concluded that some serious action is called for. Basically we have thousands of highly qualified and expensive doctors being employed simply to sit at a desk whilst listening to problems that a large number of them either don't understand, or don't take seriously. They are merely handling information that could easily be handled by computer software, so why hasn't it happened? The best health service in Europe is in Germany. When one looks at the investment and performance figures of the two services, it clearly shows that there is massive room for improvement within the NHS. It's sad to have to admit that our government is more keen on spending hard earned honest tax payer's money on weapons of mass destruction than on saving lives in this country. The banks, building societies, insurance, pension, investment trusts, stock & commodity markets and accountancies have all made huge redundancies as a result of advancements in IT, so why hasn't the NHS reallocated resources?

    92. PLAN A...GPs should be working on shifts in hospital wards, A&E or in medical research, whilst nurses should be visiting patients in their homes or work places to provide inoculations, or obtain blood and urine samples, etc., since many people cannot afford to take time off work. Patients should be able to book an appointment with a specialist via their AI GP.

    93. PLAN B...This plan also does not require the outright sale of the NHS. The entire management of the NHS could be handed over to another countries health service. They would be paid a nominal fee for managing it, plus an incentive to improve the nation's health. It would have the power to ban junk foods, smoking, Impose exercise standards and place restrictions upon other unhealthy activities. They would also have the authority to purchase consumables and equipment from any source, and have the power to recruit from any source, including from their own country.

    94. A similar business model may also be established within other government departments, such as the police. Meanwhile, as of March 2023, HMG intends to extend the capabilities of the NHS App by allowing clients to receive emails from their GP's, see medical records, view test results, arrange hospital appointments and reminders and even register with a GP. One year later clients will be able to have face to face video appointments with consultants, plus digital monitoring at home for patients straight out of hospital, and virtual wards for frail patients. AI will be used to screen for brest and lung cancers, etc. New GP contracts will require doctors to attend a 9 to 5pm surgery every Saturday. This is all designed to remove the Covid-19 backlog, at a cost of £2 billion. It will require the recruitment of 10,500 support personnel. And whilst the NHS is hunting around for all these specialised people, it's also faced with a shortage of GPs. In June 2022 a Health Foundation study stated that the present shortage of 4,200 would increase to 10,000 by 2030.

    95. If you think that sounds great, then think again. All this technology requires data in the form of ID from you. First of all you have to find the right NHS website, from which you have a choice. You either download the NHS App onto your mobile phone, or set up an account on your PC. I chose my PC as I only use my mobile for SMS password messages. First you need to find the right website, then the right page, then the right hyperlink. It's not easy:

    96. https://access.login.nhs.uk/no-client-info

    97. Then click on the link to NHS App

    98. You can also access your NHS account using the NHS website.

    99. NHS Continue with NHS login.

    100. Here your email address appears, where you click continue.

    101. Here your password appears, where you click continue.

    102. Covid-19 pass certificate and unread messages link appears.

    103. Needless to say you needed to insert your name, date of birth, email address and NHS number to make all this work. And of course there is another dreaded password to remember. The really hard part is providing a high quality scanned image of your driving licence or passport. You are then required to have a video created using your computer's camera, during which you read aloud four numbers which appear on the screen. After uploading all this data, it takes a day to check it out. You can create the following quick link in Microsoft Edge to get to the NHS APP quicker after you have set up your account.

    104. https://www.nhsapp.service.nhs.uk/login

    105. There is something clearly lacking in the management of this organisation. Clients are being treated with contempt. It doesn't require the Americans, it requires a technocracy; an organisation with the necessary intelligence and backbone to redistribute existing resources. When will we get it? How many more people have to die before this nation's health is managed to an acceptable standard? This pathetic level of management would have been fired long ago if it had been in industry. Unfortunately our electorate hasn't got the guts to do it. It is effectively screwing up its own health through its own complacency. A problem with an obvious answer, that no one has the guts to take on. It simply beggars belief.

    106. You may think that things can't get any worse, but you would be wrong. As the US Health Care System evolves and the UK gets poorer, it is likely that most UK based pharmaceutical companies will relocate to the USA. This means that drugs in the UK will become more expensive, whilst some treatments simply won't be available here. On the other hand chemists could simply become no better than drug pushers. As I write this in August 2022, a judge in Cleveland, Ohio awarded local communities $650 million compensation due to damage caused by the irresponsible sale of opioids by CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. This is just one group action from hundreds concerned with the same problem. Clearly the get rich quick mentality within the medical professions extends well beyond the UK. It has made me realise that the political, legal and medical professionals will all have to be replaced by AI and androids one day if we are to attain a higher level of civilisation.

22...Antibiotic Resistance & Malaria

      Images Wikimedia Commons/22 World-map-of-past-and-current-malaria-prevalence-world-development-report-2009.jpg
      WC: World Map of Malaria Prevalence 2009

    1. Nature's battle with the human race continues unabated, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, HIV, lasser fever, ebola, and now the zika virus, which only existed in humans in west Africa in 1948. It was known to exist in monkeys in Uganda in 1945. HIV was first detected in humans in the cities of the Belgium Congo, in the 1930s, having also originated in monkeys. As the population of the human race increases, it is likely we will come into contact with more deadly viruses. Many of these diseases originate where humans eat bush meat, or eat infected farm animals that interact with other species, wild or domesticated, on the farm to produce unique viruses. 60% of these viruses are thought to be Zoonotic, originating from animals. This has been the case for thousands of years ever since stone age man put baby wild boar in wooden cages for fattening up. Many of these diseases are carried by mosquitoes and other insects, the elimination of which would not only save the lives of people and farm animals but also boost the global economy. In a world technocracy, with the entire human population living in biomes, this threat would be at a minimum, since meat would eventually be produced artificially, and vectors such as mosquitoes kept outside the dome, with a controlled filtered environment inside.

    2. Due to the failure of governments to put a stop to the use of antibiotics in farm animals for human consumption, and because of the easy availability of antibiotics from pharmacies (chemists) resistance to these drugs has gone worldwide. There are now no antibiotics that aren't resistant somewhere on this planet. New antibiotics have not come along because there is not enough financial inducement to research the problem. Whilst it takes two years to come up with a new drug, it takes another eight years to test it thoroughly before it can be sold over the counter. This problem is now being faced in Africa, where the antiviral drug Tenofovir is 60% ineffective against the human immune virus (HIV).....leading to AIDS.

    3. Images Wikimedia Commons/22 Ute Frevert Malaria.jpg
      WC: Malaria

    4. An alternative to antibiotics can be found in Russia. Called bacteriophages, they are viruses that live on bacteria.
      Advantages of bacteriophages are as follows:
      1...Once the bacteria has been defeated in the patient the bacteriophage dies out.
      2...Bacteriophages can mutate faster than bacteria, so there is no effective resistance.
      3...Unlike antibiotics which target the entire body, bacteriophages are site specific.
      This means that the medical problem must be accurately assessed, so that the right bacteriophage is used, to avoid complications, particularly in the intestines.

    5. Currently the battle against malarial and zika mosquitoes continues pursued by numerous teams and methods. Half a century ago the malarial mosquito was almost wiped out but for a few areas in war zones. Quinine is used to treat people infected with malaria. Advances in bioengineering have now enabled scientists to seed areas with sterile mosquitoes in the hope of reducing the local mosquito population. The Target Malaria Project by Imperial College, London intends to wipe out the affected mosquito, using a modified gene, the only one of 3000 types of mosquito that carries malaria. However, pressure groups feel that wiping out one species of mosquito may have an unforeseen affect. In my opinion, finding out what that could be is impossible, because nature is too complicated to simulate. Another research group have genetically modified a fungus so that it can kill malarial mosquitoes. In May 2020, it was announced that in Kenya, a microbe had been found that infects mosquitoes, stopping them from transmitting malaria. In the meantime, keep using insect repellant, bed nets, screens on windows and doors, and don't camp in known affected areas.

    6. Only a world technocracy is likely to be able to put an end to this scourge. In addition to a rise in syphilis cases, due mainly to kissing amongst gay men in our government promoted liberal society, humans are also facing a threat from super gonorrhea, which defies most treatments. If we had the necessary moral and medical controls that only a world technocracy can provide, then the human race would not be in this mess.

    7. Images Wikimedia Commons/22 Emily Brown Bacteriophages_at_work.jpg
      WC: Bacteriophages at Work

    8. As things are now deteriorating, it may eventually become necessary to re-write the human genome using a 'language' similar to that of the water bear. When you look at the enormous cost of a health service, it's clear that something drastic has to be done to cut costs.

    9. Fortunately, something else has, in the form of AI at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. From one hundred million molecules, AI has detected a unique antibiotic called Halicin. Announced in February 2020, it and a few other natural antibiotics, may save the day, if only they can be used responsibly.

23...How To Wash Your Hands, Brush Your Teeth & Live Longer

    1. What is plainly obvious to me, though obviously not to the government and medical professionals, is that the general public should be informed about how to stay healthy. What does it take for HMG to mail a health booklet to every home in the country, detailing all common problems from washing your hands, brushing your teeth, bathing and eating the right food, to the dangers of kerb crawling and incest. It could of course be put on the internet along with the NHS AI GP, for everyone to access. After all, most of the latter is only a database or spreadsheet, with expert systems software operating a criteria selection procedure. It would only cost a billion quid and five minutes to set up.

    2. Images Wikimedia Commons/23 MarkBuckawicki Hand_washing_man.jpg
      WC: Man Washing Hands

    3. Washing your hands Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the UK government embarked upon a campaign called 'hands-face-space'. That is wash your face thoroughly, wear a face mask when you go out, and keep two metres from everyone else. HMG recommends that people wash their hands with anti-bacterial liquid handwash for 20 seconds, preferably immediately after being on public transport, handling money, etc. and before handling food. Yours hands should be scrubbed, including under the nails. Although you cannot see it, bacteria under the nails is almost impossible to remove. If you don't believe me, go out into your garden, handle a strongly scented plant and then try to wash off the odour. As for keeping two metres apart, you can easily smell the perfume of someone you walk past, even whilst wearing a mask. In a conversation spores can spread further than two metres and be active for 24 hours. Often building ventilation, particularly in night clubs and disco bars is woefully inadequate, whilst bacteria destroying copper on handrails is non-existent. However, just because these recommendations are inadequate or absent is no reason to give up.

    4. To reduce your chances of being contaminated, clean your keys, money, computers, phones, door handles, leather clothing and bags, in fact everything you handle that you touch regularly, particularly when you go out to the shops, workplace, etc. And don't forget to wash the sink and washbasin taps before you wash the soap off your hands. In hospitals, the staff close the taps with their elbows. Unfortunately that style of tap I have not seen at a DIY store. I know it sounds over-the-top, but you can never be too clean. Remember never to touch your face when you are out, and hang on to those face masks. You may have had your inoculations, but there are Covid-19 variants out there, and the longer this pandemic continues, the more variants will be created, and some will probably become more lethal than your vaccines can handle. The annual booster jab maybe necessary for decades.

    5. Bathing Let's take a look at bathing. I only have a shower. I shower at least twice a week, replace my underwear daily and the rest weekly. I'll shower again if I've been doing heavy work in the garden. To save energy, wet your body all over. Wash your anus last then turn off the water, then cover your body with soap and brush all over before turning the water back on. I use anti-bacterial liquid soap ejected onto a back-scrubber applied all over my body, from the follicles on my head to the soles of my feet, including the private parts. Scrub the back of the legs in particular and keep the toilet seat clean to prevent infection. Women are also advised to douche themselves externally. I also remove hair with a razor from under the arms, as this improves evaporation, preventing smelly sweat accumulation. I use a tweezer to remove hairs from nostrils and ear canals. Scrubbing your body removes the accumulated sweat between the hair on your head, and also helps to remove hard skin on your feet and elbows. I suspect that it helps hair to remain healthy, as I still have some on top at the age of 72. I don't use hair shampoo as I only use anti-bacterial liquid soap. If you've got a partner, I suggest you get them to scrub your body in the bath after work. It also helps meld a relationship. As for ear wax removal, you need to go to a chemist to get the chemical treatment. I use the cap from a BIC Biro. The shape prevents one from inserting it too far into the ear canal and accidentally piercing the diaphragm, thereby causing you to go deaf. If you have a bidet, you should use it to clean the area between the vagina and anus. The NHS does not approve douching (flushing with a hose, water jet or sponge) the vagina, as this removes helpful bacteria. When it comes to sexual intercourse, always use a condom. As for youngsters with skin problems, don't use a face flannel as this is often a vector for infection from one person to another.

    6. Images Wikimedia Commons/23 Basile Morin Lao_little_girl_laughing_with_teeth.jpg
      WC: Little Girl Laughing

    7. Teeth When it comes to brushing your teeth, many people do it randomly. That is a mistake. First, put a small amount of toothpaste on your wet brush, and brush the front of the lower teeth, then upper row, followed by the gums. Brush the tops of the teeth, then the backs, then the back of the gums. Teeth should be brushed at least once a day either before going to bed or going out in the evening. Next brush the bridge of the mouth. Make sure you replace your toothbrush every three months. You don't need an electric toothbrush, although I find that the small brush head is far more effective. I have used both electric and manual. I use anti-bacterial toothpaste, but I find that some brands cause my lips and tongue to swell up, probably because they contain sulfite. It's not a pretty sight. At the same time I found that I was allergic to spices. It can take months or even years to work out what's causing it, because it can take a whole day before these substances manifest themselves. In Xmas 2019 the same problem occurred again due to sulfite in mince pies. Why was this ingredient put in when it was clearly unnecessary in previous years? You are then left with the question, why doesn't the government and food retailers prevent this? These ingredients are poisons, and it's about time that politicians woke up to that fact. Ban them; ban all of them.

    8. Because of this allergy I only rarely use a tongue scraper, as it is my belief that good bacteria can be found at this location in the mouth. I do however use floss to remove food trapped between teeth. You can get an electric water flosser, whose jet is ideal for cleaning between teeth and around dental bridges, braces and crowns. I use Listerene mouth wash before going out in the evening. It makes the lager taste better. With any luck, this will make your snogging more enjoyable. You may also wish to have your teeth whitened by your dentist. I went to the dentist to have a tooth ground down that appeared to be cutting into my tongue. Do you know the difference between Pension Credit Guarantee Credit and Pension Credit Savings Credit, which are added to your state pension? I didn't. Don't make the same mistake as me. See the following images. Whilst the courts appear to have found in the claimants favour, I have still not received a refund. That was the first time in over ten years that I'd been to a dentist, and I haven't been to one since. Looking at this letter, it does make me wonder whether these people are sane, but that's nothing compared to the DHSS in the 1980s.

    9. Should you use a teeth whitener kit. Well the above is a good reason for not going to a dentist. I have never used one, but that doesn't mean that my teeth aren't healthy. It's just that they reflect my age. There are plenty of websites out there selling them, and plenty of warnings about the dangers. After careful thought, I suggest you buy 'Amazon's choice' and hope they have got it right. If your teeth and gums drop out, you can always sue them, not me.

    10. Also on Amazon you will find numerous dental care kits, used for the removal of plaque and tartar, the latter caused by cigarette smoking. My advice on the latter is don't smoke. It's a filthy, disgusting, immature habit that will probably lead to a long lingering death before your worried dependents. It will most certainly ruin your sex appeal and probably reduce your employment chances. Both my father and my step father died as a result of smoking cigarettes, so I know what I'm writing about. As for a dental care kit, one with a vibrating tooth cleaner is probably a good choice.

    11. Next in dental care are teeth straighteners. Long long ago in the mists of time I went to a dentist to have the gap between my two front teeth rectified. I needed two crowns. Over the decades they have given me problems, so in recent years I have wondered how things would have been if the latest teeth straighteners had been available instead of braces. I could only find one kit on Amazon. Good luck.

    12. Letter from NHS Business Services Authority Page 1
      WTN: Letter from NHS Business Services Authority Page 1.

      Letter from NHS Business Services Authority Page 2
      WTN: Letter from NHS Business Services Authority Page 2.

      Images Wikimedia Commons/23 PhoToria A_Nigerian_balanced_diet.jpg
      WC: A Nigerian Balanced Diet

    13. Diet And now the subject of eating the right food. Meals should contain anti-oxidants, which prevent breakdown in one's DNA, and anti-cancerous foods.
      Anti-cancer foods, consist of raspberries, turmeric, asparagus, green tea, aragula (rocket salad), onions, blueberries, Brazil nuts, avocados, carrots, oranges tomatoes, and celery. Anticancer foods tend to be potent only with certain cancers.
      Antioxidant foods, the most potent first, consist of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, prunes, raisins, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, oranges, red grapes.
      Dark chocolate is by far the best. There are many lists on the internet, which use ORAC units per 100 grammes. One of the most informative websites is:

    14. I eat two slices of honey on toast for breakfast, with decaffeinated coffee.
      My main meal is usually a frozen meal plus a bag of frozen vegetables (including broccoli), with a cup-a-soup.
      My evening meal is two slices of toast with marmite and a sliced tomato, an orange, with decaffeinated tea.
      My late evening meal consists of a small chocolate roll and decaffeinated coffee, and later a night cap.
      I drink decaffeinated tea and coffee in order to stop heart palpitations. I drink Tesco decaffeinated coffee, because I find that some brands are not decaffeinated enough. I have learned to minimalise my food intake, through sheer willpower. There is nothing easy about maintaining a healthy body mass index, when you are old. When you are young, you are constantly eating and growing. Then one day you realise that you must reign in this gluttonous behaviour you have been pursuing for years, or become obese. The state does not pay enough interest in personal health, particularly when it comes to obesity.

    15. Images Wikimedia Commons/23 Fit Approach Exercising_in_the_park.jpg
      WC: Exercising in the Park

    16. In a technocracy, all employers would be required to provide a gymnasium, and a work's canteen. Using SPEV's, you would be rewarded for successfully completing your gym workout quota and for controlling your BMI through the diet your food SPEV would dictate. SPEV's (Specific Person Electronic Vouchers) would supersede money.

    17. As for curb crawling and incest, I have no car nor children.

    18. In February 2021 it was announced that in a trial where two thousand people received a weekly injection of semaglutide which is designed to suppress appetite, it was found that the average loss of weight was 15kg over a fifteen month period, or one fifth of their body mass.

24...Coronavirus Pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 Blog

    1. Nuclear weapons are pretty puny compared to the devastation that can be created by bio-weapons. For that reason the USG (United States government) has shut down at least three biological research laboratories in recent years due to lax bio security.

    2. Much of this laboratory work would not be necessary were human civilisation managed by a world technocracy. Bio-weapon stockpiles would be safely destroyed by a WT. It makes little sense destroying the smallpox virus only to develop more lethal strains by artificial means. These viruses are not listed in medical journals, have no antidote, whilst many are gene specific in that they are designed to target specific races. It is a nightmare yet to be seen on the battlefield, but some inkling of its power can be judged from the death of 200,000 Saiga antelope in Kazakhstan in 2015, caused by a stomach bug. It's likely that the civilisation based at Angkor Wat in Cambodia was wiped out by the bubonic plague, carried by fleas in the fur of black rats, in circa 1348AD, whilst the pneumonia pandemic (Spanish flu) of 1920 cost the lives of at least fifteen million young people around the world. Smallpox still exists in official repositories in the USA and Russia. However, occasionally it is found in medical facilities that have not been managed professionally. Whilst the WHO ordered it eradicated in 1980. However, in the USA, it has been found in Bethesda, Maryland in 2004 and in Pennsylvania in 2021.

    3. As for me, I'm fighting an eternal battle with the local rats, the vector that brought flees carrying the black death to Europe in the middle ages. I see them illuminated by my PIR floodlight in the garden. I can hear them scampering around in the loft, snug as a bug inside my 200mm of loft insulation, and entering my house via the sewer to lay their droppings on the kitchen floor under the sink. Poison from the council rat catcher had little effect. I've zapped five of them over a period of two years. Firearms, explosives and crossbows are not permitted, but that's not the case with government. It can pass legislation to restrict their food supply and kill the critters en masse. Instead it turns its wrath on our nice cuddly badgers, suspected of passing tuberculosis to cattle. No doubt with a guilty conscience, HMG has now (March 2020) decided to vaccinate both cattle and badgers against TB.

    4. Today governments no doubt have the capability to wipe out the entire human race with bio-weapons, should they be so totally removed from reality, should their scientists mishandle it, or should terrorists or a disgruntled employee get their hands on it. What could happen, ultimately does happen given time...Murphy's law. You have no doubt seen horror movies depicting zombies. It is now known that such an effect can be created by viruses attacking the consciousness part of the human brain. Creating zombies from the skin of a puffer fish has been known for centuries through voodoo worship in Haiti.

    5. In a WT where resources are almost unlimited, such high risk bioengineering research would be done at no more than three closely monitored research centres off Earth, possibly orbiting the Sun between Earth and Mars. There would be no research into bio-weapons.

    6. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 j4p4n Pandemic-logotext.jpg
      WC: Pandemic Logo (Don't Panic)

      ...SARS-CoV-2...Covid-19...Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic...

    7. As I write this chapter, Covid-19 (Coronavirus in year 2019) has escaped into the human chain. Initially believed to have been transmitted to humans from a pangolin, an endangered species, infected by a bat and sold at Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, a city of eleven million people. News of the outbreak, released by a doctor who later died from it, was delayed one month by government officials. The lethality rate is about 1 to 3%, at least twice that of flu, but it could mutate into something more lethal, since it has a structure similar to the 2003 SARS coronavirus. Covid-19 is known to have mutated, even between members of the same family. There are thought to be at least one hundred different versions of Covid-19, with medical scientists and technicians rushing around trying to find out which versions are dangerous. In the beginning the general public were told to watch out for just four symptoms, chills, headaches, fever and uncontrollable coughing. A virus or coronavirus usually damages either of two locations in the body. These locations are where it replicates, and also where the immune system over-reacts. That location is indiscriminate. It can result in inflammation of artery walls, stroke in the brain, blood clot in the heart, or liver thrombosis, lung embolism or kidney failure. Even dialysis machines have been known to block up as a result. It has also been observed to affect the male sex hormones. Other visible signs are blue lips, inability to wake or stay awake. These ailments are similar to that of toxic shock syndrome. Severe problems become apparent in about one in one thousand infected patients. The symptoms are stomach ache, diarrhoea, skin lesions, sharp chest pain, loss of taste and smell, and neurological problems. Also chills, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and conjunctivitis. Just about everything not on your wish list.

    8. 1...What are the persistent side effects on survivors?

    9. 2...Will survivors be able to produce healthy children?

    10. 3...AIDS is caused by HIV, a retrovirus that has been researched since about 1980. There is still no cure nor vaccine. The latest treatment as of 2015 is Genvoya an anti-retroviral cocktail of drugs taken orally once per day for HIV-1 infection. It reduces the level of HIV-1 in the blood, delaying damage to the immune system. What hope is there that research based upon SARS, which is 80% similar to Covid-19, will create a cure or vaccine by summer 2021? SARS research was stopped when the funding ran out. Today billions of dollars have been pledged by the IMF and USG, but there are only so many geniuses working in medical research labs that can take advantage of it. In 2007 the International Health Regulations came into force. A WHO publication, it is designed to prevent and control the spread of disease. It's clear to me that the WHO should be managing this pandemic, not left in the hands of amateurs in governments. But where are the detailed plans, stockpiles of equipment and trained staff? In January 2017 the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was created, by the World Economic Forum at Davos. Designed to channel contributions from philanthropists towards the development of vaccines. Presumably Donald Trump wasn't one of them, since the Trump administration, in May 2018, ordered the National Security Council’s global health security unit shut down. Today, in the UK, laboratories like that at Imperial College, London are no doubt taking advantage of HMG's 46 million pound contribution towards this aim.

    11. 4...Covid-19 is spread human to human via spital, coughing and sneezing. Can weather conditions permit it to travel long distances, such as in the UK's now weekly storms? A comment broadcast by BBC News read as follows, 'if you can smell garlic on the breath of someone, then you are too close. Fair enough, but for one thing. I can smell garlic from my next door neighbours kitchen. Just how do I relocate my mid terraced house, or do I murder my neighbours? What are the odds that this pandemic brings down civilisation, because social isolation is impossible, isn't it?

    12. I scanned the internet for attractive biohazard suits. One look at the Hazmat range would be enough to make any Paris based fashion designer turn green. I simply could not see how a manager could get GPs and reception staff, particularly female, to wear such monstrosities, particularly when no infections had been discovered in their area. That led me to latex. Now I'm not into that sort of thing, but I do think that the answer lies within that industry. And how about an air fed respirator system that looks like an sci-fi astronaut's helmet? No, the zombie virus hasn't got to me yet, and you'll have to have a shave first, in order to make the face mask airtight. Personally I would prefer a fully transparent plastic hood, rather like an Apollo astronaut helmet. The best biohazard suit I've seen was in the 2001 movie Evolution. I've worn full face respirators for two employers. They're OK for about an hour, but to work in them all day is just not on. They are too hot, too uncomfortable, and restrict communication. Oh, and the movies listed in parenthesis are exciting alternatives to the boring info that the hyperlinks reveal (for kids). There now follows a detailed review of Covid-19 and HMG's handling of the situation. I wish I could have been less critical. The decisions made appear to have been made primarily for commercial reasons. Because of that, they give the impression that either our politicians want elderly people to die, in order to reduce future budgets, or that they are totally incompetent. I let you decide. The one thing that is never covered by HMG nor the media is, 'why don't we let some competent NGO (Non Government Organisation) handle this pandemic, someone with prior experience, with Sars-CoV-1, MERS-CoV, etc. either directly, or through the UN, WHO, CDC? Incidentally Sars-Cov-2 is the strain of coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19. Sars-CoV-1 can also be called severe acute respiratory syndrome, whilst Mers-Cov is also known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or camel flu. Sars-Cov-1 occurred in the PRC in 2002/3, whilst in 2004 a small outbreak originated from a medical laboratory also in the PRC. Although it is 80% similar to Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19), it is currently not thought to originate from the same source.

    13. Sars-Cov-1 had a 10% kill rate. MERS-Cov-1 was a coronavirus possibly originating in Jordan, although most deaths are from Saudi Arabia (2012) and South Korea (2015). It has a 40% kill rate, and is still monitored by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is why the PRC, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore responded so professionally during the Covid-19 outbreak. They had some idea of what was heading their way.

    14. As time passes, it is now becoming clear as to how this pandemic could, and probably did start. The origin is clearly Wuhan, in the PRC. Wuhan has two highly advanced bioengineering laboratories, The Wuhan Institute of Virology and The Wuhan Centre for Disease Control. Some facilities were designed by the French, whilst staff were trained in the USA. It beggars the question, why were these labs built so close, three and ten miles, from the centre of Wuhan, a city of eleven million people. Also, how experienced were the senior staff at managing such facilities, and was all this new equipment adequately tested? The sequence of events of this pandemic appears to be as follows:

    15. +

      Bring Out Your Dead

    16. January 2019...Four authors working at The Wuhan Institute of Virology attempted to publish a scientific paper on dangers of a new coronavirus eminating from the PRC. It was finally published in March by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), one year before lockdown measures were implemented in Europe. Did Covid-19 escape from this laboratory, and was Huang Yanling, a researcher at the Institute of Virology, 'patient zero'?

    17. November late 2019...Unconfirmed reports, that details of influenza/pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, PRC passed on to US DoD, Pentagon. Months later analysis of satellite images of crowded hospital car parks suggest that epidemic actually started in August 2020.

    18. December 11th 2019...Patient zero is believed to be a long haired female student researcher called Huang Yanling who works at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. She reports sick to her boss Professor Wei Hong Ping in Autumn 2019. Over time all record of her disappears. Finally the young woman herself disappears. One year later she is still missing. Many believe she is dead. Investigation continues by Mail on Sunday news media, intelligence agents, CDC and WHO. Staff at Wuhan Jinyintan hospital say first 13 of 41 patients had no links to Wuhan market. Clusters of infected people suggests human to human transmission, and not an infection over a wide area from bats or parboiling. Infection appears to have come from Horseshoe bats, normally found 1000 miles away in Yunnan, and transferred by humans, not pangolin. Mers-CoV-1 is very similar to Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19), being caused by bats infecting camels in Saudi Arabia. Earliest known infection was in Jordan in March 2012. As far as is known, there is no link between the two. There are 1400 species of bats on Earth. They have a balanced immune system, in that they react to all infections but they don't over react.

    19. images my ideas/shut pandemic looking into microscope.jpg
      SHUT: The search to identify the coronavirus and work out counter measures begins.
    20. December 26th 2019...Samples of infected patients sent from Wuhan to private research centre 500 miles away. Tests confirm that it is about 80% similar to SARS, and highly dangerous. Samples then sent to other centres within PRC, who state that it is SARS, which is known to have a 10% mortality rate. All hospitals, research centres and staff told by the state not to communicate their knowledge to the media. Doctors in Wuhan hospital told not to wear masks, for fear of causing panic. Chinese CDC, hospitals in Wuhan and central government in Beijing informed.

    21. December 27th 2019...Man infected with Covid-19 later recovers in French hospital. Means of transmission unknown, but possibly from Chinese people working at a food stall, next to where his wife works. Wife had no symptoms, meaning that she is asymptomatic or not infected. Months later, analysis of effluent in northern Italy, indicates that Covid-19 was present there also in December 2019.

    22. December 30th 2019...It was announced by the Chinese premier, as a viral epidemic. Dr Li Wenliang warned doctors to wear PPE after seeing seven cases at Wuhan Central Hospital that looked like SARS. The police then told him to stop spreading rumours. By now news of a serious epidemic in Wuhan, and that the cause was lethal to humans was in the public domain. An employee of the WHO states, "In each outbreak, every country has initially failed to co-operate with the WHO." After listening to that statement on 26-01-2021 on the BBC2 TV program '54 Days China and the Pandemic.' I am inclined to say that the only hope for the human race is to have it managed by IT and androids with the IT producing the programming.

    23. December 31st 2019...PRC tells World Health Organization about epidemic. RoC (Taiwan) begins screening arrivals.

    24. January 1st, 2020...Food market in Wuhan closed down.

    25. January 2nd, 2020...Final gene sequencing results muzzled by authorities in PRC.

    26. January 3rd, 2020...PRC informs WHO of outbreak in Wuhan.

    27. January 4th, 2020...China CDC informs USA CDC of Covid-19 outbreak. 'Not human to human.' Failure to co-operate fully with other countries and the WHO in controlling a pandemic, is a breach of international health regulations.

    28. January 12th, 2020...WHO (World Health Organisation) announce that there is no evidence to suggest that Covid-19 is transmitted from human to human. PRC publishes genome of virus, which is received by pharmaceutical companies.

    29. January 13th, 2020...WHO makes first statement on Covid-19 Thailand infection. Based upon the genome of the coronavirus issued by the PRC, the Oxford Vaccine Group design a vaccine in just two days, much of it based upon previous research work on SARS. Animal studies and human trials to follow, funding permitting. It's based upon an adenovirus from chimps, designed to produce the protein of the spikes located on the surface of the coronavirus. This trains the bodies immune system to recognise the coronavirus when infection later takes place. Funding and production facilities are later agreed with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The drug will be supplied to third world countries at cost price. Developed countries pay more. It will be seven weeks before trials start, including nineteen sites in UK, plus those in Brazil and South Africa. A German company starts work on a test kit.

    30. January 15th, 2020...PRC coronavirus structure identified. 96% of it found in bats. A group of Chinese academic institutions compile a report on Covid-19, a copy of which is sent to the Lancet medical magazine. Reuters news agency state that Covid-19 had human to human transmission capability. This is repudiated by government of PRC (PRCGOV).

    31. January 20th, 2020...PRC's Health Ministry announce that human to human transmission of Covid-19 exists. Three days later the Chinese city of Wuhan is in lockdown. Governments in the Far East impose lockdowns. Cities are isolated, with streets deserted. So why has this happened? Just about everyone in the medical profession knows that most of these deadly viruses originate in the PRC, where farm animals are found in close proximity. This one appears to be due to the illegal sale of bush meat, or a live animal, infected by bats. The Chinese new year holiday (January 25th) has been extended, as the economy shuts down. A new one thousand bed hospital will be built in ten days for victims of the epidemic. Why are people dying in such large numbers? It's a crowded environment, making transmission easy, but the Chinese are also heavy smokers, whilst Covid-19 specifically attacks the lungs, which tobacco smoke also infects. Smoking is a filthy, disgusting, immature habit. It not only ruins your sex appeal, but is also unwelcome in the work place and with family at home. It can harm children when smoked in a closed environment. If there was ever a time to give it up, it is now. It is never too late to quit consuming tobacco products. As I write this chapter, it has now spread to South Korea, Canary Islands, Japan, northern Italy, whilst Iran has failed to institute a lockdown. Japan is not fighting this infection seriously, no doubt because they do not want the Olympic Games cancelled. Thousands are rumoured to be infected, but ignored by the state. Because of this attitude, HMG will ban our competitors from going to Japan, whilst any that defy the ban will be arrested and quarantined for an indefinite period, probably. Rumours are that those that survived the initial infection are still carriers of the disease. Some infected people show no symptoms, and then pass it on to others, known as asymptomatic. It is not known whether survivors of the infection now have a built in lasting immunity. Since 82,000 people are known to be infected in umpteen countries, it implies that a global pandemic is inevitable, unless of course those infected are placed in a sheltered community or cured completely. An unacceptably large percentage of medical staff are being infected, whilst only one in nineteen infected people are being diagnosed early, because the symptoms take two to three weeks to appear. Since everyone is ultimately likely to be infected, much of the following course of events beggars belief:

    32. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Mstyslav Chernov COVID-19 Patient. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.jpg
      WC: COVID-19 Patient. Chernivtsi, Ukraine

    33. January 22nd, 2020...Wuhan, PRC isolated. HMG sets up SAGE Covid-19 response team, the most well known of which becomes Professor Chris Whitty CB FMedSci, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and Social Care, who appears weekly with the prime minister or minister for health at government pandemic TV broadcasts. Other key members of SAGE are Sir Patrick Vallance FMedSci FRS Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor John Aston Chief Scientific Adviser, and Home Office Professor Wendy Barclay FMedSci of Imperial College London

    34. January 27th, 2020....Twenty companies meet in Seoul at Korea ACDC. They create a diagnostic kit for Covid-19 within seven days. Only thirty contacts are found.

    35. January 29th, 2020...President Trump warned. Next day flights to PRC restricted.

    36. January 30th, 2020...WHO (World Health Organisation) second statement on Covid-19. WHO Director-General declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Immediately afterwards, President Donald Trump announced the formation of a task force to deal with it. CDC has a German test kit ready. 170 people dead across Asia. 380,000 people have entered USA from PRC during January.

    37. January 31st, 2020...USG makes public health emergency statement regarding Covid-19. Weeks later USG complains that WHO did not recommend worldwide travel bans.

    38. February 3rd, 2020...WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tells the world not to close borders with the PRC, in a speech at the annual opening of the agency’s Executive Board.

    39. February 7th, 2020...NIAID (National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases) announced that a potential vaccine would be ready for human trials in two and a half months, the day after Dr Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist, who tried to announce this coronavirus to the world, died in Wuhan, PRC, from Covid-19.

    40. February 14th, 2020...PM Boris Johnson & partner Carrie Symonds spend almost ten days at Chevening, a grace and favour lakeside mansion consisting of 115 rooms set in 3,500 acres, normally reserved for the foreign secretary, in Kent, whilst ministers held five COBR meetings discussing the UK floods and Covid-19 in London. Why was the PM absent? What could be more important than that? Was he planning the final solution? Was this the path to herd immunity? Was he surrounded by wimps and idiots who would blindly obey his orders? It's time HMG released his computer data, telephone records, hand written notes, verbal orders, places he visited (when, duration, purpose), people he met, and internet usage details, yes, and even his doodles? I'm sure the psychiatrists will find the latter a bonanza. Members of COBRA are the prime minister Boris Johnson, plus senior ministers, civil servants, heads of security, intelligence, military, emergency services and councils, depending on the type of crisis.

    41. February 18th, 2020...Covid-19 outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran. Infected woman found to have links with Christian sect of 200,000 members in South Korea. The next day Atalanta verses Valencia football match takes place in 75,000 capacity stadium in Italy. Iranians become infected due to PRC Moslem trips to Hom, and Chinese politicians and businessmen, due to trade embargo by USA. CDC issues warning of pandemic with 2247 now dead. Dr Fauci confronts President Trump. From February 21st to March 12th the FTSE stockmarket falls 2166 points.

    42. February 24th, 2020...PM returns to London from Chevening to attend Conservative party fund raising ball.

    43. February 25th, 2020...Dr Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease warns Americans in a speech on Covid-19 that it is rapidly evolving and expanding. Three days later upon his return from India, President Donald Trump said that the USA has lost no one from this disease. Investors in the world's stockmarkets could see the implications even if the US president could not.

    44. February 26th, 2020...A lonely Covid-19 statement is read out in House of Commons. London stockmarket (FTSE) falls 13%, 210 billion pounds, over five days.

    45. February 27th, 2020...I cashed in most of my shares, including ISAs, having waited long enough for a positive statement from HMG. I got all of my money, but the whole experience has put me off capitalism. The markets are too volatile due to too many individual share owners engaged in knee jerk reactions. Bank account interest rates of not more than 1%, are so low that many unsuitable people have migrated to the stockmarket, either through their bank or a unit trust. The UK leaving the EU is the cause of much uncertainty, leading to stockmarket instability. This was a political decision, not an economic one, and should therefore have no bearing on the stockmarket, which rose considerably last December. Conditions in the USA also affected its value. There will probably be no deal by HMG with the EU, whilst HMG has not issued its economic policy for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. It is obvious that the WHO has no detailed plan for a pandemic, or if it has, its member states, including HMG, don't take it seriously. I can see the global capitalist system collapsing, as a result. I have no idea what to do with my savings. No doubt HM Treasury will call at some stage, requesting that I buy Covid-19 bonds. HMG will try anything, but raise the top rate of income tax to a realistic level. I possess a deep sense of foreboding, with unnatural feelings within my body, implying that I already have the coronavirus, that won't go away. It's psychosomatic? Can't help thinking that our national anthem should be changed to 'Got to look on the bright side of life'.

    46. February 29th, 2020...USG says risks from Covid-19 is low. Covid-19 testing in USA restricted to people from PRC, and those with symptoms of fever. An important official was later to say that if President Donald Trump had been a doctor, he would have been struck off. US states are competing against one another in the purchase of PPE.

    47. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 US Navy COVID-19_Nurse.jpg
      WC: COVID-19 Nurse

    48. February 30th, 2020...Stock markets are turbulent. From February 21st to March 23rd London's Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 falls 2409 points or 32.5%. Over the same period in New York the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell from 28992 to 18592, a fall of 35.8%. It was to fully recover seven months later, due to the lack of interference from the unbelievers in the White House. During the same period the FTSE was to recover only 59%. I felt that they should be shut down for one week whilst the human race gets a heavy dose of lectures on all TV and radio time, regarding its responsibilities towards nature and the environment. Sadly governments don't seem to care. In the PRC entire factories have shut down, whilst in the west, office staff are being told to work from home. No doubt it will not be long before employers realise it's best to replace their white collar workers with machine learning artificial intelligence. Out of sight, out of mind. Companies with idle factories waiting for parts from abroad, will no doubt realise that their demands could be met by 3D printing them. This technology requires no cross border travel, whilst in a world where the buying general public are adverse to going out through fear of infection, 3D printing is ideal for small quantity production and manufacture in local stores. At the end of this pandemic, which could cost the lives of 5 million people over a two to five year period, plus many more in poor third world countries and conflict zones, the global economy is likely to be very different from how it's composed now in 2020. Will civilisation survive? Isn't it time that we had a world technocracy? Come to think of it, a pandemic is probably the only way we're likely to get one. The economic impact of a pandemic can be read in a Reuters report. From studying this data I was able to determine that I stand an 8% chance of dying from Covid-19. The Covid-19 time line indicates that this infection should have been brought before parliament six weeks before it was. I'm unable to figure out why it wasn't. All of these reports, their hyperlinks listed here, I find distressing:

    49. March 3rd, 2020...I'm waiting for HMG's announcement about what measures against this epidemic it intends to implement. I am not pleased. There is too much foot dragging. This coronavirus has at least a two week head start on us, before any symptoms appear. On the other hand, our politicians typically react to events, they do not create them. They have no vision, they cannot anticipate its next move. When interviewed yesterday by BBC news, our entertaining prime minister could not even put figures on the number of people who will die in the UK from this outbreak. In a nation of about 66,600,000 people, 80% (HMG) will be infected, whilst 3.4% (WHO) of them will die. That's 1,811,520. These percentages could be higher in countries where the general population is more genetically susceptible, or where the climate (wet and windy) makes the mist of droplets last longer. People working arduously in a crowded environment (mines), or in a highly infected area (hospital), will experience a higher severity of infection. Those living in war zones, or where government is ineffective, are unlikely to be offered help. Those in crowded refugee camps will be only a little better off. Seasonal flu kills less than 1%. Bacteria and viruses can still be potentially deadly after years in a hostile environment. When Apollo astronauts brought part of a surveyor soft lander back from the Moon, scientists discovered droplets on it, presumably from a coughing scientist during construction, that were active when made wet. The state controlled media, namely the BBC has attempted to minimize this statement by saying that more people are dying from tuberculosis. That of course is mainly in the third world. One quarter of the world's population can be infected with TB. About 400 people die of TB per annum in the UK. Worldwide somewhere between 1.8 million and 1.3 million people lost their lives to TB in 2015, that's about 4,000 per day. The TB death rate fell 42% between the years 2000 and 2017, due to advances in treatment. Many of these deaths are HIV related.

    50. We are now constantly told to wash our hands for 20 seconds, don't shake hands but instead touch elbows together, don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth, and always use a disposable tissues. As for touching pay screens at self service supermarket concessions areas, gripping hand rails on buses and trains, handles on flush toilets, door keys, computer touch screens, keyboards & mice, plastic bank notes and coins, Automated Teller Machines, mobile phones, and doors in hospitals and GP's surgeries, the only advice I found was to use baby wipes. Maybe disposable thin plastic gloves would be better. As for the TV remote, who gets its exclusive use in your family, to avoid cross contamination? Handrails should be coated in copper, to kill germs, so why aren't they? Oh, and after washing your hands, how do you turn off the water without possible contamination from the tap? You use a tissue, although in the bars that I frequent, I wish I had high heels to avoid stepping into the urine and vomit, whilst the bog rolls have usually run out. There is also no mention of avoiding crowded places, like poorly ventilated buses, ocean liners, trains during commutes, and disco bars at the weekend. There will be no ban on kissing (at least that's how I interpreted it). Will HMG enforce limits on numbers in pubs and bars, and fit dehumidifiers in buses, assuming that would make a difference?

    51. Well not everyone shakes hands. In India and Thailand they join hands together as if in prayer, whilst in Japan and South Korea they bow to one another. As for Italy and the UK, our high mortality levels are probably due to a high percentage of elderly in our populations. Negroes in the USA have a high mortality rate due to working in concessions areas, having a close nit family, no health insurance, poor living conditions, genes, etc. As for remote regions like Australia and New Zealand with their border controls, hopefully their luck will hold out as long as they stay outdoors.

    52. And will we now get a cashless society, as a means of avoiding all that grubby infected coinage, by using a compulsory remotely read debit card. The PRC has a system based upon face recognition, instead of biometric identity cards. Will our banks kick the arse of our prime minister by telling him that they will no longer handle bank notes and coins? Banks have a duty of care to their employees and the general public. If our financial institutions do not go along with this, then I can see group actions against them, and don't expect our elderly judges to be sympathetic after losing their colleagues and relatives to Covid-19. And of course there is the spectre of the Libra Association founded by Facebook and incorporating Lyft and Spotify. Based upon the US dollar and euro, will this leave our financial sector in the doldrums, like the rest of our British enterprises which are incapable of competing with Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Twitter, etc? HMG can't even tax these corporate tax havens realistically. And will HMG finally shut down escort agencies, if only temporarily, and make prostitution illegal, in order to slash cross infection and sex tourism? Of course we have a PM suspected of using one hundred thousand pounds of hard earned and honest tax payer's money to procure the services of a female reporter, so what hope is there of that happening? HMG appears to have washed its hands of the entire affair, by coming out with this unconvincing list of advice. It amounts to nothing more than an exercise in psychology, where you play something down, in the hope that you can convince everyone that your initial slow response was perfectly justified.

    53. They say that masks are ineffective, but I disagree. They do reduce the chances of infected people passing on the infection. Where will the army of cleaners come from, with their disinfectant? It's time to conscript the unemployed. And as the elderly die, who will look after the little children they cared for, whilst their mother's work? The real nightmare has yet to unfold. Will employers be required to provide nursery, child education and meals facilities, as schools are closed? Most companies are too small for that. Will HMG therefore force companies to amalgamate? But if markets and ports shut down to trade, then factories will also have to. That is why we need a national economy based upon demand at home, to keep things going, and why we need UK holiday tours, to keep people thinking positive, so they go out and buy things that UK industry makes. If HMG puts all its bets in the global economy instead of a national economy, we may come out of this with a totally worthless currency. The PRC has $34 trillion of public and private debt. As one of our major trading partners, it makes one wonder how much longer the global economy will last, and whether we should develop a plan B at such a critical time. Now may also be the time to expand the pound stirling zone. If things really get bad on the continent, an awful lot of British people will want to sell up and retire elsewhere. Now's the time for HMG to act, before the French do. (Madagascar) This may provide a use for all those disused airliners, alternatively, they will have to be mothballed in rigid tents, on disused RAF bases, free of charge, for many years. Only to be made redundant by advancing technology.

    54. This outbreak is reputed to have started in China in early December / late November 2019, and it has taken almost three months for HMG to announce appropriate measures to protect its citizens.

    55. March 4th, 2020...IMF (International Monetary Fund) announced the provision of $50 billion to fight Covid-19.

    56. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 NIAID SARS-COV-2.jpg
      WC: SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) Seen Through Microscope

    57. March 6th, 2020...US president signed a $8.3 billion Emergency Coronavirus Bill. On the same day HMG announced funding of 46 million pounds to fight Covid-19. Why has it taken so long, when clearly thousands of stock market investors had become deeply disturbed at the establishment ignoring this issue. In the previous prime minsters's questions on 26-02-20, all parliament wanted to talk about were the floods, that were affecting a few hundred homes, than the epidemic, that potentially affected millions of people worldwide. It was an attempt to belittle what was approaching this nation, a submerged Godzilla of an epidemic, and it clearly failed, resulting in the stock market crash. It beggars the question, is a prime minister who is clearly more interested in procuring his sixth child with his girlfriend, a fit and proper person to lead this nation on important matters such as health and the environment? After prime minister's questions, MPs rushed out of the House of Commons as a government spokesperson rose up to read out a statement on the coronavirus epidemic. This was the first reaction to this incident by HMG, about six weeks after the PRC belatedly announced it to the world, about three months after Dr Li Wenliang discovered it. Hardly any MPs stayed to listen to it. I hope the electorate remembers this insult at the next general election, since most of them don't appear to give a damn about the health of their constituents. To be fair, many of these MPs had probably already read the statement, but public relations is everything. You cannot afford to upset the electorate. As for prime minister's questions, it now turns out that HMG has got the opposition parties to agree not to criticise the government's handling of it. They have all decided to go down together. Is that democracy? This is a matter that will last years, during which time the electorate will have no effective voice amongst these amateurs in parliament. It's now plainly obvious to me that we need a technocracy, not just to take on epidemics, but also to compete in the global economy.

    58. Well now today, HMG has issued its 27 page battle plan for Covid-19:

    59. 1...HMG admits that the coronavirus will probably not be contained.

    60. 2...At its worst, one fifth of the nation's workforce will be off sick.

    61. 3...The police will be used to tackle crime and maintain order.

    62. 4...Military personnel will take on emergency duties.

    63. 5...There will be school closures.

    64. 6...Where possible people will work from home.

    65. 7...Ex-NHS doctors and nurses will be recruited for the NHS.

    66. 8...There will be no large gathering of people, such as at sport venues, theatres or discos.

    67. The preacher of doom's answer to the above list is as follows:

    68. 1...Of course Covid-19 won't be contained because HMG will not stop infected people from entering and leaving this country. Heat sensors used by the border force at airports, only work 10% of the time, we are told, so banning people both ways is the only effective answer. Why not stop mainly tourists, from entering and leaving this country, at the lowest point in the holiday season? Global trade of goods would continue. HMG on the other hand has put its faith into sick people dialing 111. In my opinion, airports, sea ports and the channel tunnel must be closed to passengers, with crews kept on board. No shore leave, not even for air cargo crews. Embassies and consulates must be closed down, with only electronic communications between governments. It may be necessary to compartmentalize the country, not simply seal off districts or cities. Key bio-labs in Oxford, Cambridge, Porton Down and elsewhere should be guarded against possible terrorist attack. It maybe necessary to mothball airliners, and some factories that cannot get supplies or spare parts.

    69. HMG must monitor the movement of infected people by tracking mobile phone and credit/debit card use, plus movements observed on police/private CCTV, assuming it doesn't do that already. An app should be automatically downloaded that can detect and identify phones within two metres, so that these people can be contacted should coronavirus transmission be suspected. The carrying of mobile phones during an epidemic must be a legal requirement, as should the wearing of a wrist mounted bio-sensor with bluetooth link to a mobile phone app. The updating of software on a mobile phone should be free, as it is with Windows ten. When my android phone's software suddenly disappeared, I had to reinstall all of it in German, costing me about twenty pounds. If it's not free, then many people will turn their backs on the technology. In Singapore, the government is handing out dedicated trackers free because their origin track & trace software does not work well enough. This is because not enough people have a smart phone, whilst Apple i-phones switch off bluetooth for apps working in the background. As for smart phone charges, I keep mine by my bed for emergencies and for no other reason, because of the cost of updating apps (20 pounds roughly every six months), no doubt in order to presumably satisfy the opulent lifestyle of Samsung directors. It's about time HMG showed some backbone and sent Samsung packing, as it is, all they want to do is be photographed shaking hands with billionaires. Will HMG's test & trace app work on smart phones? Disasters sometimes come in pairs, or worse, and this one certainly does.

    70. Our climate is changing for the worst. Our weather is becoming more active. It is raining so much that agricultural machinery is getting bogged down in the fields. We may need to change our agricultural mindset. Do we import food, and factory components, that have probably been handled by infected foreign workers? Employees in bio-hazard suits will need to decontaminate imported shipping containers at the ports, whilst crates and packaging would be cleansed at their final destination, or incinerated. Businesses are slowly learning that if they want to sell their product to customers, then they must go direct, and sell either through market web sites like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba, or through their own ecommerce web site. And where are the IT / website creation training courses prime minister? And don't put them in London, as it gets enough support already. We may well have to set up hydroponic facilities in warehouses across the country, since food markets worldwide are now being closed down to reduce Covid-19 transmission via human contact. This means that UK agricultural products cannot be exported to some countries. Hydroponics can regularly yeald one to three crops per quarter. The police should take over hydroponic cannabis production facilities, for honest use. In addition, either we rear chickens, rabbits and fish, or we switch to artificial meat production, since soya bean imports from Brazil and palm oil imports from Indonesia and Malaysia maybe restricted. This is not the time to shut down our economy, since our industries must remain at the cutting edge in order to be competitive once the lockdowns cease. Environmentally benign products, requiring few workers to produce, must be developed, for the new world that many of us will never see. And in order to reduce person to person contact further, the nation's private employment agencies must be shut down, replaced by the National CV Centre, as described elsewhere on this website. Recruitment must be via video links employing face recognition security. All contracted employment must be banned, to stop people moving from one concern to another in just a few days, which of course increases the risk of cross infection. The Tory inspired flexible employment based economy must be scrapped.

    71. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Gustavo Basso Covid-19_São_Paulo_-_Cemiterios.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 São Paulo Cemetery Workers in PPE

    72. 2...If you suspect infection, you are advised to self isolate, with no guarantee of any sick pay. In recent years, employers have driven home the policy that you work till you drop. Who therefore is going to self isolate, and risk being fired? HMG has stated that statutory sick pay rules will apply from day one, instead of day four. HMG appears not to give a damn about how much damage is inflicted upon our economy in the long term. We have no way of knowing how long this disaster will persist for. To come out of this as an economic backwater, with no employment opportunities for the working class, would be unforgivable. Many companies operate with the minimum of personnel. Many key personnel have no back-up. HMG must delay the onslaught of this coronavirus as long as possible, to give organisations time to recruit graduates and apprentices, particularly in government, military, public utilities, IT, AI, communications, medical, nuclear and defence industries, and in order for IT, AI and virologists time to develop a cure or vaccine. Finding a vaccine with a high enough epidemiological efficacy will take at least one year.

    73. It's also necessary to switch from a global economy to a national economy, because HMG and companies have little or no influence over the availability of components from abroad, particularly pharmaceuticals and food, due to home demand. The PRC and India are already restricting exports. They will have to be made in the UK. This is not a simple task as many of the process plants that produce the raw materials have relocated abroad. Alternative materials and processes will probably have to be embraced, no doubt requiring advice from HMG research establishments. Industry will need to produce a full range of medical equipment including pharmaceuticals, masks, smart bio-hazard suits, mobile x-ray equipment, smell sensors, tricorder, etc. It maybe possible to manufacture atmospheric bio-detectors, which when located at strategic points, such as escalators, lifts, building entrances, can detect this coronavirus carried by people. One item that HMG should not overlook, is the manufacture of personal wills, on a government website.

    74. 3...As for the police, they may well be required to maintain order, as this pandemic drags on year after year, with one wave after another. Please note that people cured can be reinfected if the virus mutates enough, known as transgenic drift. Other people cured, can be carriers showing no symptoms. HMG always wants a quick fix, but as time progresses, police will retire or simply give up. Civilisation as we know it could collapse.

    75. 4...As for military personnel, well they always get the short straw don't they. No doubt they will be required to bulldoze the bodies and cremate them in pits, just like what happened to cattle in the BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or mad cow disease) epidemic, as there simply won't be enough crematoriums to go around. The bodies may be naked due to the lack of body bags, cremated to prevent soil contamination.

    76. 5...School closures! Now somewhere amongst the above web sites it states that if you close schools, one of your parents will probably have to take time off work to look after you. Now don't you wish that my plan to confine education, in software based subjects, to cubicles, was already adopted by government? Education and job training must continue. With the prospect of high mortality amongst workers, it is time to replace our square pegs in round holes with a professional system based upon a national bio-identity card and a national CV centre, as described elsewhere on this website. Education and training belongs on the internet. The software already exists, whilst cooperation from the teaching profession does not, since they are all fearful of losing their jobs. HMG should consider charging parents with child cruelty if they have not made a computer and internet connection available to each child. Offering education based upon thirty school children to a classroom, at a time of lockdowns, would be criminal.

    77. 6...Working from home. Well I'm sure that idea will really please all those low paid on zero hours, working in canteens, cleaning, security, production line backup, and even contracted maintenance, who'll get no pay at all from their fly-by-night agency, whilst the factory or office is closed, no doubt wanting their SPEVs. SPEVs (Specific Person Electronic Vouchers) also have the advantage of restricting the movement of individuals, thereby containing an infection, since people would only be able to use them at specified food outlets, as described elsewhere on this website. Working from home involves the use of teleconferencing. So assuming every home has a decent internet connection, computer and camera, just when will people be able to book an appointment with their GP over the www, and then see their GP on their PC's screen at the appropriate time and date? And will the prescription be delivered to your door...regularly? And will teleconferencing also apply to Cobra meetings, government departments, local authorities and parliament? It's time HMG set an example, isn't it prime minister? And just what do you do with the screaming kids and howling dogs during all this? As time passed by these measures were implemented, but for some reason HMG would never embrace education via the internet, no matter how impossible it would be to educate a class of 30 kids at school using social distancing at two metres.

    78. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Gustavo Basso Covid-19_SP_-_Santo_Andre's_hospital.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 Santo Andre's Hospital

    79. 7... As for elderly retired doctors and nurses being commandeered to the 30 NHS hospitals containing 4,000 beds earmarked for Covid-19 patients, I must admit, that since the older you are, the more likely you will be killed by Covid-19, this is an excellent way for HMG to reduce its pension's commitment to the NHS. And if there really are all these beds for Covid-19 patients, why is the NHS already complaining of a shortage? I can't see HMG building a one thousand bed hospital in ten days, nor anything like it. They talk about taking over empty hotels. Can't HMG commandeer a few cheap empty office blocks for the duration? After all, most of these workers will be working from home. What's wrong with young less vulnerable auxiliary nurses, recruited from the dole queue or schools. It can't be that difficult to sort out a corona virus patient's needs. Maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. HMG's lackluster response to this outbreak does make me ask the question, are they really trying to save lives, or doing the exact opposite? Has HMG decided to pursue a policy of inevitability, in letting nature take its course, because a long term solution isn't available? No doubt NHS euthanasia standards would be applied to the nth degree, possibly even by medical advisors. The temptation is obvious, as parliament mulls over the cost of a social care bill for the elderly, 1.8 million people dead in the UK would make available to the treasury a considerable sum of money, in the form of state pensions, NHS pensions and NHS litigation fees, that would no longer be paid out. And then of course there are all those vacant council properties, hospital beds and convalescent homes waiting to be filled. Then there are the income support, universal credit, attendance allowance and other benefits that would no longer be necessary, since the mainly labour voters would now be deceased. Then there is the sale of the deceased unclaimed properties, to go to HM Treasury. The temptation to prevent the raising of the top rate of income tax will prove too great. And of course there are all those ungrateful tiresome relatives, plus the tight fisted bank of mum and dad to finally bump off, not to mention those back stabbing brothers and peers in the House of Lords. As time passed by, it became clear that the more contact you had with infected people, the worse your Covid-19 infection was likely to become. Doctors, nurses, security, concessions and bus drivers were particularly affected. Static workers in offices and on production lines, were either spaced apart or worked behind transparent screens, but if you couldn't be static, then the grim reaper was inevitably waiting for you. The more contact you have with Covid-19, then the more likely it is that it will attack more parts of your body, meaning that you will inevitably die from it. Only a hospitals accident and emergency unit can tell just how severe your infection is. Wait too long, and they simply cannot save you. Think of the emotional and economic impact of your demise. Don't stay at home.

    80. Of course, you think that this is a conspiracy that I've made up simply to popularize my website. Well think again. It has just been revealed that HMG's Department of Works & Pensions has lost 17 out of 134 discrimination cases against its own disabled workers, during the period 2016 to 2019, paying out 950,000 pounds. Meanwhile the Centre for Women's Justice claims that police forces across the UK have failed to investigate properly accusations against their own police officers, accused of domestic abuse, including rape. They have now submitted a super-complaint to the Chief Inspector of Constabularies. And of course there are all those politicians, who in recent years, have been sacked from their party for making racist remarks. They have clearly crawled out from under a rock, to be elected by a naive electorate into positions of great responsibility. So now you know what our politicians and senior civil servants really think, about us. Of course its all done through innuendo, a nod and a wink. There's no paper trail. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. I don't think SPECTRE could have done better. (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion). With base rates of interest at rock bottom, how else do you save the blood sucking capitalist system that they all secretly admire? MPs recently got a rise in office running costs and extended holidays. They are on a roll in the pleasure Palace of Westminster. Well, all I can say to that is, that I just hope that when the Covid-19 grim reaper arrives, no amount of blood splattered onto the door posts of these supercilious or racist (Islamophobic v antisemitic) party members is going to prevent them from meeting their maker. Passover is in April. In the wake of this mass dying, house prices may fall slightly as a result, but since we already have a shortage in the UK, they should not fall too far. The situation for second and retirement homes in Spain, etcetera is likely to be far more dramatic, many having not fully recovered from the US subprime mortgages scandal which started in 2007.

    81. 8...No gathering of people. Well that just about covers everything that a police state needs, doesn't it? No mention of illegal gatherings at Benidorm, Magaluf or Ayia Napa. Apparently, in the government's mind, holidays come before funerals, whilst MP's want their foreign holidays, and la dolce vita no matter what. Some countries like Iran, Italy and France have a culture that involves kissing on both cheeks when two people meet, whilst in the Far East, people tend to live in very densely populated areas that, like ocean liners, enable the swift transmission of viruses and bacteria. Italy has the second highest proportion of elderly citizens in the world, whilst Italians like to haggle over items at their local market, no doubt influenced by the glorious weather promoting a desire to communicate, rather than shop over the internet, which may well explain the high infection and mortality rates there. And of course the drinking of the blood of Christ (consecrated wine) at mass on a Saturday or Sunday evening, is an easy way to become infected. As a result, these countries have high levels of Covid-19 infection and death. Evidently HMG doesn't care how many kisses our holidaying members of parliament receive, from women, men or children. For most British people, greeting through physical contact is not common, not even a handshake, although some TV compares have tried to instil it in us. Will the government tell them to desist, and edit such scenes from repeats? The destruction of the family ethos, plus the gloomy British climate have instilled a sense of gloom among us, which definitely inhibits a warm welcoming smile, plus bodily contact. Many British are an introvert lot, lacking empathy, whilst many of us live on our own. With little personal contact, this is why this epidemic has not become a pandemic in the UK thus far. Maybe this epidemic will teach us what is truly valuable in life. Whatever that is, I and many others of my generation, never found it.

    82. Travel agents will not be told to substitute foreign holidays with educational coach tours in the UK, including trips to museums, stately homes, the theatre, fun fairs, tours of safari parks, nature reserves, factories producing cutting edge products (to stimulate the desire amongst the unemployed to work) and paint balling on the army assault course, to provide that long awaited physical exercise. And HMG will not provide TV lectures on venereal disease and birth control, at a time when many, with time on their hands, are thinking about sex. There will be no lectures on the pros and cons of contraceptives, and of course no lectures on healthy eating to prevent obesity. It amounts to a missed mind blowing exercise in positive thinking, that's long overdue. It will be an opportunity lost. Alternatively, HMG simply says, you can come and go as you please, but you can't gather. We are an island. The sea is a natural barrier. It is our first line of defence and always has been, but HMG simply refuses to take advantage of that fact. It's pathetic and prophetic isn't it? Soon after the start of this incident, it becomes clear that airlines are cancelling flights, not because HMG has ordered it as they might spread Covid-19, but because their own customers have elected to stay at home. To put it bluntly, it appears that the general public have a better sense of understanding and responsibility than HMG has. All these ministers sitting around that long table in Downing Street, (like headless chickens?) can't come up with a better plan. Have they come up with a secret plan to save themselves? There should definitely be created a secret bunker for the intelligentsia, plus database of everything, for the day a pandemic really does have all our names on it. For politicians, there appears to be little or no incentive to defeat this coronavirus. None of them will be vilified live on TV and fired. None will be impeached, if only because it would take too long. None of them will be arrested for incompetence or criminal negligence, and they know it.

    83. Something has just occurred to me, and it's this. When a doctor wants to find out about a coronavirus, all they have to do is look it up on their NHS computer, and the software app will give them all the symptoms of a whole range of viruses, lethality, safety measures, treatment, etc. In government however, I'm willing to bet that there's no such program. Since ministers are likely only to be in the job one year, there does need to be expert systems software that lists how these infections and pandemics were handled in the past, resources needed, technology being developed, list of relevant organisations, what methods succeeded, what failed and why, etc. It should be capable of simulations. A government department should be devoted to maintaining and expanding this database to cover all contingencies. As it is, if the above preparations turn out to be excessive, then at least it will be good training for next time. So where is HMG's disaster management department?

    84. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Tony Hisgett  Queen_Elizabeth_Hospital_Birmingham UK.jpg
      WC: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham UK

    85. March 9th, 2020...125 billion pounds wiped off London stockmarket (FTSE). Covid-19 infection now exponential. Liverpool verses Madrid was the last football match played in UK before the lockdown. Considered spreader of Covid-19. Computer modelers from London & Edinburgh meet at Department of Health HQ to discuss Covid-19 predictions. Italian government imposes total lockdown. It's another Black Monday. Oil prices are down 20 to 30% due to falling demand as factories close, whilst Russia and Saudi Arabia can't come to an agreement on production levels. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is suspended for fifteen minutes soon after opening, as the index falls 7%, in line with falls on the Asian and UK stockmarkets. The Nikkei and Hang Seng fell over one thousand points each over night. The day before, I had instructed my unit trust to sell off my remaining shares. The next day the FTSE 100 fell 8%, a fall of 125 billion pounds. Norwegian Air has cancelled 3,00 flights over four months, whilst Virgin Atlantic complain that they have to fly empty planes across the Atlantic Ocean, so that they don't lose their take off and landing slots at airports. HMG complains to the European Commission on the subject. The Geneva International Motor Show is cancelled. Event organizer Informa has to cancel 128 events, since stands don't know whether there will be travel restrictions. Sports events are held without spectators. The global economy appears to be imploding. God knows how much I'll get for my shares. Won't know until this Saturday. I gladly inherited this money, only to be lumbered with a circumstance that is clearly out of my control. I find the whole affair depressing, and I don't normally suffer from depression. It's clear that people are looking for competent political leaders that inspire. Alarmingly, worldwide there appears to be none. Northern Italy, including the cities of Milan and Venice are in lockdown. The next day the Italian government puts the entire country in lockdown after 133 die in one day making total 366 dead. Its citizens play music, do aerobics, play bingo and sing opera on their balconies. It may not be long before most of our planet suffers a similar fate. The UK now has more infections per day than the PRC, which now only counts confirmed genetic test results. Are these results accurate? Only time will tell. How much time? Virologists announce that Covid-19 maybe reacting with another virus in people that succumb. If this pathogen can be identified, and it proves easy to kill off, then maybe this pandemic can be terminated much earlier than previously anticipated.

    86. You may like to ask yourself the question, 'why has it taken so long for parliament and government to recognise Covid-19 as a threat to our way of life?' The PRC government must take part of the blame. However, it does beggar the question, 'why didn't our embassy, consulate, NGOs or MI6 know?' Also, why has it taken five to six weeks for HMG in Whitehall to wake up to this? Presumably the PM has a medical advisor. Presumably the World Health Organization, part of the UN, and Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA informed governments. There must be a public enquiry, with no stone left unturned. Of course it won't really happen. The enquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire and deaths has already been watered down, with witnesses apparently offered freedom from prosecution in return for their co-operation in the witness stand. It appears that the only solution will come from a mass demonstration in Whitehall and Westminster lasting months, bringing central London and HMG to a standstill. It is the duty of government to serve the people, not screw it up. Recent reports in newspapers, suggest that the UK's National Health Service is not coping. In the USA, the national guard seal off a small town called New Rochelle, just one mile north of New York city, which has been found to be a hot bed of Covid-19. The Vatican closes off St. Peter's Square and basilica. It's announced that HMG's Health Secretary Nadine Dorries has Covid-19. Life is beginning to play out like a disaster movie.

    87. March 10th, 2020...The four day Cheltenham Festival horse racing event goes ahead before lockdown. Considered spreader of Covid-19.

    88. March 11th, 2020...Pandemic declared by WHO. HM Treasury budget speech. 30 billion pound allocated for Coronavirus and NHS. In UK 8 dead by Covid-19. Stockmarkets worldwide continue to fall.

    89. March 12th, 2020...HMG abandons search for Covid-19 carriers (test, trace, isolate). The world's stock markets are falling off a cliff. Markets in New York city have been stopped automatically for the second time in a week, following President Trump's announcement of travel between the USA and EU being suspended, which was no doubt brought on by WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeses' announcement that Covid-19 is now considered officially to be a pandemic, because he was deeply concerned by alarming levels of inaction. My view was that the coronavirus is here and will probably infect most of us. A vaccine or cure is unlikely to reach us in time. We must all be thankful that it's nowhere near as lethal as SARS. But it's clear that many people were not as impressed as I was with the previous day's announcement, namely the budget speech in the House of Commons by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. I liked both the presentation and its content, which supported a home economy and more finance for scientific research and development. It was a 600 billion pound investment in the nation, spread over five years. Will environmentalists take HMG to court over their proposed highway improvement plans? Covid-19 infected and dead in the UK are 460 and 8, world wide it is 120,000 and 4,296 respectively.

    90. March 13th, 2020...PM Boris Johnson reveals adoption of herd immunity to Italian PM Giuseppe Conti in phone call, says Pierpaolo Sileri, a health minister, in a Channel 4 despatches interview. Policy will lead to tens of thousands of additional deaths in UK. Adoption of herd immunity is denied by HMG.

    91. March 16th, 2020...Offers of batch blood testing by UK research laboratories ignored by HMG. Researchers at Imperial College submit another Covid-19 report stating estimated deaths will be half a million. UK's prime minister makes social distancing speech on TV. And the airports, sea ports and channel tunnel have still not been closed by HMG to passengers. However the USG has banned flights to the EU and UK, whilst airlines close down due to non-existent passengers. HMG says it's considering putting the over 70s in self isolation for four months. It amounts to age discrimination. What am I going to do for four months, watch all those repeats on Freeview, plus lingering gazes at smiling Nicole on Babecall? The stockmarkets continue to fall through the floor. It's clear investors have no confidence in government. Reducing base rates and handing out billions for God knows what, is clearly not going to restore order in the markets. This is not fake news. It is a measure of confidence in our multi-party democracies worldwide. Maybe our military should shoot a few ministers and their advisors, what? I think it's about time I told you how this pandemic should have been handled.

    92. images my ideas/shut ai android gp.jpg
      SHUT: AI android GP
    93. The sequence of events should have been as follows:

    94. 1...The World Health Organization was set up to prevent pandemics. It is an offshoot of the United Nations. The Centre for Disease Control would receive samples, on a continuous basis, from labs in all countries, from people who have been infected with any disease. The WHO would manage the logistics. Governments would take orders from the WHO.

    95. 2...Any indication of an epidemic and the affected area would be sealed off, if necessary by UN forces, and medical staff flown in. There would be a closure of airports and seaports and borders of the infected country. Persons leaving the area during the previous month would be traced, interned for two weeks and examined. Centres involving spectators and other large groups of people, would be cancelled or postponed. Tracker apps on mobile phones would be examined and all people that have been in contact with the infected persons, along with their contacts, would be quarantined.

    96. 3...If the infection cannot be contained, then the entire world will be placed in quarantine. The entire capitalist system will be shut down. All financial institutions, stock markets and businesses, including supermarkets and corner shops, will be shut down, except for food production, health, communications, utilities. No one will be paid during the lockdown, including those in emergency services, whilst rents, mortgages, etc. will be suspended. Martial law will apply. Necessary personnel will be conscripted to work in these areas, along with any necessary auxiliary roles, including cleaning, without payment. Meals / food will be delivered to your door as every non-essential person engages in self isolation. To ensure that you get the necessary help, you will have to communicate via the WHO pandemic website. By using government data (voting register, utility websites, community charge, driving licence, supermarket, doctor) WHO will know how many people live at your address and what your medical and nutritional needs are. That way there will be no food stockpiling. No empty supermarket shelves to fear in a just in time agricultural environment. All of this will have been agreed at the UN years in advance.

    97. There is an alternative to shutting down the capitalist system, and that is for everyone who goes out to shop or work, to wear a bio-hazard suit. Mass produced they would make economic sense, whilst they could no doubt be made visually attractive. Whether people could put up with wearing them all day, remains to be seen. No doubt factories and offices could create clean zones, thereby allowing their removal. Air filters would need regular replacement, whilst visits to social events would present a challenge. Visits to a concert for instance, would no doubt require a personal speaker system be fitted inside the helmet, much like the hard of hearing use today. Outgoing verbal communication may have to be supplemented by a visual display projected inside the helmet, whilst meals and refreshments, like my pint of lager, may all have to be sucked up a disposable straw. How romantic.

    98. 4...When there have been no new cases for at least two weeks and all infected persons have been cured and vaccinated, then the restrictions can be removed and the capitalist system restarted.

    99. Simple isn't it. A school kid could have put this together. So why wasn't it? USA v Russia; PRC v Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia; EU v UK; India v Pakistan; Israel v Palestine; terrorist incidents in the middle east & sub-Sahara Africa; and of course governments that are governments in name only. You just know that it's never going to happen until an intelligent world order, a world technocracy, is created. Well maybe one day, when enough people have been won over by this website, we can have a global referendum on the matter. Until then, many people are simply going to have to lie down and die.

    100. March 17th, 2020...Most lockdowns begin. Pound stirling falls 3%, greatest fall in 34 years. USG signs defence production act. Holiday makers leaving the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl pass on Covid-19 infections to 45 countries. Report only becomes available in October 2020.

    101. March 18th, 2020...According to an article on the bbc.co.uk news website, HMG wants 20,000 medical ventilators within about four to six weeks time. Hospital ventilators, like those made by Philips, Draeger, Penlon and General Electric tend to be complex and expensive, costing at least $25,000. Eventually the vacuum cleaner company Dyson and the ship propulsion company Babcock were each awarded contracts in the UK to make ten thousand units. Ford, General Motors, Tesla and NASA in the USA, plus CERN in Europe, also provided designs and or production capability. A cheaper alternative that does not require the patient to be comatosed is extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECO). In this process the patients blood has oxygen added to it , whilst carbon dioxide is removed. A cheaper alternative was being developed by Mercedes Formulae One and the University College London Hospital called CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), which pumps oxygen continuously to a patient who can still breath, by employing a tight fitting full face mask, when staff at Warrington Hospital came up with an even cheaper design. This is based upon a black control box originally used to treat sleep apnoea (the patient stops breathing whilst asleep). Fluid in the lungs is shifted when a nurse vibrates the lungs of a conscious patient through patting on the back, causing fluid in the lungs to drain to its lowest point, which is then sucked out by another nurse, whilst the patient inhales oxygen, which stops the lungs from collapsing. This operation is repeated at regular intervals. These machines can be operated from home by the patient. The quest for even cheaper alternatives continues. Evidently someone in Italy used a 3D printer to make 100 respirator valves in 24 hours. These last 8 hours and cost 90p. The prototype took just 3 hours to design and make. In Colombia a ventilator is being developed that is run by Raspberry Pi computer, with open software by Marco Mascorro. To assemble these ventilators, all you need is a small conveyor, work benches, pneumatic tools, etc., plus CNC machines and press tools. These ventilators need to be cheap, as they are likely to be shipped off to Africa, once our medical needs have been satisfied, never to be seen again. The technology moved so fast that Dyson eventually pulled out. Companies that wish to take part should contact HMG's Department of BEIS: ventilator.support@beis.gov.uk

    102. From the 1980s to 2007 local Chamber of Commerce were telling manufacturing companies to relocate to eastern Europe or the far east. This was part of the Conservative Party's ideology. They reasoned that since half the recommended retail price of a product came from warehouse, maintenance and retail costs, all of which could be taxed, it would be better to have the products made in the third world, where the jobs would effectively expand the global economy, and where the industrial pollution and trade union militancy could be shifted. This simplistic economics is known as Reaganomics in the USA and monetarism in the UK. There are however drawbacks. The obvious one is that it destroys millions of careers in the developed world, but it also increases the cost of living. If your country eventually becomes dependent upon imports (not food), the cost of those products or services increases because there is no competition from home based concerns. The most obvious example of which is when both Saudi Arabia and the UK bought AWACs from the USA. The UK price was really low because at the time it had a competing product (Nimrod AEW). Today the UK has numerous factories, but they tend to only make processed foods. Much of the technology that goes into them is imported. Hence the UK's higher education system cannot teach IT (Information Technology) effectively because it's all foreign. This is why the NHS has to pay a fortune for products like medical ventilators. The USG is now turning its back on Reaganomics, with the introduction of high import tariffs, in order to generate jobs at home. Will HMG follow suit? The economic down turn of 2007, created by sub-prime mortgages in the USA, which led to intense distrust between banks, is still with us, with interest rates at rock bottom. Add to that the present economic earthquake, and there is simply no way of predicting how we will get out of this mess, nor how long it will take. One of the biggest unknowns is that of the customer. Just how will they react when the lockdown comes to an end?

    103. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Dennys codet Mengikat_janji_di_tengah_covid-19.jpg
      WC: Face Masks Needed For All Occasions

    104. Also on the BBC website can be seen graphs showing stockmarket performance. They make depressing viewing with no salvation in sight. Airlines, car factories, travel agents, sport venues and now pubs, cinemas and restaurants are closing down. They're closing because the government has asked people not to travel, but stay at home. This indirect closure means that businesses are not compensated. Governments are preparing to hand out billions to businesses in the form of loans. $100 billion aid to businesses in USA, with $1 trillion to US citizens being considered. Whilst HMG has decided to lend 350 billion pounds to firms. But businesses can see no way of paying it back. Like investors in the stockmarket, governments are panicking. The investors want normality, and they want it now. They have no idea what companies and currencies will survive. At worst, the global economy will be wiped out, replaced by a barter system in a new dark age. Immunoglobolin G & A antibody test kits, cures and vaccines. It's all beginning to sound like a world where governments and politicians are replaced by wizards, shaman and druids. A step into the unknown.

    105. March 23rd, 2020...UK lockdown begins. Staff at Church Farm at Skylarks, West Bridgeford, Nottingham, UK, led by Maria Spollin, impose isolation techniques on thirteen dementia patients and their support staff, after some contract Covid-19. The communal lounge is converted into a ward, whilst all bedding is replaced regularly. One month later, they have all survived. Lack of professionalism and determination ensured that that was not to be at many care homes around the world.

    106. March 24th, 2020...A news story from Spain described a fire service that had found elderly folk abandoned in a care home, in which some had died in bed. On TV I watched secrets of the Black Death on the PBS America channel. I had seen it before on BBC Timewatch I think, years before. Watching it made me realise how little had been learned in medical science in the past six hundred years or more, when it came to pandemics. It made me cry, and left me unprepared for what was to come. That evening I read through my emails. The last one caught my eye immediately. It was from my brother's son, Brent, sent via an organisation of which I was a member, requesting my contact details. I sent him my details and waited for a response. The next afternoon the telephone rang. Apparently my younger brother, Stephen, had died the previous Friday from cancer of the stomach. He had kept the problem to himself, including an operation he had for it. I always thought I would die before him. Due to the pandemic, he had been cremated without ceremony. A church service would follow months later, possibly a year or more, from now. I realised that he would never read my website. I decided that I should publish it now, or else no one would read it. The incident made me feel very vulnerable. I would have to see my GP and get tested for stomach cancer. I normally told my brother of my medical problems. Decades ago I had suffered from helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach, and was told that it was suspected to be a cause of cancer. After one week on antibiotics I was cured. Unfortunately I had omitted to tell my brother about it.

    107. March 31st, 2020...I spent my days playing solitaire whilst listening to my music collection, irritated of course by the advertisements for will writing, life assurance and funeral details displayed on the computer screen. There were also adverts for turmeric, a spice used to treat joint pain and ward off cancer. Now how did they know I had been suffering from arthritis for the last six months in my right knee? I put the ailment down to emptying heavy bins of garden waste into the wheelie bin, a system designed so that bin men don't get arthritis? I thought my coronavirus infection was almost gone when I experienced an allergic reaction from Unilever's Persil clothes wash. My eye lids swelled up, as did my lips. My feet and hands swelled up and went red as they itched profusely. The reaction lasted four days. Since grocery purchases via the internet were still not available, that include lists of my favourite and safe purchases, I had bought the stuff off the shelf, instead of my usual wash. It can take years to find out what is safe to buy and what isn't. From then on I used washing up liquid to wash my clothes. Months later I was to buy some bed sheets, only to find that they stank of chemicals. I washed them with washing up liquid, but the smell still persisted. So I then put them in the washer dryer along with the Persil. It got rid of most of the odour, and to my surprise my body did not react to it later, as I slept on it. The workings of the immune system still baffle medical research, a science related to epigenetic's.

    108. The furloughed and redundant workers had overloaded the internet based food delivery systems in the UK, and then stripped the shelves in their panic buying. I was unable therefore to get my groceries delivered via the internet as usual, and was now faced with long queues at my local supermarket. Sales of crisps and chocolate were up 30%, meat up 45%, fish up 60%, and of course, with the closure of pubs and bars, alcohol in cans and bottles went through the roof as aluminium kegs were effectively redundant. To increase production, manufacturers reduced their product range, thereby reducing down time. My favourite Marmite, being made from brewer's yeast (the pubs are closed), could only be supplied in small jars, whilst the demand for flour doubled, so it now came only in 1.5kg bags. Even chest freezer sales increased 200%. The supply of flour and noodles was still unreliable however. With only food takeaways open, the British were now sedentary, glued to TV bulletins on Covid-19, whilst munching away at some stress relieving banquet. The equivalent of 500 million extra meals were now being produced for people in the UK, whereas before they ate snacks on the go. And the next global medical problem will be obesity, as if it wasn't already. The internet was designed to withstand WWIII, but it couldn't even survive the needs of the British grocery shopper when HMG changed their work routine. It wasn't the panic buyers that had endangered the lives of people with allergies, but a clueless government that clearly wasn't thinking of the repercussions of its actions. They had put the lives of thousands of people in danger. Some people were not prepared to accept decisions made by big business. Tesco supermarket were taken to court by 318 people, using the Equality Act 2018, and the people won. Led by disabled mother, Joanne Baskett, they can now get their groceries delivered to their homes, and so can I. At the other extreme, thousands have signed up for the UK harvest, where 70,000 seasonal agricultural workers are needed. Weeks later it emerged that British workers were fleeing from the fields on day one, with their PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). On one UK farm, 300 people applied for the jobs, but only 20 worked there any length of time. Farms can only recruit one third of their normal requirement for casual workers from the continent, owing to the lockdown shutting down transport facilities. When I was a youngster in the cubs, we would take part in church parade on a Sunday, and during the summer it would be harvest festival, where we would sing hymns like 'we plough the fields and scatter', but times have changed, and the only scattering now appears to be that of the casual workers vacating the farms they promised to work at, but won't. Just how low can this nation sink? It's now clear that HMG must introduce the conscription of a land army to gather in the crops. In addition, much of the nation's food had come from the EU, and since we would be out of it at the end of the year, it's clear that this source would soon dry up. HMG would either have to find new sources abroad or invest heavily in food under glass, employing hydroponics. Although there is not much point in the latter, if our work shy youths can't be whipped into shape. So when will we see national service reintroduced, along with food rationing? June was to see people protesting about racism and colonialism, with attempts to remove or deface statues of the late wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, and diamond miner, founder of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe & Zambia) and prime minister of Cape Colony, Cecil Rhodes. I shudder to think what this lot will make of conscription. Looks like you'll all be doing what I do regularly; lick your plate.

    109. images my ideas/shut pandemic person in ppe.jpg
      SHUT: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    110. The verbal conflict concerning the design and quantity of PPE (personal protection equipment) required, continues between NHS staff, politicians and the media. Since the NHS is so large, why didn't they make it themselves in the UK, and stockpile it? HMG is believed to have planned to obtain PPE from the PRC after NHS England carried out Exercise Cygnus in October 2016, which simulated an H2N2 influenza outbreak, the result of which showed that the NHS was hopelessly ill prepared, suffering from a lack of PPE, ventilators, etc. The PRC government is thought to have deliberately underplayed the Covid-19 outbreak in the hope of diverting PPE production for home use rather than export to infected countries. The UK could not make this PPE because the manufacturing of essential raw materials had been transferred to the PRC and elsewhere, as a result of the Conservative Parties monetarist policies under the late PM Margaret Thatcher. As a result, the vast majority of health and care workers never received the necessary bio-hazard suits, with respirators, that were used in virology labs around the world to study this coronavirus. As of 4-06-20 the report on Exercise Cygnus is still classified, although legal action is currently being taken to release it into the public domain. Watching TV news one gets the impression that politicians do not accept disasters seriously enough, but treat them as a photo opportunity to embellish their political party and their careers. Problems, and in particular disasters, should be handled by experts in that particular field. Have our scientists got the right stuff to make hard decisions in such a tense atmosphere? It also makes one wonder, just how many outdated detailed reports and action plans, are gathering dust in Whitehall. In a study into colds, coughs were found to project six metres, whilst sneezes project eight metres, and can remain suspended for three minutes. Studies at the Aalto University, Finland found that 20 micro metre particles will remain in the air from 2.5 to 6 minutes, depending upon the height of the person. The coronavirus can remain active on a smooth surfaces for up to three days. It does not bode well for essential workers in the NHS and supermarkets. When one thinks of the NHS, there is a tendency to ignore porters, cleaners, ambulance staff, building services technicians and morticians. They should all be wearing biohazard suits with ventilators, filters and transparent helmets, capable of being washed down at the end of a shift, before their removal. I'm also finding it difficult to think and motivate myself, possibly due to the effects of Sars-Cov-1, or is it lockdown syndrome? It reminds me of the effect of the Spanish flu on US President Woodrow Wilson at Versailles, France. His flu induced lethargy ultimately led to the second world war.

    111. High mortality amongst Negroes (African-Americans) in the USA may well be a forewarning of what's to come in Africa. Japan has now declared a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Like the UK, it failed to shut its sea ports and airports to people, and will now pay the price. Around the world there are now one million people infected with Covid-19, with 53,000 dead. Every week some famous person kicks the bucket. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now in hospital with Covid-19, whilst other members of parliament are self isolating.

    112. So what has HMG done for the nation?

    113. Did it close down the airports and seaports when it had the chance, so that the economy could continue, whilst only airlines and ferry companies would need to be compensated?...NO!

    114. Did it shut down the capitalist system (banks, stockmarkets, bureau de change, shops, etc), awarding homes a utility allowance, and food parcels, in order to prevent state bankruptcy?...NO!

    115. Did it stop people dying from boredom by providing higher quality of television programmes during the lockdown?...NO!

    116. Did it maintain supermarket grocery ordering and delivery for regular users, and put education and job training on the internet during the lockdown?...NO!

    117. Has it created a land army, to serve UK farming, and set up hydroponics facilities for normally imported foods, from confiscated cannabis facilities?...NO!

    118. Has it provided adequate numbers of PPE to a high enough standard, for NHS workers, etc?...NO!

    119. Did HMG use the lockdown as a means of improving the nation's health, through promoting physical exercise (gardening, cycling, athletics, swimming, etc.), health survey (STI, diabetes, heart, lungs, stress, etc.) to determine who were vulnerable due to underlying health conditions, and a state sponsored healthy diet?...NO!'

    120. Has HMG provided us with accurate mortality statistics, which include deaths at care homes and private homes?...NO!

    121. HMG has become a walking disaster area. Its quality is little better than that during the phoney war..DO NOT RESUSCITATE!

    122. April 7th, 2020...World health day. British Growers Association appeals for 70,000 temporary harvest workers from May to August. One week later agricultural workers are flown from Romania to UK after appeal for UK workers fails. HMG fails to conscript.

    123. April 14th, 2020...UK lockdown costing 2.4 billion pounds per day, with output cut 31% according to the Centre for Economic and Business Research. HMG's Office of Budget Responsibility declares economic output will have fallen 35% by June, with a 10% increase in unemployment. IMF states that the global economy has fallen 3%, its worst since the great depression of the 1930's.

    124. April 15th, 2020...USG stops funds to WHO, for failing to provide adequate warnings to USG regarding Covid-19. There is no proof that Covid-19 antibodies will prevent reinfection, as NHS plans to infuse such plasma into test subjects. 9 out of 10 Covid-19 victims have existing illnesses, such as heart disease, dementia or respiratory malfunction. Penlon Prima ES02 updated ventilator goes into production at 1500 per week by May. Survival rate for Covid-19 patients on ventilators is only 50:50. Covid-19 tests become available in UK.

    125. April 16th, 2020...FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) wants payday loan, car finance and pawnshop borrowing given a payment holiday.

    126. April 20th, 2020...PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) still consists of little more than a disposable plastic gown, mouth mask and transparent visor. I still believe that proper biohazard suits with respirator should be worn in hospitals and care homes, since it has been shown that micro droplets from sneezing can be suspended in the air for up to two hours. The concessions staff at my local Tesco supermarket worked behind a transparent screen, which does not afford much protection. By now all retailing should be on the internet, but companies cannot recruit enough people quickly enough. Needless to say, HMG is not conscripting them and vehicles. The long waits, two metres apart to get in, led me to try their web site again. This time I was able to gain access and ordered ninety pounds worth of goods, but antiseptic soap was not available. Fortunately I've enough old bars of soap to last at least a couple of months.

    127. April 22nd, 2020...US state of Missouri sues PRC government over Covid-19 pandemic. Rumours exist that there are three or four strains of Covid-19.

    128. April 24th, 2020...PRC reject call for full investigation into origin of Covid-19. 50,000 dead in USA, 20,000 dead in UK, 200,000 people dead from Covid-19 worldwide. At least 100 health workers have died from Covid-19 in the UK's National Health Service. Official HMG statistics for UK are thought to be 8,000 too low, since care home and home deaths are not counted. Some NHS staff sue HMG for failing to provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when they said it was available.

    129. April 26th, 2020...HMG carrying out trials of infected person tracer software for mobile phones. There are three possible systems, based either upon satellite GPS, bluetooth password transfer to neighbouring mobile phones, or tracing of mobile phone between cell transmitters using password. Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea used similar technology in March. Why didn't MI5 and MI6 have something to offer? Everyone must be forced to carry their mobile phone with this software installed, otherwise the system will fail. Will face masks finally have to be worn to prevent infection from asymptomatic people? WHO says that only 3% of people have been infected, not enough to prevent a second wave through herd immunity. In UK the infection figure is 7%. Will HMG finally shut seaports and airports to passengers, or put them in quarantine for two weeks? Questions, questions, but no answer from government. Looks like my sports arenas, theatres, night clubs and disco bars won't be open until December, assuming they open at all. Social distancing will kill off these events due to no atmosphere.

    130. April 27th, 2020...Lots of questions from the media about ending lockdown. Are they trying to generate a story? When the lockdown ends, all the politicians will think about is economic recovery. If it ends too soon, with no professional use of contact-tracing software, detection kits, contact tracing by virologists and forced isolation of infected people, a second wave during the flu season is inevitable. Most of the deaths in the UK are now from care homes. UK prime minister Boris Johnson returns to work after Covid-19 infection and ICU care. Birmingham's emergency Nightingale Hospital at the National Exhibition Centre remains unused, due to over capacity. Similar hospitals have been set up across the country, including at ExCel, London and Manchester Central convention centre. The NHS should have transferred all patients infected with Covid-19 to these hospitals. Failure to do so resulted in one third of deaths originating from care homes, where 25,000 patients, were transferred from permanent hospitals, in order to provide beds for Covid-19 patients. Some of these patients were infected with Covid-19 or not tested, and transferred to care homes with either staff not knowing that, or they simply didn't care. This mentality persisted for one month. In addition, it was to take weeks to decontaminate permanent hospitals, resulting in many out-patients refusing to attend appointments for operations, etc. Whether the Nightingale hospitals had enough equipment to handle complex secondary infections, is a debatable point.

    131. April 30th, 2020...Covid-19 deaths in UK now stand at 26,097, and will be the highest per country in Europe. Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom Moore, who raised thirty-one million pounds for NHS Charities Together.

    132. May 4th, 2020...USG announces spending of a second $3 trillion for April to June period. Total US debt now $25 trillion. 6.3 million workers in UK now on furlough. That's 23% of workforce. Each person will be paid 80% of wages up to 2,500 pounds per month. Reports from Russia suggest that at least 111 medical staff have died, three having fallen out of windows. Official fatality figures are considered suspect, as staff complain of lack of PPE. Is this the beginning of the end?

    133. On May 4th the European Commission announced a national pledge of 6.6 billion pounds (7.5 billion euros) in Covid-19 vaccine research. There is a continuing fear that politicians still don't realise that fear of this pandemic is worse than the pandemic itself. According to the World Bank, SARS cost fifty-four billion dollars. The estimated cost of a global pandemic is three trillion dollars. This pandemic is only worth fighting if it can be done quickly and affordably, otherwise everyone should be allowed to return to work regardless. Retail companies have to develop their own website and sell their products on market sites such as Amazon, in order to promote themselves. The days of high street and mall shopping could well be drawing to a close. The growing demand for clean energy projects, could well see renewable energy, including fusion, ultimately being dominant. HMG spent the first six weeks dithering through February to mid March, and then six weeks of lockdown. We are now half way through this, with another six weeks composed of lockdown, partial lockdown and regional lockdown whilst 'virology' teams seek out infected people and quarantine them. Who could believe that HMG would waste most of the first twelve weeks. Will they waste the next? Will they double our national debt? Covid-19 has become a plague upon our wealth creation system. When our lockdowns end, will it be a political, not a humanitarian decision, in just about every nation on the planet. Will nations have to create an international currency, or adopt a humanitarian approach and abandon money altogether? If positive results don't emerge in time, investors may well find that their savings are a victim of a dead cat bounce, or worse, a prolonged bull market.

    134. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Claude Nizeyimana Gupima_Covid-19_mu_Rwanda.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 Test Centre

    135. HMG is spending millions on advertising, telling people to stay at home. The message appears in the top left hand corner of the television screen, TV ads showing people exercising in their home, messages on electronic road signs, the daily coronavirus daily update programme on TV, supermarket queuing two metres apart, as if TV and radio news wasn't enough. No doubt the advertising sector welcomed the business, as it had lost numerous contracts because of the pandemic. The stay at home policy caused a serious drop in the sale of newspapers and a drop in NHS visits to A&E by the ill. This apparently subliminal messaging appeared to be working well beyond what HMG intended. Virgin airlines were pleading for a government hand-out. Apparently HMG didn't want Richard Branson's desert island, Necker, in the Caribbean as security. And as the months went by, it was clear HMG didn't want to know the airline industry, full stop. Now if we had an expanded pound sterling zone with care homes, second homes, retirement homes and British holiday resorts moved to tropical islands, we wouldn't be in this mess, would we? According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders), only 4321 cars were registered in the UK, a 97% drop in sales. Airlines announce massive redundancies. DIY (Do It Yourself) stores can open for business, but not garden centres. Is HMG thinking straight? Things got really bad when the jet engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce announced possibly 8,000 job cuts, 15% of the workforce. Will Rolls-Royce leave the country like Dyson? If it did it would be a major and irreversible loss to the British economy. Probably the beginning of the end. The skilled workforce and technology must be retained in this country, at all cost. The way to do that is for HMG to finance Skylon and its civilian airliner equivalent LAPCAT (Long-term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies) which was initially financed by the EU. In this age of fancy accounting, just how deep is HMG's pocket? The project could also save Boeing (remember the 737 Max fiasco?), an existing partner, if it was financed by USG. Airliner seats are already 97% empty. If the 9/11 incident is anything to go by, that situation may remain for at least one year after lockdown ends.

    136. May 7th, 2020...Total dead from Covid-19 worldwide stands at 263,189, over 30,000 in the UK. Since there are no compulsory autopsies in the UK, the statistics are likely to be too low. The cost of a funeral in the UK is about 3,700 pounds, although there is now a growing desire for simple funerals costing 2,200 pounds. A company called Synairgen, at University Hospital Southampton, is testing the use of interferon B to boost patient's immune system, whilst they have also created a great hood and respirator bio hazard suit for the NHS. Costs from 400 to 1000 pounds. Statistics suggest that ethnic minorities are more likely to die from Covid-19 that white people., says ONS (Office for National Statistics). Chinese 1.0 more, India 1.3 more, Pakistan/Bangladesh 1.8 more, Negro 4.2 more. The prime minister is asked to investigate matter.

    137. There are 5.9 million businesses in the UK. Grocery shops are open, whilst the rest closed. Theatres are closed, whilst restaurants and cafes are open for take away meals only. If you close down businesses, even for a short while, you lose customers, and could well see your company fail. Even banks are being hit hard. In the UK, universities want 2 billion pounds (they don't get it). Presumably they don't like the idea of competition from US universities via the internet. It's a sign of things to come, in a shrinking world. Charities get handouts. Mothers find that the government issued free school meals vouchers for their children, that they have been waiting weeks for, do not work at the supermarket concessions. NHS staff find that they cannot return postal related blood samples of themselves for a Covid-19 check, because there is no return envelope. In early May, a cargo of 400,000 surgical NHS gowns flown in by RAF Hercules from Turkey, is found to be substandard and therefore useless. Why weren't they made in this country? Why wasn't the manufacturer vetted by a trade organisation and recognised customer, supplied with an example of the gown, written standards and legally binding contract to sign (in blood)? Will HMG get the money back, or will ministers pay for this incompetence out of their own pocket? Tens of millions of tax payer's money goes missing due to lack of financial control. At least 3 million unemployed want universal credit. There is no guarantee that those on furlough will get their jobs back. HMG offers 800 million pounds to small enterprises for R&D (research and development). It will also lend 350 billion pounds to desperate companies, but that does not appear to include airlines and travel agents. The North Sea Brent oil price falls from $50 per barrel in early March 2020 to $26 in early May, blunting HMG tax revenue. Tesco supermarkets gets 585 million pounds from the government’s business rates relief holiday, then hands out 900 million pounds in dividends. With internet based deliveries booming, its currently one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Will all this bankrupt HMG and make the pound sterling worthless?

    138. May 11th, 2020...HMG releases a fifty page manual explaining the government's plan to ease lockdown measures.

    139. The lockdown will continue until:

    140. 1...There are at least one hundred thousand Covid-19 tests per day.

    141. 2...Covid-19 infections must be less than fifty, with deaths in single figures per week.

    142. 3...There are no more PPE problems.

    143. 4...The NHS has plenty of spare capacity.

    144. 5...There must be in place a test, track and trace software app. and telephone support, working in high efficacy, for at least two weeks.

    145. The lockdown is likely to continue in some form until the end of July 2020 assuming HMG is competent enough, at which point the infection/mortality curve should have descended enough to permit a return to work within all regions. This assumes that a cure for patients with underlying health conditions has been found. There are currently about one hundred research teams around the world, and six to eight teams carrying out live trials. However, there was no vaccine for any coronavirus including Mers-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. Since Covid-19 has mutated at least one hundred times, with research scientists investigating each mutation to determine whether it contains any new threat, it must be assumed that the creation of a vaccine is impossible. That leaves a cure, presumably administered by hypodermic injection or intravenously. It is known that the bodies immune system creates antibodies in its fight against Covid-19, but it's thought they only stay in the body for up to three months, after which a person can get reinfected. That beggars the question, 'does this time period reduce as the number of reinfections increases? This can happen with many diseases, eventually resulting in death. Is that what we are all facing? If that is not the case, then people could still be faced with maybe sixteen injections per annum in order to maintain total protection. Such a scenario is not realistic. Clearly an all embracing pill is needed, like Genvoya for HIV, or quinine for malaria.

    146. All major nations should raise the lockdown simultaneously, otherwise the global trading system will still be inoperable. This will no doubt be good news to some animals in zoos, such as elephants, primates and talkative birds, that are evidently feeling lonely due to lack of visitors. HMG is trialling its tracer/tracker software with teams on the Isle of Wight, having recruited 18,000 'virologists'. If two thirds of the population have already had Covid-19, then a state of herd immunity exists which will prevent further spread of the disease in the second wave. At least that's the theory. But as time progresses it's obvious that with antibodies lasting only a limited time, the creation of a second wave, etc. is inevitable. Only long distance lorry drivers will be allowed to travel any distance, but will need to be tested regularly. Test centres will be set up at supermarkets, theatres and sport's arenas, to pick out those still infected, but without symptoms, who can infect others (asymptomatic). Current tests amount to a mouth swab test to find persistent infection, and a blood test to find out if you have had a previous infection, but are now OK. A swab test requires analysis in a lab, whilst a blood test is on site, taking 15 minutes. The elderly and staff at care centres, and those in their homes, will need to be tested regularly. International travel for people, will be banned for the foreseeable future. The economic implications of a long lockdown are by now obvious to all politicians. The mortality rate of Covid-19 appears to be much lower than that originally predicted, 1% in the UK, not 3.4%, and with only one in five deaths in the UK caused by Covid-19, there will be a growing desire to stop the lockdown, no matter what. The state of the global economy and national economies will come first. If Germany exits lockdown well before the UK, then many financial institutions in the City may simply relocate entirely to Frankfurt, since some company divisions have already done so due to UK withdrawal from the EU, known as Brexit. To remain in lockdown too long will cost the city of London and HM Treasury billions. The UK exit strategy will involve looking after number one, with no foreign aid to fight Covid-19 going to our commonwealth partners. Since we are bankrupt at least twice over, we will effectively write off India, the northern middle east and Africa. It will cause major friction within the Commonwealth. The death rate in Italy is 13%, whilst in the USA it's 4%. In many parts of the Commonwealth it will be substantially higher. Are our governments capable of implementing these measures? The cold ruthless way that this pandemic will be finalized, will leave many with the question, 'how can we handle this better next time?'

    147. Of course all this trouble does beggar the question, "what happened to the UK's CDCUK (Civil Defence Corps)?" Created in 1949 and terminated in 1968, it was designed to handle national emergencies, including invasion during the cold war. It was a volunteer organisation manned by up to 330,000 personnel. The Isle of Man still retains its civil defence unit. Since earthquakes, floods, pandemics, tsunamis, tornadoes, plane, train and motorway crashes still strike the UK, not to mention the occasional bio-weapon, surely this pandemic would have been handled more swiftly and professionally had the CDCUK still existed. As for its cost effectiveness, the cost of HMG's incompetence to the tax payer and economy speaks for itself. The USG created a similar organisation, called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in 1978 under President Jimmy Carter. If USG found it necessary to create such an organisation then, why did HMG scrap the CDCUK ten years before? And also, what happened to all those disaster files that the CDCUK must have created for training and contingency purposes? It's obvious to me that at the time of CDCUK's closure, HMG thought that saving the long term economy of the nation was more important than saving the lives of individuals. In that atmosphere, did any government department bother to take notes concerning the MERS-CoV-1 (South Korea 2015) and Sars-CoV-1 (PRC 2002) outbreaks, and what did they do with all this knowledge?

    148. May 12th, 2020...The Chinese have just announced that all eleven million citizens of Wuhan are to be tested for Covid-19 in ten days. They are presumably looking for asymptomatic carriers following the discovery of six new cases at the weekend, after lifting the lockdown. The South Koreans have a similar problem after a night club re-opened. Round two has just commenced. Why are western governments so keen to lift their lockdowns, without first seeing how the PRC and South Korea get on? I can see us all going back to a full lockdown lasting months.

    149. May 13th, 2020...7.5 million workers in the UK are now on furlough costing 8 billion pounds, which HMG has now extended to October. Garden Centres finally re-open. Angling (sport fishing) starts. HMG advises people to go back to work. HMG now permits people to travel long distances and sit in the park. I don't have a local park, so how can I get to one if there is social distancing on buses? Car sales fell 97% in Uk. 300,000 now dead from Covid-19 worldwide. A&E (Accident & Emergency) visits at hospitals fall 56.6% as the lock down environment takes effect. Thirty-six million people lose their jobs in the USA.

    150. May 14th, 2020...Japan lifts Covid-19 state of emergency in 39 out of 47 prefectures. Swiss drugs company LaRoche to supply NHS with Covid-19 antibody blood test, to test which people have had the coronavirus infection. HMG hands out 1.6 billion pounds to London Transport for running empty buses and underground trains, which are nearly empty due to the pandemic.

    151. May 16th, 2020...Covid-19 outbreaks at abattoirs in German, France and USA.

    152. May 19th, 2020...Officially there were 35,704 Covid-19 deaths in UK on this day, but there were 55,000 above average deaths. This is the excess deaths after deducting average deaths over a five year period. It was also revealed that day that there were 4,000 public health funerals in the UK last year. I'll probably qualify. There will be no one at my funeral. report issued by Dept. of Microbiology, University of Hong Kong, states that the wearing of surgical masks reduces transmission rate of Covid-19 75%. The experiments were carried out with hamsters in two cages. One month later, a report by Gutenberg and Southern Denmark Universities found that the compulsory use of masks reduced the infection rate by as much as 40%.

    153. May 22nd, 2020...HMG borrows 62.1 billion pounds, £14 billion pounds spent on furlough. OBR (HMG's independent Office of Budgetary Responsibility) states that the projected deficit is 298 billion pounds, not seen since WWII. People arriving in UK will self isolate for 14 days. Failure carries a one thousand pound fine. Retail sales in UK fall 18.1%. NHS patients in ICU with low T-cell count will receive a drug called Interleukin-7. Musician Mory Kante dies in Guinea. PRC announces plan to impose security laws in Honk Kong.

    154. May 24th, 2020...UK PM's advisor Dominic Cummings asked to resign by up to 30 Conservative MPs for taking his sick wife and son 260 miles to grand parents home in Durham, thereby violating lock down. PM Boris Johnson stands by him.

    155. May 26th, 2020...SwissCovid track & trace app under test. Other countries developing theirs. 8.4 million furloughed in UK, plus 2.3 million self employed supported by HMG handouts. Covid-19 test can now be booked at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or dial 119. Numerous redundancies announced; Boeing 13,000, British Airways 12,000, EasyJet 4,500, Virgin Atlantic 3,000, Renault 15,000, whilst Nissan closes its factory in Spain.

    156. May 29th, 2020...UK's Test & Trace telephone supported system starts up in England & Scotland. It is thought to consist of 25,000 trackers, capable of handling 10,000 cases per day. The smart phone version is expected to be operational at the end of June.

    157. The NHS' telephone based test and trace system consists of tracers telephoning infected people to obtain details of contacts. These contacts would then be reached and told to self isolate for 14 days. Failure to do so now carries a one thousand pound fine. The smart phone (4G mobile phone) version is at least one month away. At the time of writing, details of HMG's test and trace software application are sketchy, but the process is roughly as follows:

    158. 1...You will need a smart mobile phone with bluetooth switched on.

    159. 2...Download the NHS Covid-19 app from your Google or Apple store, depending on manufacturer.

    160. 3...Enter first part of your postal code.

    161. 4...Answer medical questions. This is voluntary.

    162. 5...Keep mobile phone with you at all times.

    163. 6...As you travel and converse with people, your mobile phone will interrogate all phones via bluetooth. It will collate a contact list of all those within half a metre that remain in range for at least ten minutes.

    164. 7...Report symptoms via app, if you think you have become infected. You will be told to go into self isolation for 14 days. A test kit will be immediately sent to you. You will be required to send a list of contacts for the last 14 days. These contacts will be automatically notified to take self isolation for 14 days. No details of the source will be conveyed to them.

    165. 8...If your Covid-19 test is negative, the notifications from your contact list will be cancelled.

    166. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 IAEA Imagebank COVID-19 Equipment To Latvia.jpg
      WC: PPE Acquisition & Distribution

    167. There are likely to be upgrades, privacy and the media permitting. Tracking by GPS maybe added later. Will this system experience the same problems as in Singapore? Has HMG conducted a census to determine what percentage of people travel with a smart phone that is switched on? If not, then the system won't work due to insufficient data. If this fails, or there's no cure, then the lockdown is likely to go on and on and on. Both Apple and Google have plans to improve this system, but the Chinese appear well ahead of the pack. In the PRC health QR (quick reaction) code is embedded into WeChat and Alipay apps. The QR code automatically reports travel and medical data. How acceptable you are determines whether you can travel, and even whether you can go to a restaurant. There is pressure from PRCG to include details about exercise, food eaten, drinking habits, sleep pattern and smoking habit, all gleaned from your credit and debit cards. In the UK, the wearing of face masks is still not compulsory, even though its obvious that it could impede super spreaders, whilst 50% of infected people in Iceland have no symptoms. Where will the incentive be to work, assuming they're allowed to, if they can't spend their money on leisure activities?

    168. What is ideally needed is a personal electronic medical monitor (PEMM), a smart watch that can sense a person's blood, sweat or odour, and then send the report to the health centre via your mobile phone automatically, to be acted upon swiftly. I don't know whether such a sensor can be made small enough to fit inside a smart watch, but currently the LifeWatch, a German smart watch, is being promoted at just 45 pounds, whilst others cost at least two hundred. I assume it's not being sold at a loss, so when will it happen? Odour detectors have been around for about twenty years. The smart watch's database could search for other infections too, making it even more cost effective, and of course, look at the export potential. It's actually something the rest of the world needs. Thanks to Covid-19 the entire UK, not just HMG, is now bankrupt. We desperately need the business.

    169. May 30th, 2020...USG cuts off all support to WHO. UK's SAGE against reducing lockdown measures.

    170. June 5th, 2020...Singapore abandon track & trace using smart phones. Drug company AstraZeneca announce two billion dose vaccine production capability, after agreement with Bill Gates. Vaccine being developed at Oxford Vaccine Group, UK. HMG finally decides to make the wearing of face masks on public transport compulsory. Medical profession want the idea extended to hospitals, dental surgeries and medical centres. We now have the European Commission calling Covid-19 only a mid-level threat. Are they joining the final solution bandwagon too? Herd Immunity stands a good chance of also killing off billionaires and scientists, civilisations movers and shakers.

    171. June 6th, 2020...The WHO finally recommend the wearing of face masks.

    172. June 7th...PRCG replies to USG accusations by publishing a 66 page (english version) report of Covid-19 sequence of events. It states that certain nations have smeared and slandered the PRC. Leaks from HMG indicate that there is a growing demand to abandon NHSX's test and trace app in favour of Apple or Google app, etc., or whatever.

    173. June 10th, 2020...Analysis of Sars-Cov-2 genetics, shows that it came to the UK mainly from the EU 1300 times, says Cog-UK (Covid-19 Genomics Consortium). So now you know why the airports, seaports and channel tunnel should have been shut down to passengers at the beginning of February 2020. Now will somebody please carry out the arrests. How else will the International Court of Justice take this seriously? In May 2021 at prime minister's questions PM Boris Johnson was still saying that the borders cannot be closed to trade. I agree, but there is no reason why it cannot be closed to people, except those (VIPs and diplomatic staff) that agree to quarantine and testing. The leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer KCB QC, stated that he had previously mentioned this three times.

    174. June 12th, 2020...There are now 41,000 Covid-19 reported deaths in the UK from hospitals, care centres and homes. The above average number is at least 65,000. The total worldwide is now over 418,000, with the disease moving across the Americas. Brazil has 40,000 dead, with the USA at 115,000. It has spread to 213 countries, and shows no sign of losing its grip. 450 relatives and loved ones of Covid-19 deceased in UK, seek legal action through lawyer Elkan Abrahamson at Jackson Lees, to get public enquiry and guarantee that no related records will be destroyed. ONS data reveals that the UK GDP dropped 20.4% in the first month of lockdown, April. The UK PM has also announced the permitting of overnight visits to others by those living alone, including single parents with children under 18, known as support bubbles for lonely people. Will that promote prostitution, thereby encouraging the spread of this pandemic? It looks like HMG is still pursuing its policy of herd immunity. BMA (British Medical Association) council chairman Dr Chaand Nagpaul, complains that many BAME (Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic) medical staff in the NHS have still not received the promised risk assessment and redeployment needed to reduce their vulnerability to Covid-19.

    175. June 13th, 2020...Internet app. Twitter cancels 23,750 highly active accounts and 150,000 amplifier accounts linked to operations to promote PRC, including some mentioning Covid-19. Additionally, parts of the PRC capital Beijing, are in lockdown, due to Covid-19 outbreak. 45 people infected, with 10,000 from Xinfandi Food Market to test.

    176. June 14th, 2020...Third anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire in west London, where 72 people were consumed in a blaze. Thus far no councilor, building inspector, architect, building contractor or subcontractor, construction worker, building regulations author, fire brigade authority or personnel has been charged with an offence. The public hearing will recommence after the lockdown. How could this have happened when even I and many of the tenants knew that aluminium is flammable? Are the building regulations ambiguous, unintelligible, or simply not conveyed to those that need them? And why in programmes like Channel 4's Grand Design series do I see houses covered in flammable timber cladding? Why should they be treated any differently from high rise dwellings?

    177. Months later the 'How did they build that' television series started. One such building was an archway with flats built into it over a market in Rotterdam. Another was a railway station near Vesuvius volcano. Both were covered in aluminium panels. Were they highly flammable? The latter was covered in DuPont's Corian panels, which are mainly used as acrylic worktops in kitchens. I looked at a datasheet on the internet but couldn't find the answer. Data relating to all construction materials should be on the UK's BRE (Building Research Establishment) website in plain English. When the two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, New York in 2001 it was the high temperatures created by the burning aluminium airframe that distorted the steel structure and brought them down. This fact was not entered into the official report.

    178. June 15th, 2020...Satellite photo study of traffic outside five hospitals in Wuhan, PRC by HMS (Harvard Medical School), show increased activity from August 2019. This coincided with increased browsing activity on Chinese browser Baidu in the area for coughs and diarrhoea. photos of car parks published on photo internet based app Bing. The wearing of face masks will finally be required on public transport, and in NHS facilities in the UK, whilst zoos, safari parks and drive in cinemas will reopen. UK non-food shops will finally be allowed to open. All these businesses will be required to follow social distancing rules. People will be required to stay two metres apart.

    179. June 16th, 2020...The fast food delivery service Deliveroo, sends a petition signed by ninety UK firms, mainly restaurants and bars, to PM Boris Johnson, requesting that the two metre rule be reduced, otherwise they will require tax and rent allowances, in order to stay in business. The battle between humanity and capitalism continues. Meanwhile the European Union opens its borders. A perfect storm is in the making?

    180. June 17th, 2020...First the good news...In a test involving 6000 patients, the 1960s drug Dexamethasone, normally used as a steroid to treat arthritis or asthma, was found to save the lives of 20% of patients on oxygen, and 33% on ventilators. It prevents the immune system from over- reacting to Covid-19, known as a "cytokine storm." And Germany has just released its contact-tracing app at a cost of £17.9 million. Uses bluetooth like the British version, retaining encrypted contact data for 14 days only. In the UK Lord Bethell, minister for health & social care, implies that HMG's version is not likely to be ready this side of winter, as it is not a priority. And now the bad news...for those who consistently fail to close the loo lid, scientists at Yangzhou University claim that flushing the toilet creates a fine spray that can spread Covid-19 up to one metre away. Is that sufficient grounds for divorce?

    181. June 18th, 2020...The Bank of England issues another £100 billion of quantitative easing, making a total of £745 billion. In addition HMG's borrowing for May topped £55.2 billion, nine times higher than the previous May. HMG has now decided to stop developing test & trace software app in favour of Apple-Google bluetooth version. The Germans were right.
      ...- --- .-. ... .--. .-. ..- -. --. / -.. ..- .-. -.-. .... / - . -.-. .... -. .. -.-
      The world war two singer Dame Vera Lynn died at the age of 103 years. We had our backs to the wall then, and we still have. And it's going to take a darn sight longer to pay off all this debt than winning a world war. A report requested by HMG regarding the higher death rate amongst BAME patients concluded that the NHS was racist. I fail to see how a multi-racial organisation, with strict protocols, can possibly be racist. They're so over worked they don't have time for that anyway. Evidently south Asian people have a higher death rate in hospital due to their diabetes.

    182. June 19th, 2020...HMG reduces the Covid-19 danger level from 4 to 3, which basically means the infection rate is not exponential. I get the impression that HMG is about to bend to the will of businessmen and reduce social distancing to one metre. I think HMG should publish a list of these directors and the companies they represent. Name and shame, then leave it to their employees to decide what should be done with them. Lockdown is not a cure, it's only a delaying tactic until a cure comes along, as I've stated before. And we still have no effective track and trace system, which I think we should be buying from Singapore. Time is a luxury we simply don't have.

    183. Now that's enough doom and gloom. We now live on the cusp of major medical advances. Since the pubs will be shut for sometime, (opening July 4th say the media, with social distancing, so there'll be no atmosphere.......any music?) maybe I should get an au pair, as I have run out of things to say to myself, and to hell with social distancing. The wood pigeons are cooing on the roof ridge. The bromeliads are flowering in the front garden. The goldfish are canoodling. NASA has awarded preliminary contracts to SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dynetics for the Artemis manned lunar lander. Things are looking up.

    184. June 28th, 2020...High levels of radioisotopes are detected in Scandinavia. Origin thought to be a damaged fuel element in west Russia. One disaster at a time, please. At a chicken processing factory in Llangefni, Anglesey, many workers are found to be infected with Covid-19, in addition to many workers in slaughter houses and abattoirs elsewhere. The cause is thought to be due to ideal conditions for the coronavirus, namely crowded canteens and work places, stainless steel surfaces, cool environment, busy production line and no worker's sick pay, thereby encouraging sick workers to stay at work. HMG is thinking of a lockdown for the city of Leicester, due to a spike in Covid-19 infections. All Friday afternoon and evening the jungle music could be heard from my place. Social distancing was clearly breaking down, and with any luck my neighbourhood will be next in line for a lockdown. HMG and other governments in the EU clearly want herd immunity, since they are promoting holidays abroad despite warnings from Florida and elsewhere. So when these infected holiday makers return home, and the infection rate goes through the roof, don't expect your government to clamp down. They know they can't stop it, and they know that the economy is more important than your life, because the economy promotes civilisation, etc. This is where younger people start to pay with their lives. Northern Ireland and Eire have developed their own smart phone track and trace apps based on Apple and Google technology. And just how many people will opt to use it? Worldwide, deaths from Covid-19 have now reached half a million, with the disease raging across the Americas and south Asia.

    185. June 30th, 2020...One hundred days since the start of the lockdown in the UK. Covid-19 death toll worldwide now stands at half a million people, with the rate rising. Leicester in lockdown. European Airbus aerospace company announces 15,000 redundancies, including 1,700 in the UK. UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a five billion pound investment in jobs over ten years, but its too small to stimulate a once two trillion pound per annum economy, and he still talks about manufacturing buses in a post Covid-19 world.

    186. July 4th, 2020...The 244th anniversary of the founding of the United States. I can't wait to get out, or can I. Do I really want Covid-19 again? If I do get it again, will it undermine my immune system? The pubs and bars are open at last, but according to their websites they close at 10pm instead of 2am. Customers have to be served at tables, after ordering their drinks via a smart phone app. Well I'm darned of I'm giving Samsung another twenty pounds, and since there's no music, I may as well stay at home. I hate queuing anyway. It's not my idea of fun. Restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas can also reopen, but with staff wearing PPE and cleaning all surfaces every fifteen minutes, it's enough to send shivers up your spine, never mind the horror movie your watching. And public transport is having to be cleaned regularly also. A court enquiry has begun in France based upon complaints by trade unions and doctors against the ex-prime minister Edouard Philippe and two others, regarding the government handling of the pandemic, including shortage of PPE. It's announced that there have been 30,000 more deaths in UK care homes than during the same period last year. With so many sick and elderly dead, the death rate is now slightly below the average for last year. The French and Dutch state airlines Air France-KLM announce 7,500 job cuts over the next three years. Across Europe governments announce the lifting of quarantine measures (excluding Portugal, Brazil and USA) from July 10th. Which is the next government to be put on trial?

    187. images my ideas/shut pandemic car interior sprayed.jpg
      SHUT: Public Transport & Retail Outlets, all have to be kept clean.
    188. July 5th, 2020...The seventy-second anniversary of the creation of the National Health Service in the UK, three months before I was born. Sir David King, chief scientific adviser to HMG from 2000 to 2007, predicts 27,000 more deaths in UK between now and April 2021, due to relaxation of lockdown. 7,000 to 35,000 deaths are also predicted due to delays in decontaminating hospitals of Covid-19, resulting in delays to screening, referrals, and treatment.

    189. July 7th, 2020...UN says Covid-19 will cost the global economy nine trillion dollars over two years. 239 scientists write to WHO, accusing it of not taking airborne transmission of Covid-19 seriously. This follows the detection of early occurrences of Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) around the world with no obvious means of transmission. It is known that the coral reefs in the Bahamas were created over eons from dust storms eminating from the Sahara desert. This implies that some viruses and bacteria could travel huge distances across the globe, were the conditions favourable. Did you know that thirteen zoonotic (animal to human) diseases kill 2.2 million people per year worldwide? 60,000 Saiga deer die in just 4 days in Kazakhstan last May, whilst one person has become infected with bubonic plague, probably from a marmot, in Inner Mongolia, PRC. Up to 2,000 cases of plague are reported to the WHO each year, about 7 in the USA. How safe do you feel?

    190. July 8th, 2020...UK deaths below average for second week. HMG announces that its new Bio Security Centre will take over Covid-19 response from SAGE, its scientific advisers. Retiring chief civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill will get a 248,189 ponds pension, whilst research by Lloyds Bank shows that there are one million children in UK who have no access to a computer or smart phone, in order to access the internet. United Airlines in the USA is to furlough 36,000 employees. Four thousand jobs are to go at Boots, plus the closure of 48 opticians. John Lewis will close eight stores including one in Birmingham, making 1300 employees redundant. HMG has created air bridges to over seventy nations. Holiday bookings are taking off. The chancellor announces that meals in UK restaurants will be up to ten pounds per person cheaper from Monday to Wednesday during August. It now appears that governments have thrown in the towel, admitting to themselves that they can no longer afford to fight Covid-19. There is simply not enough money in all the world. As a result, continued warnings from the WHO are being ignored. By now much of the world is seemingly being managed by mass murderers, as the discredited policy of herd immunity was discretely implemented with professional ruthlessness, although no one admits its herd immunity.

    191. July 13th, 2020...With no way of violating social distancing rules in lifts, office workers are working from home. As a result, many shops are still closed. This could well become permanent, with almost all shops switching to the internet. There is also the problem of ventilation in public buildings such as concert halls, night clubs and disco bars. HVAC (Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning) systems are sized by contractors, they choose the next size down from that based on the most demanding circumstances. Needless to say pandemics are not calculated for. To upgrade disco bar HVAC would not simply be costly, but also impossible to install due to lack of space. And whilst we are on the subject of lack of space, pub loo standards fall well short of what's needed in a post Covid-19 world. As for AHUs (Air Handling Units) that you see on the roofs of office blocks, etc., the air inlets and outlets are too close together instead of being located on opposite sides of the building, whilst the contaminated rotating regenerators, used for heat recovery, permit pathogens to re-enter the building with ease. They would need to be replaced with fixed regenerators. With such costly improvements necessary, I fear that the age of the DJ (Disc Jockey)is coming to an end. The tourists planned for London, will otherwise walk along empty streets. Without its one million commuters per day, theatres will simply remain closed. Many people realise that they are better off on benefits. No commuting costs, no bad management, no bad working environment, no risky Covid-19 to worry about at work and whilst commuting, and a decent lunch at last. For property companies with no incoming rents, it's doom and gloom. HMG's plans to get the economy back to normal appear to be faltering. What will be the new normal? Estimates are that it will take five years for businesses to recruit new customers. Comet Neowise is sighted over Stonehenge. Is it an ill omen?

    192. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Kiran Singh Baghel Covid_corona.jpg
      WC: SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is now Covid-19 disease

    193. July 15th, 2020...The PM agrees to a public enquiry, but when? Demand for webmasters increases by 15%. British Airways to retire all 31 of its Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

    194. July 19th, 2020...Updated my computer to Windows 10.99999 version 2004. It took 11 hours. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) launches its Mars orbiter Hope from Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan, in its quest to create a science based society. Biotech company Synairgen, based in Southampton, UK, announces its interferon-beta trials designed to reduce intensive care periods. Drug is administered by inhaling to lungs by using a nebuliser. HMG signs a deal for 90 million Covid-19 vaccine doses from BioNtech, Pfizer and Valneva, plus 100 million from Oxford Vaccine Group-AstraZeneca, the latter being developed in Oxford. A group action against UK insurance companies commences over the question, 'do policies cover pandemics? It's later determined that they do.

    195. July 25th, 2020...One thousand people apply for a receptionist job at a hotel in Manchester, UK. I went out into the city centre for only the second time in four months. There were about half the usual number of people out one would expect for a Saturday. Many shops were still closed. Many would probably never reopen. I bought two umbrellas in Poundland and a belt from a street stall. I had been pulling up my jeans for weeks, after my fifty year old leather belt broke. The heat wave in June had been short lived, with rain and more rain falling on my re-seeded lawn. I had scattered 2.5 kg of seed after raking the moss out of it three times, then stared at it for weeks. My plants were not flowering as well as others on my estate. My garden was a brown field site, containing pieces of coke, slag and iron, not to mention remains of the outside loo. It needed an update. One cubic metre of compost cost 150 pounds. The thought of carrying it all through the house with my arthritic knee, I found disturbing. I later signed up to Tinder and Facebook. The pandemic continued, mainly across the Americas. Even the US president was now wearing a face mask, as his voter popularity dwindled. HMG now embarked upon tackling obesity, by placing advertising restrictions on junk food, on television, since many Covid-19 victims were obese. No laws to ban the manufacture and import of junk food. No law to ban parents feeding junk food to their kids. As usual it was too little too late. Much of the manufacturing in the UK now consisted of processed food. It no doubt wouldn't be long before the word got around, resulting in nations imposing bans on the import of junk food from the UK, and naturally enough HMG had no plan B. According to Al Jazeera news channel, the three gorges dam is at risk of collapse, with flood waters two meters above the flood warning line. Heavy rains in southern PRC for the last two months, have resulted in the worst floods for seventy years. Should the dam fail, it would be an apocalypse, wiping out the cities of Hunan and Hubei. More details were on www.breakingisraelnews.com HMG buys a vaccine producing factory from Benchmark, a company that produces vaccines for factory farmed fish.

    196. July 28th, 2020...The gold price reaches a record $1940 per ounce in the wake of a Covid-19 second wave in Europe. Conflict between the PRC and USA over human rights in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong leads to trade restrictions. There are floods in India, Bangladesh and China, and more pandemic deaths in the USA and Brazil. HMG signs a 60 million dose vaccine deal with GSK and Sanofi. UK Finance warns the general public of Covid-19 scams involving impersonation of NHS and HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) officials. HMG announces unrestricted planning permission for new hospitals and affordable housing. Will the homes be eco housing, with the main axis of the building being east-west for optimum PVA efficiency. Will it have at least 200mm of wall and loft heat and sound insulation, use heat pump central heating, inert gas filled heat retentive glazing, floor insulation, a secure porch for parcel deliveries, a UAV landing pad in the back garden and hydroponic based healthy food production facilities with rain water collection, and a gym, plus local air taxi landing pad? Of course not. All you'll get is some bog stand British civil engineering crap, built by some conservative spiv. HMG has also announced that UK schools will reopen in September, having failed to put our education and training system on the internet, not that they actually tried. Scotland, like Northern Ireland has decided to use the Apple/Google track and trace software, since HMG's version failed on the Isle of Wight.

    197. August 3rd, 2020...HMG's plan to promote the tourist industry backfires, when Spain is taken off the air bridge list of seventy nations due to growing infection rate in the Catalonia region, tourists are ordered by Jet2 to return to UK early as it cannot afford to fly empty planes in the meantime, as bookings are cancelled, due to HMG insisting that returning tourists undergo 14 days quarantine. Tourists in Ibiza and Canary Islands are included. More redundancies are announced in the UK; Hayes Travel 878, DW Sport 1700, whilst HSBC decides to accelerate its redundancy plan for 35,000 employees. It's estimated that 150,000 jobs have been lost in the UK due to the pandemic, with no doubt many more to follow, judging by all the parked cars, bumper to bumper along my street. Factories can't get the imported parts or raw materials, due to closed transport infrastructures or closed retail outlets, the latter simply because the unemployed or furloughed are not leaving home to spend their money, assuming they have any. Meanwhile HMG is promoting the service sector by its 'eat out to help out scheme' whereby customers get 50% off the cost of meals in restaurants, up to ten pounds, during Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A news story that was definitely hard to swallow came next. To the amazement of just about everyone, Russia announces that it is to commence mass vaccinations against Covid-19 in October. Now what could possibly go wrong? The UK is to undertake surveillance of the nation's wastewater, for signatures of Covid-19 deposited there in faeces.

    198. I'm getting sick to death of the mamby-pamby, wishy-washy news on BBC television. I remember what it was like during the troubles in Northern Ireland. Over thirty years of troubling news from there and hardly anything else from elsewhere. Now it's all Covid-19 and trivia. Is the BBC deliberately dumbing down the population? Is this what we pay our TV licence for, not to mention the repeat programmes and the repeat channels? And it takes me at least half an hour to go through the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), mainly because at least half of it is temporarily missing. The signal is obviously not strong enough to display the information. I'm now watching Al Jazeera and RT. Why don't they group all the current affairs and documentary channels together. I like watching 'A Place in the Sun' and would go there but for one thing; you can't see a blade of grass anywhere. Gardening is out. I can see no point in going to a pub for a drink of ale when the table you're sitting at is cleaned every fifteen minutes by someone in a bio-hazard suit. Wouldn't it be best for the council to set up drinking zones in parks and squares, where people can drink non-alcoholic ale and cocktails, whilst listening to DJ music, managed by local pubs and bars? I see the inventor of the computer mouse has died. William English co-invented it in 1965 with Douglas Engelbart. Mines a glow mouse. It flickers on and off in response to work load, or is it my temperament? I feel like throwing it at the computer screen at times. I hope to get this web site on the internet this month. I've been trying for almost a year, through about seven or eight web hosts. I simply can't take the stress. It has taken me nine hours so far to upload the files, probably due to the UK internet being overloaded with office workers working from home. I now realise why HMG is not advocating education via the worldwide web.

    199. August 5th, 2020...Redundancy announcements continue. In the UK it's Pizza Express 1100, W.H.Smith 1500, Travelex 1300, Dixon's Carphones 800. Face masks bought by HMG in a rush for the NHS have been declared unfit, because they do not fit every head size. Fifty million were bought at a cost of 150 million pounds, whilst 750,000 test kits made by Randox were declared unfit for use. Of course it's not much better in the USA where states have to bid against one another for health supplies, since the president refuses to engage in purchasing by central government, on their behalf. As if things weren't bad enough, the Lebanese city of Beirut is badly damaged by 275,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploding after a nearby fireworks factory ignited. It was held in storage for six years in the port, after being confiscated from a ship for fear it would be used by terrorists in explosives. It was the equivalent of a three kilotonne nuclear warhead detonation. Nuclear warheads on missiles are generally in the region of 120 to 170 kilotonnes. It makes you think. The blast killed at least two hundred people. A few days later, deaths in Brazil from Covid-19 reached at least 100,000, with no sign of levelling off. It was the second highest of any nation after the United States.

    200. As of August 2020 there are about 26 groups now working on this coronavirus, with 23 clinical trials underway. Each of these will require its own production line. US billionaire Bill Gates has called for the need to set up these production lines now, even though some may never be used, in order to reduce lead times, stating that this would likely cost $2 billion. He is of course right, but will the nation's of the world now bury the hatchet, and work together to save the human race, civilisation and their self respect? Tests are already underway on humans at the Oxford Vaccine Group, UK, with talk of five million doses by winter. It took five years to get a vaccine for Ebola. We appear to be entering the age of bioengineering at full throttle.

    201. August 14th, 2020...HMG has had to swallow its pride and accept Apple and Google software for its track and trace app for England. Like Northern Ireland and Scotland, Lazarus will detect smart phones within two metres of a person. Will enough people install this software and carry their smart phone with them at all times, knowing that they might end up enduring two weeks quarantine? The UK economy has experienced a 20% decline in output between April and June. The nation is now officially in recession. With Covid-19 outbreaks in Aberdeen and Orkney, it beggars the question, 'will North Sea oil production platforms be affected?' Such a scenario would be catastrophic for the economy. It proved easy to shut down businesses, but starting them up to the level that preceded the pandemic may prove illusive. Right now directors are wondering just how their company will survive. Since no one knows when this pandemic will cease, they need to remove their dependence on employees through automation, robotics, AI and no doubt relocation to the Far East. Relocation to countries managed by more competent political systems, as proved by their response to Covid-19, seems likely. This is why western nations need technocracies, in order to compete with that in the PRC and ultimately elsewhere. When will the referendum for a technocracy take place?

    202. August 19th, 2020...The NHS states that Ibuprofen and paracetamol should not be used to treat pain, which is exactly what I was prescribed for my sciatica and arthritis this year. Do they know what they are doing? HMG has placed another order for Covid-19 vaccine, with US drug makers Johnson & Johnson's Janssen and Novavax Inc, making a total of 240 million doses, with most vaccines requiring two injections. I hope somebody can justify the cost of all this. Indoor Biotechnologies develops test for Covid-19 infection. Namely quantifying the T-Cells which are created when the body becomes infected, since they create antibodies to fight infection. HMG replaces Public Health England with the Health Protection Institute. No reason is given, but many people feel that PHE is being made a scape goat for HMG's incompetence in handling this pandemic. The worldwide death toll from Covid-19 now stands at 777,000 whilst HMG has adjusted the death toll in the UK, only including those that have died within 30 days of being diagnosed, justifying a reduction in numbers, as if it was nothing more than statistics of the unemployed. As such the figure now stands at 41,000. Worldwide, infections are rising at an alarming rate.

    203. The management at the UK store chain Marks & Spencer can see the light. With internet sales outstripping those in their stores, they have decided to make 7,000 employees redundant. Shortly after, the company buys a 50% stake in the home delivery business Ocado. It may not be long before councils announce plans to introduce high street housing developments. Pizza Express food outlet is to close 73 sites making 1100 redundant, whilst Debenhams stores axes a further 2,500 jobs on top of the 4,000 it announced last May. I finally get my website on the internet. Now what do I do with all the spare time I've now got? Out there, there are many people asking the same question. The pubs are dead, theatres closed. With no work and no leisure, many people feel that they have no reason to live. The weather has been so hot at times that I haven't even dared to have my computer on. No solitaire and music. Few want a foreign holiday after HMG announced that France was on its Covid-19 black list at 4am in the morning, giving holiday makers 24 hours to get back to Blighty or face 14 days quarantine. How would you feel if you had forked out a thousand pounds for a family holiday abroad, only to have to cancel it after a few days, or face being prevented going back to work after it, resulting in dismissal? The list of countries on the black list gets longer as the predictable result of relaxing social distancing measures becomes apparent. Why has HMG suddenly taken so much interest in controlling the flow of people across our borders, and telling us to wear face masks, when it did the opposite in February? A society of silence and stillness torments the masses, causing a notable rise in mental illness. There arises a seething hot bed of discontent, particularly amongst young people, who are denied their outgoing social life. There is a notable shift amongst my neighbours to create entertainment areas in their back gardens for get togethers. Police break up meetings containing too many people, including weddings and music venues, even though HMG has given the green light to live indoor entertainment venues. Hot beds of Covid-19 infection, such as in pubs and clubs, are closed down. Temporary regional lockdowns are imposed in the UK as the death rate hangs at about twenty per day. The torture goes on and on. I think it's time for me to get out my plastic construction kits.

    204. August 24th, 2020...British restaurant chain Pret-A-Manager to make 2,800 redundant, American Airlines announces 19,000 redundancies, whilst Tesco supermarkets in the UK decides to recruit 16,000 workers to select items on grocery lists and deliver them to people's homes. Fast food outlet Kentucky Fried Chicken decide to drop their slogan 'finger licking good' owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. And I wasn't feeling good that morning as I awoke at 4-45am to the sound of loud music and disco lights 200m away, down the road where the drug pushers hang out. It's a place I try to avoid, but the corner shop (convenience store) is down there, and I needed some more bread and milk. As I arrived, I was greeted by numerous empty bottles and cans dumped by revelers a few hours before. Due to rising Covid-19 infections, Birmingham was now on HMG's watch list. No sign of water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets yet. Mind you, I've never seen the police on my estate. Unlike American police, they've got no guns. Conscript the lot of them, to work on the farms. Three days later my website finally appears on the internet via Bing search engine. And where's Google? I went round and round in circles trying to get my sitemap on Google, never knowing whether any of these websites were now legacy. Now I've finally put my foot in it. As the days went by no one visited it. How was I to advertise it?

    205. August 28th, 2020...Rumour has it that HMG is drawing up a plan to get office workers back into city centres to stimulate the transport and retail businesses. Well when office blocks conform to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare) standards maybe that will happen, but right now of course, the government doesn't give a damn about the risk to people's lives. And by now of course, the average office worker has developed a deep seated loathing for commuting, known as the daily grind, or worse, with the risk of upskirting. It also beggars the question, 'why is HMG still located in the capital? Surely their offices don't comply to NBC standards, so where is their refuge. Have they sold off their last remaining nuclear bunkers from the days of the cold war? Supposing Covid-19 becomes more infectious and more lethal. What will HMG do then? Just lie down and die? The fact is that we are not prepared for anything worse. Just look at all the billions of honest hard working tax payer's money that governments in the west spend on wiping out the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans and Iranians, and we can't even protect our own office workers. In the meantime, HMG has set up the UK-CIC (UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium) of 17 UK research centres to investigate how long Covid-19 immunity lasts and why the symptoms are so varied. A report from Hong Kong states that a person was reinfected with Covid-19 four and a half months after the initial infection. Determined to survive the next infection, our beloved prime minister has now embarked upon an intense exercise regime to lose weight. I looked at the scales last night, which read ten stone seven pounds. Looks like I'll have to stop consuming my daily intake of honey and marmite... for a while.

    206. August 30th, 2020...HMG is still determined to get children back to school despite poor social distancing, bad ventilation, asymptomatic and threat to teachers. Now a study from South Korea states that children can have the Covid-19 coronavirus in their nose for up to three weeks after infection. Meanwhile the UCU (University & College Union) states that with one million students returning to higher education across the country, it risks turning colleges and universities into care homes of the second wave.

    207. It is now necessary for me to explain the medical difference between a vaccine and a cure. A vaccine is usually an immobilized organism related in someway to the virus or coronavirus one is trying to impede. It is injected into the subject whilst they are still in good health. It may require a booster injection months or years later. It effectively enhances the bodies immune system, enabling it to recognise the attacker as soon as it enters the body, and before any real damage is caused. A cure on the other hand, requires human intervention after much damage has been caused to the human body, known as visible symptoms. Getting a patient to take orally (drink) antibodies, does what the human body normally does when a foreign body is detected within it, but cures are generally needed when this recognition fails to take place. With bioengineering, it is now possible to inject just part of the offending organism into the patient in such large quantities that the immune system cannot fail to detect them. Unfortunately a cure is only applied after the infection. The initial infection will inevitably cause some permanent damage to the body. Repeated infections will eventually cause the immune system to collapse and the subject, or that part of the affected metabolism, to die. However, with recent major advances in the treatment of malaria and tuberculosis, we may well be witnessing the birth of a new era in medical science.

    208. There is a growing feeling in the medical professions, that like the influenza virus (the common cold) and HIV, the creation of a vaccine for Covid-19 is impossible. It has been noticed that lgG antibodies produced by infected people's immune systems only last a couple of months, affording no protection against reinfection after that time. This means that governments must plan for a world where Covid-19 is a permanent threat, but unlike the flu, it's around every month and is more lethal. And with over one hundred variants, it's likely to get even more deadly. Will government's simply look after number one, or work together? In such a world, social distancing will be the norm. Will centres for social gathering ever reopen? Will trains, buses, airliners be permanently shunned by the general public, with employees taken to work by employer ordered taxis? In order to reduce fatalities, governments must promote a healthy lifestyle, through the consumption of healthy foods in the correct amount, as well as through physical exercise, and through regular health checks. In order to obviate social gatherings, the state will appoint partners. Governments will promote the concept of healthy families. These families will be adopted by employers. Employers will provide work sharing schemes for the two bread winners, whilst their children will be cared for in the works nursery and later educated and trained on site. All this is to ensure that the families' movements are kept to a minimum, in order to minimize Covid-19 transmission. Employers will scan their workforce and their families daily. Families will scan one another daily. Like other deadly viruses and corona viruses that linger in the background, such as lassa fever and bubonic plague, Covid-19 will become a permanent fact of life, to be constantly monitored by the CDC. Covid-19 can also infect lions, tigers, mink, cattle, pigs, chickens, causing pneumonia. It can probably infect your pets. It may also spread to other species, with as yet no idea of the possible repercussions. Do we ban people from going to zoos? The BSE outbreak in the UK, which led to the incineration of thousands of cattle carcasses, after they were infected by feed stock made from deceased African antelopes obtained from a zoo, clearly shows the complexity of this problem, that the human race has created for itself. It is clear to me that we need order, and that that is only likely to come about through the creation of a world technocracy. We maybe forced to switch to artificial meats sooner than anticipated. Holidays will be in family groups, but not abroad. Places open to the general public will have activated charcoal filters fitted to their HVAC systems, which will be inspected regularly. Similar to the badge worn by people on nuclear sites, everyone will wear a Covid-19 badge when outside the home. Treatments against infection maybe administered on a regular basis. Over eighty years later, the national socialist concept of a perfect race has emerged again. Strength through joy. Will nations create a post Covid-19 world, or simply carry on regardless, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, simply to keep the global economy going?

    209. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Kuncoro Widyo Rumpoko Memakamkan_Jenasah_Pasien_Covid-19.jpg
      WC: The Covid-19 Bodies Keep Coming

    210. If no vaccine is discovered, it will probably hang around for years, requiring global cooperation from governments and health organisations. Ultimately Covid-19 will destroy our immune system, and like HIV sufferers with acquired immune deficiency syndrome, we will die. We will become as extinct as all those alien civilisations out there on exoplanets across our galaxy who couldn't make the next step. Our technology combined with nature, will have defeated us. By 2023 to 2025 the human race could be extinct. The airports and seaports have still not been closed to passengers, whilst the mortality rate is on no more than a thirty degree downward slope. On May 11th HMG released a fifty page manual explaining the government's plan to ease lockdown measures. There's no mention of employers sorting out transport needs for employees, either through car share or taxis, and no mention of social isolation through employer's social club, gym, medical services, education and training.

    211. Clearly HMG still thinks this pandemic won't last too long. HMG wants to maintain social distancing at two metres on public transport and in schools. They will still not consider education and training via the internet. Classrooms that once held thirty school children, can only house nine under the two metre rule. HMG insists upon fifteen. As for buses and railway carriages, imposing the two metre rule would make the operation uneconomic, that's assuming anyone would want to play musical chairs with these loons, but HMG is insistent, whilst the unions want risk assessment. It's like a scene from the keystone cops. How on Earth has the greatest empire in the world come to this. It's pathetic. HMG is clueless, out of its depth. It's lost the plot, but determined to carry on regardless. It plainly can't think straight, due to stress, whilst there's no one in parliament prepared to take the reins, and risk coming under fire. No one is going to get impeached, because the MPs know that they stand and fall together. The establishment protects its own. We urgently need a technocracy, management by relevantly qualified and trained experts, in all organisations in the UK, not just government. But that cannot come about except through the spillage of blood. Well now the blood and tears are falling. They are falling in hospitals across the land. Will you vote for these thumb sucking political parties at the next general election? If you're a frustrated retired or quarantined professional with technical qualifications, don't you think it's about time you achieved something really great in your life? Namely, stand for parliament as an independent candidate for your community. It's time to say, "enough is enough."

    212. September 1st, 2020...Our prime minister is now castigated for failing to see representatives of 'Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice,' after they had written to him five times, but as he points out in a half hour session of prime minister's questions in the House of Commons at midday Wednesday, they have taken litigation out against HMG for its handling of the pandemic. The NHS is now promoting a 'soup and shake' diet regime for those suffering from type II diabetes. It took me five minutes to find it on my PC, since for some reason the news media get priority on the list of results, but I couldn't download it to my smart phone. 'It will be downloaded soon,' came the result. Well that's IT for ya. I checked out my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 23.6, and was told I was healthy. Well I'm not. In addition to arthritis in my right knee I'm also getting pains in my back, some needle like pains for a split second when I bend or sit down. I looked it up on a website. There are that many kinds of arthritis that I couldn't make up my mind what I suffered from. All I know is that it hurts, and thus far I've received no effective treatment since this started about six months ago. Is it connected to my Covid-19 infection, five months ago?

    213. September 6th, 2020...Oxford Vaccine Group-Astra Zeneca test subject suffers from a neurological condition resulting in temporary suspension of Covid-19 vaccine testing.

    214. September 7th, 2020...HMG insists that civil servants return to their offices in Whitehall, London in order to stimulate the local economy, trains, buses, taxis, underground, hair dressers, coffee houses, sandwich bars, cafes, restaurants, gymnasiums, theatres and the like. The words fall almost on deaf ears, since the civil servant union calls it an outdated mentality. Lack of numbers in government departments is affecting the application of law and order, with court cases being held back at least one year. The National Crime Agency is accused of failing to investigate financial institutions that are accused of falsifying documents in order to reposes people's homes. The evidence, in nineteen boxes, covers 362 cases. MPs complained to them one year ago about lack of progress, but they have still not interviewed the victims. No matter how tough the going gets, you never shut down government. I get a strong feeling that civilisation is slowly crumbling away. To make matters worse, it now appears that the Covid-19 outbreak maybe not as bad as first assumed. Reports suggest that Covid-19 tests could be detecting dead remnants of the coronavirus from earlier infections. As for me, I am more concerned at the level of air pollution on my housing estate. I did complain about it to the council a few years ago only for them to ask, 'where is it coming from?' Well I didn't have any mobile test equipment, which would no doubt cost thousands of pounds. Today I can't even report this pollution because the capability has been removed from the council's web site. I think the pollution comes from a local trading estate about half a mile away. It drifts over the tops of most houses then builds up along my row of terraced housing, which acts as a dam. The 1.8 metre high garden fences ensure that the only way it will move on is by opening your windows and doors and letting it drift through the house. The pollution is choking. It permeates my clothes, and is no doubt a contributory factor in local deaths in this terrace, of which there have been two in the six years I've lived here. HMG has thus far handed out 35.4 billion pounds in furlough payments, which pays 80% of a person's wages up to 2,500 pounds per month. However, it now appears that some of it has been handed out by mistake or through fraud, to the tune of 3.5 billion. HMG wouldn't miss a tiny million would they? The TV programme I watch more than any other is 'A Place in the Sun.' My investments are falling in value as the number of redundancies increases. About seven people stabbed by a deranged man in Birmingham city centre Saturday night, one fatally. Gotta get out of here. Dream on Nige.

    215. HMG and many other western governments are now in the process of creating a second wave by lifting the lockdown. As stated before, the lockdown is not a cure, it is simply a delaying tactic, in the hope that a vaccine or cure comes along in the mean time. The politicians are now worried sick, because they can see the entire capitalist banking system collapsing. It's a mind shattering game of poker. Save lives, or save capitalism, democracy and win the next general election, if only the media would look the other way. Can they be bought off with a few medals and titles here and there, as the cremation furnaces burn on? Lorry drivers are defecating in their lorries. Day trippers, out for the first time in two months, are defecating behind trees and in sand dunes, all because the local authorities have shut the nation's public toilets, although why, I simply fail to understand. It's now clear that local authorities don't give a damn about general health anymore than central government does. We have a prime minister whose decisions appear to be answerable to no one. His Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) appears to be ignored in the main. Decisions are made based upon mathematical formulae, that take no account of unpredictable factors such as super spreaders, whilst the test and trace app is still not operational at the time of writing, and of course there are more infections in South Korea and the PRC.

    216. September 18th, 2020...A BBC investigation confirms that Sir Patrick Vallance, HMG's chief scientific adviser, advised the prime minister to institute a lockdown of the UK far earlier than has thus far been admitted. The information comes via the freedom of information act. Another treatment being trialed for Covid-19 patients consists of monoclonal antibodies. This is an expensive treatment normally reserved for cancer patients. The R number is starting to rise again, indicating that a predictable second wave of Covid-19 is in the offering. Of course HMG is doing everything in its power not to admit that it's a second wave. Reported infections in England are now running at 6,000 per day. There are now increased lockdown measures in Birmingham, north east England including Newcastle, Manchester, with Liverpool suspected of being the next in line. HMG's Covid-19 response has been based upon the R number. The R number is a mathematical probability for determining when a lockdown should be implemented. Anything greater than one means that an infected person will infect that many people before they are either quarantined, cured, or they die. R stands for reproduction. This number is obtained from a graph showing infections in the vertical axis and time in days along the horizontal axis. The number of infections for a region is plotted over time. It is usually a wavy line. An accurate R number (reproduction number) can be obtained by dividing the second weekly total by the first weekly total, if accurate statistics are employed. e.g. If the second week is 30 and the first week is 20, then the R number is 1.5. This means that one person has infected 1.5 people on average. If the R number is less than one then the reproduction rate is falling. The death rate statistics will be more accurate than using infection rate, but the results will be more out of date, since the deceased will have been infected two to four weeks earlier. There are still many people complaining of the length of time it takes to get a Coronavirus check and the twenty-four hour wait for the result, some having to travel one hundred miles to a test centre. Almost two thirds of workers have now returned to work, many of whom want a test in order to satisfy their employer. Imperial College, London disclose that a lab-on-a chip can detect whether or not someone has Covid-19 within ninety minutes, which is being trialed at four NHS hospitals.

    217. September 21st, 2020...The Labour shadow chancellor criticizes HMG's cavalier spending on Covid-19. I must admit that HMG appears to be spending like there's no tomorrow. HMG now has signed supply agreements with about seven companies for five vaccines. HMG scraps rail franchises, which has cost them, or should I say us, 3.5 billion pounds during the pandemic. The support for the running of half empty trains will continue, but why isn't HMG supporting the aerospace industry, after all it will be the exports from high tech industries that will be supporting the pound and our way of life after this pandemic? With the prime minister noticeably absent, HMG's chief medical adviser Professor Chris Witty and HMG's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance face the media and the nation regarding Covid-19's state of play. Yes, like much of Europe, the second wave is getting closer. Surprise, surprise. The UK will be experiencing fifty thousand reported infections per day by mid-October, with a predicted mortality rate of two hundred dead in mid- November. Eight per cent of the population have antibodies against Covid-19, meaning that many people are still susceptible to infection. We may get a vaccine at the end of this year, but in the meantime HMG wants our full co-operation, or else a blanket lockdown across the entire UK is certain. Pubs and bars are now closing at 10pm, and I still haven't had a drop of alcohol since the start of the lockdown seven months ago. MPs are now getting sick of all the decrees from the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street, instead of them being debated and voted upon in parliament. Five days previously, Covid-19 virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan released a paper claiming that the coronavirus was produced in a lab. As the infection rate rose in the UK HMG scientific advisers called for a Covid-19 circuit breaker, a two week national lockdown, without success.

    218. Meanwhile a financial scandal partly involving the ruling Conservative Party, is coming to light. Reports suggest that both HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, JP Morgan, and Bank of New York Mellon banks have been involved in the money laundering of two trillion dollars, although some banks claim the report refers to historical dealings, that have already been dealt with by regulators. The report, known as FinCEN, (U.S. Department of Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network based upon at least 2,500 SARs (suspicious activity reports about banks usually from other banks)), lists several billionaires including Vladimir Putin's close friend, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, who did business with Barclays Bank even though he had been on the US and EU sanction's lists since 2014. In addition, Russian Suleyman Kerimov is reported to have handed 6.1 million pounds to the husband of socialite Lubov Chernukhin, through a company based in the Virgin Islands, who in return for playing tennis with Boris Johnson and David Cameron and for an evening out with Theresa May of the Conservative Party, paid the party 1.7 million pounds. Suleyman Kerimov is on the USG's sanctions list. Well having survived Brexit, HS2, Covid-19 PPE and tests, I don't think this scandal will change the UK's political scene anytime soon. Naturally there are calls for the money to be handed back, but to whom? Where did the money ultimately come from, the hard working and honest Russian tax payers?

    219. September 23rd, 2020...Discovered this morning that my urine had turned from pale yellow to black. Contacted my medical centre for a GP appointment which will be over the phone, due to Covid-19. I'm still waiting for an injection for my right knee. I've been for two three hour walks this week to take photos of the city centre, which my knee appears to have taken in its stride. The first set of photos I somehow failed to save on my laptop during the transfer. Also, I've been waiting for a cancer check for about one month, as a result of the death of my brother. I don't think the NHS wants to know patients over the age of seventy. Looks like I'll have to put all my music lists on the internet sooner than anticipated. The PM appeared on TV at 8pm telling office workers to work from home, due to the near exponential growth of Covid-19 infections. There was no mention of a u-turn, no apology, nor sorrow for killing so many people during this relaxation of lockdown experiment. Just how many extra deaths were there. For a government that likes statistics, that figure was markedly absent. Professor John Edmunds says HMG's anti Covid-19 measures do not go far enough.

    220. September 24th, 2020...Updated all my music lists, making them compatible with my website, should I need to upload it all at a moments notice. I didn't hear from a GP, but when I looked up the problem on the web, I came to the conclusion that my black blood was due to dehydration, caused by walking around the city centre for two hours in the sunshine, taking photos for my website. HMG starts its test & trace app for smart phones today. Only trouble is that the combined intelligence of Microsoft, Google, Arm and Samsung is greater than my desire to download this app. All I get on my smart phone is soft porn from Sun Newspapers, which I can't get rid of. Now if you want people to find your product or service on the internet you give it a distinctive name, like Lazarus. Unfortunately I don't think the NHS and HMG have grasped this concept, as I can't find it amongst all the similar sounding apps. BBC teletext naturally doesn't give advice. Very often they can't even tell you what sport their written comments are referring to. The NHS website on my laptop says you download from Google Play, but I can't even reach that on my smart phone. It's Singapore all over again, at the taxpayers expense. HMG announces the job support scheme that will replace the furlough scheme at the end of October. It's complicated, with many workers omitted.

    221. September 28th, 2020...The old test and trace cost 11 million pounds before it was scrapped. Its replacement has cost 25 million pounds, whilst including the manned support, will cost 10 billion pounds ultimately. Approximately one hundred and sixty pounds per person. It's based upon bluetooth, which is known to have limitations. The only cheerful news came from the pleasure Palace of Westminster, announcing that due to public anger, the bars would now close at the same time as those across the rest of the country, namely 10pm. Evidently, they had stayed open in the palace later as they are classed as workplace canteens.

    222. September 30th, 2020...The oil production company Royal Dutch Shell Group announce 9,000 redundancies, whilst the entertainment cartoon and pleasure park business, Walt Disney, axe 28,000 jobs. Foreign students at the University of Edinburgh are reported to be begging for food due to enforced self isolation due to Covid-19. Each course costs each student thirty thousand pounds per annum. There is much bitterness amongst the million students who have travelled to these universities only to end up in lockdown. It is unclear whether they will be allowed home to their parents at Christmas. As warnings of closures and redundancies are announced from Fullers' breweries, Whitbread, Premier Inns and Wetherspoon, TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) announce 164 bank branches closing with 960 jobs in addition to 82 branches closing in November, mainly due to the accelerated switch to internet banking brought on by the pandemic.

    223. October 7th, 2020...HMG are calling this the second lockdown, but for most people it has been one continuous mess. Reports are coming in of villains making hundreds of millions out of HMG financial Covid-19 support. So why didn't the civil service check these claims with the inland revenue and companies house, and of course a company reference from a well known associate company or services company. And who checked the national insurance records? And of course, why didn't HMG find temporary employment for all these people in the emergency services. I get the feeling that Microsoft and Facebook know more about what people in this country are up to than the government, which again beggars the question, 'why didn't HMG contract out Covid-19 response?' IT companies plainly have the analytics, whilst HMG has the cookies. More companies announce redundancies including the pub chain Greene King's axing of 800 jobs, no doubt after hearing the PM say that getting a vaccine will not be the end of this affair. Presumably he hasn't taken any notice of the thoughts of chairman Bill Gates. Apparently there will be a vote in parliament next week on whether the 10pm early closing time of pubs should be scrapped. If that happens, then I could be going out to disco bars, and getting infected, much earlier than previously anticipated. Something at last to live for. The normal opening hours for pubs and bars is 11am to 11pm all week. Some pubs open at 6am to serve breakfasts, such as that near Birmingham markets. Disco bars stay open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, in a good year.

    224. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Mikael Häggström Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease.png
      WC: Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease

    225. October 15th, 2020...The Australian National Science Agency says that Covid-19 can survive for 28 days on cash, mobile phone screens and stainless steel. In many European countries, including the UK, Covid-19 infections are increasing alarmingly. Four days before there were 3837 patients with the coronavirus, as HMG put three nightingale hospitals on standby, whilst saying that the UK would not be put under a national lockdown. A rule whereby no more than six people could meet, was now in force. HMG announced a three tier system, putting Liverpool in tier three, the top most serious. Parts of Greater London were now in tier three, whilst much of northern England was in tier two. The situation was worse than it had been on March 23rd, at the start of the lockdown. The effects on pubs and restaurants was crippling. On the twelfth M&B (Mitchells & Butlers brewery and pub chains Harvester and All Bar One) announced that they were negotiating redundancies. They employ 44,000 at 1700 pubs. The next day Marston pub and brewery chain axe 2,150 jobs, whilst on the sixteenth JD Wetherspoon pub chain announced a loss of 105 million pounds. NEC Group, the owners of the National Exhibition Centre, NEC Arena, etc. announce the axing of 450 jobs. In the first six months of 2020 there has been a net loss of six thousand stores in the UK. The leisure and retail industries were crumbling away before our eyes. Despite all the sacrifice made by the general public there was a report that there were no Covid-19 checks on passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport, whilst illegal immigrants were crossing the Atlantic Ocean from west Africa to the Canary Islands, no doubt because the English Channel was a bit too rough for them at this time of year. The conduct of our own citizens was little better, with rowdy youths encircling a police car in Concert Square, Liverpool at ten pm, two hours before the city goes into lockdown, whilst the mayor of Manchester refused to accept that the city had to go into tier three. Even members of parliament in the ruling party would not accept these draconian measures. They were playing with people's lives, unable to accept the fact that the government's only solution was a vaccine months from now. Much to the annoyance of governments in the west, Russia announced a second vaccine, whilst the PRC had one for sale. Meanwhile the French government announces the lockdown of nine cities including Paris. A night curfew will be imposed from 9pm to 6am. The lights are going out across Europe. French gendarmes carry out house searches on the homes of senior politicians during their investigation into the pandemic fiasco, particularly their late response to it and PPE shortage. The health minister Olivier Veran and director of national health Jerome Salomon were included. Regretfully however, no one was running in any British politicians. Russia announces its second vaccine, after a very limited test period.

    226. October 26th, 2020...Germany is to install improved HVAC systems inside public buildings, as nations across Europe restrict the movement of people in the face of a resurgence in Covid-19 infections. There are now 13.6 million carers in the UK, many unpaid, now deprived of assistance due to shielding restrictions. HMG refuses to provide free meals to school children during the half term holiday. Our prime minister is proving to be as unpopular as the Roman emperor Caligula. Ninety waste water treatment plants in the UK are now monitoring the presence of Covid-19 in the water. What took them so long? Boots the chemist now offer a 12 minute nasal swab test for 120 pounds, to determine whether you have Covid-19. Conflicting reports state that Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has mutated from 14 to 30 times. The most obvious mutation called the D614G strain is found on the spike protein, which binds to other cells to infect. Does this make it more lethal? However, scientists in SAGE, HMG's Covid-19 advisory panel, are now urging the prime minister to impose a national lockdown, whilst a group of northern Conservative MPs are demanding a lockdown get out plan. Other European countries are in a similar situation. The general public are being treated little better than bugs in a Petri dish. Will they vote for these serial killers at the next general election? HMG could have used this lockdown as a golden opportunity to get the nation healthy both physically and mentally. It could have put most education and training courses on the internet. If there's one thing that employers moan about its low levels of education and inadequate training. Scotland would put most of its university courses on the internet starting January 2021. As for physical health, HMG could have rationed food. As it is supermarkets have beaten me to it.

    227. October 31st, 2020...Booking my next grocery delivery on the internet, I realised that about 80% of processed meals were no longer available, presumably due to the closure of abattoirs and meal preparation factories as a result of Covid-19 contamination and employee infection. The situation had been getting noticeably worse over the past two months. The thought of this epidemic spreading through the nation's agriculture and prepared meals infrastructure filled me with foreboding. I could visualize long queues at the supermarket again, with only vegetables on the shelves, assuming HMG conscripts the unemployed to work in the fields. By then we will have become a nation of vegetarians, with withdrawal symptoms, longing for a juicy red steak. I was now back to eating those small pizzas with baked beans, plus spicy meals that might trigger an allergic reaction. A galloping gourmet, I definitely am not. Both Germany and France impose national lockdowns again. The streets were jammed with traffic on the night of the thirtieth, as residents headed for the family vineyard I presume; seeking the good life, for who knows how long. The Covid-19 infection rate has increased by a factor of four as scientists predict 85,000 dead in the UK during the coming months. Belgium imposes a national lockdown. Once again I ask, 'how many lives has this experiment cost, and will anyone be arrested because of it?' I decide that enough is enough and embark upon my website advertising campaign. I have had it on the internet three months and as far as I can tell from the Google and Bing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) software, no one has looked at it. It's therefore time to try out their free 85 pound offers, and inflict pain where due. Watching BBC News at 11-30am I learned of the death of Scottish actor and 007 Sir Sean Connery. He died in bed at his home in the Bahamas. I found it most depressing, which left me with a headache for the rest of the day. The incident appeared to be symptomatic of the entire country. It was dying. As if to confirm my suspicions, there was a second incident that evening. Upon hearing loud voices outside, I opened the bathroom window to see that the roads had been taped off, with what I assumed to be community police standing in the constant rain, without umbrellas, next to them. Upon going outside, I was told that someone had been shot, and this was now a crime scene. Every Saturday night there would be an occupied parked car at the end of the street which I assumed to be occupied by a drug dealer. At the bottom of the street there would be at least one drug dealer standing there every day of the week, all day, which was why I hated going down there, for that was where the local corner shop (convenience store) was located. We were, in my opinion, on the verge of becoming a third world nation like Mexico, where the politicians are corrupt and the police too afraid; who later become recruiters to the drug gangs and later their executioners. Do you honestly believe that your government is an asset? When you can't get your police force to investigate the mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic by government, you just know that this is ultimately going to happen. And of course this wouldn't happen if we had a political/economic system as described on this website.

    228. The Oxford Vaccine Group-AstraZeneca team have now produced 1.2 million doses of their vaccine at Oxford Biomedica. It can be transported at 4C, thereby making it much cheaper than that supplied by Modena and co.

    229. November 2nd, 2020...It was the calm after the storm; three storms to be exact, Epsilon, Aiden and Zeta. There had so far been at least twenty tropical storms which originate in the Caribbean Sea, ultimately dumping their rain on the British Isles. To make matters worse I had endured excruciating pain, the equivalent of half a dozen toothaches. It was an allergic reaction in my lower left jaw, whilst the pills I take don't provide instant relief. It was the first time I'd had it in my jaw. Normally it effects either my lips, tongue or cheek. Probably caused by breathing in body odours, perfume, etc. during my walk in the city centre on Saturday afternoon. I had worn a mask throughout, but they are not impregnated with activated charcoal. Growing old is not a pleasant experience. The good news is that the roof is still on, and the photo-voltaics still work. There was nothing interesting on TV to watch, so I spent most of the time playing solitaire whilst listening to my R&B music. It brought back memories of the nights I'd spent at the Brasshouse pub. How much more cabin fever would I have to endure? HMG was about to unleash another national lockdown. Even if they lift it for Christmas, I doubt whether I will be allowed to go to a disco bar. Christmas alone as usual. Must get a christmas card for Brent and his wife, the only relatives whose address I now know. The police are spending much of their time breaking up parties of hundreds of young people, and I can see why it happens. My experience shows that when you are over 25 years of age, women simply don't want to know you, unless they're prostitutes. The time for young men to find a partner is rapidly running out; a problem that HMG hasn't even acknowledged. Transferred my rock & roll music list to my website.

    230. November 5th, 2020...Pupils aged 7 years or over in Singapore are told to either carry their mobile phone with them, with the Covid-19 contact tracing app installed, or carry the free Covid-19 pendant. A scientific report states that that there is no increase in severe Covid-19 infections amongst families with school children in the UK. There are now 60,000 Covid-19 dead out of 430,000 deceased in the UK in the year 2020. I see the British conspiracy writer David Icke has been banned from Twitter, after earlier being banned from Facebook and YouTube. I keep my stories as accurate and complete as possible, not knowing what is true and what isn't. I like reading in Twitter. It's like my website only ten times better. I'm still investigating advertising, and the more I read, the more I realise that there is no such thing as free speech on the internet. Advertising is expensive. Also feint news that the NHS could have a vaccine ready by Christmas. Meanwhile breaches in lockdown can result in 200 pound fines, up to a total of 6,400 pounds. The Bank of England offers a loan to HMG of 150 billion pounds, otherwise known as quantitative easing. Interest rates remain on hold at 0.1%. Sainsbury supermarkets will close 420 Argos stores transferring their operations to 150 new ones in house, cutting 3,500 jobs. 17 million infected mink are slaughtered in Denmark after 200 people get infected with a variant of Covid-19 from them, which may circumvent any new vaccines currently being tested. The area is sealed off. This happened in Spain a few months before and at half a dozen other places. In Scotland the CDIT (Covid Deaths Investigation Team) investigate care home management for the COPFS (Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service).

    231. Whilst looking at ways to advertise my website, I came to the conclusion that it's unnecessarily expensive. HMG could make British produced products and services cheaper and more cost effective if it provided the advertising at cost price. It could get MI5 and MI6 running around gathering the analytics. Providing proof that it's on the job. It would also reduce the cost of living. As for my website, I couldn't charge a membership fee as I have no members. Perhaps I should consider crowd funding through the Kickstarter website? Free speech is anything but free on the internet.

    232. November 13th, 2020...The prime ministers chief adviser Dominic Cummings departs 10 Downing Street for the last time shortly after the departure of the PM's director of communications Lee Cain. This follows the retirement of several senior civil servants, including Sir Philip Rutnam who is suing for constructive dismissal, and Sir Alex Allan, the adviser to the ministerial code who quit (on November 20th) after the PM gave his support to the home secretary Priti Patel, who was accused of bullying. So which way does the balance of intelligence and professionalism verses ignorance, old boy network, shear bloody mindedness and apathy now swing?

    233. November 16th, 2020...Pfizer and BioNTech announce that their vaccine will be ready by Xmas. Two jabs will be needed three months apart, initially for the elderly and NHS front line staff. The inoculation rate will be only one million per month. With a population of over 67 million, where does that leave everyone else? Things are miserable enough, what with no public firework displays on bonfire night (November 5th) to celebrate Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up parliament, and the festival of lights known as Diwali for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs on November 14th, having to wait probably over another year for a Covid-19 vacination is to endure the unendurable. As if things couldn't get any worse, I tried to upload a Q&A app to my website on the eleventh only to see it fail to install twice. I later learned that the sale of the Microsoft X-Box resulted in so many downloads of the Call of Duty computer game that it almost brought the internet to a standstill. The next day my internet download speed had dropped to 5Mbps (megabits per second) when it should have been at 35Mbps. The day after it was at 24Mbps. On the sixteenth the Bing internet speed checker recorded an average of 10Mbps download and 8Mbps upload. If this is caused by game downloading then it's time UK companies sued the offending organisations; both the games console manufacturers who have enabled this system and the ISPs for allowing this to happen. Is my ISP throttling my connection? My telephone reception has also been repeatedly dropping out. How do I test these lines. Complained to my ISP but have so far received no reply. On the pandemic front HMG are to open two Covid-19 testing megalabs early next year. The Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen, owned by Johnson & Johnson, commences trials in the UK of its vaccine, whilst the American company Moderna announce that their Covid-19 vaccine is 94.5% effective in trials. As for the health of my internet connection, it was now 15Mbps upload and download. The next day my prayers were answered as workmen turned up to lay fibre optic cables in the street. My Tesco food delivery was again late and incomplete. I learned that it was due to the packers not allowed to take items off the shelves but having instead to use an adjoining warehouse that was simply too small to contain all the necessary goods. So the incomplete deliveries were not caused by food factories shut down due to infected workers.

    234. images my ideas/shut pandemic bioreactor.jpg
      SHUT: A bioreactor
    235. November 18th, 2020...The UK's NAO (National Audit Office) questions HMG's use of MPs, peers and ministers to enable the purchase of PPE, amounting to 18 billion pounds, apparently without checks and balances to eliminate conflict of interest. The fast track approach based upon emergency procurement regulations lacked transparency and documentation. 10.5 billion pounds of orders went through without a competitive tendering process. In addition a family pest control firm was handed a £108m PPE contract, and nobody knows how this came about. Much of the PPE purchased is of single use, or of such a low standard that it could not be used in a more contagious environment such as to treat SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV-1 patients. Had these purchases been made in February then the bill would likely have been ten billion pounds less. The correct PPE was not purchased before then because HMG was concentrating on a flu pandemic and nothing more serious. All of these purchases were no doubt made through the combined efforts of the purchasing departments in all the NHS regions. So why didn't they think out of the box? Why didn't they get this low tech stuff made by volunteers in the UK; galvanize a cottage industry? There are no doubt thousands of sewing machines out there that could make face masks, etc. All that's needed are the materials. But there appears to be precious little intelligent management behind this procurement, never mind an effective project management structure. Money flows like water, in a bankrupt state. Most of the western world, indeed the whole world is bankrupt, beyond the financial pale. What future have any of us got?

    236. I'm cleaning my computer room and what do you think I've found? It's a publication from Birmingham's central library titled 'How to find suppliers by Business Insight.' There it is, general directories: Kompass, Thomson Business, Yellow pages, Marquesa, the latter to find manufacturer's name and address from product logo. Links to products including PPE. So why didn't these morons use it? Did they get a kick-back from these deals? Of course it does beggar the question, 'why hasn't HMG got its own website with free product details and marketing lists for British entrepreneurs and established businesses to access?' It would boost the British economy no end. You will remember this failure at the next general election won't you? And if you can't wait you can always email them. You can get their email address from the following websites:

    237. November 20th, 2020...Internet speed 13.3 download and 8.14 upload, and I've finally received a letter from my ISP (Internet Service Provider) telling me that they are looking into the problem. No need to complain to the ombudsman, and collect that compensation. Isn't that nice. Unfortunately after the scourge from Microsoft's X-Box comes the new Sony Playstation PS5. Fortunately for us serious web users, the port of Felixstowe is jammed with xmas presents stuck on container ships anchored off shore. He! He! He! To be fare, thousands of small shop owners were now facing bankruptcy, since they were having to stay shut in the lockdown whilst supermarkets could stay open and sell 'their' products. Officially this lockdown would end on December 2nd but most people realised that it would simply be renewed with little relief over Christmas, the most important time of the year for traders. Internet based businesses would prosper, whilst the small shop owner would not be able to create the product data for their own website, as it would take too long. So why doesn't HMG set up co-operatives of shop owners, and provide them with the necessary IT support? The internet revolution would require a political revolution first.

    238. images my ideas/shut CCTV Covid-19.jpg
      SHUT: CCTV Covid-19 detection
    239. November 23rd, 2020...The ChAdOx1 vaccine developed by the Jenner Institute, Oxford University, otherwise known as the Oxford Vaccine Group-AstraZeneca is proven to be 70 to 90% efficacy depending upon dosage. Giving an initial half dosage followed weeks later by a full dosage raises the efficacy. Four million doses are ready to use. It has taken ten months to reach this point. Will it stop virus transmission? For how long will it remain effective? The pandemic is far from over, but at least people now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been trying to arrange for someone to stay with me over christmas from abroad. However, trying to get accurate information in a constantly evolving scene is next to impossible when one realizes that it can take days simply to get a visa. As far as I could tell my visitor would have to quarantine for 14 days or be fined one thousand pounds if they did not. So much for holidays.

    240. There are eight different types of vaccine, most of which are being employed in the development of Covid-19 vaccines. Here is a list of some of the main contenders.

    241. Covid-19 Vaccines

      Oxford Vaccine Group
      ChAdOx1 https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/
      viral vector vaccine (non-replicating)
      100m ordered by HMG
      70 to 90% efficacy
      2 to 8C 6 months
      recombinant protein
      60m ordered by HMG
      BNT162b2 https://biontech.de/covid-19
      mRNA vaccine -60 to -80C 6 months,
      2 to 8C 5 days max
      Moderna mRNA-1273 https://www.modernatx.com/modernas-
      mRNA vaccine -20C
      Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Belgium)
      owned by Johnson & Johnson (USA)
      Janssen https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-
      viral vector vaccine 5C
      Sinovac Biotech CoronaVac http://www.sinovacbio.com/?optionid=754&auto_id=911 inactivated virus vaccine
      Beijing Institute of Biological Products Sinopharm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
      inactivated virus vaccine
      Codagenix (US)
      Serum Institute of India
      Covishield https://codagenix.com/
      live attenuated virus vaccine
      Bharat BioTech India Ltd.(BBIL)
      Indian Council of Medical Research
      National Institute of Virology
      Coaxin https://www.bharatbiotech.com/
      inactivated virus vaccine
      Indian Immunologicals Ltd
      Australia’s Griffith University.
      live attenuated virus vaccine
      Institut Pasteur (France) https://www.pasteur.fr/en/all-covid-19-
      viral vector vaccine (replicating)
      Cambridge University https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/
      protein subunit vaccine
      Medicago Inc (USA) https://www.medicago.com/en/covid-19-programs/ virus like particles vaccine
      Nottingham University
      DNA vaccine
      Gamaleya National Research
      Centre for Epidemiology
      Microbiology of Russian
      Healthcare Ministry
      Sputnik V https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
      human adenoviral vaccine
      92% efficacy
      -8C liquid form, 2 to 8C powder
    242. Approval for use in the UK has to come from the MHRA (British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) before it can be distributed. How these vaccines work is described on the following website.

    243. November 24th, 2020...To encourage business for airlines, HMG announces the introduction of Covid-19 tests five days after people arrive in the UK, at a cost of 120 pounds from December 15th. Following the troubles in Denmark there is a call for mink in UK to be tested for Covid-19. The world's largest PPE manufacturer announces that 16 of its factories in Malaysia that make latex gloves, are closed due to 2,500 workers contracting Covid-19. Amazon states that some Sony PS5 expectant customers have complained after, they opened the cardboard box to discover kitchen utensils instead of the latest games console. Oh dear; how sad; I'm in tears. How awful. Internet speed now 17 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload. What happened to the 35Mbps claim? Evidently the speed is reduced when I use a wi-fi connection and switch off the hub at night. Prices for Covid-19 vaccine now emerge. The NHS vaccine will cost £12-58 per dose, Pfizer $20, Moderna $10 to 50 depending upon quantity ordered and Astra Zeneca $4 per dose. The Russian Sputnik V will cost £15 for the two doses taken 42 days apart, says the Russian Direct Investment Fund. The second dose is different in makeup from the first, thereby prolonging resistance. To be manufactured in at least four countries. A dry vaccine form is designed for third world countries since it can be stored at 2 to 8 degrees centigrade. Internet wi-fi speed 16.60 Mbps download, 11.34 Mbps upload. Internet Ethernet speed 33.19 Mbps download, 10.92 Mbps upload. If the wi-fi download is half of ethernet why isn't the upload similar? Is it time for Superboost add-on to hub?

    244. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 NIAID-RML Novel_Coronavirus_SARS-CoV-2.jpg
      WC: SARS-COV-2 Through Electron Microscope

    245. November 29th, 2020...Arcadia, owners of Miss Selfridges, Burton, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins clothes retailers is now on the verge of closure, with the possible loss of 13,000 jobs. In addition thirteen hundred jobs are to go at M&B brewery and pub owners, whilst HMG announces that the business minister Nadhim Zahawi is to be the Covid-19 vaccine rollout minister until next summer. Incredibly zombie mink have been sited rising out of the ground in Denmark, caused by gasses forming in their tiny bodies. There is uproar in the Scandinavian country when it's realised that the extermination and disposal of our furry friends was not carried out within the law. As for me I have been trying to figure out just where Birmingham stands in the new government tier system. Now which is worse, tier one or tier five? It turns out that there is only tiers one to three, so which is worse, one or three. Tier three has the highest infection rate or R number, etc. Which tier your area is in is determined by about five factors:

    246. '
    247. 1...Pressure on the NHS.

    248. 2...Infection rate on elderly and ailing.

    249. 3...R (reproductive) number.

    250. 4...Positive test rate.

    251. I've looked at the areas shown on a map on BBC news but I am unable to identify the West Midlands on it. So I'm none the wiser. Whilst HMG has set out different controls for each tier, as far as I and most people are concerned, the lockdown from March continues. Using this psychology crap will not change our lives for the better, and the longer it continues, the more certain it will be engraved upon our thinking for years ahead. So why did HMG make this tier system so difficult to understand. It could have chosen obvious words to describe each tier, starting with the worst: bury, isolate, pray and sing. It did occur to me that instead of splitting the areas into counties, HMG should have split them up into TV transmitter areas. That way there could be a message in the top left of your TV screen telling you what tier you are in, with the details of each tier restriction in the teletext under health presumably. How many of you look at the science, technology and health pages, not to mention business? Educate yourself. I don't want teletext shut down after the pandemic. Television does not have to be programmes for dumb-dumbs.

    252. As of December 2020 there is still no police investigation of HMG's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. As with the Grenfell Tower fire, it could all be swept under the carpet as the months and years go by. It would appear that there is one legal system for the masses, where killers like me and Royal Navy officers get their comeuppance, and another system that is more concerned with protecting the establishment. This is the sort of arrangement one would expect in a totalitarian state. Maybe one day that will be exactly what we recognise that we have. By then it maybe too late.

    253. December 2nd, 2020...The retail chain Debenhams is declared insolvent with the loss of 12,000 jobs. The way trends are going it won't be long before HMG's defence procurement is bought via Amazon. This is what happens when the government has no Ministry for Information Technology, no means of recruiting IT experts to save our retail sector, no IT proficiency exams for directors to pass, and no IT vision. Parliament and HMG are of as much use to the economy of this nation as the captain on a sinking Titanic. Why didn't they freeze the capitalist system when they had the chance. They must have known last January that it would take at least one year and possibly two to defeat this pandemic, and yet no warning was given to companies at the time. Now we have at fifty-five MPs demanding a relaxation of the tier system in order to save the economy. Our financial place in the world in the long run is apparently more important to them than saving lives in the short term. At the next general election I hope their constituents remember this betrayal. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine finally receives approval in the UK with inoculations starting in one week's time. There are now officially 60,000 dead from Covid-19 in the UK, although the mortality figure is now at least 80,000 above normal.

    254. December 10th, 2020...The over eighties and front line medical staff are now having their first inoculation of the BioNtech & Pfizer BNT162b Covid-19 vaccine, brought in from Belgium by the RAF due to delays at UK container ports, where a combination of Brexit deadline, Christmas and the pandemic have brought global trade to a near standstill. ASDA, Tesco, Sainbury's, Morrison, and Aldi supermarkets all hand back the business rates relief that HMG gave them at the start of the lockdown, as grocery purchases via the internet go through the roof. B&Q did likewise as home owners relieved their cabin fever through DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

    255. December 19th, 2020...With Covid-19 infection rates rising across the world, HMG announces that due to a more contagious version of the virus increasing the infection rate around London, the whole of the south-east of England now comes under tier 4 restrictions, 'grave', at midnight. You can now only see one other person and that has to be outdoors. Christmas plans are cancelled. No one in authority thinks of postponing it a few months in order to help out retailers. Evidently there are 23 mutations of Covid-19, ours giving it a 71% increase in transmissibility. HMG sets up sixty long stay treatment centres for Covid-19 victims costing ten million pounds. There are now 27,000 new infectious cases and 534 dead in 24 hours. The official total dead now stands at 67,075. HMG assures us that the new version of Covid-19 can still be treated by existing vaccines, but that message doesn't sound convincing to many. There is a mass rush of people to get out of the city by train. Well I told you so. Can we now have the arrests, trials and executions? Of course there is no death penalty in the UK, but that's only because I'm not running the joint. The thought of this lot living it up in some grace and favour prison cell for thirty years does not amuse me. I'll settle for a world technocracy any day. And rather belatedly, the WHO is now to investigate the source of Covid-19 in the PRC, and presumably elsewhere. Huge queues of lorries going back miles now exist at UK ports Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Holyhead as the Brexit deadline approaches, with the main sticking point of fishing rights remaining unresolved. HMG won't ban the transportation of non-essential goods such as children's plastic toys and xmas decorations in order to clear the backlog. If HMG gives in then expect Scotland to declare UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence). Just how do lorry drivers do their business, stuck on a motorway, with pubs and public toilets shut down? Whilst I was trying to figure that out, umpteen countries closed their borders to people from the UK. Evidently a new Covid-19 or should I say Sars-CoV-2, is the last thing they want. Thus far no one has mentioned the 'P' word, and I don't mean panic.

    256. December 23rd, 2020...Despite pleas to the opposite from the European Commission, forty countries had now closed their borders to travelers from the UK due to the new strain of Covid-19 in the south-east, including about three thousand lorry drivers at Dover, many trying to get back to their homes on the continent for Christmas. Freezing temperatures were forecast for Christmas day, so the lorry drivers were justifiably becoming militant, with lines of police now visible. There were rumours of panic buying again, following restrictions on buying soap and toilet rolls. I received a long email from the head of Tesco saying that 'there was no need to worry, there's plenty to eat. We get our cauliflower and lettuce imported from France'. No wonder shoppers are panicking. HMG borrowing this year rose to 240.9 billion pounds, 188.6 billion the previous year. The number of above average deaths in the UK now stood at 81,000. Meanwhile the French eventually opened their border to lorry drivers who had a negative Covid-19 test within the last three days. It was to take them that long just to find a test centre, and find their lorry afterwards. Do I call this the French virus from now on? The next day I received a letter from Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council on the subject of Covid-19. It listed two government websites where additional information could be obtained on the subject:

    257. Since my internet connection had gone down that morning at the start of the bank holiday, probably due to two days of continuous heavy rain, this advice was now beyond reach. But they had supplied a phone number: 0121 569 2266. It might come in handy when I'm at death's door I thought. This was the first direct communication I had received from any government department on the subject of Covid-19. I still had no idea when I would receive my first inoculation.

    258. December 29th, 2020...Storm Bella struck the UK on the twenty-sixth with winds up to one hundred miles per hour, after which temperatures began to fall off. My ISP was on holiday when my internet connection failed on Christmas eve. After Christmas the lines were busy, but I eventually got through dead on 8am on Wednesday December the thirtieth. They tested my line and internet hub. Evidently the hub was faulty and it would take engineers a couple of days to look at it remotely, so I left the damn thing on, looking at the red status and internet lights every now and then. On the political front, apparently in the lengthy Brexit documentation there were references to Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail, both outdated software apps. The document was 1246 pages long. I hoped there would be no more horrors hidden in it. I could imagine HMG complaining about some arrangement months from now, only to be told, 'well you signed it'. The Brexit deal was voted for in the House of Commons by 521 to 73. There was now an increase of 50,023 infected patients being looked after by the NHS with 981 dead inside one week. Despite what was earlier stated, the new strain of Covid-19 was certainly more dangerous. It was planned to immunize one million people per week as the whole of England was now in tier three of four. The government's slogan was 'Face - Space - Hands'. Don't touch your face, keep two metres apart and wash your hands regularly and use liquid soap provided at the entrance to public buildings,' whilst the death rate continued to rise, matched by an ever increasing R number. Meanwhile the CDC investigation into the origins of Covid-19 stated that half a million people in Wuhan had been infected with Covid-19, that's 5% of the eleven million inhabitants. There was still no mention of the P word. To cheer me up I watched The Civil War (1861-1865 US Civil War) series on PBS America, all nine episodes on man's inhumanity to man, a sort of hands approach to black lives matter.

      images my ideas/shut pandemic hyperdermic syringe.jpg
      SHUT: The objective: Just a small prick...two!
    259. January 1st, 2021...I didn't realise just how dependent upon an internet connection I had become until I started dying from boredom. Most, if not all, of the movies on TV I had already seen. Clearly HMG was not interested in saving the nation from this dreaded affliction. Between watching the LED lights on my internet hub, I watched the movie 'Outbreak' starring Dustin Hoffman for at least the second time. As the last minutes of the year 2020 ticked by I stood at my bedroom window and watched the celebratory fireworks sparkle and explode in the distance. It was a cold hoar frost. My ponds in the back garden had been frozen all day, whilst my cordyline australis had been covered over with fleece for the last five days. The rockets, starbursts, fountains of flame and explosions reached a crescendo as midnight approached. The timing signified the end of a year that was best forgotten and the beginning of another that was likely to end the same way for many who would not live long enough to receive their life giving inoculation. December thirty-first also marked the end of our flirtation with that opulent institution called the European Union. I strongly believed in nations coming together, but not at any price. The cascade of multi-spectral light in the black sky also sent a defiant message to our microbial adversary. we would fight on. Despite the apathy, incompetence and apparent fraud, we had survived. No doubt our neighbours in their flying saucers were looking on incredulously. We were alive, no doubt to continue polluting the planet and beyond. That night I had a deep admiration for all those who had stood in the frozen chill and given us such as admirable display. Yes, it was a defiant gesture. A remembrance of the dead and what was still to come. For some reason I remembered the words of grace at meal times during my school days; 'For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.' There was also the school purpose; 'Give us clean hands, clean words, clean thoughts. Teach us to work as hard and play as fair in thy site alone, as if the whole word saw.' I wondered how many of my old school mates of the graduate class of 1966 were still alive. I then thought about writing a song. Scribbled a few notes then fell asleep. It had been a most confining and socially uneventful year. I couldn't believe that I had spent nine months in lockdown.

    260. January 4th, 2021...As I sat there waiting for a phone call from my ISP, very early that morning, a man from Openreach (BT) arrived. He had come to fix my internet, and complained that he hadn't received any instructions. Well that's British management for you. He eventually found a fault in the local internet router box, which was located about fifteen minutes walk away, in the freezing cold. All the hub lights were now on green. Upon his return we still couldn't get my laptop and mobile phone to access the internet. Evidently this was an example of demarcation. Since he didn't work for my ISP, I had to phone them and ask them to reconfigure my hub. After spending ages listening to a pre-recording stating that due to Covid-19 this service was for life and death situations only, which of course it was, I finally got through. Following the instructions over the phone I typed in a special number, added a password, etcetera and my Microsoft's Edge came back to life. The man at the other end then asked me if the Openreach guy had reset my hub by sticking a pin in the back. No I replied, and that was that. Thinking about it later, I realised that I had done that a few days before on the thirtieth, as I followed instructions from the ISP woman. She had naturally assumed that the hub would reset itself automatically, which it didn't, because its an antiquated clapped out piece of junk, which even the experienced guy from Openreach didn't recognise. Neither of us wore a face mask. That day just five days after approval, the Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine was administered for the first time. Since it could be stored in GP's freezers it could therefore be administered from their surgeries with relative ease. It was planned to inject two million patients per week at the one thousand centres being set up. There was already half a million doses available. One million patients had already been vaccinated in the UK by Christmas eve. No sooner had HMG set up twenty test centres near ports for lorry drivers than the demand suddenly dropped off as lorry loads became scarce. It was now thought that either Sars-Cov-2 was more transmissible due to its stickier coating, or it reproduced more rapidly producing denser spores when people cough, sneeze or talk. There were now 346,408 dead and forty million people infected with Covid-19 in the USA. Worldwide there were at least 1,853,841 dead and 85,636,417 infected with roughly half hospitalized. Professor Alex Gandy of Imperial College, London, stated that the differences between strains of Covid-19 were now 'quite extreme'. The UK death rate was now an average of 677 persons per day, with new hospital cases running at 60,000 per day. One million people were now infected, whilst 1.3 million had been inoculated in the UK. The PM came on TV at 8pm that evening to tell those in England that a national lockdown would be implemented. All schools would close but nurseries would stay open. A national lockdown already existed in the rest of the union. Still no mention of the P word. The next day the BBC announced that it would broadcast education programmes. There would be three hours of primary classes on CBBC and two hours of secondary classes on BBC2. At last, at last something intelligent to watch. Oh goodie, goodie.

    261. January 7th, 2021...As for my health, I have noticed that for the last couple of months I have experienced my back itching, thicker phlegm when I cough and a greater production of ear wax, although my hearing has mysteriously improved. Whether any of this is associated with Covid-19 I haven't a clue. The Covid-19 infection and mortality rates are increasing alarmingly. NHS staff are overloaded, with many feeling that this workload cannot be endured for much longer. Well if there's anyone from HMG reading this then I strongly advise you to restart our Civil Defence programme, recruiting and conscripting ex-employees of the medical professions including those that have been fired, plus teenagers that have no schooling to do, and get them trained to work on pandemic patients in Nightingale hospitals. Forget the bureaucracy and get them trained using interactive software via the internet if necessary. It's better than nothing. I thought again of using this moment to make the populous physically fit through the banning of junk food, personal diet and physical exercise regimes, but a junk food ban would probably only start another rush to buy food at the supermarkets, and with outside temperatures of -4C at the moment it's not practical to create group exercise sessions in school gymnasiums. UK death rate is now 1,041 with 62,322 new infections in a day. Where I live, West Midlands ambulance service has just experienced its toughest day ever. Looking on the bright side, 700 inoculation centres have been set up in England, with GPs receiving the first batches of the Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine initially for care homes. Hopefully I'll receive mine by mid February, as I'm at the bottom of the list of most vulnerable. By then thirteen million people will have been inoculated against Sars-CoV-2. Last night I watched a BBC programme about how to boost your immune system. I know you're all dying to want to do this. Evidently you must have a varied diet with 30 grammes of mixed vegetables per day. Engage in moderate, not severe, exercise. Have a one hour massage or a thirty second shower each day, plus eight hours of sleep. Well I suppose going up and down stairs at least half a dozen times a day amounts to moderate exercise. I'm not sure about the cold shower in this weather, as it's like a prelude to the 'Day After Tomorrow' outside. Personally I'm still trying to lose weigh after the Xmas excess.

    262. January 14th, 2021...Both the CDC and WHO are investigating the origins of Covid-19 in the PRC. This investigation is very important in order to find the exact route SARS-CoV-2 took to Wuhan. It's known that 14 pangolin were intercepted as they were smuggled into the PRC from Malaysia in 2019. They all died, at least some from a respiratory illness But where were they caught? If the exact origin is not found, then this pandemic could start all over again in a few years time when most people have stopped taking their Covid-19 booster injections. In the UK Covid-19 tests for asymptomatic people are now available at all 317 local authorities although I haven't a clue where to get mine from. I've had no test so far. There have been thirty thousand fines for Covid-19 lockdown violations so far in England and Wales, 10,000 pounds for event organizers and 200 pounds for individuals. There are now 200,000 vaccinations for Covid-19 in the UK per day, which is more than the rest of Europe put together, whilst the over eighties, many who live alone and without driving ability, are being told to book appointments at centres over fifty miles away. The Chinese Sinovac vaccine has turned out to be only 50.4% effective in Brazil, whilst inhaled interferon-B is undergoing its third trial at the Hull Royal Infirmary in England. So far its been 80% effective against Covid-19. BBC Bitesize is to offer maths and english lessons on the web from February, whilst the Department for Education appears to be offering software for lessons on the internet, plus 300,000 laptops to schools, although details are at present sketchy. It's clearly about time we had a Ministry for IT that produced computer hardware and software for education and government use.

    263. The long term effects of a lockdown on people's eyesight has also been in the news. People not going outside or sitting in front of the television or computer screen are urged to observe the 20-20-20 rule. That is to look at objects twenty feet away for twenty seconds every twenty minutes. I wonder how that rule will go down amongst prison inmates. Not so sketchy is the furor coming from numerous mums complaining of the slave rations sent to them for their kids. Thirty pound weekly food parcels as a substitute for school meals have turned out to be anything but. There are calls for the school meal voucher system to be reintroduced. Personally I feel that its about time school kids had real independence, receiving their school meal and pocket money vouchers as SPEVs in their Apple i-phone wallets. Now that's something worth protesting about isn't it kids? So far no one has been arrested for this apparent scam. And still on the subject of kids rights, students at university are being screwed for rent money even though they can't attend lessons due to quarantine rules, or have gone home. Are our politicians nothing more than spivs? It later turns out that for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, contractors are simply following the regulations laid down by the Ministry for Education. These civil servants plainly don't eat enough marmite on toast.

    264. January 22nd, 2021...The NHS announces that blood plasma designed to enhance the immune system doesn't work. There are now two million dead from Covid-19 worldwide. Young people suffering from long term Covid-19 may be suffering from blood clots (pulmonary embolism) on the lungs. Large pharmacies in the UK are now providing Covid-19 vaccinations. Over eighties are now getting vaccinated. Covid-19 infections can provide protection against reinfection for five months. HMG stops all people entering UK due to virulent Covid-19 from Brazil without recent negative virus test and five days quarantine after arrival. Half of Church of England's 14,000 parish churches are now closed, as are some mosques for Friday prayer. 3.6 million people have now been inoculated in the UK, with the over seventies, including me, next. There are concerns that the low level of statutory sick pay is resulting in infected people infecting others at work. There is uproar when it emerges that HMG has cancelled the contract agreed in March 2020 to hire 8,000 hospital beds, 1,200 ventilators and 10,000 nurses, 700 doctors and 8,000 other hospital staff from the private sector, due to little use. The contract cost £400 million per month but two thirds of beds went unused. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock is blamed for this blunder, as 100,000 NHS hospital staff are ill from Covid-19 or in quarantine, as the nation experiences a second wave. Oxford University open an antibiotic resistance research centre. The death rate from Covid-19 climbs dramatically in the Uk with 1,610 in just one day, 1,401 the next, followed by 1,348. There are now over 90,000 dead in the UK. There is a new outbreak of Covid-19 in several parts of the PRC. The government responds by building 3000 quarantine units on a 34 hectare site at Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. I cannot help thinking that this new variant is more than just more infectious. Owing to sickness and quarantine there are now 54,000 crown court cases awaiting to be served in England and Wales, whilst politicians in the Welsh assembly are caught having a booze up soon after an alcohol ban in pubs was imposed. It's another example of politicians thinking they are above the law, whilst their fellow Welsh brethren are bailing themselves out after the floods brought on by storm Christoph. One of many anticyclones from the Caribbean transported here by a warm North Atlantic Ocean over the last six months or more. I still haven't had my vaccination. Two large vaccination centres have been set up in Birmingham, one in a mosque and the other at Millennium Point science museum, but I'm required to wait for a letter of appointment. Now I get all my correspondence from water, gas, electricity, local authority and internet companies via emails, but not in the case of the NHS. Why not? Meanwhile HMG has set up education via the internet with the Oak National Academy, described as a lockdown learning initiative, whilst the BBC has set up a similar service called Bitsize.

    265. Police investigation in Scotland of the Covid-19 transfer of infected patients to 474 care homes continues. The Department of Health refuses to upgrade PPE following complaints from doctors and nurses regarding infected staff from the new variant of Covid-19. Mathematicians drop the R number as the number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals falls. But is this due to the increase in fatalities from the more easily transmissible coronavirus? I can see no end to this lockdown. It's a pointless existence. The media is asking whether these inoculations will prevent transmission of Covid-19. Will the only way out be the acquisition of natural immunity through attrition? The thought of spending more years in lockdown on my own is getting to me. How about the creation of community cabin fever sites on Skype? Three quarters of the over 80s in the UK have now been vaccinated. 419,000 have now died from Covid-19 in the USA. Meanwhile HMG are discussing whether to create quarantine hotels for British persons entering the country, due to the more infectious variants from South Africa and Brazil. It is now thought that whilst existing vaccines can combat these strains, people will still need an annual inoculation.

    266. January 26th, 2021...Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that he takes full responsibility for the 100,162 people who have died from Covid-19 in the UK, one third of them in care homes, whilst the mortality figure in Taiwan still stands at only seven. Novavax, a fourth vaccine ordered by HMG is 89% effective and now due for approval by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). HMG has seven vaccines on order. Unfortunately these have come too late for many. The UK now has the highest number of deaths per capita. Only four other nations have more dead than the UK, and they are the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico. It's clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the UK's political system is unfit for purpose, a crawling disaster area. Reopen the catacombs... for the politicians. Where's my jab? And why hasn't the public enquiry started?

    267. February 4th, 2021...The news from Singapore was that the successful Covid-19 'trace together' wrist straps that the government had handed out, were now being used by the police to track people. Steps were being taken to prevent this. Back in the UK, HMG continues its spending spree on vaccines by ordering 40 million doses from the French company Valneva for 2022, whilst the Russian vaccine called Sputnik has been found to be 92% effective. Just how effective these vaccines will be against variants remains to be seen. The South African variant is now found in Bristol and Liverpool. 407 million doses has thus far been ordered for a nation of about 67 million people. The day before I had received a written invitation to have my first Covid-19 jab. I booked the time date and location via the internet, for the next day. The nearest vaccination centre was the Millennium Point, Thinktank Science Museum. I had photographed it the year before. You can find the photos under the Brum hyperlink, but I couldn't remember exactly where it was in Eastside, whilst maps on the internet didn't show the building either. I ended up wandering around Aston University campus following signs to the Covid-19 test centre. A person there directed me to where I should go. I saw no signs to the centre, resulting in me being thirteen minutes late. No one appeared to notice as I sat there for about another fifteen minutes waiting my turn. The injection was painless and efficient. Well that's it ten million and one now vaccinated in the UK. And we'll probably all have to undergo an annual injection. As I walked back across the city centre to the bus stop I realised that I stood a better chance of dying from pneumonia. The day was damp with very low cloud. Pneumonia, yes pneumonia, he died from pneumonia and Covid-19 just the day before. Captain Sir Tom Moore, a glowing example of positive thinking and determination. He had raised millions for the NHS charity by walking up and down his garden supported by his Zimmer frame. The union flags hung at half mast outside the prime minister's residence, whilst staff at Bedford Hospital where he died, stood outside and clapped as a mark of respect. For his dedication he had received 135,000 birthday cards when he reached one hundred. There is now a petition signed by 200,000 people calling for a state funeral. I cannot help thinking that sometime in the future there should be a pandemic memorial. I know of none for previous pandemics. Where that should be, St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, etc., I leave to others to decide. Some people are born great, whilst others have greatness thrust upon them.

    268. With the evolution of SARS-Cov-2 into numerous variants, there is a growing call to the UK's prime minister to close seaports, airports and the channel tunnel to people. Whilst it would be possible to exchange tractor units and drivers of incoming lorries at continental ports, with British drivers, the PM simply says that it's not possible to close the ports due to imports of food and pharmaceuticals, etc. In my opinion he is not competent enough to do his job, but it appears that no one is calling for his resignation or impeachment.....nor arrest.

    269. February 11th, 2021...HMG has announced that as from February fifteenth, persons entering the UK from a red list country, will have to undergo ten days isolation in an approved hotel at a personal cost of £1750. Anyone who gives false information about where they have come from could face a prison sentence of up to ten years. There is no mention of lorry drivers nor diplomatic staff. This piece of legislation clearly shows HMG's apprehension concerning the impact of Covid-19 variants. The PM is already talking about annual vaccinations, much like our existing flu jab each autumn for the elderly, whilst the head of genetic surveillance, Professor Sharon Peacock, is talking about sequencing variants for at least ten years. This implies that the jab I have just received will not cure asymptomatic people, it will only reduce the symptoms. This means that until medical science comes up with a cure, the human race will remain in a perpetual battle with SARS-CoV-2, which over time will inevitably become more lethal for those that have had no up to date inoculations. This likely means that people will not be allowed holidays abroad, whilst holidays in this country may also be curtailed. This is of course bad news for the holiday, entertainment, and travel industries. Lockdowns are wearing me down, but at least I have my website to give me something to do, even though no one is reading it. Even so its becoming unbearable. The thought of living a meaningless unproductive lifestyle until the day I die fills me with emptiness, despair. I wish I had moved to a warmer country when I had the opportunity. It's nothing but rain, clouds, fog, frost and snow. I need a pet to keep me company. Where do we go from here? Nine thousand people dead in the UK from Covid-19 during the past week. Covid-19 found in bats in Thailand. People of Bangladesh and Pakistan decent found to be three times more likely to die from this coronavirus. Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes dies at the age of 76. I'm beginning to feel a slight pain in the centre of my chest. Maybe it's already time to go. That night was the coldest in Scotland for twenty-five years; -22.9C in Braemar. I woke up at 5-30am and switched the gas central heating on, as it so cold. The next night was even worse. For a few days now I had been suffering from a mild abdominal pain. Finally I experienced at least eight bouts of watery diarrhoea, eight days after my inoculation. Yep the needle didn't hurt. Just make sure you have plenty of toilet rolls and ....err carpet cleaner. I thought about including a snap of the bowl, but I knew you youngsters will be competing for the best shot on social media when your turn comes along.

    270. February 15th, 2021...HMG at long last finally starts to impose border controls, one year too late, which allowed thousands of infected people to enter the UK and pass on the infection to others.

    271. February 22nd, 2021...Following months and months and months of prevarication by HMG over whether we should or should not wear face masks, there is now considerable material written on the subject that is generally available. Politicians in the US now prefer to wear close fitting N99 or N95 masks beneath a cloth mask, whilst disposable surgical masks should be used solely by the medical profession. Other materials can be used in an emergency to filter airborne pathogens, such as three layers of cotton, silk or chiffon, as recommended by the CDC. The ultimate face mask is now one that incorporates graphene, which not only stops germs from penetrating layers but kills them too.

    272. Ghana becomes the first third world country to receive surplus amounts of Covid-19 vaccine through the WHO's Covax initiative. The aim is to distribute two billion doses by the end of 2021. There were now half a million dead from Covid-19 in the USA, whilst UK unemployment had risen 5.1%, 700,000 less employed than one year ago. HMG's Covid-19 bill had now reached 400 billion pounds and everyone was wondering just how it would be paid off. Following pressure from MPs demanding a lifting of the lockdown, HMG issued a statement saying that the Travel Force would report on April 12th to parliament, whilst international travel restrictions would not be lifted before May 12th. Lockdown restrictions would be totally abolished on June 21st hopefully. On the news front, 3 in 10 care home staff still hadn't been vaccinated, about 131,000. NHS staff appeal again to the PM for better PPE. There were now 930 dead health and care workers in the UK. The UK Courts have decided that the Health secretary Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by not telling the general public within 30 days, how contracts for PPE, etc. had been awarded. An investigation was underway to determine how one of his neighbour was awarded a contract for glass test tubes. There were complaints of long waits of up to three hours for and in ambulances over the Christmas period. Of course Sir Tom was not to get his state funeral. He wasn't part of the British establishment. No doubt Sir Boris would get his, not before time.

    273. February 26th, 2021...Captain Sir Thomas Moore conducted his last journey from his home at Marston Moretaine to Bedford crematorium. His military funeral consisted of a salute by the Yorkshire Regiment and Battle of Britain C47 Dakota flyby, an aircraft used in the Burma campaign of WWII, of which he was part. Walk on Sir Tom.

    274. March 4th, 2021...There were now 50,000 criminal cases waiting to be heard in the UK. HMG had set up fifty nightingale courts with twenty more to follow. That week also saw the deaths of actor Johnny Briggs who played Mike Baldwin in the soap opera Coronation Street, and the reggae star Bunny Wailer in Jamaica at the age of 73. That day Chancellor Rishi Sunak made his budget announcement to parliament. Covid-19 had so far cost the government 407 billion pounds causing the national debt to increase to 2.5 trillion pounds. The chancellor compared this debt with that at the end of the two world wars, but it is not a true comparison. There are no buildings to rebuild, no Marshall plan, whilst the threat from AI and androids will ensure that job opportunities, particularly for the young, will be few on the ground. Just what did HMG have to show for all this expenditure? Well it saved the lives of many people brought into hospital with Covid-19, but how many would die due to delayed operations caused by this pandemic, and how much would it cost to fight this coronavirus year upon year from now on? The DWP (Department of Works & Pensions) announced the next day that the state pension bill will fall 1.5 billion pounds by 2022, plus an extra 0.9 billion in inheritance tax all due to Covid-19 deaths. There was still no police investigation into the activities of the PM and his colleagues. Since HMG knew the lockdown would last at least one year, why didn't it tell companies to go into mothballs during that period, because the chances of them starting up again are extremely slim. HMG could have employed these people in a new Civil Defence force to man the Nightingale hospitals with minimum bureaucracy, unlike the NHS. They could also have employed them in research laboratories, as a prelude to a science based economy. And got them to manufacture ventilator headsets, to be worn every time you leave your home. No doubt they could have been fitted with a metal straw to assist the consumption of beverages at the bar. HMG could also have updated the health and education systems by linking them to the internet and then training the nation in IT and AI. They didn't because they didn't know how. Instead they spent it on trying to resurrect zombie companies. And who profits from that, Conservative Party supporting landlords? Just how many magistrates will be prepared to evict the thousands of tenants in arrears once HMG removes their legal protection? It's plainly obvious why you need a technocracy if you want the utopian dream that I have proposed on this website. To rub the matter in further, it now appears that for eighteen years the DWP had underpaid some female pensioners their state pension to the tune of 13,500 pounds on average, making it a total of 2.7 billion pounds. Most of these pensioners were now, like my mother who worked well beyond retirement age, deceased. Would the next of kin receive these payments? And just how do you get such an important computer algorithm wrong for so many years.

    275. In an age of AI, an egalitarian society is the only just society.

    276. The Covid-19 fight continued with more revelations. It was now an age of variants. There was the P1 variant from Brazil and the 117 variant from the English county of Kent, which was considered to be 35% more lethal after undergoing 23 mutations in just one night in December 2020. There was now a hunt on for an infected Englishman from Brazil, who had P1, but who filled in their test registration form upon arrival in the UK, incorrectly. Why the hell wasn't this on a computer system? You know, one that tells you that you haven't filled in a certain data box correctly. The word of the month was 'immunocompromised'. That's a patient with a weak immunity. We learned that the three month gap between the first and second inoculations is to allow poor immune cells to die off, thereby ensuring that the second dose goes to the best remaining cells. We also learned that to avoid succumbing to long term Covid-19, one should take things easy for one month and not push one's self to the limit.

    277. March 5th, 2021...By now the media and the opposition parties had read the small print in the chancellor's statement. They were not amused. Nurses were to receive a pay increase of only one per cent, despite all the sacrifices they had made during the lockdown. But the media still hadn't understood the full implications of the statement. The chancellor had compared the pandemic to the two world wars, but at the end of which the solution was obvious; rebuild. This time there was nothing to rebuild...except trust. We were doubly bankrupt from the economic crisis and now the pandemic, whilst waiting in the wings was the grim reaper in the form of artificial intelligence, which would put just about everyone out of a job. What the chancellor didn't admit was that at the end of the second world war the top rate of income tax was in the region of 95%. The nation was clearly sliding towards some ignominious end. Would the British establishment end it all through a nuclear war with the PRC over the fate of Hong Kong? People were beginning to realise that governments are a liability. Better to build a home off grid, far from the nuclear targets in the southern hemisphere, and grow your own food, produce your own electricity and recycle your own water, than depend upon a political system as unreliable as cryptocurrencies. If everyone did that then governments would become redundant. The PM was determined to make sure this would never happen. Almost every week he stood on his Covid-19 political soap box rather than delegate the work and responsibility to those qualified and experienced for the task. Now he was going one step further. The media had discovered that HMG had now spent 2.6 million pounds on a media briefing room similar to that being used by the US president, for the Boris-Covid show. That was plainly worth more than giving our nurses a meaningful pay rise.

    278. March 10th, 2021...In the news was the horrendous cost of HMG's test and trace system, now costing 37 billion pounds over two years. Initially designed to prevent a lockdown of the economy, it has clearly failed. Amongst the costs it emerges that some consultants have been paid around 6,600 pounds per day. Clearly HMG is not reading my website. I cannot help thinking that the police are deaf, dumb, blind and senile to what's going on, whilst there are no calls to hang 'em high from the media either. Talk about crimes against humanity and enraging public decency. It'll all be white washed over in a public enquiry years later. As for the front line struggle against Covid-19, an article in Science Immunology states that the GM-CSF protein causes inflammation in most patients who die from the Coronavirus. Since I suffer from an allergy causing inflammation, it made me wonder whether I was more susceptible. I had an attack just three days ago which I think was caused from eating a pepperoni pizza, causing my tongue to swell up. Further afield, and the pandemic in Brazil is becoming more frightening, with 2,000 infected people dieing in one day, and the hospitals almost full.

    279. March 21st, 2021...Today is census day, when the 65 million citizens of the UK & NI tell those dumb ....... in whitehall just how many people live in the country. The truth is that the birth rate is falling because parliament has trashed society, but the population is increasing because there aren't enough people employed in border control to keep all those illegal immigrants out of the country, because the birth rate is falling. The birth rate is now 1.6 when it should be 2.1 to be sustainable. We are in effect an endangered species, but unfortunately HMG ain't dying fast enough. As for those on the continent, they're dying like flies because their governments told them not to use the British Astra-Zeneca jab, because it caused blood clots. Eventually they all changed their minds, only to be forced into another lockdown, like us miserable lot in the UK. HMG had banned the right to protest in the UK on the grounds of maintaining social distancing, whilst the police in London were keen to impose it, even at speaker's corner. Needless to say the police were the one obvious group that was not social distancing. The seeds for a dictatorship were being sown. As for the pandemic, it looks as if the lockdown could last two years overall. HMG was already indicating that holidays abroad would not be allowed, mainly due to the slow take up of vaccinations on the continent, but also because the government doesn't want any new variants coming into the country. The WHO was saying that it wouldn't be safe to go out until everyone had been inoculated. That's seven billion people. Many of whom have never had a census, so their authorities don't know they exist, nor where they are.

    280. As for how long it would take for a public enquiry or trial of these miscreants managing the government pandemic response, an awful realization came to mind. In an analogie, what if a nurse innocently switched off the life support equipment connected to someone who was waiting for a heart by-pass surgery, and that patient died? Having committed the same act several times, would that person be arrested and tried for murder or manslaughter? Currently there is no police investigation into HMG's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in England, but there is a new investigation into the Gosport NHS mercy killings. Evidently after about four police investigations, the local police are going to examine every medical record in the hospital. Now this investigation may well take twenty years. This implies that such an investigation into Covid-19 response won't end until all the accused have long since died. It's going to be just another example of the system protecting the old boy network, and it's likely to apply to all countries response to Covid-19 regardless of whether they are democracies or not.

    281. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Northern Ireland Executive COVID-19_Slogan.png
      WC: Stay Home, Keep Distance, Wash Hands

    282. March 23rd, 2021...On the pandemic front the University of Glasgow has announced that the Rhinovirus which spreads flu, is capable of overwhelming the Covid-19. So maybe I'm better off without an annual flu jab. HMG doesn't appear to be wanting to win hearts and minds. It has decided to impose 5000 pound fines on people going abroad for no good reason, including holidays. So it's support for the UK tourist trade at long last, is it? However, there is little support for HMG's Police & Crime bill down in Bristol, College Green where violent protests have gone on during a second night resulting in 14 arrests. Other people were in a more somber mood, marking the first anniversary of the start of the first lockdown with one minutes silence at noon. there were now 126,172 dead from Covid-19 according to official figures. There was still no sign of an official enquiry, as journalists concentrated upon determining just how much the refurbishment of the prime minister's flat at 10 Downing Street was costing the tax payer. There were suggestions that he should finance the 30,000 pound cost out of his 150,000 pound salary. It seemed like trivia compared to the pandemic.

    283. March 30th, 2021...HMG announces that lorry drivers from abroad must be tested within 48 hours of entry to the UK, with further tests every three days. This was fourteen months after HMG was told that the coronavirus could be transmitted person to person. The UK government also announces that booster jabs will become available from September. That's after I have received my second inoculation in April. There is clearly great concern that variants could make matters worse, as they evolve. One day they may not even show up in test results, not that that will make much difference judging by a report in the British Medical Journal. The report stated that only one in five UK citizens requested a Covid-19 test when symptoms appeared, whilst few self isolated. Only half knew what those symptoms were, namely coughing, higher temperature and taste and smell loss. It concluded therefore that much of the 37 billion pounds that was spent on the NHS test & trace was wasted. By now there were two protests regarding civil liberties in the UK. John's Campaign had decided to take HMG to court regarding legislation which prohibited the over 65s living in care homes from going out with loved ones, whilst leading politicians from both main parties were protesting at HMG's plan to introduce a vaccination passport, since they all regarded it as a deprivation of liberty. I already have one from my days in the merchant navy. It confirms that I've had inoculations for smallpox (extinct), cholera, yellow fever, tetanus, tuberculosis and typhoid, although most are now out of date. As from yesterday up to six people, or two families could meet outdoors.

    284. April 6th, 2021...Cold winds have come down from the Arctic producing freezing temperatures. In politics the atmosphere is no warmer. HMG still insists upon issuing a vaccination passport at God knows how much cost to the tax payer, over half of whom don't even travel abroad. HMG is still financing public transport which has been 95% empty for over one year now, whilst our lamp posts, illuminating empty streets and motorways, burn on. MPs are afraid that the vaccination passport will become a defacto identity card, presumably with el supremo Boris dictating orders. I just can't see it. Meanwhile the PM still won't support the British tourist industry. Seaside amusement parks protected from the cold British climate under geodesic domes there ain't and never will be. You can hear it now eminating from Westminster, a magnitude nine earthquake of political party opinion, 'we want our foreign holidays!' It's like a child's tantrum. Shameful, embarrassing, but the media simply ignore it. The number of dead from Covid-19 now tops three million worldwide with 4,195 dying in Brazil in a single day. Reports are that the Brazilian President Bolsonaro refuses to lockdown the country. The countries with the highest Covid-19 deaths are as follows:

    285. The Number of Deaths from Covid-19 Pandemic in April 2021

      No. Country Deaths so far.
      1 United States of America 564,447
      2 Brazil 341,097
      3 Mexico 205,598
      4 India 166,177
      5 United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland 126,862
      6 Italy 112,374
      7 Russia 101,845
      8 France 96,847
      9 Germany 77,502
      10 Spain 76,037
    286. For up to date data go to Wikipedia, as follows:

    287. April 9th, 2021...The consort of Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 years. It did not come as a surprise, as they were both very elderly. I read the 63 page obituary on BBC News teletext and an article on Microsoft news on his nationality. The baby Phil the Greek, who fled Corfu in a Royal Navy warship in an orange box, only to end up serving in the RN. He had Danish, German and Russian blood in him, and by some act of parliament dated around 1705 I think it was, he was officially English. The funeral would be a quiet affair apparently. Three days later there was subdued relief when the nation's public houses and bars finally opened outdoors. Also opening were hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, libraries, theme parks and drive in cinemas. Funerals are restricted to 30 people, wakes to fifteen. Unfortunately this didn't restrict people from complaining to the BBC about the change in television schedule. BBC 1 & 2 were devoted entirely to his death, whilst BBC 4 was shut down for the day. No less than 109,741 complained about the loss of the soap Eastenders and Masterchef. Was this a symptom of cabin fever? The end of the beginning was certainly in sight, as inoculation numbers broke all records, in the UK at least.

    288. April 17th, 2021...The funeral of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh took place today at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there were no more than thirty people present, including just four members of the choir. There were now three million dead from Covid-19 with governments studying the situation in India. The Indian variant caused so much concern that the UK's prime minister cancelled his visit there two days later. In the United States it was noticed that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was also causing some blood clots. Meanwhile in the UK the Moderna vaccine was available and could be mixed with the previous Oxford-Astrazenica or Pfizer jab. The asthma drug budesonide was now available to treat Covid-19. There were now 4.7 million people waiting for NHS treatment, with 388,000 having waited for more than one year. There is a growing fear that these people may never see the inside of a hospital. The reason is that the Covid-19 coronavirus is mutating very quickly. The world's pharmaceutical industry cannot produce enough vaccine in order to put a stop to all these mutations. In addition to India and Brazil we now have possibly the most lethal variant coming out of Africa. Tanzania to be exact. Whilst the UK variant has 17 mutations with 8 on the spike, with Brazil having 18 mutations and 10 on the spike, the Tanzanian variant has 34 mutations with 14 on the spike, and has the ability to evade antibodies with the E484K variant on the spike protein. Due to selection pressure, new variants are evolving due to herd immunity or increased use of vaccines. This implies that this pandemic could last for decades. Seemingly never ending, unless medical science can bio-engineer the human race?

    289. May 1st, 2021...There are now over 200,000 dead in India from Covid-19 out of a population of 1.3 billion. Much of this is caused by thousands attending religious festivals and queuing at polling stations. HMG sent ventilators and oxygen equipment, but it's just a drop in the ocean. There are so many dead in the capital Delhi, that makeshift crematories have been set up in public parks. India was not put on HMG's red list of countries not to travel to until April 23rd, whilst many people felt that it should have been earlier, on April 5th, which is when the number of infected people reached 100,000. Meanwhile Turkey is preparing for lockdown whilst HMG buys another 60 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, making a total of 100 million for booster jabs in the autumn and winter. The only good news came from the Oxford Research Group who announced that they had developed a vaccine for the main strain of malaria, which has proven 77% efficacy in initial trials. Malaria kills 400,000 people each year around the world. In a UK study by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, data from December 8th to March 10th 2021 revealed that 526 people were admitted to hospital after contracting Covid-19 at least three weeks after having their vaccination. 113 of them died. Even so there will be no limit to mourners at funerals, provided social distancing is maintained, from May 17th, with social distancing ending on June 21st, providing mutations do not influence this decision.

    290. May 13th, 2021...There are now over 258,000 dead in India from Covid-19. Hundreds of bodies have been sighted floating down the River Ganges, put there by distraught relatives who cannot find the necessary wood for cremations. In the UK, the NHS has announced that those travelling abroad will be able to use a double vaccination software application as a Covid-19 passport from Monday, May 17th, 2021 by phoning 119. Those that return from a country that HMG has not given a clean bill of health, will still need to go into quarantine. Due to the Indian variant becoming a global cause for concern, British troops were called in to assist the NHS. Blackburn, Bolton, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire were areas infected with the B.1.617.2 mutation. Laboratory examination of effluent helped to pinpoint the search for infected areas. The UK's national laboratory is located in Exeter and receives samples from two thirds of the country. Evidence shows that the Astra Zeneca jab could defeat these variants, which is why HM is proceeding with lifting all Covid-19 restrictions on June 21st. HMG has announced that the public enquiry into the government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic will commence in the spring of 2022. Whether this will only be the start of preparations for the enquiry, is still to be determined. The Labour Party opposition are not pleased by the delay nor are the relatives of the deceased.

    291. Possibly the next coronavirus has come to light. detected in Sarawak, Malaysia in 2018 amongst patients suffering from pneumonia. It is thought to have been caught from pets. It is called CCoV-HuPn-2018. There are four others that cause flu, the common cold. These are HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43 and HCoV-HKU1, plus the more lethal SARS-CoV-1, MERS-CoV-1 and SADS (Swine Acute Diarrhea Syndrome). Thus far this new variant is not transmissible. Meanwhile medical experts take legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity, over the way the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled.

    292. There is growing concern in HMG about the transmissibility of the India virus in UK schools, since it was announced that the wearing of face masks in schools was no longer necessary. Singapore has closed schools because of such high transmission. Whilst present vaccines can handle such outbreaks, if the subject has had two vaccinations, the more people that become infected as time goes by, then the greater the likelihood that a far more dangerous variant will emerge. The death toll in India has now reached 300,000.

    293. May 25th, 2021...On the 21st HMG announces that people should not travel into or out of areas infected with Covid-19 having the variant of concern. This suspiciously looked like a new lockdown by stealth to many people. HMG quickly watered it down, but it didn't remove the huge concern HMG felt about lifting all lockdown measures on June 21st. The hot spots were Kirklees, Bedford, Burnley, Leicester, Hounslow, and North Tyneside. A final decision would be made on June 14th. Another variant of concern for HMG lay with the Health & Social Care, and the Science & Technology Committee who were investigating jointly the lessons to be learnt from HMG's response so far. And that including interrogating the PM's former chief adviser Dominic Cummings. His statements were generally not favourable to the PM, nor the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. As with the Eurovision Song Contest there were nil points from Dominic Cummings for the PM. There was now five million people on the NHS waiting list. Staff were calling for surgery hubs to be set up to cope. Three days later HMG bought 20 million doses of the single use jab vaccine by Janssen. Believed to have 85% efficacy, it is ideal for those coming to inoculation centres late in the day. There is a large group of people who still haven't had a jab, who could hold up the ending of lockdown. Janssen is the fourth Covid-19 vaccine bought by HMG.

    294. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Our World in Data Covid-19 Total Confirmed Deaths.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 Total Confirmed Deaths

    295. In early May I received a letter purporting to come from the NHS, Imperial College and IPSOS Mori, asking me to take a Covid-19 test. Since I thus far hadn't had a test, I naturally replied yes and was sent a test kit. Part of the test included a questionnaire on the internet. I accessed the website, entered my personal code that was included in the kit, only to end up on eBay. Sensing a scam I disconnected and discarded the kit. Scam or IT security failure, I am not in a good mood.

    296. June 1st, 2021...There is growing evidence that the AstraZeneca vaccine promotes blood clots. Very rare blood clots with low platelets have been detected in patients. Meanwhile the WHO has decided to use the Greek alphabet to identify Covid-19 variants, rather than link them to any one country of origin. The UK variant is now called Alpha, South Africa - Beta, India - Delta, and Australia's B.1.617.1 - Kappa. I hope that's clearer to you than it is to me. You can blame it on some irate politician in India. It was the first day that HMG announced zero deaths from Covid-19. The WHO finally gives approval to the Chinese vaccine Synovac. Whilst the UK was doing great, Indo China and southern PRC were experiencing a third wave. There were now 3.6 million dead worldwide, with a total of 171.2 million hospitalized. On the good side, it was anticipated that the total vaccines produced will have reached ten billion by Christmas.

    297. June 7th, 2021...Many dating apps agree to let clients add Covid-19 vaccination badges to their profiles, although there is no way of checking the accuracy. As for me I quit 'Amour Feel' after spending £120 in just a couple of days. Inundated by over 30 spam emails and 25 letters supposedly from desperate east European women, none of whom would use the free email address on this website. They couldn't all be agency employees or prostitutes looking for a free holiday, could they? After what I went through I can only say that these time wasters don't deserve a Covid-19 inoculation. The fast flow of contacts descending down the screen every ten seconds, plus the emails, messages and hairy fairy letters, is in my opinion a typical psychological way of putting people under stress, thereby preventing them from thinking clearly. Is it a con? It took about five minutes to get my membership cancelled, after turning down a free offer, only to receive a letter on the subject the next day. Unfortunately I still can't get my file details erased. Are emotionally disturbed members still looking at it? Like gambling websites, these love island sites should be regulated. Let this be a warning to you all. Having trashed UK society with women's lib and gay rights, HMG has an honorable duty to complete the task of social engineering and run a national dating agency. Their access to our data should ensure a rewarding match for us all, based upon beliefs, financial management, intelligence, good looks, etc., especially in these hard times of lockdown, cabin fever and the like. Has it ever occurred to anyone in politics that the stabler the family, the more productive it's likely to be? And from a health point of view, loneliness leads to depression, coupled with loss of the will to live, amongst many people. Owe by the way, on May 29th, the prime minister got married. She should have gone to the national dating agency. Will HMG let the NHS run it?

    298. June 17th, 2021...National leaders at the G7 meeting in Cornwall, England agree to supply one billion vaccine doses to poor nations. It's revealed from Civil Aviation Authority statistics that people have travelled 74 million times through UK airports in 2020. The opposition in parliament are still complaining of HMG's lackluster policing on our borders, but it appears to fall on deaf ears, as excursions abroad get prominence over holidays in the UK. HMG announces that due to the growth of the delta variant of Covid-19, the end of lockdown will not be until July 19th. It will hopefully ensure that all over eighteens have been vaccinated by then. Meanwhile complaints from the leisure industry persist. It's highly likely that many of these venues will close, due to bankruptcy, in the twelve months after lockdown has lifted, when it is realised that many people simply have little zest for life, having been cooped up for so long. The number of people dead from Covid-19 has now reached 3.8 million worldwide, with the overall rate descending. That day voters in the Chesham & Amersham constituency voted in a Lib Dem Party MP. It was the first time they had rejected the Conservative Party since the general election. The Labour Party recorded its lowest ever vote and lost their deposit. Was it all to do with compulsory land purchases for the HS2 railway line, or had the electorate finally realised that our constitution was long overdue for a technocracy? At the next general election will the electorate realise that a vote for the Conservatives will be a vote for serial killers? Which political party does support a technocracy? There were now half a million recorded deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil.

    299. June 25th, 2021...Airlines and tour agencies are complaining of the lack of urgency and realism in HMG, regarding opening up the tourist industry to holidays abroad. The continent is preparing for another wave of Covid-19 based upon the delta variant, whilst in the UK thousands of people across the union are queuing up for their first inoculation. In most of the EU the gates are closed to UK tourists. The feeling is that the EU is trying to make things difficult for the British. For Britons retired in Spain the new residency regulations make it clear that unless you have about half a million pounds, or a well paid job waiting for you, then you cannot settle in the country. Some retirees will have to sell up and return to the UK, whilst the Spanish construction industry will also be hard hit. Because of Brexit and restrictions on movement caused by Covid-19, British companies are desperate for staff. Tesco and Amazon have taken on thousands due to internet based consumerism, whilst farms, food processing, packaging and haulage are desperate for workers. Before Brexit and the pandemic many lorry drivers were from eastern Europe. Many went back to their home country, whilst the huge cost of training has put off many people in the UK from becoming HGV drivers. The Royal Haulage Association reckons the industry is now short of 85,000 drivers. Due to this shortage, farms are getting weekly instead of daily visits by lorries. Farm produce with a short shelf life is rotting away as a result. 48 tonnes of food per week is now rotting away at Tesco, as the sell-by date runs out. The situation is now so grave that six organisations have now written to the prime minister requesting special and urgent treatment. Getting the economy back to normal is likely to take the rest of the year, the European Commission permitting. There is a great deal of friction regarding the Northern Ireland agreement with a border in the Irish Sea, which the protestants oppose, whilst it is regarded by the EC that HMG is not playing fair over the new fisheries agreement. Meanwhile Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been spotted kissing a colleague, Gina Coladangelo, 43. Both are married. The press criticised him for not maintaining the necessary two metre separation. The prime minister quickly said the matter was closed, but since the health secretary was instrumental in getting someone else fired for equally lax behaviour, the media continued their call for his resignation. On June 26th he finally resigned, just days after ditching his wife Martha. One down, at least one more to go.

    300. There have now been nine trials of mass events involving 58,000 people, including the Football Association's Cup Final and the celebrity Brit Awards. No Covid-19 outbreaks have resulted from these events. Although the delta variant advances the infection rate, the grab-a-jab offer to all over 18s, even those without an invitation, appears likely to succeed in stopping the pandemic at least in the UK, assuming nothing more virulent comes along. Meanwhile NHS statistics reveal that it performed 33% less operations in 2020 due to the general public not coming forward with fractures, appendicitis and heart problems. It would appear that the closure of GP's surgeries and loss of jobs had resulted in a severe onset of cabin fever.

    301. July 1st, 2021...The UK national debt is now at £2.55 trillion, increasing at the rate of £5,170 per second. Allowing for pensions, the full amount is £4.8 trillion. According to www.nationaldebt.co.uk that's £78,000 per person. And with all these highly dangerous amateurs running the country, you know and I know that it'll never be paid off. There is therefore a great need from just about everyone, to get the nation's economy moving again. Furlough payments will start to wind down from today for the 1.5 million workers presently laid off due to the pandemic. Talk of improving PPE standards still persist, with many recommending a face mask to FFP3 standards, which can offer near 100% protection says Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. There does not appear to be a face mask for pets however. Utrecht University has stated that Covid-19 has been found in 6 cats and 7 dogs with 54 others having antibodies from a total of 310 pets in 196 households. Just how people with cabin fever stay away from their pets, I simply can't figure out. On July 5th, the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service, Queen Elizabeth II awarded it the George Medal for its "courage, compassion and dedication." It stood in sharp contrast to HMG's offer of a one per cent pay rise for nurses.

    302. July 19th, 2021...Magic Monday. The UK's lockdown finally came to an end, at least in England. HMG decided that some NHS staff could work even though test and trace software had told them to self-isolate after coming close to someone who was later shown to be infected with Covid-19. Where absence would result in significant risk of harm, they would be required to pass regular PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and lateral flow tests daily. Both tests require a nasal swab. PCR test results take twenty-four hours, from a laboratory, to arrive via email. A lateral flow test can be done on the spot and takes less than an hour. The NHS were desperate for staff, whilst other organisations were worried that they would be brought to a standstill if too many workers were told to self-isolate. This was particularly so in the food industry, police, fire brigade, utilities, lorry drivers, border staff and hospitality sectors. The hospitality sector was already finding it difficult to recruit new staff after lockdown, since many had moved to other sectors of the economy, or relocated back to their homeland after Brexit. Like the NHS staff, most would all come under the same rules. Monday also saw the arrival of 430 illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel in inflatable craft during the incessant heat wave, which the meteorological office had labeled with an extreme heat warning, the first ever. Did our border force deserve special treatment? Face coverings would still be recommended on public transport, but in reality most people had given up using them weeks before. Table service in pubs and restaurants was finally stopped, but there was still an air of uncertainty. The infection and death rates from Covid-19 in the UK had increased considerably during the previous four weeks due to the delta variant. Since HMG wanted to get the economy moving, now was as good a time as any, but there was a feeling that all these bodies mixing together at night clubs and disco bars would simply create an even worse variant. Unfortunately the inoculations against Covid-19 didn't kill the coronavirus inside you completely. It lingered, it evolved and waited for its moment. The global death toll from Covid-19 had now reached four million. The spectre of this organism evolving to a lethality of 20 to 30 per cent like SARS 1 and MERS 1 was ever present in my mind. Should it happen, it would amount to so much sacrifice for nothing. Would the human race still be determined enough to fight on, or would civilisation collapse? Night clubs opened at midnight on a Monday morning. It proved very popular with young people. Lambs to the slaughter?

    303. HMG statistics revealed that 39,000 patients had died in care homes in the UK due to the pandemic. Deaths from Covid-19 in the UK were averaging about 75 per day. In the Far East Indonesia was suffering greatly, partly due to a shortage of oxygen to assist breathing. For the first time, South Korea was feeling inundated by casualties, due to the delta variant.

    304. July 26th, 2021...On the 23rd I went to a couple of disco bars in Birmingham, but there were relatively few people out for a Friday night. I only saw four people from the old crowd. Clearly many were avoiding Covid-19 like the plague. Covid deaths in the UK were now coming down, but they could easily go up in the next few weeks. Restarting the economy was going to be far more difficult than just making an announcement. The pinging fiasco, where people were told by HMG's all seeing app on their mobile phone that they had probably become infected and that they must therefore self quarantine for ten days, was being tackled with grudging efficiency by the government, who now added prison and waste management staff to the exclusion list. HMG then set up 1200 additional daily testing centres for members of these professions. Test and trace was likely to cost far more than the original estimate of 37 billion pounds. It was the ultimate gamble.

    305. August 7th, 2021...Went out last night to a disco bar, but there were not many people there. Retail businesses are realizing that shutting down for sixteen months can result in their customers changing their lifestyle, possibly for good. It will probably be a year before many of these businesses get back to normal trading. Many will throw in the towel. In my opinion the PM and other ministers should go about the country opening pubs, bars, cinemas, theatres, restaurants and concert halls. Hopefully such a blaze of publicity will get the couch potatoes out of their take-away eating habits whilst glued to their goggle box. The number of people on furlough had now dropped from 5.1 million in January to 2 million. There were now 4.25 million deaths from Covid-19 from 200 million officially infected worldwide. Ninety per cent of the UK population now had Covid-19 antibodies, whilst 88% had had an inoculation. Herd immunity had finally emerged. FFP3 (Filtering Face Piece 3) face masks were now being manufactured by the NHS at Queen Elizabeth Facilities, a subsidiary of Gateshead Health NHS Trust. It has four layers including one that's antiviral. Due to a shortage of staff in the NHS, HMG has removed restrictions on how many students can study for a degree in medicine. Approximately nine thousand will do the course at a cost of £180,000 each. Covid-19 cases are rising again in the PRC. The city where it all started, Wuhan, is in lockdown. Officially, 600 people are infected across the country with seven deaths. I have spent my days pruning my plants, as many were damaged in the high winds and rain storms. I've also corrected most of the external hyperlinks on this website. I should finish the task in the next three days.

    306. August 10th, 2021...According to statistics released by HMG, there were 138 dead from Covid-19 yesterday, whilst the total dead in the UK now stands at 130,503. Following accusations of sexual harassment from security guards at quarantine hotels, the legal company PGMBM has decided to take HMG to court, calling the present system a deprivation of liberty. The current rules will be challenged. Presently a person arriving in the UK that has been adequately inoculated and has passed a recent Covid-19 test, is still required to stay for eleven nights in a hotel at a personal cost of £1750, now rising to £2285 and then of course there are all the Covid-19 tests to pay for.

    307. August 15th, 2021...The restaurant chain Pret-A-Manager has decided to make pay cuts permanent as customers fail to return in sufficient numbers. Their competitor KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) announces that they are experiencing supply chain problems, without going into detail. There are insufficient workers available to gather harvests, process food and transport it. Some organisations think the nation is short of 100,000 lorry drivers. HMG has extended driver's hours behind the wheel, whilst some hauliers want extended articulated lorries, and the relaxing of regulations to enable drivers located on the continent to work here now that EU regulations no longer apply. The travel agent TUI complains that bookings are down in the UK compared to the EU because of HMG travel restrictions. Days later the restaurant chain Nandos states that it has had to second some of its employees to food processors, shutting 50 outlets, due to shortage of labour there, particularly in the processing of peri peri chicken.

    308. August 20th, 2021...The Ronapreve vaccine gets approval in the UK, whilst in India ZyCoV-D, a DNA engineered vaccine, gets approval even though this type of vaccine usually only has 60% efficacy. Due to there being 14,000 job vacancies in the UK slaughter and meat processing plants, HMG has decided to fill them with prison inmates. Whilst HMG has invited farm workers back from the EU, the ban on HGV drivers from the continent remains. Some UK firms are now acquiring smaller vehicles fro their staff to drive, as a result. The vacancies have been caused by foreign workers leaving the country after Brexit, the pingdemic caused by an over eager test and trace app on people's mobile phones telling them to self quarantine for ten days, together with a preference by school leavers. etc. for cleaner and less stressful employment. Car manufacturing levels have now dropped to where they were in 1956, due to pindemic, microchip shortage, and unpredictable HGV deliveries interfering with JIT (Just In Time) schedules. HMG has now ordered a total of 540 million doses of eight vaccines. It's now certain that an annual booster jab will be necessary for the vulnerable, following figures released for the two main vaccines. Pfizer efficacy fell from 88% to 74% in 5 to 6 months, whilst the AstraZeneca efficacy fell from 77% to 67% in 4 to 5 months.

    309. September 1st, 2021...A New Zealand woman dies shortly after being inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine. Cause of death is probably myocarditis, inflammation of heart muscle, a known problem. In Australia the Covid-19 death toll has reached 1000. Now that American military forces and their allies have left Afghanistan, will those people remaining get their Covid-19 inoculations, although that's probably the last thing they're thinking of right now?

    310. September 10th, 2021...The UK economy is still 2.1% below what it was pre-pandemic, with over one million workers still on furlough. Britain's rail companies were complaining that commuter trains were still only one third full. HMG was considering making all health and care workers get the jab, as only 88% of NHS workers had two Covid-19 inoculations. Employers were complaining of a shortage in labour, due to many low paid returning to the continent, due to Brexit, the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. It was a similar story in the United States, where some companies were offering money towards college courses as an inducement, including Amazon. To reduce the HGV problem in the UK, HMG has decided to water down the vehicle licence requirements. Whilst HMG was considering an extra jab for vulnerable people with low immunity and an annual booster jab, others thought the manufacturing capacity should be handed to people in third world countries. Bearing in mind the economic state of the developed world, it was clear to me that the global economy came first. Over £400 billion had so far been spent on the pandemic by HMG. Just who was going to pay for the training of at least 10,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers? That week parliament referred to Covid-19 inoculation passports for night clubs, disco bars, and similar crowded places, that would come into force at the end of this month. Fearful of being shut out, I immediately applied for mine. For your paper passport, click the following link if you live in England. If you want the app on a mobile phone, you dial 119. Two days later HMG cancelled the Covid passport 'identity card', the day after Emma Radacanu won the US open tennis singles for the UK. A few days later HMG cancelled its contract for valneva Covid-19 vaccine...all one hundred million doses, after what it claimed was a contract breach. Also HMG admitted that 300,000 arrivals to the UK were suspected of having broken quarantine regulations or could not be traced. Clearly the high cost of staying at a quarantine hotel was having an effect. The importance of getting your inoculations was rammed home in a Daily Telegraph newspaper article stating that, only 59 vaccinated people without serious illness, had died from Covid-19 in England this year. I received my passport on the 14th. I'll have to keep it as it maybe needed in any lockdown in the winter.

    311. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Whoisjohngalt COVID-19 Vaccination in Car, Orange County, USA.jpg
      WC: COVID-19 Vaccination in Car, Orange County, USA

    312. September 18th, 2021...HMG changes entry system from traffic lights to a red list of countries with unacceptable levels of covid-19. In addition people who are fully vaccinated will not require pre-departure testing before entry to the UK from nations that are not on the red list. Upon arrival they would probably require a lateral flow test instead of time consuming PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). As for me I've never had a test, but I strongly suspect that I've been infected with Covid-19 again, after going to a disco bar. My two inoculations don't stop me getting Covid-19 again, nor from passing it on. I've had three allergy attacks on my face over the last ten days. My tongue has swelled up twice and my lips and right cheek have also swelled up leaving a cold sore or port-wine stain on my right cheek. A muscle on my right calf and right hip have also swelled up slightly. Covid-19 appears to detect what is medically wrong or imperfect and exacerbate the situation. That has got me thinking. Maybe medical science can use part of Covid-19 as a marker which can then repair or upgrade that part of the body. HMG have now started inoculating school children, but it maybe almost irrelevant for many teenagers. On Saturday night I walked along Broad Street where many disco bars are located, only to see long queues outside some bars, the longest stretched past O'Neill's public house and the Figure of Eight bar to Players. Have they upgraded their HVAC system? HMG doesn't appear to care, as there has been no announcement from the government on the problem.

    313. In the continuing quest to find the origins of Covid-19, there are now reports from Cambodia that bats, caught in Stung Treng province and frozen ten years ago, for storage at the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, have been found to contain a virus remarkably similar to Covid-19. Report is from Evening Standard/Sky News.

    314. October 5th, 2021...In the UK deaths from Covid-19 are now running at about 120 per day. Travelers have been caught trying to escape from quarantine hotels. We are the twelfth worst country for high rates of Covid-19 infection, mainly due to our open border policy in my opinion. Inexplicably Australia has opened its borders for the first time in 18 months. The UK furlough scheme in the UK has finally come to an end. Whether this is great news to employers remains to be seen. Will it encourage employees to return to work. There is a chronic shortage of HGV workers, plus slaughter house and food processing operatives. HMG has decided to issue passports to 10,000 people from the continent to work here up until Christmas. Not to have a turkey on the table on Christmas Day was considered to be political suicidal. In the meantime the energy industry is in chaos. For the past week there have not been enough tanker drivers to get our imported fuels to petrol stations. BP temporarily closed some petrol stations. There is a shortage of at least 10,000 drivers. HMG appealed to the mainly retired one million UK citizens who had HGV licences, to forget about the abuse they received from managers, the absence of training, low wages, revolting meals and drinks at motorway cafes, and shitting in the wood-by-the-lay-by, because there are pitifully few public toilets for long distance lorry drivers, and step forward in its hour of dire need. 150 fuel trucks are being readied for soldiers to operate as HMG refuses to use the words chaos, apocalypse, rationing and the like for fear of creating panic.

    315. Over 12 natural gas suppliers have now gone bust in the UK, serving 2.2 million customers, because although the retail price to domestic users is capped, the bulk supply price is dictated by global events. This also affects factories and hence the economy, and of course hospitals. The bulk price of natural gas has gone up from 69 to 294 pence per therm from May to October 2021. This has been caused by low wind speeds over wind farms in the North Sea for a month, outages at aging nuclear power stations, fire at an electricity import sub-station, Covid-19 hampering maintenance projects at power stations, and a 17% reduction in gas along pipelines from the gas supply company Gazprom in Russia. By mid-November the number of gas suppliers that had gone out of business had reached 20.

    316. And of course the bright spark causing it all appears to be the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wants the new North Stream 2 gas pipeline running under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, to be exempt from EU rules, if he gets Gazprom to turn off the gas to the Ukraine, as the military face-off there continues. PRC military jets were testing out the air defence's on Taiwan, whilst North Korea was testing its own nuclear powered missile. Needless to say the USG had one too. WWIII was just around the corner. It has also been a cold wet summer, with my central heating switched on at times during August and September. The UK gets its gas and fuel from various sources including Norway and Bahrain, but that hasn't stopped the bulk price from going up 250% since the beginning of the year. So much so that two American owned fertilizer plants in the UK, closed down for a time, until HMG agreed to subsidize the gas price. They had little choice as this incident had cut off carbon dioxide supply, a bi-product to the food industry, which used it as a preservative to extend shelf life, make drinks fizzy, pour a pint in a bar and to stimulate growth of plants in glasshouses. The complicated global economy was proving to be highly vulnerable, hence my support for self supporting neighbourhoods based upon biomes. Will hospitals be overloaded with the elderly seeking warmth this winter? Shared bodily warmth. Fat chance of me getting it this Christmas, or any other time.

    317. Vitamin A treatment trials are to commence for the treatment of long Covid-19, which can result in headaches, anxiety, breathing irregularities, and fatigue. I know, as I was suffering from the latter, although it could be due to old age. My seventy-third birthday was coming up. The prime minister made promises to the 'Covid-19 Bereavered Families For Justice' that he would appoint a chairman to the inquiry by Christmas. The inquiry would begin in spring 2022. HMG then stated that it would set up 40 diagnostic health clinics in England, in shopping centres by March 2022, in order to tackle the NHS backlog in cancer checks, x-rays and the like. That day I received an email from my GP's surgery offering me my Covid-19 booster jab. I phoned them to arrange an appointment, but gave up after almost three minutes due to the incessant prerecorded messages I had to hear first. A few days later I visited my GPs surgery, to book an appointment. There were two members of staff there, answering a continuous stream of telephone calls. I was told that I had arrived at the wrong time to book an appointment. I left in disgust. The next day I tried an NHS internet web site, which stated that I can get a booster jab, then it said I couldn't. There were numerous walk in centres listed for the Birmingham area, but booster jabs were not allowed. I gave up....for a few days at least. My second phone call finally got through. I was given an appointment for the annual flue jab, but I'd have to wait for the Covid-19 booster inoculation, which would come via someone else. The suspense was.....

    318. Following an incident where a pig farmer was forced to slaughter all of his piglets because there was insufficient slaughtering capacity in the UK, it has now emerged that HMG has invited 300 fuel tanker drivers, 4700 food processing workers and hundreds of slaughter house butchers from the EU, to work here at least until next March. Evidently our unemployed and school leavers were simply not up to the job. It's more likely that the younger generation simply don't like the idea of animals being culled simply to satisfy their hunger. The Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) had recently ordered the slaughtering of the nice cuddly alpaca, Geronimo, on the grounds that it had bovine tuberculosis, which an autopsy proved wrong. This was the tenth known similar mistake made by DEFRA on llamas and alpacas. This was definitely an exercise in negative public relations, not to mention arrogance, whilst we were constantly told by environmentalists that cattle burp through their mouths large quantities of greenhouse gases that exacerbate global warming. As a result the army of vegetarians and vegans was growing larger. It was only a matter of time before traditional animal farming would be superseded by the production of artificial meats, hopefully in biomes. Can HMG visualize this, and thereby plan for the future? Does it have a strategic committee that decides long term government and economic policy? The good news was that the drug company Merck had completed initial trials of a new Covid-19 drug called molnupiravir, which was shown to reduce hospital cases by fifty per cent. Hopefully it will be more successful than HMG's tanker driver recruitment scheme where only 127 people applied for the 300 vacancies. No doubt they were as pissed off with UK employers as I am. In the USA the total number of Covid-19 dead had now reached 700,000.

    319. October 19th, 2021...The PLSA (Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association) stated that a single person needs a pension of £10,900 to live comfortably in the UK, whilst a couple needs £16,700. My basic state pension is £181.54 plus £200 winter fuel allowance, a total of £9640.08. This of course did not allow for the ever increasing cost of natural gas. The price had now stabilized at 228p per therm, from 83p per therm on July 15th, 2021. How many windows in how many homes would freeze on the inside this winter, as the prime minister and chancellor stared out of their windows vacantly at their christmas tree in Downing Street? The MP's Covid-19 Response Report was finally published, stating that it was one of the worst ever public health failures. Legal proceedings finally began into HMG's Covid-19 failures, including the deaths of pensioners sent to old folk's homes, where they died because of cross infection. The antibody 54042-4 was found to halt delta and alpha variants of Covid-19. Unfortunately Covid-19 variants have also been updating their arsenal. The latest is AY.4.2 commonly known as Delta Plus. Six per cent of hospital cases are caused by these variants. As a result the daily death rate in the UK has risen to 223 with health officials now calling for the reintroduction of pandemic controls, namely face masks, distancing, working from home and the increased use of Covid-19 passports. HMG regarded the situation bearable, but many in the medical professions did not. There would be no implementation of plan 'B'.

    320. Booster jabs have been offered to half the population of the UK including me, but I soon found out that the offer can be meaningless. I received an email telling me to contact my GP for it. But when I went to my GP's surgery to get my annual flu jab, there were two receptionists there answering a continuous stream of telephone calls, but there was only one patient in the waiting area apart from myself. The staff had no details of how I would get my Covid-19 booster jab. It was clear to me that the NHS wasn't working. Hospitals were filling up again with patients needing long term care, but there were no places available in care homes due to insufficient staff available. Hospitals had the same problem. Staff had either died from Covid-19, become mentally incapacitated, relocated for a better job back in their homeland, retired or quit in disgust at the absence of professional management. HMG had had at least three years to train professionals as a result of the forthcoming Brexit brain drain but had done nothing. They could have passed a bill through parliament obliging employers to train HGV drivers and other staff, but they did nothing. The situation was so bad that many medical professionals were now afraid to go to work and run the risk of patient abuse or litigation due to a medical error caused by overwork. It was obvious to me that chronic understaffing causing excessive work loads would ultimately result in a complete collapse of the NHS and possibly our political system. That same week the Institute of Cancer Research called for annual PSA blood tests for men over 40 years of age...dream on. Covid-19 was fighting a war of attrition. Should I go and live in that place in the sun? What was the point of staying here when the weather was so bad and the NHS was clearly not working?

    321. October 27th, 2021...On this day, a Brazilian senate panel recommended that President Jair Bolsonaro be charged with crimes against humanity over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had now cost the lives of over 600,000 Brazilians. I went out for a drink Saturday night, only to find that there was no draught beer or lager, due to HGV trouble no doubt. To top it all, the Tesco supermarket website had been hacked, making it impossible to use. I contacted my bank but got nowhere. After a few days of trying I finally gave up and ordered a new debit card. The nation was slowly falling to pieces. This was budget day. Chancellor Rishi Sunak was clearly on a roll. Listening to the figures I couldn't see how you could build so many homes with so little money. 180,000 homes for £11,500,000,000 = £63,889 each. I assumed the homes would be built by some revolutionary method on government owned land. Much of the statement was a classic case of smoke and mirrors. Money handed over was clearly being taken away by some other means. The rich appeared to be unaffected. Our corrupt tax system for the rich would remain in place. There would be no 90% top rate of income tax for the wealthy, to pay for the pandemic and economic recovery. The civil service would get a pay rise, which would no doubt be wiped out by the rising cost of living, which no government could control. Unrestricted capitalism would rule the day. The chancellor implied that interest rates would have to go up, but that would only put up the cost of living, devalue the pound and scupper wage increases. The leader of the opposition accused him of being in a parallel universe. The Resolution Foundation stated that the budget would boost earnings for the poorest by +2.8% and reduce earnings for the middle earners by -2.0%. It was they said the worst decade of pay growth since the 1930s. The Institute for Fiscal Studies stated that inflation and higher taxes would negate small wage increases for middle earners, such as civil servants. The cost of living will increase faster than benefit payments for low income households. There was no sign of HMG creating in the unrelenting march of AI, a science based leisure oriented society any time soon.

    322. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Alberto Giuliani Covid-19_San_Salvatore_09.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 San Salvatore

    323. The next day I finally received an offer of my long awaited Covid-19 booster injection, but unlike my previous two appointments, which came in a letter, this one obviously came from a joker. It was a long complicated interactive message sent by SMS to my small screened Samsung Galaxy J3 mobile phone. First I had to choose the inoculation centre from a list. My GP's surgery was not included, so I had to browse through an interactive map to locate the location of the nearest. Unfortunately as I zoomed in on it in the map, the names of the streets would disappear. I had to use a magnifying class to read them. Having chosen the centre, I then had to state my national health number and date of birth. Now I can remember my old number, RLIH 391, but not my new one, which is 10 digits long, and only appears on medical letters, as for some reason I am not allowed an NHS identity card. After hunting around for the necessary correspondence, I had to start the process all over again, as the SMS message link had terminated itself. Finally I selected the date, then the hour, then the exact time of the appointment. It then asked me if I wanted a confirmation. I selected YES. That was a big mistake. It wanted my mobile phone number. Then my mobile phone number again. Then my email address. Then my email address again. It then told me that my appointment time had been taken by someone else. I blew a fuse, which could no doubt be confirmed by my alarmed neighbours. I swear that I will never get another inoculation this side of a bloody revolution in this country. I would rather be dead than live any longer under this hapless regime. Just how long I will remain in this state of smouldering revolutionary fervor is anybodies guess. What is plainly obvious, is that this country urgently needs a modern, professional constitution. A technocracy, to compete successfully in the global economy with the PRC and the like. Just what does it take. Under the present system our constitution has never been written down. Never approved by the electorate. Which makes our MPs imposters, doesn't it?

    324. October 30th, 2021 Halloween...There were 2 good pieces of news when it came to combating Covid-19. Firstly an anti-depressant called fluvoxamine is known to reduce inflammation, so it was tested to see if it could reduce serious response to Covid-19. It could. Secondly, medical researchers have been looking for a drug that can stop the replication of coronavirus. Thus far the inoculations available have only been designed to enable the body to withstand Covid-19 attack, which does not destroy the coronavirus and its ability to replicate. To replicate requires its metabolic pentose phosphate pathway to be activated. Now the drug benfooxythiamine can stop this pathway, thereby preventing the coronavirus from replicating inside the infected body. Used with 2-deoxy-D-glucose the defence is even more effective. In addition to these two breakthroughs, the Scottish government is the first to introduce c-peptide blood tests for type 1 diabetics. The test determines how much insulin is being produced by the human body, and is therefore a guide as to how much insulin should be injected in future.

    325. November 3rd, 2021...Having cooled down, I finally ventured to my local City Hospital to get my Pfizer-BioNTech booster jab. It ached a bit for about twelve hours, whilst the needle didn't hurt as it was plunged into my left arm. It took some time to find the place, tucked away at the back of the hospital, across the car park, since I saw no signs at the entrance. The booster was available to everyone over the age of 50 and to all NHS staff. There were still 4.5 million UK citizens not vaccinated against Covid-19, whilst 10 million have now had their booster jab. Surprisingly there are still 80,000 to 100,000 NHS workers still not vaccinated. The deadline for care home workers to be vaccinated is the end of this month, whilst the deadline for NHS workers in England is April 2022. Just what disciplinary measures will be taken against those that do not comply with HMG's wishes remains to be seen. Dismissal, no job reference, no pension, no welfare benefits, no passport, no driving licence, and a career trashed no doubt. Is it worth it?

    326. The Pfizer drug Paxlovid has been found to be 89% effective against Covid-19 in high risk people. A similar drug, Molnupiravir, by Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is similarly effective and has received approval for use. These may be able to prevent transmission from person to person, and long covid. These drugs can certainly be taken at home.

    327. November 17th, 2021...First the good news. The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 drug is now available to 95 third world countries to manufacture themselves. And now the bad. Just as the pharmaceutical industry could see a way of eradicating Covid-19, it has been found in 80% of white tailed deer in the USA. The only viruses to have been totally eradicated by man are SARS-CoV-1 and smallpox.

    328. November 24th, 2021...The University of Tubingen, Germany is developing a T-Cell based vaccine that is injected into the stomach. T-Cells last longer in the body compared to the anti-body response from existing vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, but are slower to initially respond. A fourth wave of Covid-19 is spreading across mainland Europe. Lockdowns are being imposed in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands with protests in some areas.

    329. I have been suffering from Covid-19 for the past 12 days. It's like mild flu. Doesn't cause a runny nose. Just a cough now and again. But in the past 6 days I have had 3 angioedema attacks and it's wearing me down. I've run out of medication. I set up an account on the internet to get my prescriptions delivered, but since they have run out I need to see a GP to get them renewed. I cannot arrange an appointment with a GP on and over the internet. The NHS is in the stone age. After 4 failed attempts to get through to my GP's surgery on the phone, I have placed orders for Ibuprofen, a pain killer for my arthritis, and Loratadine for my allergy, with Amazon. It's clear to me that the NHS is a disaster. A beaucracy screwed up by one government after another.

    330. HMG has now cancelled flights from 6 southern African countries due to the prevalence of B.1.1.529 Covid-19 variant, later to be called omicron, it was sequenced on November 23rd. It is reputed to be the most dangerous so far, since it can evade immunity created by vaccines. This is because it has 32 mutations in its spike protein. The large number of mutations suggests that it originated from an HIV/AIDS victim. Will it wipe out the NHS? The next day HMG announced further countries to be avoided. Masks will be reintroduced on public transport and in public places in 3 days time on Tuesday. Other countries adopted similar measures. Originally called the Botswana virus, the WHO now called it Omicron. Stockmarket indices were falling, partly due to uncontrollable inflation, due to high restart costs in the global economy, but I left my money where it was as I had heard it all before. Is this a restart of the beginning? I didn't go out that weekend as the temperatures had plummeted to freezing, coupled with the first snow of the winter, delivered by storm Arwen. The price of natural gas had remained stubbornly high at about 240p/therm. News from the Ukraine, where the war front with Russia had remained static, was that Moscow was trying to orchestrate a military coup in Kiev. As for the conflict between the PRC and Taiwan, I suspect that my favourite honey has been tainted with sugar syrup from the PRC, since it now spreads more easily. There is currently no law to compel food processors in the UK to list the country of origin. Just whose side is HMG on? Later my freezing fingers lashed my fuchsias to the pergola, to stop them from being blown out of the planters. Incredibly, during the storm 27 illegal migrants, mainly refugees from the middle east, drowned in the freezing English Channel after failing to get a positive response from British and French border police on their mobile phones. There were only 2 survivors. More blizzards predicted. All the portents were ominous.

    331. November 27th, 2021...Omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, and is equivalent to the letter 'o'. Will we run out of Greek letters? Surprisingly, just as the pandemic drags on and on, so does Storm Arwen. Those near one hundred miles per hour winds, cut off power supply to almost one million homes, as trees crashed down upon overhead power lines. After five nights, there were still 30,000 homes without electricity. Many of those homes had no fireplace, being totally dependent upon electricity for their central heating. Pipes were freezing and bursting. Frozen under floor central heating pipes were causing concrete floors to crack. Disgruntled occupiers migrated to the warm welcoming homes of friends and relatives, or a hotel room, finding the cold coupled with the incessant wait for a portable electricity generator simply too much to bear. Some victims were not even allowed to access a hotel as they hadn't had a recent Covid-19 inoculation. One ninety-two year old hadn't had one in the previous eight months. there had been almost no warning. Just a few comments by weather presenters. The emergency services appeared to be totally unprepared, whilst no one was instructing people on how to survive this forthcoming storm. Where were the meals on wheels service and our non-existent Civil Defence Corps? An iron resolve was clearly developing amongst the victims to get an illegal log stove, photo-voltaics and a Tesla battery, or their own portable generator, ready for next time. It was clear that the only thing company directors had learned from the last similar incident, was that it didn't matter how apathetic or incompetent you were, you were not going to be put up against a wall and have your brains blown out. It was obvious that a group action intent upon suing the companies responsible, was the only way to bring about change. As for the army; that was not called in until day six. But as the linesmen and chainsaw teams attended hundreds of incidents across northern Britain, all the leader of the opposition in parliament could ask was whether the prime minister's christmas office party complied with the pandemic regulations, one year ago. HMG was spending hundreds of billions on a fantasy railroad instead of bare essentials. What affect would this storm have on the NHS? The long term impact of the pandemic was bad enough. A recent report stated that there were millions of people with cancer symptoms affected by cancelled appointments or operations. It would take years to get back to normal. Is it like this in other countries I wondered? Would I be better offer if I migrated, but to where? As for the politicians in their cosy warm pleasure palaces in Westminster and Edinburgh....... for an eternity.

    332. December 3rd, 2021...Omicron infections are rising rapidly. In South Africa in mid-November it was 250 cases per day. Now it has risen from 8,500 to 11,500 in just one day. In South Korea the daily rise has now past 5,000 cases for the first time. Another new wave had begun. To combat it, HMG approves a new antibody treatment called sotrovimab, which is administered by drip into the vein. It can reduce the chances of death by 79%. In Cardiff, Wales and in the USA medical scientists find the cause of rare blood clots resulting from the Oxford-AstraZeneca inoculations. Apparently a protein is attracted to it, but whether this will lead to a preventative measure remains to be seen. The impotence pill Viagra was now thought to combat Alzheimer's dementia, said researchers in the USA. Should I buy it in the hope of improving my word recalling ability? They would never believe that I was buying it for that purpose would they, at the chemist?

    333. December 20th, 2021...During December there were many revelations about parties and gatherings at 10 Downing Street in apparent contravention of Covid-19 regulations, but no matter how many photos of such gatherings were broadcast, the PM clung on to power, even after his Conservative Party was fined £17,800 over unacceptable financing of the PM's flat refurbishment. No sooner had Storm Arwen drifted away than Storm Barra arrived, temporarily cutting off power to 8,000 homes in Grampian, Scotland. On the seventeenth, the Liberal Democratic party won the parliamentary seat at North Shropshire with a swing of 34% from a 46.3 % turnout. The seat had been held by the Conservatives for almost two centuries. The bi-election was caused by Owen Paterson who resigned after being caught for paid lobbying. The previous day Oxford University stated that it was to conduct a study into the administering of molmpiravir pills at home, to fight Covid-19. HMG reported 88, 376 Covid-19 infections in one day, with 745,183 booster doses given. Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody was to be given to high risk groups during early infection by Covid-19.

    334. I've now had Covid-19 omicron variant, I presume, for over two weeks. It started with a runny nose. It just wouldn't stop running. My soggy tissues would fill with mucous as my eardrums popped, as the harder I blew. Apparently just one person with a cold exhausts two litres of mucus per day. Wearing myself out, eventually I thrust a cotton bud stick up both nostrils coated with TCP, a liquid antiseptic, then I gargled with it. Finally in desperation I let some of it slide down my throat, which the makers do not recommend. The avalanche of snot stopped, but then the coronavirus employed another trick and put a lump in my throat, so large I could barely breath as I lay in bed that night. Should I phone for a paramedic? In desperation I got up, went to mission control and played solitaire whilst listening to my mp3s. I found it far easier to breath whilst sitting up in my office swivel chair, whilst the gaming took my mind off the discomfort. It occurred to me that the lump maybe caused by my angioedema, so I took four allergy pills, then smeared Vicks VapoRub up my nostrils to assist my breathing. I had used the same small bottle all of my life, becoming a long trusted friend. After about four hours the lump went down noticeably. Within 24 hours I was back filling the swing bin and loo with wet tissues, with pools of sweat on the bed sheets, and that's how it's been for about another 6 days. There was no nausea and no headaches during this time. By now I was praying for that nasal spray of llama nanobodies that scientists were working on. It was obvious that I needed something that would get rid of the critters in my lungs. Like most people I didn't go out at the weekend, instead watching Ridley Scott's 'Kingdom of Heaven' movie for at least the second time.

    335. It's obvious to me that the WHO, etc. are fighting this pandemic the wrong way. They are reacting to events and not creating them. As I see it there are two ways to fight this bug. We can bio-engineer the immune system within the human genome, so that it works like that of an alpaca or bat, or we can bio-engineer a new variant of Covid-19 that is very quick spreading but benign, having the ability to wipe out competing variants. Such an artificial variant could be sprayed from the air over large cities around the world and at the sites of international airports. Failure to do this and the pandemic will drag on and on, wiping out the global economy and civilisation in general, with no guarantee that a grim reaper variant won't finally come along with a 20 to 30% mortality rate. I could end up spending the remainder of my life in lockdown with nothing to show for all the sacrifice, and so could billions of other people. The human race was getting restless. The NHS was now at level 4 national incident due to staff shortages, as ever increasing numbers of infected people sought help. The NHS website crashed due to over use as boosters were offered to the over 30s.

    336. And just as I thought it was the end of the world, the pharmaceutical industry has come up with another drug to raise our hopes. This one is called Nirmatrelvir, a pill (investigational antiviral PF-07321332), brand name Paxlovid, at least it will be once the trials by Pfizer in the USA are completed successfully. Paxlovid treatment consists of four pills and one capsule, 2 to be taken each day whilst the remaining capsule is an existing drug originally used for the treatment of HIV called ritonavir, which slows the metabolism of some 3CL protease inhibitors. This treatment attacks the heart of the coronavirus, and does not rely upon support from the infected person's immune system. In November 2021 Pfizer announced, in an agreement with the USG, the availability of ten million courses of Paxlovid at a cost of $529 per course, adding $15 to $22 billion of revenue to Pfizer says Barclays analysts. Merck's competing product is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile the price of natural gas in the business data of the BBC's website, has now risen to 457p/therm (21-12-21). That's a ten fold increase since March 1st, 2021. No mention of coastal tidal barrages, nor the mass production of sea current generators, just a deathly silence from HMG on the issue. I can hear the moans from gas users as they read their bills once the energy price cap ends in April 2022, which stands at £1277, and then the gasping groans the following winter. Maybe it is the end of the world, or at least the beginning of the end....or maybe the start of a revolution?

    337. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Hamed Jafarnejad COVIran_Barekat_vaccine_production_02.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 Vaccine Production Tehran 02

    338. There are rumours that the omicron infections are moving swiftly across the planet. So swiftly that England may avoid a lockdown over both Christmas and the new year. Evidently according to an article in Microsoft News Pfizer and Oxford University have reduced the time taken to design, test and produce a vaccine to less than 100 days. During the pandemic the time taken was reduced from 4 years to 326 days, due to rapid advances in technology. However it still won't be short enough to tackle the omicron variant. I thought that it might be possible to produce a vaccine on a modular basis, since the grim reaper variant is likely to employ omicron's fast infection capability. On December 22nd I woke up at 5am. Evidently my tongue and chin had swollen up due to angioedema again, possibly caused by stress, since I couldn't think of any other reason. My nose was still running. I could still smell the Covid-19 on my breath when I coughed occasionally. I had had Covid-19 for at least one and a half weeks, possibly two and a half. That day was the coldest day of the year thus far. 147,433 people had so far died from Covid-19 in the UK. Tesco delivered my Christmas groceries that morning, but I hadn't put up the decorations. It simply didn't feel like Christmas. Just another day in my empty life. No mother, no brother, just one xmas card from a neighbour.

    339. January 3rd, 2022...My Covid-19 illness finally came to an end on Christmas Day. I stayed at home all Christmas and the new year. The buses normally ran every ten minutes, but due to staff shortages owing to the pandemic, the timetable had been drastically cut during the evening periods. Whilst the timetable stated that buses ran every half hour, in reality it was once per hour, and it never ran to the times listed. Who in their right mind would want to stand at a bus stop at night in the freezing rain, waiting up to an hour for a bus? Of course to keep your nose warm you could always wear your face mask. How about an N95? That's the best standard to go for in this age of omicron.

    340. January 15th, 2022...Omicron sweeps across Europe as governments throw in the towel and abandon passenger air flight restrictions. Staff shortages in the NHS at numerous hospitals due to infection and over work. Two thirds of care homes are not taking in extra patients due to staff shortages. Also in the UK, 90% of recorded deaths due to Covid-19 were amongst non-vaccinated people. Meanwhile in Wales a trial is underway to test the affect on people of taking Covid-19 pills instead of an injection. In Chile the fourth round of Covid-19 inoculations is underway, whilst in the PRC a doctor is arrested for providing Covid-19 treatment without authorization. In the PRC pandemic treatment is kept separate from normal health care, which is how it should be everywhere else in my opinion. Meanwhile the UK prime minister is under more criticism following revelations of more parties at 10 downing Street during the lockdown, which prevented close contact between people, especially one within days of the funeral of HRH Duke of Edinburgh. It beggars the question 'what kind of mentality exists at the seat of our government? Meanwhile a police investigation is underway into HMG's VIP PPE purchase scheme which the courts have found unlawful. Some products cost HMG four times the going rate, whilst others failed to comply with quality standards.

    341. January 27th, 2022...Thursday saw the official end of lockdown measures for most people, although it would not end for care homes until this coming Monday. It was a nice sunny day for once. Relatively mild, so I decided to take the bus into the city centre. It was my first trip out for about six weeks. I had stayed in over Christmas and the new year as there was no bus service presumably due to a shortage of drivers due to Covid-19. I was not in the mood to stand at a bus stop in the freezing rain not knowing when the next bus would come along. There were plenty of people out that afternoon, but I didn't walk far owing to the condition of my right knee. The sunshine helped to relieve the stress I had been through. Last Saturday my groceries were delivered by Tesco, only to find that most of the frozen items had not been included. I had defrosted my fridge-freezer in anticipation. I was not amused. I pointed out to the delivery man that four items had been included that I had not requested, including a frozen raw fish and a thin pizza. I compiled a list of missing items and sent it to Tesco by email. Three days later I realised that the email address was not being monitored. I emailed a second address only to find that that too was not being used. At the second phone call I got through and gave the man the details. Evidently the delivery man had only reported one item missing. I was left with the opinion that either they didn't understand english, or they wanted to be fired in order to qualify for welfare benefits. Following the failure of the Border Force to stop these illegal migrants from the crossing the English Channel, HMG has now ordered the Royal Navy to take charge. No comment! This incident follows a whole series of failed deliveries. HMG has now decided to reduce the time it takes the unemployed to find a job, so it'll be more square pegs in round holes and more on sickness benefit.

    342. February 2nd, 2022...The previous day the PM Boris Johnson faced parliament over the release of the preliminary, or should it be redacted version, of the partygate scandal in Whitehall. Despite numerous calls from party leaders, he steadfastly refused to resign. Most of his colleagues in the Conservative Party supported him and were clearly prepared to go down with our democratic system. They had all brought shame to the government and the House of Commons. Whilst most of the general public had observed the government's lockdown rules, by not visiting loved ones in care homes and hospitals, and not attending funerals, Boris and co. were living it up at about 13 parties which according to the report compiled by senior civil servant Sue Gray, warranted police investigation. The opposition parties immediately tried to get HMG to promise a release of the full report, thought to amount to 500 pages and 300 photographs, as soon as the police investigation was completed, to no avail. As for the police report, it could take years to emerge. As for the PPE investigation, it has now emerged that £8,700 million had been wasted on buying inadequate personal protective equipment. £673 million was to the wrong standard, £750 million had passed its expiry date, whilst £4,700 million had been spent on equipment that was now far cheaper to purchase. As for the rest, it had been binned somewhere. The thought of sending it to some trouble spot in the world like Syria or the Yemen clearly wasn't going to be promoted by the opposition, as this was political ammunition. As for the PM, like Superman he zoomed off to the Ukraine, to which HMG was providing military support in the form of anti-tank missiles and key personnel, designed to stop the 100,000 Russian troops on the border from invading. It was clear that the PM wanted that gremlin in the Kremlin to stand out as the greater threat.

    343. February 8th, 2022...The battle to save the nation from dying from hypothermia from this April continues with a British Government announcement regarding energy subsidies, due to the price of natural gas staying at around 400p/therm. It is predicted that domestic energy bills will rise by £700 per annum. As such HMG has decided to reduce the community charge to home occupiers in the bands A to D by £150. In addition energy bills will be initially reduced by £200, to be paid back at the rate of £40 over 5 years. The maximum annual ceiling for energy bills per home now rises from £1277 to £1971. The poor on pay-per-meter face even higher bills. The cost of living was also rising, to a predicted 7% by April, as the global economy adjusted itself to new parameter values. To make matters worse the Bank of England raised the bank's base rate of interest to 0.5%. And whilst Shell plc (was Royal Dutch Shell) announced a profit of £20 billion, the national debt of the USA now stood at $30 trillion. It was obvious that the human race needed a world order, both in politics and economics. A world technocracy, but few people wanted change of any kind, especially Vladimir Putin, who, if the western media was right, wanted a return to the days of the USSR. The US government was predicting a full scale invasion of the Ukraine in weeks, when the ground was frozen hard enough to support their heavy armoured vehicles. Meanwhile, here in the UK, the confrontation between HMG and 70,000 members of the NHS, who refused to have their Covid-19 inoculations, continued. As for the UK general public, the feeling was that the pandemic was over, whilst others called for more vaccines to be sent to third world countries to stop the possibility of another variant emerging. In the far east however, lockdowns were emerging in Indonesia and the PRC. The pandemic was far from over. So far there have been 5.8 million deaths worldwide from Covid-19, including 158,000 in the UK, 905,000 in the USA.

    344. They're coming to get ya.....

    345. February 16th, 2022...There is a common acceptance that daily deaths of about 150 people will continue for some time. Apart from that, life has returned to normal. However, one disturbing fact has emerged. It turns out that a person who has died from Covid-19 can probably pass on the pathogen to someone else, weeks after their death. Should all corpses be cremated? And will a grim reaper version emerge from the unvaccinated third world, or from infected wildlife? The NHS is now urging people to attend cancer screening, including prostate cancer for men. Should I try again to get a blood test, or has the NHS definitely abandoned the over seventies?

    346. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Tehran Times COVIran_Barekat_vaccine_production_03.jpg
      WC: Covid-19 Vaccine Production Tehran 03

    347. March 24th, 2022...Gradually Covid-19 regulations have been concluded throughout the UK. In early March I applied for Attendance Allowance benefit from HMG owing to the rising cost of living and the increasing pain in my right knee due to arthritis. I filled in the form, but could not get an appointment with a GP, who would be required to confirm the details. I posted it anyway. When it comes to mobility, to get anywhere I will need to travel by taxi. As it is I don't travel anywhere, not even using my free bus pass, since the buses don't stick to the timetable in the evenings, and of course I would still have to walk some distance at the other end. I don't really have anywhere to travel to. I never go on holiday. Retirement appears to be an illusion. It's just a scrap heap of humanity. I thought about using the cities ebikes, scooters, but I couldn't find a map on the internet showing where they could be found and deposited. Plus of course, you have to use them on the road, not on the path, which is suicidal. We are slowly heading for WWIII now that Russia has invaded Ukraine. HMG has set up a refugee scheme, so I thought that this would make it easy for me to finally find a partner. I contacted over 40 females on the ukrainedate.com website, and gave them all the details, but got nowhere. If Russian bullets, bombs, rockets and missiles can't move 'em, what can? I've also researched the idea of leaving the UK for Mauritius, Jamaica, Barbados, etc. All countries where I could still receive my index linked state pension, but I somehow can't bring myself to leave on my own. I put a lot of work into my home, and it hurts to have to sell it. At any moment civilisation will cease to exist.

    348. The Number of Deaths from Covid-19 Pandemic April 2022

      No. Country Deaths so far.
      1 United States of America 976,516
      2 Brazil 150,915
      3 Mexico 323,403
      4 India 521,573
      5 United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland 169,412
      6 Italy 160,402
      7 Russia 371,169
      8 France 139,811
      9 Germany 131,370
      10 Spain 102,747

    349. The deaths continue. In the UK during the last 7 days 1179 people died. All restrictions have been lifted, but the deaths continue, mostly amongst people who refuse to get vaccinated. Meanwhile in the PRC Shanghai is in lockdown. Deaths there amount to less than 15,000 officially. What the final figure will be for each nation depends upon just how effective their vaccination programmes are, including annual jabs. Deaths will continue, possibly for decades, until our immune systems can be enhanced through bioengineering. This blog will end, but the deaths will continue.

    350. May 2nd, 2022...In the UK the number of people infected with Covid-19 was reducing, but in the PRC lockdowns in Shanghai were continuing. The cost of the pandemic to the British tax payer was slowly becoming apparent and alarming. Of the £47 billion pounds handed out to companies in bounce back loans, it was now certain that £17 billion won't be paid back, whilst £4.9 billion had been lost to fraud. It appears that there were very few checks made. The loans, up to £50,000, were provided by HMG via banks, to be paid back over 6 years, designed to keep companies afloat during the pandemic. Unfortunately it proved too much of a temptation for many, who spent the money on an extravagant lifestyle. As a result HMG has set up the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce, composed of 1,300 staff, to recover another £1 billion of taxpayers money. Oxford University experts predict fraud in HMG's pandemic schemes is now amounting to £37 billion. 374 pandemic schemes were set up by HMG at a cost of £370 billion. As for the future of the UK's prime minister. He has now moved on to supplying weapons to Ukraine following Russia's invasion. And hopefully those weapons will be fit for purpose, unlike PPE. The death of about 20,000 people from Covid-19 due to his suspected policy of herd immunity, many of them due to the transfer of infected elderly patients from hospitals to care homes, the incompetence and possible fraud involving PPE administered from 10 Downing Street instead of NHS acquisitions departments, plus the continuing stream of fines handed out by the police over partygate, have done nothing to remove him. The Conservative propaganda machine is ensuring that he and his colleagues stay in power until the Russo-Ukraine war is finalized, or at least until the May 5th local election results are known, whichever is the most blood thirsty. I want to get out of Russia's missile firing line but there appears to be no country in the southern hemisphere where I can go to, where the nuclear fallout will be minimal and where I can get my index linked state pension, due to my criminal record. Will a retired BJ be let in? Oh, good heavens yes, on his global lecture tour.

    351. May 13th, 2022...On this Friday, the total number of people the World Health Organisation estimates to have died from Covid-19 is believed to be 6,258,356. 177,088 have died from Covid-19 in the UK, one million in the United States, whilst in the whole of Europe it has reached two million. There are mow half a million people waiting for social care in England, whilst in many parts of the UK it's quicker to get to hospital by public transport than by ambulance. Pandemic lockdowns in the PRC continue, whilst North Korea finally admits to being infected. Whilst everything appears normal in the UK, the seven day average deaths from Covid-19 is now 210. And as for the local elections in the UK, they were not blood thirsty enough to warrant the disposal of BJ. The electorate is simply too forgiving or forgetful or dead.

    352. May 19th, 2022...Today finally saw the release of the Sue Gray report, named after a senior civil servant, containing details of the 16 parties held in Whitehall during the lockdown. The report was 37 pages long containing numerous photographs of the PM & Co. having a jolly good time. A total of 126 fines were issued for beaking the pandemic regulations. Some Conservative MPs called for the PM's resignation, but it was simply not forthcoming since the PM changed the regulations covering the behaviour of politicians and civil servants. A few days later the Covid-19 restrictions on movement in the Chinese city of Shanghai were lifted. And whilst deaths from Covid-19 were continuing, another virus raised its ugly head. This was the mild form of monkey virus from west Africa. It appeared to be striking at random around the world, whilst HMG was telling people to avoid bodily contact, and that those that had it should stay indoors. The advise was beginning to sound like that for HIV. Is this the next time? Would this blog ever end?

    353. June 9th, 2022...Moderna announce that they have developed a bivalent vaccine that can handle both Covid-19 and the Omicron variant. Called mRNA1273.214 its efficiency implies that it will require just one booster jab per annum to provide complete protection. Politically, things were still simmering, with our PM winning a confidence vote in the House of Commons on June 6th, but the opposition demanding details of the continuing police investigation into suspect PPE purchases involving PPE Medpro and Baroness Mone, a peer in the House of Lords. The confidence vote appeared to be expertly timed before two by-elections, the results of which could have seen the PM deposed.

    354. June 29th, 2022...There are now 1.7 million people infected with Covid-19, mostly Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5, in the UK, but only 100 people suffering with it in intensive care, due to the success of the inoculation programme. HMG now appears to be more concerned with west African monkey pox, which appears to be spreading amongst our gay communities.

    355. July 7th, 2022...After his health minister and chancellor resign 2 days before, Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes his resignation speech outside 10 Downing Street, containing not one word of apology for all the mistakes and excesses he made during his two and a half years as head of government. No mention of the cost of refurbishing his flat, the cost of the pandemic, £400 billion, of which most of it was wasted, including furlough money paid to airlines that were now having to cancel flights in their thousands because they can't find the staff. And of course there were thousands killed by his apparent herd immunity policy and the transfer of infected elderly patients from hospitals to care homes, the communications evidence of which were buried without trace in Whatsapp, much to the ICO's (Information Commissioner's Office) annoyance. And just how many of his cronies made a fortune from the PPE purchasing scandal? And while all this was going on, the nation was in lockdown. No funerals and no visits allowed to relatives in care homes, as Whitehall went party crazy. And of course he refused to close the borders to people, despite several warnings from the opposition parties, making damping down of the pandemic impossible. It was estimated that over 1000 infected people entered the country during the lockdown, thereby stoking the pandemic. The two scandals that finally brought him down were his recruitment of apparent sex fiend and alcoholic Chris Pincher MP for Tamworth, despite warnings from government officials, and the secret meetings he had with ex-KGB oligarch Alexander Lebedev in 2018, when he was foreign secretary, which resulted in his son receiving a peerage in the House of Lords. No doubt the Profumo affair was upper most in Conservative MPs' minds as the axe finally came down, as the number of resigning ministers and deputy ministers reached around fifty, resulting in threats from the civil service. Of course there had been sex based innuendos. An alleged affair with US business woman Jennifer Arcuri, for whom the taxpayer funded her business trip, whilst as mayor of London he strived to get his eventual wife Carrie Johnson made chief of staff. And now emerging from the shadows there was apparently a mistress, also from his days as mayor in 2017, whom he tried to get a city hall job for. And then of course there was Angela Rayner's legs putting him off his speeches, and Conservative MP Jamie Wallis, found in women's clothes by police after crashing his car into a lamp post. To the horror of many, BJ is still clinging on as PM in an interim government, as Conservative MPs dither as to who should replace him. Parliament breaks up for holidays in one weeks time. They should all be crushing rocks in a quarry in my opinion. The trail of destruction they had created beggared belief; HS2, inability to recycle plastic, failed smart meters, fanciful heat pumps and more IT wows with the NHS App. With such low standards, there wasn't a hope in hell of getting a technocracy in the UK. That same day the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) stated that UK debt was on an unsustainable path unless spending is tightened and taxes raised. Clearly the PM and Conservative Party were levelling up the debt as the candidates for the top job offered low taxes, low taxes, low taxes. The UK national debt now officially stood at £1,811 billion, and then of course there is the government waste that should have been spent on revenue earning schemes, private finance initiative, pensions, plus corporate and personal debt. The pound was effectively worthless, as were many other currencies at this time. For how much longer would capitalism continue in this form?

    356. July 14th, 2022... Amazingly there are still 3 million people in England who have steadfastly refused to get inoculated against Covid-19. As the number infected with monkey pox climbed in the UK, Marburg virus, with an 88% kill rate, had emerged in west Africa. DWP cost of living payments commence today to those on benefits, to cover the increased cost of electricity and gas, brought on by the Russo-Ukraine war and readjustment of the global economy after the pandemic. There will be another similar payment in the Autumn. I am still unable to get an appointment with my GP. I haven't seen a doctor for over two years. Two years ago my GP refused to put me forward for a cancer test after my younger brother died from stomach cancer. Now, despite an offer to the general population of such a test, I can't get one because the surgeries automatic telephone answering system won't put my call through. Two years ago I could not even get a steroid injection for my arthritic knee as the man who was supposed to give it to me said that I was not serious enough. Now I can't even gain access to my detailed medical file on the internet, through the NHS App, in order to screen print details for an Attendance Allowance application, because I can't see a GP that could arrange it. After living on my own for the last 35 years I felt really pissed off.

    357. July 23rd, 2022...There are now 16,000 people infected worldwide with monkey pox, as the WHO declares it a public health emergency of public concern. The NHS on the other hand is far from prepared. It now has 110,000 job vacancies caused by Brexit migrations, deaths and overwork from Covid-19 and an absence of strategic planning resulting in an under spend of £8 billion on social care. The vacancies include 12,000 hospital doctors and 50,000 nurses and midwives. It's plainly obvious to me that under the emergency powers act (do we have one?) the Nightingale hospitals need to be staffed by ex-employees of the NHS, plus auxiliary nurses conscripted as part of our Eastern Europe Preparedness National Service Plan. Of course parliament and HMG can't see the need for such action, as £3850 annual energy bills lurk on the not too distant horizon, along with the wests equivalent of the Arab Spring, which is likely to lead to WWIII (world war three). Of course our politicians can't see that any more than King Louis XVI could see lousing his head as he stepped onto that coach at Versaille. As Mad Vlad slowly shuts down the natural gas supply to Europe from Siberia, now at only 20%, just when will our government's tolerance snap. The answer of course is to shut down the commodity markets in fossil fuels and grain, but how? Clearly the matter has to be decided at the United Nations. Fossil fuels and grains must be sold to governments at an internationally agreed price. The governments then sell it to the retailer at the same price. The retailer would not be allowed to obtain these products from any other source. The bulk gas price today on the BBC>business>market data website is 422p/therm (27-07-2022). Prior to March 2021 the average price was 50p/therm. So I am now paying eight times more than 16 months ago. God knows what it will be this winter. If that's not an equation for a revolution, I don't know what is. Clearly my mate Vlad needs to close the valves a bit more before we get a world technocracy or global thermonuclear war, as the mob razes Whitehall and the pleasure Palace of Westminster to the ground. I have noticed on the BBC's gas price chart that prices were relatively stable prior to August 2021, but since then have fluctuated wildly, implying that they are being manipulated to the point of sabotage, rather than being influenced solely by demand. So why have governments and their intelligence agencies done nothing about it? Apart from Russia, just who is profiting from this speculation, that will inevitably result in the deaths of tens of thousands of people next winter.

    358. August 2nd, 2022...16,000 UK registered companies, that are owing £500 million to HMG in Covid-19 loans, have gone bust. Hundreds of their directors have been disqualified from running a business. On the Grenfell Tower front the court has decided that the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council is liable for the deaths of 5 of its occupants. 1100 people are claiming damages due to the fire which destroyed the tower block on the 14th June 2017. In another court case at this time, a judge has advised HMG to pay the remaining 4,000 haemophilia survivors of the hepatitis C - HIV blood transfusion scandal £400 million compensation. The 4,000 survivors would receive an initial payment of £100,000 each or it would go to their bereaved partner. This was another failure in the NHS which acquired blood, much of it from down and outs, in the USA from 1973 to 1986 for the treatment of haemophilia patients, only for a TV media company (World In Action) to find out two years later that some of it was contaminated with hepatitis C or HIV. 2,400 patients died. This practice was stopped by parliament only in 1988. It was a glowing example of the contempt parliament and government officials had for their constituents.

    359. August 9th, 2022...Moderna to provide a duel vaccine for Covid-19 and the Omicron variant, available from September 5th in UK to elderly, vulnerable and medical staff. Meanwhile the cost of living increases like a ticking time bomb. I came up with the brilliant idea of eating salads, since they wouldn't need heating. Unfortunately a lot of people had clearly come up with this idea before me. Upon arrival at the convenience store I found that a pack of 6 tomatoes would cost either £1-20 or £1-50 depending upon my taste. That's an increase of 20 to 50%! The prime minister went off on holiday, effectively leaving the nation rudderless. Neither of the two candidates meant to replace him were credible in my opinion. The one that won the election to be leader would not take office until September 5th. On August 15th it was announced that the average price of energy from October 2022 will be £3,500, whilst from January it will be £4,500. The nation was heading towards the perfect political storm. The leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer, called the leadership a zombie government. He was of course right.

    360. August 9th, 2022...The price of natural gas on the BBC website had now reached 560p/therm. Clearly someone was rigging the market. Would HMG fix prices or carry on handing out subsidies with the certainty that it would encourage Russia to continue the war, leading to a bankrupt west. A company was now drilling for gas in Zimbabwe, as the UK awaited an LNG carrier all the way from Australia.

    361. August 26th, 2022...Railway workers, dock workers and bin men in Scotland are engaged in industrial action due to increasing cost of living. The energy price cap for households will be £3549 per annum from October 1st, with rises forecast in January to £5700 and in April to £6300. The amounts were clearly impossible for most people to pay. Over the decades HMG had destroyed well paid jobs, and by encouraging divorce had increased energy consumption in two homes instead of one. It had burnt off the nation's gas reserves in gas fired power stations, and shut down almost all the nation's coal fired power stations despite having huge reserves of coal. The final seven will be shut down by 2025; at least that's the plan, Putin permitting. The eyes of the nation were now on the two candidates for prime minister, neither of whom was saying anything about how they would handle this crisis when one of them takes office on September 5th. As for me I still hadn't received a working 'in home device', nor any FIT payments from SSE for the last one and a half years. It was now obvious to me that SSE were not reading my emails, and that all I was receiving from them were standard phases selected by a computer. I was unable to get through to anyone at SSE today on the telephone. The ombudsman would soon be dealing with both cases. It was obvious to me that companies doing business over the internet should be obliged by law to have the necessary staff to handle emails, as well as telephone calls. And whilst we're on the subject of legality, it must be plainly obvious to just about everyone that the sale of out utility services should never have taken place, and that some of it was sold off at highly preferential rates that did not benefit the nation. Those involved in the sale of these assets should stand trial for corruption. Namely politicians, senior civil servants, advisors, directors of investment companies, etc. I therefore conclude that the conservative party should be declared an illegal organisation and shut down. Will the police do this before or after parliament is razed to the ground? When you have been stripped of everything; your savings, your home, your self respect, then you have nothing to lose by conducting violent protest. All the factors for a perfect storm appeared to be in place.

    362. August 30th, 2022...The death was announced of ex-Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. He was the only politician I had any respect for. A true technocrat. Aged 91, he died in hospital after a long illness. I had wanted to relocate to the southern hemisphere; well away from the expected nuclear fallout. However, there are only four countries outside of the EU that can provide an index linked state pension (Philippines, Jamaica, Barbados, Mauritius) and they are all in the northern hemisphere. Forbes states that I can live in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru or Italy. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place like millions of other people.

    363. Images Wikimedia Commons/WC 24 Leonid Palladin Raisa & Mikhail_Gorbachev.jpg
      WC: Mikhail & Raisa Gorbachev

    364. September 5th, 2022...Liz Truss was announced the next prime minister and head of the Conservative Party. The next day BJ handed in his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, Scotland, followed by Liz Truss, and no doubt the madness would start all over again. LT had promised low taxes at a time when the nation was officially £2.2 billion in debt. Rumour had it that HMG had accepted the energy retailers plan of government loans to them and not consumers. This meant that anyone wanting to use the thousands of subsidy to upgrade their photo-voltaics was in for a disappointment. Could HMG see this? The plan would be revealed officially in two days time.

    365. The next day you could have knocked me down with a feather when I received a letter from my energy supplier SSE. 'We owe you £547.28.' They had finally paid my FIT (Feed-In Tariff), the output from my photo-voltaics to the mains, for the first time in over one and a half years. What had made them shift; the never ending stream of emails, the ombudsman, or clicking on their web site to tell them why I was 'moving'? Could it be guilt? The fact that they were stealing my electricity. No never.

    366. Owing to HMG totalling screwing up the UK's energy industry, I have reluctantly decided to upgrade my existing photo-voltaic system, which consists of 11 panels on the roof amounting to 2.75kW installed 8 years ago.

    367. Whilst looking at the performance figures I realised that I should have installed a battery at that time, since my array can produce 8kWh in summer and 4kWh in winter per day. I live on my own and consume only 1kWh per day. That would leave 3kWh for the electric fire in the lounge in the evening. That may sound tough but I remember living in a B&B in Birmingham in 1972 for at least 6 cold months when there was no central heating, no electric blanket nor hot water bottle and no house insulation. Since I could live on that 3kWh for space heating, weekly shower and monthly washing machine duty, it made me ask the question,'why hadn't I fitted a battery between the panels and inverter when they were first installed?' No doubt many PV owners are asking themselves the same question. At the time I did it simply to make money, and no other reason. Now, HMG could offer PV owners a subsidised upgrade. That would reduce the load on power stations and gas installations. It would no doubt also improve the health of many, both physically and psychologically.

    368. I have now decided to fit an additional 1.2kW panels on the front wall of my house and get a lithium-iron battery. A battery that would store one days production (7kWh) would cost me about £3,000, and last 20 years. This is based upon what a 4 person family would need, should I choose to sell the property. The vertical PV panels on the front wall are for winter time, since my roof slopes at 68 degrees to the vertical, whilst the ideal angle would be 22 degrees off vertical.

    369. As for HMG handing out loans to energy suppliers in order to subsidise energy bills, that is likely to cost hundreds of billions of pounds per year. Clearly there has to be a cut-off point. It should be 3 years, during which time HMG and the City would finance major clean energy projects such as Severn Tidal Barrage, SWEL wave energy, wind farms on Anglesey and Pembrokeshire, HB11 non-thermal fusion, etc. The HMG loans would be paid back from profits from these projects. In order to encourage investment from the City, interest rates should be reduced to zero, with negative interest rates for account holders banned in order to incentivise investment in such projects. That makes more sense than reducing taxes. We need to be the energy source for the continent of Europe, to replace Russia. The demand is there, but is the vision and common sense here?

    370. September 8th, 2022...HMG issues its plan to combat high energy prices. The government will direct most of the subsidy direct to energy companies, thereby preventing home owners from using the money to go off grid, whilst ensuring that companies happily make contributions to the Conservative Party, as more millionaires are created. The payback will come from the peasants, who being used to low wages in the gig economy, not to mention £150 per week rents, will cough up without protest. Evidently a windfall tax of energy producing companies did not go down well in the House of Commons since the tax was already at 65%. Needless to say the payback will last years. Just how many will probably be decided by Vladimir Putin. If the war drags on for ten years it could cost HMG one trillion pounds, and that don't include the cost of all those munitions being shipped to the Ukraine. Well that's the plan. If you ask me, it's a recipe for revolution. When you deliberately put tens of millions of people in debt, they have nothing to lose by protesting, then rebelling. Can any of these MP's see that? As for my solution to my energy problem, I gave SSE its 28 day notice by sending them an email and a letter to their Reading HQ ordering them to close my FIT, gas and electricity accounts. I then scoured the local internet for PV installers. The next day I found out that the industry was waiting for panels and batteries from the far east that would not arrive until October. It appears that I have arranged things the wrong way around. Salads, cold showers, burst pipes and a cacoon of duvet blankets possibly lay ahead. Following decisions made by the European Commission (emergency measures), and the fact that Germany has almost filled its storage facilities for winter, the price of bulk gas had fallen from 700 pence/therm to 370p/therm, as the pound fell in value. Were the price rises caused by the failure of governments to coordinate and thereby level out demand, and not pay crazy prices for gas? Was I making the right decision?

    371. That afternoon HRH Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral, Scotland. She had reigned for 70 years. She immortalized the words discipline, duty and sacrifice. The latter because she never retired, nor did she do her own thing. She had outlived the Covid-19 pandemic knowing full well that a state funeral would not be possible during the lockdown. Now her funeral would remind countless next of kin of their funeral that was forbidden by the state. Looking at these prime ministers, had she seen the writing on the wall, and decided that now was the time to depart? As with the death of Sean Connery it signified the end of an era. There were background images of the late queen on Microsoft Edge browser and its toolbar. Such was the respect people had for her from around the world.

    372. That day North Korea announced that it was now a nuclear state and would be entitled to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes, as Ukrainian forces took an area twice the size of Greater London from Russian invaders, thanks to the use of a plethora of US long range surface to surface rockets, GPS guided artillery shells and visual, infrared, electronic and radar military intelligence satellites. Now every activity could be seen on the battlefield and destroyed without warning with pin-point accuracy. There was no hiding place for the average soldier, and they knew it. The stress from knowing that must be enormous. Would they surrender on mass? The concept of the military battlefield was becoming extinct. The invasion was unwinnable. What would the Russians do, pull out or go nuclear? There was growing dissent in Moscow, but the removal of one man would not bring about change for the better. Clearly to do that his ministers, assassins and corrupt oligarchs would have to be removed and put on trial, as possibly 100,000 Russian lives had been lost in the Ukraine, not to mention Chechnya, Georgia and Syria in recent years. The step to returning Russia to the real world will not be easy. Reparations, returning ill gotten gains to the sovereign wealth fund, and correcting legal injustice, are just a few of those steps before international acceptance can be achieved. In 1503 the battle of Cerignola, near Naples Italy took place between the French and Spanish armed forces. In it the Spanish cannons and long guns defeated the French armoured cavalry and pikemen. It was a turning point in warfare. From then on gunpowder based weapons would replace all types of weapons that went before. The war in the Ukraine signaled the beginning of the end of the battlefield. On September 20th President Putin clearly hadn't got the message, when he called up reservists with military experience. It was the Vietnam war mentality all over again. Clearly many Russians wanted their forces to be extracted, but in the USA that took Congress to appoint President Gerald Ford to do the job. There was no sign of a courageous Duma doing that. Would it end in global thermonuclear war, with Putin finally getting his page in history? Needless to say the National Health Service in the UK was anything but prepared, as all that HMG wanted were low taxes, whilst stoking the flames in the Ukraine by supplying British weapons and military training.

    373. September 23rd, 2022...On the medical front HMG has refused to supply the Covid-19 drug Evusheld to people with weakened immune system. Meanwhile at the Francis Crick Institute in London, medical scientists discover that air pollution causes damaged cells to multiply, whilst in Australia the drug, CuATSM, has been shown to be effective against motor neurone disease, and in some cases can reverse its effects.

    374. My plan to go off grid has failed. I contacted a number of PV installers, but they were not interested because the contract, just 3 panels, was not large enough. I eventually found out belatedly that you cannot connect new panels to old ones due to a mismatch in voltages. Also I would need to replace my inverter with a hybrid inverter, that would include a battery controller and at least 4 batteries, each costing about £500. Unfortunately the industry had run out of batteries and was now awaiting a delivery from the PRC expected in November. I now felt apprehensive as I had already given notice to SSE. My accounts would close on October 10th, so I quickly wrote to them cancelling the cancellation. Would they?

    375. +

      Lord Have Mercy Upon Us

      ...The Next Time

      Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Mariochom Włocławek-plague_cross_on_Lisek_(6).jpg
      WC: 24 A Plague Cross

    376. So what is the next deadly virus. Virologists think it's the Nipah virus carried in fruit bats. The virus infects people in southern India and Indo China. They are infected by eating foods contaminated with fruit bat droppings. There is an 80% fatality rate. It attacks the brain and respiratory system and can take up to 45 days for symptoms to appear. As of March 2021 there is currently no vaccine. Survivors can suffer from a changed personality

    377. The one thing you notice about this Covid-19 blog, is that precious little happens during February, by HMG that is. During that month the prime minister was absent from five COBR or COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) meetings, that deal with emergency matters. Bearing in mind that it takes two weeks for the symptoms of Covid-19 to become apparent, if at all, this shows a remarkable lack of urgency by government. The UK lockdown comes two weeks after the London stockmarket crash, a clear indicator that HMG was pushed into action over Covid-19 by the media. There is one factor which I simply do not understand. The authorities in the PRC made several attempts to muzzle the local research and medical staff in Wuhan. Why do that, when by doing so you ban any preventative and containment measures, and that by maintaining this stance, you ensure that the infection spreads across the PRC and the rest of the world, making a gagging order irrelevant. This sounds like the confused act of a person suffering from severe guilt. However, this is not the end of the story. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is believed to contain about 1500 potentially lethal viruses. During this period the centre was engaged in a $3.7 million research project financed by the United States National Institute of Health, during which P2 biohazard suits were worn instead of the higher standard P4, whilst working with bats or pigs. Is this merely a conspiracy?

    378. It's plainly obvious to me that people living in densely populated towns and cities are more likely to get infected by a disease than those living in detached properties in the countryside. That beggars the question, 'should we demolish all non-detached homes?' Those remaining would be made zero carbon, and be fitted with air filters. There are of course at least two outstanding questions. Rehousing billions of people, using traditional materials, is going to increase CO2 levels enormously. In addition, from a tourist's point of view, Rome, Vienna, Paris, etcetera, would simply not look and feel the same. But it is clear to me that something drastic has to be done. Most homes are not earthquake proof, whilst bedrooms are too small, resulting in low oxygen levels harmful to the brain. It is time that scientists, architects and factory built home manufacturers got together to produce designs of cheap, quick to produce homes for families, as opposed to the irresponsible social experiment that has made the lives of millions of people totally meaningless. Based upon current construction methods and materials, replacing our existing housing stock with something far more futuristic, will plainly never happen unless it can be made more cheaply, quicker and to a higher standard. Research into building structures on the Moon, may well provide the answer, namely that of 3D printing. To maintain social distancing, all retailing should be on the internet where possible, with a government body to ensure that only high quality goods were sold on our intranet. We must be self supporting when it comes to the need for basic foods. We must adopt modern agricultural technology in order to reduce manpower and land usage. We must switch to the production of artificial meats and hydroponically produced vegetables. Homes must produce their own food, energy and fresh water. Social distancing must be improved through the sole use of taxi-vans. Buses, commuter trains, manned taxis and trams would be scrapped.

    379. The environment would be improved by the creation of additional nature reserves. Like the goose in York railway station, we must all learn to accept our place in the natural order of things. The production of plastic and tobacco products must cease. HMG should promote a science based society, with scientists and their inventions portrayed in murals on public buildings. With increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence, a four day week should be created. People should be recruited and trained to handle emergency situations such as a pandemic, in order to ensure that our economy and way of life are not crippled again. And of course there must be more investment in the NHS. At the start of this pandemic the NHS had six ICU beds per one hundred thousand people, whilst Germany had twenty-nine. This pandemic clearly shows the distrust governments have for one another. HMG refuses to use any other contact-tracing app but its own, which is still weeks away, during which many people will die. Is this justifiable? HMG must therefore strive for the creation of a WT at the earliest opportunity. In the UK, there was no referendum for women's lib and casual divorce, no referendum for gay rights and gay marriage, which has created so much distrust between people that they cannot make friends, no referendum on monetarism, which involved the loss of millions of key skills, processed materials and high wages. To many people, the government's social engineering programme was a stab in the back. It will soon be time for a referendum on a technocracy. Are you up to it, or will the British establishment's mentality prevail?

    380. I can say without a doubt that this pandemic will be a lesson to all terrorist groups. Just as imperialist forces were defeated by the Japanese during the second world war, which encouraged south Asia nations to strive for independence, so government mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic will convince terrorist groups that their time has at last come. And time is definitely running out. It also beggars the question, will there be a public enquiry in the UK about how HMG handled the affair. MI5 and MI6 failed to warn the government about the infection in Wuhan, whilst they also failed to provide the necessary contact-tracing software for smart phones (4G mobile phones), which I assumed they had for decades. As of 29-04-20 this software, requested by NHSX, will be produced by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), Cheltenham, UK. The telephone based system will be ready by May 13th, 2020. Testing on the Isle of Wight took weeks. By now the stockmarket indices have recovered half their fall, and are unlikely to move either way for the next year. There's nothing else to invest in, with bank and bond rates at less than one per cent, except gold. Investors can at last see how this pandemic can be defeated. All it takes is an intelligent determined government to mass produce ventilators and medical black box pre-ventilators using raspberry pie and open software, plus persuade enough people to put contact-tracing apps on their mobile phones, and the pandemic will be contained if enough 'virologists' are deployed in the field, assuming of course that we can get a vaccine or cure in time. And of course we would have to persuade the general public to use it. That may prove harder than it sounds. Measles is now on the rise because parents are either too bone idle to get their children immunized, or because they are worried about possible side effects. Fake news about this subject, on the internet, is winding up governments and the medical profession.

    381. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 Stanislaw.bochnak Maska_epidemiczna_eksponowana_w_Młynie.jpg
      WC: A Plague Doctor

    382. You may well believe that the rule of law should be allowed to take its course. When it comes to HMG, what crimes have ministers, senior civil servants and advisors committed?

    383. APATHY: ...
      HMG did nothing during the six weeks from January 30th (WHO PHEIC) to March 23rd (UK lockdown start).
      HMG failed to close airports and seaports (harbours) to passengers.
      HMG failed to institute disinfecting of shipping containers and crates entering UK.
      HMG failed to stop UK citizens going on foreign holidays.
      HMG failed to impose 14 day quarantine on those entering country.
      HMG failed to tell infected people to go to A&E, instead being told to stay at home, making later treatment more difficult.
      HMG belittled the outbreak by simply telling people to wash their hands for twenty seconds.

    384. INCOMPETENCE:...
      HMG stopped track & trace of infected people on March 12th.
      HMG directed infected vulnerable people from hospitals to care centres, where they infected elderly residents. One third of deaths believed to be from care homes in UK as a result.
      HMG failed to set up manufacturing facilities for PPE, drugs, ventilators, etc., within the NHS, before the pandemic and withdrawal from EU.

    385. ARROGANCE:...
      HMG failed to get track & trace software from PRC, South Korea, Germany, Singapore or Apple/Google.
      HMG failed to get advisors from PRC or South Korea.
      HMG failed to work to pandemic standards from WHO, PRC and South Korea. Also failed to work to PPE design standards and from list of approved manufacturers, assuming that was available from WHO. They insisted that manufacturers come to them rather than HMG reps visit approved manufacturers, resulting in dubious trade deals.

    386. DECEPTION:...
      HMG lied about the availability of PPE to NHS staff.
      HMG failed to use sufficient test kits to detect infected people and people who have been infected, contrary to what was being claimed. It later emerged that two test kits were being used per person.
      HMG staff failed to conform to the government's own advice and stay at home.

    387. This beggars the question, what charges can be brought, and what would be the likely outcome? Apathy, incompetence, arrogance...forget it, for they are not covered in law. As for deception, these references have been withdrawn from the Theft Act. Some NHS workers are taking HMG to court on its failure to provide Personal Protective Equipment, but the chances of putting this clique on trial for the manslaughter or murder of around sixty thousand people, is remote. However, it must be tried. The reason is because many countries at this moment in time are considering doing exactly the same as HMG, most with a far lower infection rate, whilst India is considerably higher. I am of course referring to herd immunity. Many governments have decided that the economic cost of fighting Covid-19 is simply too great. Hundreds of thousands must die in order to create a natural barrier to the disease. The more people that have natural immunity, the less chance there is of Covid-19 (Sars-Cov-2) passing from one person to another. There is a danger that this mentality will lead to a growing contempt for human life, leading to genocide through the adoption of negative eugenics, namely the elimination of biologically and socially inferior people. Is this or is it not a crime, to knowingly let people die, in order to save the global capitalist system and their personal investment portfolios? Is it a crime against humanity? To say that it amounts to misconduct in a public office, would be an understatement. If nothing is done, then the next time there is a pandemic, the politicians will look at what governments are doing now, and implement that policy with vigour. And next time the infection and lethality rates are likely to be much higher, say 40%. It may not be possible to charge these politicians with anything by then, as by then common law may apply, making it acceptable. By then the only route for action would probably be for politician's constituents to petition their removal from office. However, even that maybe too late, for the loss of 40% of the global population is highly likely to result in a disruption in the global balance of power, probably resulting in global thermonuclear war.

    388. In the UK, an MP has to be convicted of a criminal offence, such as fiddling their expenses, or have been suspended from parliament for at least 14 calendar days, to lose their seat in parliament. If the sentence is greater than one year then the MP is recalled (sacked). If the sentence is less, then the constituents are invited to vote for the MP's recall. The vote for recall must exceed 10% of the registered electorate. An individual cannot ask for the MP's recall, as this is done by the speaker of the House of Commons. It cannot be carried out within six months of the next general election, and neither during a court appeal. However, the general public can petition parliament. To get a debate on the subject requires 100,000 signatures. In order to institute a trial in the case of heavy loss of life in this pandemic, would probably require the services of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands. Since this crime is thought to involve the implementation of herd immunity on an international scale, and also where the UK police appear to be reluctant to investigate. However, one is then confronted with the problem of immunity from prosecution. There are two versions. Functional immunity applies to people who perform certain functions of state, and they remain immune from prosecution even after that person has left office, unless that state no longer exists. Personal immunity applies to the office of state that they hold, usually the home, defence or foreign office. Those considered immune from prosecution are head of state (monarch, president), head of government (prime minister), foreign and defence ministers. Officials can be tried for crimes of a personal capacity committed whilst in office, or crimes committed before or after being in office, once they have left office. It is now generally agreed that functional immunity does not protect an official from international crimes, including crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. A policy of herd immunity maybe considered genocide. Where it can be shown that governments acted together (conspired) to promote herd immunity, that would amount to an international crime. The Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders was only possible as the state no longer existed and because of the enormity of the crimes. To put the leaders of many countries on trial due to their failure to contain Covid-19 and provide adequate health care to those infected, is debatable. The will amongst law enforcement agencies and members of the legal professions, has to be unanimous and concerted. However, it may be possible to institute an international public inquiry at the UN or elsewhere. And the sooner the better. To do nothing, merely lays down the seeds for apathy, incompetence, and slaughter during the next inevitable pandemic. As of November 2020 police investigations appear to be limited to individual infected people travelling, care home management and misuse of hand-outs in Northern Ireland. The response is pitiful. Are leading members of the government unaccountable? If there is no accountability, then there is no meaningful democracy. Just simply an old boy network.

    389. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 CDC Plague_bubo.jpg
      WC: Plague Bubo on Legs

    390. So what does willful misconduct in public office actually mean? It has to consist of the following:

    391. I...Failure to act.
      HMG failed to take any significant action on Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) for six weeks from January 30th... WHO second statement on Covid-19. WHO Director-General declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). 170 people dead across Asia.

    392. II...Persons accused must be aware that act can be construed as misconduct with reckless indifference.
      The prime minister was absent from Downing Street from February 15th, spending almost two weeks at Chevening with his partner, and failed to attend five COBR meetings. Those COBR meetings appear to have accomplished nothing.

    393. III...It must be an abuse of public trust.
      HMG is pursuing a policy of herd immunity, but not admitting it.

    394. IV...It must be serious enough to call for condemnation and punishment.
      Loss of many lives is serious.

    395. V...The act harms public interest.
      Removal of some lockdown restrictions puts lives of general public at risk whilst trace systems are still not at optimal efficiency.

    396. VI...The consequences of this act were foreseeable.
      Reports from South Korea, USA, etc. indicated that removing lockdown restrictions was reckless, resulting in much loss of life.

    397. VII...Motive must be unacceptable.
      To protect the global economy and personal investment portfolio, and ensure further political party contributions.

    398. VIII...No appropriate statutory offence to describe nature of misconduct.
      Mass murder, crimes against humanity.

    399. Since the legal proceedings would be time consuming, with many lives at stake in the meantime, it would be preferential for the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to issue an immediate warning that all governments would take notice of. Or perhaps the warning could come from the International Court of Justice? It is also my assertion that some members of the inner cabinet, and National Health Service, are unfit for office, at the very least.

    400. So what could the International Court of Justice achieve? The aims would be as follows:

    401. 1...The need to safeguard life, before maintaining social and economic stability through the furtherance of the global and/or national economy.

    402. 2...A plan to coordinate the shutting down and restart of the global economy.

    403. 3...How to maintain cooperation and effective communications between the UN (United Nations), WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention), and the nations of the world, during the lead up to, and during a pandemic.

    404. 4...Approval by the nations of the world listing scenarios, equipment needed including pharmaceuticals, stockpile quantities and locations, means of distribution, alert system methods of communication to be managed by the WHO. Also means of treatment to be agreed, to be monitored by the CDC.

    405. 5...Creation of International Rescue for the rescue of people trapped or in need of urgent evacuation or relief from tsunamis, hurricanes (typhoons, cyclones), earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, sink holes, plus the failure of bridges, dams and major buildings, mines collapse, etc.

    406. Clearly section one is for the courts to handle, whilst the remaining four sections are probably for the UN. It is essential that section one be concluded ASAP (As Soon As Possible) since time is costing lives. Maybe it could impose a time limit on such a policy, compelling governments, research centres and corporations to engage in meaningful collaboration in research to get a cure, vaccine, PEMM, ultimately leading to a tricorder. I say this because there is no clear answer to the problem. Which is the most evil, a government protecting the lives of thousands of vulnerable people through lockdown, knowing that the nation's economy and the finances of millions of people will be adversely affected, possibly leading to mental disorder, domestic abuse, war, etc., or alternatively scrapping lockdown to safeguard the national and global economies, knowing that the decision will lead to more Covid-19 deaths? Which is the best political system, a multi-party democracy that promotes capitalism, or a world technocracy that would strive towards the creation of an egalitarian world by scrapping capitalism and money? It's time that this madness be brought to an end, and if a WT can be created through the International Court of Justice, rather than a long winded and uncertain series of referendums, then so much the better. It would also be the gateway to the long awaited green revolution. Is this a case for Amnesty International and similar bodies?

    407. When I mention war, I am of course referring to riots across the USA triggered by the death of George Floyd, whilst in the custody of four police officers, and the decision by the PRC government to set up security offices in Hong Kong in direct violation of the PRC/UK one state two systems approach on hand over, on July 1st, 1997. The UK's PM is now seeking ways of being less economically dependent upon the PRC. Conservative monetarist ideology is crumbling away some more.

    408. There is of course no way that the British establishment would permit such a trial in the UK, and even if it occurred the case would simply be watered down to high crimes and misdemeanors. This case reminds me of the Nazis final solution. After exterminating the Hungarian Jews, the SS officer in charge simply went back to his desk job in Berlin. Hard to take in isn't it?

    409. What reforms should be applied to the WHO? The WHO is an NGO, an offshoot of the UN. The only powers it has are those given to it by UN member states, and there aren't many. The main accusation is that the WHO did not inform governments about Covid-19 early enough and vociferously enough. Well let's see. Just how do you wake up the governments of the world from their slumber? You first start with a global announcement, to all governments, all media companies and hopefully all important individuals, confirming a decision made by a WHO committee, by email and letter on headed note paper. The letter should include blunt details of the problem, how dangerous it can get, how to delay it, how to defeat it, where the stockpiles can be found, where further advice can be found (equipment standards, approved manufacturers, etc.) on the WHO web site and elsewhere. As for letters and emails to governments, always insist upon an immediate reply. If there is no reply within five days, then investigate. After ten days, start with mild insults, etc. Currently 29-05-20, the warnings about planned lockdowns leading to a new wave of infections, is simply too mild. Looking at a chart, I can see that the daily death toll for the UK will be near zero in seven weeks time (July 17th), although one week later it appears to have leveled off. Something appears to be amiss. Could it be long distance lorry drivers from abroad, bonking super spreading prostitutes at UK ports? However, if the lockdown is reversed then we will be back where we were in March, faced with more lockdowns until a cure, vaccine or personal electronic medical monitor (PEMM) comes along. The thing is, that one of these three could be just around the corner, and if we screw things up, we could be in lock down far longer than originally predicted. Just how the WHO or any other organisation can influence governments apparently manned by complete idiots, I simply do not know. When it comes down to it, WHO personnel behave like politicians. They talk eloquently, as if they have all the time in the world. An obsessive, compulsive kick arse mentality is totally alien to them.

    410. Our political parties run rings around the electorate, employing well worn means of deception. This is not fake news. When you watch TV news, you are looking at fake government. Like other western nations, the citizens of the UK don't live in a real democracy. Our politicians are just front men for powerful forces, determined to maintain the status quo, determined to protect capitalism at any cost. They can be as ruthless as that dentist in Damascus. Governments across the western world want to raise the lockdown, but the lockdown is not a cure. It only provides time for the immune system to rid their body of Covid-19. Their bodies are still vulnerable, and no doubt there are still people out there with Covid-19 permanently embedded within their bodies without their hosts knowledge. In addition, animals all around us probably have it too, ready to pass it on to us, just like that bat in Wuhan. Since we can't eradicate Covid-19 completely, and since repeated use of a cure will wear down our immune system, there is as far as I know only one other line of defence. We must bio-engineer our immune system, to be as capable as that of the Great White Shark and other similarly advanced creatures. And not just the immune system, but the entire human body, although I doubt at this time that anything can be done to enhance the human brain. Now why on Earth would we want to increase our intelligence? Eventually we create a new species out of ourselves, homotechnicus. It will of course make us almost immortal, and as stated elsewhere on this website, you will have to agree to the 'switching off' of your reproductive organs in order to prevent a population explosion. An internationally recognised organisation needs to be set up to manage and finance this project. The cost will probably exceed that of manned missions to the Moon and Mars, but we haven't got forever to do it. Even if a vaccine for Covid-19 is found, it's only a matter of time before a similar threat emerges from another virus or coronavirus. To bio-engineer the human immune system et cetera, would probably take half a century and one million personnel. The main problem will be in training enough people to do the job. Life in the future is likely to be even more hectic, with people travelling across the globe in four hours say. In such a scenario, the foundations for a pandemic could be created in less than a day. We owe it to future generations to do this.

    411. Images Wikimedia Commons/24 CDC Acral_gangrene_due_to_plague.jpg
      WC: Gangrene due to Plague

    412. What developed societies in extreme latitudes are facing, is similar to what other peoples in third world countries have faced all their lives, from ebola, lassa, dengue, malaria, yellow fever, zika, tuberculosis, et cetera. We are also slowly learning what it is like to be an endangered species. Not from loss of habitat and poaching, but from our own stupidity. Hands up, who started this pandemic? Overpopulation of the human race is the cause of much of the Earth's ills. As our population increases, we expand into territories where we simply don't belong. There are about two hundred viruses that present an active threat to us right now, and about half a million that we know precious little about. Without a world technocracy there will be no population control, no prevention of poaching on an international scale, no ban on the sale of wild species and their products, leading to our inevitable doom. Deadly virus species are being found all the time by virologists. You don't hear about them on the news, because they haven't started a pandemic. When you see the apathy, incompetence and arrogance within governments, you just know that its only a matter of time before one of these critters has your name on it. Here are a few on Wikipedia that may be looking out for you.

    413. Governments around the world meet regularly to discuss environmental protection, but it's all talk and little action. There are now calls from many organisations for a major change in attitude after the pandemic, and institute a green revolution. The United Nations is now calling for a 'Race to Zero' in carbon emissions by 2050, which it wants endorsed at its COP26 (annual United Nations Conference of the Parties) international climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November 1st to 12th, 2021. Now postponed for one year due to the pandemic. To me, the problem is clearly political. It's clear that governments are signing up to herd immunity because they cannot see beyond capitalism, and they know that if they don't do it altogether, their exports will be held up at the destination's local seaport, airport, or lorry terminal, due to their lockdown. Politicians like that don't give a damn about the environment. Beware of politicians who reply to your questions with platitudes. Psychology can be a deadly weapon.

    414. They worship that pagan idol called capitalism, to the detriment of everything else. I therefore conclude that most of these politicians don't possess the necessary empathy and vision to see a pollution free world without money, and make it so. Where you've got clearly visible stinking rivers of garbage in the third world, and governments in the developed world determined to shift their polluting manufacturing industries and waste abroad, you just know that this 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality is incapable of fulfilling such a dream. This dream, this vision, this wonder, will only come about through a world technocracy. Can the United Nations, International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands, or a global referendum, make it so?

    415. The alternative is of course protest. That is taking place at the moment with the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA on May 26th, 2020. In a situation so grave, that has gone on for centuries, from the time of slavery, forget the promises being made by politicians. There is only one course of action. You must replace your entire constitution with a new one...a technocracy, and pension off all existing politicians. You also have to replace the military industrial complex with a science based global community, and pray that the rest of the world follows suit. To accomplish this, you have to bring central government to a standstill, probably for months, by surrounding the capitol. You've got to stand together, stand firm and stand for no nonsense. These politicians have got to realise that they are no longer wanted. The best peaceful demonstrators I've seen over the decades are the Japanese, with their bamboo poles and body armour. It will get bloody, and probably result in civil war. The Pentagon and its defence contractors, ain't gonna give an inch. This is the inevitable outcome of living in a trigger happy nation. It could well get as bloody as the civil war in Syria, but their will be no improvement in the quality of life of the majority until it is won. Cadets at West Point Academy should realise that they may hold the key to this inevitable conflict, as cadets did during the revolution in Iran. Convert the USA, and you will probably convert the rest of the developed world. The alternative is to stay a slave on subsistence wages, with no prospect of improving your life. And it doesn't matter what your skin colour is. Don't think whites are any better off. In an age of robotics and AI, we are all potential targets for permanent redundancy. A few decades ago Reaganomics (monetarism) made millions unemployed, and the majority did not protest. Next will come a more permanent solution, the elimination of billions. You just know that these politicians, crazy scientists and military with their avarice and megalomania will wipe us out, since in an automated AI world we're surplus to requirements. Maybe Covid-19 was an attempt to do that. It had a high infection rate, but low mortality. There will be another pandemic, if protests now fail. The mortality rate is likely to be 40%. Where will the potential protestors be then.....in their coffins? Do you really want the governments of the world to continue putting capitalism before people's lives? Turning your back and going home at the end of a day's protest, will get you nowhere. Instructions for non-violent political protest can be found on the internet. In my opinion the WHO should have managed this pandemic, with governments financing their decisions. Expertise should have come from the PRC, South Korea and Taiwan. The pandemic should never have been made a political issue. As for the cost, that may take years to work out. Governments never took the workload on medical staff seriously. The group action claims from medical staff for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is likely to be huge. But by then these apathetic and incompetent politicians responsible for the deaths of thousands will be long gone from the political scene. The cost of finding replacement medical staff will be astronomical if medical science does not transform medical care.

    416. Images Wikimedia Commons/24  National Library of Medicine The_plague_pit_(5036592971).jpg
      WC: The Plague Pit

    417. Of course all this beggars the question, 'what is the world's news media doing about all this, because it appears that there are many governments out there that are equally as apathetic and incompetent over PPE procurement and mismanagement of lockdowns. In the UK in recent years I have noticed politicians and news reporters concentrating on trivia, whilst important issues are being ignored. Is this deliberate? Like most employers the media has switched to contracted employment, leading to a hire, fire and forget mentality which creates a young poorly trained and inexperienced workforce, hardly the basis for investigative journalism. They are too afraid to report the truth if it doesn't fall in with corporate policy. It's led to an electorate largely ignorant of the facts, particularly when so few people are buying newspapers, either because they're working on short term contracts, with no set commuting routine to a newsagent, or unemployed with no incentive to get up early in the morning to buy one, or they get their news from the internet, which is biased towards the needs of Americans. There are at least seven national newspapers in the UK; Independent, Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Express, Mirror and Sun, plus five television news organisations BBC News, ITN (Independent Television News), RT (Russia Today), Sky and Al Jazeera. When it comes to retailing, there is no British website that competes with Amazon and eBay. Should retailers and news media outlets amalgamate, and if so how could you compel PC users to view them? The answer is of course to get the nation's IT industry to come up with an ideal operating system and browser. Considering the economic state of the nation, this is something HMG should be promoting assuming that it wanted an informed electorate. The UK seriously lacks behind the US in IT. For how much longer can we survive in an IT dominated world? There are simply too many factors that compel me to say that our yokel political system must go.

    418. I cannot help thinking that there has to be some kind of meaningful mournful ceremony of this event, on an annual basis, on world health day, April 7th, or another day designated CV-19 day. You perhaps might like to consider the release of Chinese lanterns, one for each deceased, floating down the River Thames, past parliament, as a reminder to our elected representatives of the failure of our democratic system, and the need for a technocracy. I may continue this blog, who knows, for you are my captive audience whilst the lockdown drags on. Stay at home, do the gardening, and read this website......please. And no canoodling during those boring nights in front of the telly, for we don't want a population explosion, do we? At least not amongst humans.

25...Gene Therapy - Bio Engineering - Overpopulation - Human Genome Destruction

      Images Wikimedia Commons/25 Overpopulation,_Hong_Kong_-_UNESCO.jpg
      WC: Overpopulation, Hong Kong UNESCO

    1. Medical science extends across the globe. As I write, the breaking news is about the treatment of multiple sclerosis through stem cell treatment, a technology once reserved for treating cancer. Currently banks of computers around the world are analyzing the genome of thousands of people in order to determine exactly what the three billion DNA base pairs actually does. It will not be long before a complete picture appears, the repercussions of which most people have never thought about. The general public believe that this knowledge can only do good. Such knowledge will make the design of biological weapons so much easier. In addition, even if they are not deliberately or accidentally dispersed, the general public on the other hand may inadvertently unleash the ultimate weapon, one that no existing organisation on Earth can prevent.

    2. Advances in medical science have shown that before long they are used for cosmetic purposes. Therefore gene therapy (bio engineering) will be used to make skin whiter, teeth whiter, flat faces more rounded, breasts more naturally balanced and prominent, etc. But these advances are nothing compared to the following.

    3. images my ideas/shut gene man in womb.jpg
      SHUT: Genetic engineered man in artificial womb
    4. Where gene therapy (bio engineering) ends and genome engineering begins is a debatable subject, since both employ the same technology. A technique called CRISPR locates and identifies a gene amongst three billion DNA base pairs, located on twenty-three chromosomes. That gene is then cut out and replaced by a 'corrected' gene using the Cas9 enzyme. The process is rapidly becoming quick, cheap and readily accessible. It can be used to improve plants as well as animals, but it could also lead to unforeseen medical problems. Changes made to a person's DNA could be passed on to their future children, be those changes good or bad. It is already possible to order a child with the required hair and eye colour. Genetic profiling aims for a low polygenic risk score (PRS) for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, whilst a high score for intelligence quotient and self motivation. However, many of these factors are products of nurture and chance. Whilst embryonic screening of IVF (in vitro fertilization) babies is legal in the USA any further development must be government controlled. The only way to do that is to keep this technology in the hands of government agencies only. The same must be said of AI. Will they, or will they ignore the issue, just as they have done with cryptocurrencies?

    5. Images Wikimedia Commons/25 Alexander Kuzovlev Man_with_a_full_back_tattoo.jpg
      WC: Man With Full Back Tattoo.

    6. Today women have tattoos emblazoned upon their bodies just as much as men. Research has taken place recently to put decorative illuminated printed circuits onto human skin. It occurred to me that the next logical advance would be the bioengineering of embellishments. Something that would glow in the dark or vibrate. When you see the rings on ears, noses, tongue, nipples, navels, etc. you just know it will happen. This may sound highly amusing but how could you stop this genome from being passed on from one generation to another. In next to no time homo sapiens would look like that bar scene in the original Star Wars movie. Our genome will have been trashed. As soon as this technology becomes generally available, it will appear in thousands of back street clinics around the world, with governments being as ineffective in shutting them down as taking cannabis off the streets of a big city. Another genetic embellishment for those noisy crowded places would be eyes that glow red for no and blue for yes. It would save an awful lot of misunderstanding. The human race has a history of messing around with genes. Genetically modified crops, breeding of farm animals, pigeons, dogs and cats. You just know it will happen.

    7. You have all heard of performance enhancing drugs. As I write, the world's 'best' female tennis star, the Russian Maria Sharapova, is confessing to the media that she took the blood circulation drug Meldonium for ten years, that now appears on the banned list. The media are totally sympathetic towards this celebrity. They appear to have lost the plot. Clearly if governing bodies can't rid world sport of this practice, how on Earth can they ban performance enhancing gene therapy (bioengineering) carried out at a very early age, possibly with state support? A world body needs to be set up, that doesn't take ten years to act. That body requires approval from all nations. It must be incorruptible, and it must have everyone's genome obtained at birth, because at that stage no one knows who is going to be a sports star and who isn't. Sport person's will be required to undergo regular medical checks with no excuses for failing to turn up accepted. Every person in this world body, plus everyone involved in sport would have to have regular polygraph tests. This is clearly not an ideal situation. It would be nice to experience some degree of trust, but big money is involved, not to mention credibility. To ban these people for just four years is not enough. They must be banned for life. There are hundreds of sportsmen and women whose careers are being held up by these cheats, who appear to reside mainly in Russia and Kenya. They must stand trial for fraud, along with the colleagues that knew what was going on. They must return all monies before being released from prison. As for existing regulatory bodies, they must all be scrapped, AIAA, FIFA, World Anti-Doping Agency, etc. Whatever it takes. If there was no money in a world technocracy, the sportsmen and women would play for the sheer joy, honour, and accolades, and that's how it should be.

    8. Images Wikimedia Commons/25 TAPAS KUMAR HALDER Peacock_Dancer_with_Body_Art_-2.jpg
      WC: Peacock Dancer with Body Art

    9. As if the destruction of the human genome wasn't enough, medical science promises the curse of immortality. I say curse because based upon the present exponential increase in human population on this planet, one is forced to conclude that our population will skyrocket. Earth's resources will become inadequate, leading to famine and wars, as if we didn't have enough of both already. As soon as this technology becomes a reality it will be sold in thousands of back street clinics around the world. Our fragmented political system will not be able to stop it, whilst some governments will do nothing to control it. Like cryptocurrency madness all over again.

    10. Only a world technocracy can prevent this from happening. Based upon past events, governments will dither and dither. In 1945 the USA had the opportunity to create a world order. It was the only nation with the atomic bomb, and yet President Truman's administration did nothing. The creation of the United Nations, out of the failed League of Nations, was no substitute. The human race is now presented with a second challenge, only this time no amount of money will compensate for inaction.

    11. Images Wikimedia Commons/25 TUERTO Body_art_-_Piercing.jpg
      WC: Body Art & Piercing Eye Lids

    12. Ultimately, genome engineering will make it possible to build large structures, such as homes employing biological means. Grow your own home. Modern homes are in great demand, particularly in the developing world, where modern builder's merchants currently do not even exist. This technology has the capability to transform architectural design, accelerate carbon free construction projects, and dramatically reduce cost, even in areas where highly trained and experienced construction workers do not exist. Get the technology wrong, and of course it could result in planet ghoo. At a time when the world is on the brink of WWIII, cities could be built to satisfy the needs of fleeing refugees, in a low radiation southern hemisphere. Meanwhile, the UK's capital could be built at a more central location up north, say the Wirral. This would take pressure off house prices in greater London.

    13. In April 2021 it was announced that five month old Arthur was receiving the most expensive medical treatment on the UK's National Health Service. Called Zolgensma, the process costs £1,795 million for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. This is at the cutting edge of gene therapy today. 40 babies suffer from this ailment per annum. These will hopefully be the first of many to be genetically engineered to lead a better life. In December 2021 however, the University of Vermont announced that they had developed 1mm long xenobots that could self replicate. They have a life span of one week.

26...The UK In The EU

      Images Wikimedia Commons/26 François Walschaerts Berlaymont_building, Belgian.jpg
      WC: European Union Berlaymont Building, Brussels, Belgium

    1. I believe that the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland) should withdraw from the EU (European Union). The creation of the euro without normalisation of taxes, benefits, pensions, a central treasury, earnings, workplace standards, foreign policy and law clearly shows that it is nothing more than an expensive gentlemen's club, and I don't go to gentlemen's clubs. Closing down coal mines in the UK as they open elsewhere in the EU, whilst trying to counter global warming, is crazy. Failure to provide a paper trail for EU grants whilst printing large denomination euro banknotes is unforgivable, and inevitably leads to fraud on a massive scale.

    2. I believed in a United States of Europe, but I now believe that it is too late to create it. The human race urgently needs a world technocracy (WT) accompanied with an end to unrestricted capitalism and all of its associated ills. It is clear to me that it is not going to emerge from a greater EU, and probably not from the United Nations (UN).

    3. The fact is that hardly any EU member state wants multi-racialism. All they want are hand-outs from rich EU members and the right of free travel, through the Schengen Zone agreement, in order to steal our jobs in the UK. The sooner we are out, the sooner we can sink those inflatable speed boats, they let through, and wave them goodbye from the white cliffs of Dover.

    4. We have the European Commission prepared to pay billions of euros to 'help refugees' stay in Turkey, a NATO member that's turning into a dictatorship, and trying to arm twist its way into the EU, whilst Greece wants more reparations from Germany, both letting millions of refugees pour across their borders in order to get what they want, with help from Russia who are bombing the hell out of the Syrians.

    5. I will rejoice when I see Vladimir Putin as fiddler on the roof of the Kremlin singing, "If I was a rich man", when those millions of refugees from the middle east and north Africa finally bring down the EU and NATO, because I'm sick to death of generations of prevarication, due to brainless nationalism at the UN, EU and elsewhere. Change in attitude is not going to come about through the ballot box, at least not this side of an apocalypse. I could be wrong in that however, judging by the attitude of many US voters who appear to be hell bent on destroying the Republican Party and the US democratic system and thereby the constitution by voting for Donald Trump. I must admit he does possess the body language of the Italian dictator Mussolini. All I can say is good luck to you, and may a technocracy come out of it all.

    6. Churchill was right. We should have stayed in the empire. Assuming the UK pulls out of the EU and there is no balanced trading agreement between the two, then many UK companies will have to enter new markets, particularly in the Commonwealth. Will HMG be training the numbers of salesmen required?

    7. The Referendum on June 23rd, 2016 resulted in a call for the UK to pull out of the European Union. 52% voted for withdrawal whilst 48% voted to stay. Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, Liverpool, Plymouth and Manchester voted to stay. It was not a clear majority. In some countries a two thirds majority is needed in order to effect change. In some cases there was a link between affluence and the decision to stay or not. Since this was only the third referendum in the UK, many people, me included, looked at the big picture and decided that only political chaos was going to create a technocracy within the UK. Both EU bureaucrats and UK politicians had taken the electorate for granted. I was to get much more than I bargained for.

    8. Images Wikimedia Commons/26 European Parliament, Strasbourg.jpg
      WC: European Parliament, Strasbourg

    9. The pound is falling in value again. I have thousands of pounds in my current account, and have no idea what to do with it. I sense an air of foreboding. We are about to cross the Rubicon. Whilst other countries have their five year economic plan, ours appears to be measured in minutes. The automotive industry is threatening to leave the UK. The gutters around here haven't been cleaned properly in years. I can't see how they can be cleaned by those puny machines the council has, as the dirt has taken up permanent residence. A clear symbol to everyone that the council doesn't give a toss.

    10. I can't understand why HMG is so keen to leave the EU. There will be no second referendum, whilst the Good Friday Agreement establishing an open border between NI and Eire, will be replaced by concrete, barbed wire, machine guns, and mine fields presumably. But hardly anyone in Ireland wants that. Surely HMG is not thinking of another thirty-eight years of live fire training for the British Army? Scrapping the Good Friday agreement would prevent any trade deal with the USA, if congress has its way. Is HMG really thinking of joining the United States and the US dollar? Would the Irish Republic join too? Do we really want to see our NHS and welfare state trashed? Our pharmaceutical industry undermined by US imports? The death penalty reintroduced? See all of our efforts to reduce C0² emissions come to nothing? No, they wouldn't do that, would they? .....Yes, they would, rather than kowtow to the European Commission whilst begging to join the euro at some ridiculously low rate of exchange. By the way, a kow tow consists of three kneelings, each with the forehead touching the ground.

    11. Imagine it. Parliament has been suspended (prorogued). The PM announces to the media from number ten, that we are out of the EU, a hard Brexit. In the next breath he says, "fortunately, due to the special understanding we have, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now the 51st to 54th states of the USA, not including Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Irish Republic." By now MP's are getting to know their motor yachts, moored in the American Virgin Islands, provided free by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Harold Wilson Memorial Fund. As for the rest of us, we've been sold down the drain again. This is what happens to a nation whose politicians always opt for the easy way out. There is no way that they will be able to put together a viable economic plan that will save us and our currency after Brexit. They know it, and the European Commission knows it too. We will become insignificant, nothing more than an economic back-water of Facebook.

    12. As of January the first, twenty twenty-one, we are now out of the European Union. Northern Ireland has got its border running through the Irish sea and the politicians in London have got a deal. But it's clear they didn't read the small print as fishermen and stage artists are furious, the latter over the need for visas for short performances on the continent. What happens next. Will it be a phoney war? Personally I'd like to quit the rain sodden UK and retire in that place in the sun. All's well that ends well. Well did it?

    13. In the months after leaving the EU, employers bemoaned the fact that they couldn't find enough workers, particularly long distance HGV drivers. The profession fails to attract drivers due to loneliness, crime, boring long distance motorways, unwelcoming service areas, air pollution, noise, unloading the lorry after a full day's driving and too much time away from the family. Europe is thought to be short of about 400,000 HGV drivers. I France a driver can expect €50,000, whilst in the UK some drivers are now on £70,000 p.a. It then occurred to me what the European Union really is. It is simply a source of cheap labour, which denies our workers a decent standard of living, as by being here they depress wages and create unemployment for British citizens in the UK. But it's worse than that. When you look at the top income tax rated countries across the EU, you realise that when the rich members like the UK, France, Austria, Denmark, etc. hand out regional aid to the low income tax rated countries like the Czech Republic, Estonia and Hungary, we are in effect subsidizing their life style. It's crazy and grossly unfair. The EU is rubbish, and I'm glad the UK is out of it.

27...The Present UK Constitution...sugar tits!

      Images Wikimedia Commons/27 Acts of Union 1800 Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.jpg
      WC: Flag of the United Kingdom

    1. The UK has no written constitution, just a series of patches written over hundreds of years. I cannot remember ever being part of a referendum in the UK, except Brexit, whilst the vast majority of people I have voted for meant absolutely nothing to me. They were just names representing a political party. Such is multi-party democracy. The blind leading the blind. There was a referendum on whether or not we should leave the EU in 1975 and of course in 2016. As for the Swiss, they have them all the time. They speak three languages, French, German and Italian. They live in cantons. Sounds a bit like Birmingham's ethnic minorities living in ghettos, but it isn't. Sort of like Ulster and Eire. Only it......works?

    2. images my ideas/shut Parliament, London.jpg
      SHUT: HM Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London
    3. In the UK the absence of referendums has led to the trashing of marriage and the family, through an alternative social order based upon gay rights and women's liberation. No consideration has been taken by parliament of the effect on straight men, often leading to imprisonment or suicide, nor its impact upon public health in the form of sexually transmitted infections in a liberated society, nor upon the financial impact, due to a need for more housing, notably for single mothers, many of whom become welfare or vice dependent. Does a society based upon single living provide a greater incentive to work than one based upon the family? I think not.

    4. Many entrepreneurs will not invest in the UK because they regard our political system as archaic, preferring the US system instead. Establishing a technocracy in the UK, backed up by a long established monarchy and its associated stability through the Magna Carta, etcetera, would prove far more attractive to investors, compared to the alternative hot headedness of that cast off bunch of gun slinging white supremacist's across the pond.

    5. When you compare HMG with USG architecture, you just know the UK is the underdog. White House verses 10 Downing Street, and the white Romanesque Capitol with the dark Gothic of the Palace of Westminster. Just the appearance of our major government buildings is off putting, whilst the layout of Washington DC is.....I'm trying not to say breathtaking, but I really can't think of anything more accurate. The Washington Monument (obelisk) and Lincoln Memorial verses the Great Fire of London monument and London Eye?

    6. Images Wikimedia Commons/27 Swapnil1101 British_Passport_2020.jpg
      WC: British Passport 2020

    7. The Houses of Parliament are located within the pleasure Palace of Westminster, located along the northern embankment of the River Thames. It was built in 1834, from sand coloured limestone, after a fire amongst tally sticks brought down the original structure. The House of Commons was rebuilt after it was bombed during the second world war, whilst the Elizabeth Clock Tower which houses Big Ben is presently under refurbishment. The remainder of the building is due for a fix costing 3.5 to 14 billion pounds, personnel moving to Whitehall in 2027 for up to 20 years. 8,000 people work there. Masonry has been falling, whilst there have been numerous fires, no doubt reflecting the state of the nation. Like the Capitol, Parliament is divided into two. The House of Commons seats 650 Member's of Parliament (MPs), whilst the House of Lords seats 800 peers. It was originally 1144 when 666 hereditary peers lost their seats in 1999. All MPs are now elected by the general public, whilst peers are selected by HMG and the monarch. Needless to say MPs and peers are expected to vote along party lines. The Palace of Westminster is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. In my opinion it reflects the wrong corporate image. It looks antiquated and out of step with the modern world. It is clear to me that HMG, both parliament and ministries, should relocate to somewhere more central to the UK, namely the Wirral. Government buildings in Whitehall and Westminster would become centres for tourism, museums and the like, with numerous foreign currency spending visitors clutching their tourist oyster cards. Too much of the nation's heritage is presently gathering dust in large warehouses, when it should be on display to the general public, including big spending tourists. Should Whitehall and Westminster then be known as Britannia Land?

    8. In addition to debating chambers, offices and libraries, there is also a gymnasium, two gift shops, hair salon, creche and rifle range. Amongst the intricate architecture, MPs have twenty-three restaurants and cafes, including eight bars. The peers have a similar number. Many are for members only. It is in effect a pleasure palace, to take one away from reality, namely the problems that most people have to endure whilst living in this country. Bright lights, big palace. It's easy to see why parliament appears to be totally removed from reality and inept. It is plainly obvious to me that people in an environment like this are totally incapable of knowing the meaning of the word austerity. They clearly don't know the difference between million and billion. It's easy to see why entrepreneurs don't want to invest in this country.

    9. The problems of course don't stop there. When they're not bonking their secretaries in work's time, they are fiddling their expense accounts, or at least were until it was stopped in 2009. Five labour MP's and two Conservative peers went to prison, along with numerous resignations, sackings, de-selection, retirements and apologies. Still it was not illegal to claim mortgage payments on a London property as business expenses, even though you were allowed to sell it later and keep the proceeds. How anyone can claim expenses for a duck house, I simply do not know. Half of MP's were thought to be over claiming expenses.

    10. And of course there were the real scandals:

    11. In 1974 Minister of Posts & Telecoms John Stonehouse faked his own death, fleeing to Australia, after an affair with his secretary Sheila Buckley. Suspected of being a Czech spy, he was later sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud.

    12. In 1961 The John Profumo affair, where a doctor Stephen Ward procured women, Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, for the secretary of state for war. Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a Soviet naval attaché and intelligence officer in the GRU, also knew Keeler, which of course implied a security risk.

    13. In 1999 Jonathan Aitken was convicted of perjury, over dealings with Saudi's, and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment.

    14. In 2006 the cash for honours scandal emerged, with political parties offering life peerages to people offering political donations.

    15. In 2006 Deputy prime minister John Prescott admitted having an affair with secretary Tracey Temple.

    16. In May 2012 The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter fiasco emerged. The last Labour government had ordered the F-35B STOVL (Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing) variant. The next Conservative government decided to opt for the F-35C carrier variant which required catapults and arrester wires for carrier operation. Owing to the cost of adding these to the two carriers under construction, approximately two billion pounds each, the Conservative government made a U-turn and opted for the F-35B. This change of contract was to cost one hundred million pounds of hard earned tax payer's money. Whilst the F-35C had greater range and payload carrying capacity, it should be born in mind that carrier based aircraft have only a 25% life span of that of a similar shore based aircraft, due to higher stress loads during take-off and landing. The F-35B could also be used on shore without a runway. So why switch to the F-35C? The project was already projected to cost ten billion pounds, and we were already bankrupt. It's all down to political party ideology and keeping up with the Americans, isn't it? In November 2021 a British F-35B fell off the end of carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth's sky slope, into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. At £100 million each it's a very expensive mistake, which makes one wonder whether a declining world power should have bought them in the first place. This is the sixth F-35 to be lost, the others belonging to the USA and Japan. HMG is now planning to take the military to the Moon etcetera. Will tax payers be expected to cough up to finance the British equivalent of the USAF Mach 6 SR-72 aircraft armed with hypersonic missiles? Why should we pretend to be a world power when even the European Commission hates our guts over Brexit, and therefore isn't worth defending?

    17. In 2017 First secretary of state Damien Green resigned after extreme pornography was found on his computer.

    18. In 2017 Minister Mark Garnier admitted calling his secretary "sugar tits" and making her buy sex toys. Complain about politicians and millionaires by name and you are likely to be threatened by a very expense libel suit in the British courts. There lies another stumbling block to true democracy and freedom.

    19. Images Wikimedia Commons/27 Chabacano Her_Majesty's_Government_Coat_of_Arms.jpg
      WC: Her Majesty's Government Coat of Arms

    20. In November 2021 Sir Geoffrey Cox MP and QC was accused of using parliamentary facilities to conduct a Zoom or Skype based conference in his office, whilst also doing work in the British Virgin Islands, for which he was paid around £700,000. not bad pocket money is it? Whilst MPs are plainly allowed to answer telephone calls, emails and letters relating to their private business, it does beggar the question, 'just where should parliament draw the line?' Ultimately his constituents will decide at the next general election, if he is selected by his party to do so.

    21. Also in November 2021 the Conservative MP Owen Paterson was accused of paid lobbying, for which he resigned. Lobbying is however legal in the USA, so why shouldn't organisations be represented in parliament, provided the MP concerned makes it clear at the outset of the communication. that they are a paid lobbyist?

    22. On November 11th, 2021, it was announced the death of the last white president of South Africa FW de Klerk. He had released the terrorist and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela from Robbin Island prison, near Cape Town, and in so doing brought to an end apartheid. He was president from 1989 to 1994 and was awarded the Nobel peace prize with Nelson Mandela. I had been to Durban, whilst in the merchant navy, in 1967, and saw for myself what apartheid amounted to. It was applied to all races including white. It was a demeaning process, because it made you compliant with the rules, even if you didn't agree with them. I can well understand why the president wanted to get rid of it in the face of international sanctions, however he chose the wrong route. In a nation perceivably full of ignorant savages hell bent upon revenge, he should have created a technocracy. As it is, the multi party democratic system has led to the murder of white farmers and a breakdown of law and order, a large number of deaths from HIV amongst black people who have clearly lost hope of seeing their lives improve, plus the exodus of many indispensable members of the economy. His wife Marike, was murdered in 2001 by a black security guard. Of course this is exactly the mistake that HMG made over half a century ago, when it abandoned the empire instead of creating a technocracy. The size of that empire can be imagined when one looks at all the wreaths being laid at the Westminster Cenotaph on remembrance day, usually on a cold November Sunday morning.

    23. And since I don't read newspapers, there are no doubt many other scandals I don't know about. What these incidents show is that politicians are just ordinary people, and not all knowing beings that many members of the electorate believe and acquiesce to. These are not the kind of people we need in government. We urgently need geniuses, and nothing less. We can only get them by raising recruitment standards. For some reason political parties have failed to raise theirs. This infers that the only way to do it, is to create a totally new structure of government, new ideas, new values, new constitution, something completely out of the box. The first nation to adopt electronic voting was Estonia in 2005, and since the PRC has a financial system based upon face recognition, its plainly obvious that the technology is a whole lot more secure than the present system in the UK and USA. The Profumo affair is regarded as a water shed, replacing inherited power with a meritocracy. The present Brexit debacle and Covid-19 pandemic could well prove to be the necessary fertile ground for the creation of a technocracy, forward with the citizens of Hong Kong and elsewhere, marching together, towards a world technocracy.

    24. On May 6th, 2021 the councilor, police commissioner and mayor elections led to a Conservative victory. It's clear to me that the electorate either can't remember the 270,000 killed by HMG incompetence, or don't want to remember, or can't see an alternative. Some voted for the Green party, whilst others in Scotland voted for the SNP (Scottish National Party). Over the decades the Conservatives had brought in lower taxes for the rich, scrapped job training in GTCs and Skillcentres, undermined the power of trade unions, created a low wage warehouse economy by relocating manufacturing jobs to the Far East, devaluing the pound in the process, and we're spending a bloody fortune on the pandemic, which would one day come back to haunt everyone. And despite promises at the last general election the ruling Conservative Party government still hasn't agreed to finance social care for the elderly and infirm at a realistic level. It would seem that the entertainer could do no wrong. This is why I do not believe in political parties and allocating the right to vote to everyone, including the nine million UK adult dyslexics who can't even read the names of candidates on a voting card. Maybe it's time the UK adopted the third world solution employed in India, namely the use of an icon against a candidate's name. This time around there were no circulars delivered to my home detailing the candidates and their party's policies, whilst there was very little mention of these proceedings by the media. We should at least have a circular detailing these issues published by an independent government body, with more details on an approved website.

    25. Images Wikimedia Commons/27 Marvelvsdcvscapcomvssega Chunky_the_English_Bulldog_Peeing_Boris_Johnson.jpg
      WC: English Bulldog Chunky, Peeing on PM Boris Johnson

    26. Whilst the electorate may believe in forgive and forget, its clear that others do not. The PM Boris Johnson has been inundated with questions relating to who exactly paid for the renovations to the flat at the prime minister's office, 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, London. Was it for favours? A few days later much to everyone's surprise, on May 12th, 2021 their appeared an outstanding county court judgement against the prime minister for non-payment of £535. For a man who earns £157,000 per annum, and is known to be a scrouge when it comes to repaying his gambling debts, why would he risk being barred from having a loan or insurance, not to mention losing his job, over such a small amount of money? The next day the alleged defamation was struck out.

    27. Whilst the PM was clearly financially better off, that was not the case for HMG. It was announced that the DWP (Department of Work & Pension) had lost £8.5 billion amounting to 14.5% in over payments of universal credit during the lockdowns, much of it through identity fraud. Not having a technocracy was proving expensive.

    28. Whilst overpayments to the peasants of society was bad enough, fraud from companies supported by the government's bounce back loan scheme must have been even worse to Conservative MPs, since it is mainly company contributions that support the party. The fraud, exposed by the National Audit Office, is thought to amount to 11% of claims, amounting to £4.9 billion. Will HMG get it back? However this is the least of the problems. Due to the longevity of the pandemic, 100,000 companies are now in pay back arrears. This means that an estimated £17 billion may never be repaid. Clearly an incentive to get politicians to run the nation competently needs to be imposed. Just why did they create these schemes when their advisors must have told them that this pandemic would run on for years, financially crippling both families and businesses. Only the existing welfare benefits system should have been used. HMG had been only too eager to hand over money to their cronies and their companies, in stark reality to the meagerly handouts to people in care.

28...Zero Carbon Requires Drastic Change In Lifestyle

    1. The global economic crisis began officially on 13-08-07, soon after the French bank BNP Paribas announced that triple A mortgages bought from banks in New York, USA in fact contained sub-prime mortgages making it unlikely that the home owners would pay off this debt. This meant that the package was worth a lot less than it first appeared. This scheme affected millions of mortgages, and hundreds of billions of dollars. It destroyed trust between banks, bringing to an end the concept of short term (hours) loans between financial institutions.

    2. At that time one in four Britons had no savings, the UK personal debt was 1.345 trillion pounds amongst 8.2 million people, 125,000 mortgages were in arrears with 14,000 homes repossessed during the first six months of 2007. Personal bankruptcies numbered 26,956 from May to June 2007. This is the result of thirty years of monetarism (Reaganomics in USA), no wages councils, no strong trade union movement, virtually no HMG regulation of businesses and no strategic large scale investment plan. As a result, the same worn out economic handle (spend spend spend) is being turned, to stimulate the global economy (you buy from us and we'll buy from you), whilst the US Congress and President Obama's administration has already decided that the loss of millions of US jobs to sweat shops in the Far East is a step too far. Although American workers had to wait for President Trump to come along before anything substantial was done about it. Thus far HMG has stated that its stimulus package consists of insulating homes, fitting PVA (photo-voltaic array) to roofs and building more wind turbines.

    3. Due to the sale of $3 trillion sub-prime by New York based corporate investment bank, Lehman Brothers, $2 trillion of which was sold to financial institutions outside the USA, this massive fraud created gross distrust between banks, resulting in the collapse of the interbank system, upon which almost all banks had become dependant. Banks refused to lend to banks and there own customers due to a lack of credit. Desperate for liquidity companies sold off assets, both property and company shares. There were more sellers than buyers, as a result of which property and share prices fell. This downward trend continued because the trend is self sustaining. Customers removed their money from bank accounts and deposited their wealth in more secure National Savings, Gold and government bonds. To counter this trend, the Bank of England has now provided 75 billion pounds to possibly 150 billion pounds of quantitative easing, government bonds lent to UK companies, via our apparently bankrupt major banks, to be used to stimulate the economy. That beggars the question, what in our shrunken and largely government abandoned economy is there left to stimulate?

    4. There has been no regional aid to speak of, handed out by HMG, since the demise of Learfan twin engined single tail rotor executive aircraft and the De Lorean gull winged stainless steel sports car in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. This chapter contains images of such HMG supported projects that all failed due to party politics, lack of vision and negative media, including the hovercraft which now only travels to the Isle of Wight, Black Arrow satellite launcher, Prospero satellite and the tilting advanced passenger train. Prospero, which is still in orbit, was to be the forerunner of navigation, Earth and sea resources, weather, direct TV broadcast, navigation and ultimately data relay and internet satellites, investment in which would have reaped billions. And we must not forget the contribution British inventors made towards the jet engine, computer, radar, electronic navigation, automatic aircraft instrument landing system, black & white to 3D colour television, movie film, thin TV screens, etcetera. And where the hell did it get us? If these efforts had been financed by a sovereign wealth fund, then it is highly likely that UK workers would still be employed in such ventures. Since then there have been drastic redundancies in the civil service, which makes one wonder whether HMG can stimulate anything except executive's salaries, bonuses, golden handshakes and diamond pensions. With 1.2 million UK homes facing negative equity and over two million unemployed, there was little that HMG could include in a stimulus package that would get people to work their way out of debt? Inevitably such HMG financed projects would be at the cutting edge of technology in order to maintain skills and the nation's competitive edge. Rumours that the vast majority of British people fear science, may well turn out to be true. When AI and androids come along, the working class will not take kindly to the fact that HMG has relegated them to the second division, with no hope of improving their lot.

    5. HMG's stimulus plan includes property regeneration designed to counter global warming. Prime Minister Theresa May announced in 2019 an anti-global warming/stimulus plan. The opposition Labour Party has a similar plan. However, it is unlikely that UK homes will have external insulation if cheap nuclear fusion becomes a reality. As for PVA's, I fitted my own, as did many other home owners on my housing estate. In addition to heat pumps, homes will also need regenerators, which recover heat from expelled foul air. However, one third of the homes in the UK were built before 1914. It's estimated that each home would cost 17,000 pounds to upgrade. Do people really see themselves living in a Victorian home in the twenty-first century? Most of the rooms are simply too small for a modern lifestyle, whilst external and loft insulation does not keep a townhouse warm when the neighbours have gone to work, or gone on holiday. The party wall is not insulated, and even if it was, I and many other people would not be able to put their beds and other furniture back in the bedroom, etc. My home is only 5.25 metres wide. The present clearance between my bed and the two walls is only about ten millimetres, and I am not joking. Also I have double glazing front and rear, but no inert gas filling, no heat retentive glass and no insulation in the frame, and no certificate, although I did get insurance to cover that latter deficiency when I bought the place. No doubt many owners have not. And of course, being a home owner and no longer a tenant, how much is HMG going to screw out of me. As for being rewarded for all the effort we put in, take a look at the Dubai Expo 2020 exhibition in London. This is how HMG's designs for the future should be. We don't even have a minister for happiness. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf. For inspiration, it may as well be on the other side of our galaxy.

    6. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Bill Larkins Two_Learfans_at_Reno_1982.jpg
      WC: Two Learfans at Reno 1982

    7. There is a way of updating Victorian homes fit for the twenty-first century. You have to demolish every third home, and combine the other two. An insulated glasshouse will be used for hydroponic food production. The roof of the brick structures would be flat so that photo-voltaic arrays could be orientated always towards the Sun. The rear alleyway walls would be converted into buildings, possibly for rearing of rabbits, chickens and fish. Of course, as with every other expensive government initiative, will it have to be abandoned when the Greenland ice cap collapses? When you look at the next link, of Dubai, ask yourself the question, 'why doesn't our country look as good as this?' Much of it is being built by British companies employing British engineers.

    8. Contrary to my initial views, wind turbines have become a huge 'success'. But are they, and will they stay, financially viable? The cost of electricity from wind turbines is about 57 pounds/MWhr, whilst electricity from the latest 22 billion pound Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor, being built by EDF, will be 92 pounds and fifty pence, over a 35 year period, as agreed with HMG. With the replacement of domestic gas central heating with heat pumps, and petrol and diesel vehicles with electric cars, the UK will be using three times more electricity than it does at present, by 2040 AD. And of course there wouldn't need to be so many homes to convert were it not for the fact that successive governments have broken up so many families, through casual divorce, women's lib and legalizing homosexuality. It's thought that there will be 100,000 children from broken homes in care by 2050 in the UK. And all those extra homes will need electric heating also. Already Toshiba and Hitachi have pulled out of nuclear power station construction at Moorside and Wylfa/Oldbury respectively. This leaves the French EDF and the Chinese company CGN to construct Bradwell and possibly Sizewell nuclear power stations. HMG has invited Rolls Royce to consider building at least ten Small Modular Reactors. These would be mini nuclear fission power stations costing about 1.8 billion pounds each, producing 440 MW for 60 years, at existing nuclear sites. They would be factory built and transported to site by road. Rolls Royce & Associates already build nuclear fission reactors for Trident submarines. With the technology proven in 2025, and the first power station in 2030, it would of course be competing with Tokamak Energy Ltd. Will the two technologies be built, or will only one, resulting in substantial cancellation costs to the tax payer? Of course, to start a nuclear fusion reactor, one needs a considerable amount of electrical energy, probably supplied by nuclear fission. Alternatively, HB11 fusion reactors may require relatively little energy to start up, and maybe light enough to be transported to the Moon and Mars where prolonged night time/sand storms make photo-voltaics and orbital power stations unreliable, whilst low temperatures make batteries suspect.

    9. With the UK climate getting worse, due to hurricanes persisting longer over a warmer north Atlantic Ocean, will anyone want to live here in a world of AI produced unemployment. To find solutions to the global economy, one has to think out of the box. Should the British economy be diversified? With AI managing things, it's likely that it will, with androids doing the craft work. If natural economic and social forces are allowed to make their play, then it's likely that androids will inhabit the UK, whilst Britons travel the globe, polluting it, whilst enjoying the good life. In my opinion they should live in geodesic biomes. Such a structure gives maximum volume for the least building material. They are composed of mainly identical parts making it easy for the occupants to assemble, straight out of the shipping container. Humans would live in relatively small biomes, with larger domes nearby in which to produce crops of grain, etc.

    10. images my ideas/shut stimulus eden project cornwall uk.jpg
      SHUT: Eden project Cornwall, UK

      Images Wikimedia Commons/28 WC Australdechile Cluster_de_domos.jpg
      WC: Cluster of Domes

      Images Wikimedia Commons/28 WC Kbh3rd Climatron_Garden_Glow-2013-12-27_1.jpg
      WC: Climatron Garden Glow

      Images Wikimedia Commons/28 WC William Starkey Geodesic_dome.jpg
      WC: Geodesic Dome

    11. HMG's stimulus plan should include, in addition to IT & AI mentioned elsewhere on this website, the following:

    12. 1 Skylon Spaceplane:
      With Skylon operational, the cost of launching payloads into space will be greatly reduced. Competing against the USA's Falcon vertical landing launcher, prices are likely to be competitive. Satellites, space stations, space hotels, space probes and telescopes up to 12 metric tons (tonnes) in weight could be launched into Earth orbit. (Hyperlinks to 3D printing aerospace companies are at the end of the Man & Aliens in Space chapter.) Skylon has been redesigned with the help of Rolls Royce, with the engines being moved under the wings and the fuselage cross-section being rectangular instead of round, presumably to reduce the sloshing around of fuel in flight and altering its associated centre of gravity. There is also a quest to replace the helium cooling system with ammonia which could also be used to power the vehicle. The ammonia would be stowed in the wings of aicraft, including Skylon, and after being heated by waste heat from the jet engine, it would then pass through a catalyst where some hydrogen would be produced. The hydrogen and ammonia would then be ignited in the engines combustion chamber leaving no air pollution. The ammonia catalyst was developed by the UK's Science & Technology Facilities Council's Technology Dept. and at the Rutherford Appleton Lab's ISIS Neutron & Muon Source Research Facility. See the news section on the www.reactionengines.co.uk web site for details.

    13. In October 2021 the UK excavator company JCB signed an agreement with Australian energy company Fortescue Future Industries for billions of dollars worth of hydrogen, along with Ryze Hydrogen who will manage distribution. Just which fuel source, green hydrogen, formic acid, HB11 or lithium ion batteries, wins the day in powering heavy machinery, remains to be seen. And just what is the boil off rate for hydrogen when shipped from Australia to the UK? I assume it will be transported as ammonia, then converted by filtration to hydrogen shortly prior to usage.

    14. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Science Museum London SABRE engine for Skylon spaceplane
      WC: Science Museum London Skylon's SABRE engine

    15. It remains to be seen whether UK based company Clean Power Hydrogen can make its production commercially viable. Employing electricity from renewable sources to produce hydrogen, the bi-products are oxygen and heat, which are also put to use. Cheaper electricity from nuclear fusion, Small Modular Reactor, Travelling Wave Reactor and quantum photo voltaics, etc. plus greater power density in batteries makes the market hard to predict. The market should have leveled out by 2040.

    16. Skylon's SABRE engines burn hydrogen, which is mainly produced by the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen can also be produced from natural gas, methane. This process is called steam methane reformation that produces carbon dioxide as a bi-product. The CO2 is pumped underground into a disused oil or gas field, in order to prevent it acting as a greenhouse gas. This process is known as sequestration. An alternative fuel would be formic acid, which is easier to store, with no boil off.

    17. In 2020, a second zero emission aircraft propulsion system was developed. It was announced by the University of Cambridge that they had produced an energy device that can mimic photosynthesis in plants to produce formic acid, from which you can easily extract hydrogen. The formic acid is produced by a photo catalyst plate composed of cobalt and semi conducting powders, submerged in water and carbon dioxide. Cheap production of hydrogen is essential for commercial aircraft propulsion and for formic acid fuel cell powered road and rail vehicles, and possibly ships. In fact anywhere where mains electricity is not available or insufficient. The spaceplane could be built at Birmingham International Airport, supported by a large pool of local engineers. The runway would not have to be lengthened since Skylon would only make sub-orbital flights from there to space launch locations. It will start a long awaited renaissance of the world's space industries. The benefits of such missions can only be inferred from the conquest of the Americas by Europeans since the dawn of time. In September 2020, the European Airbus consortium announced that it would build a range of ZEROe aircraft by 2035.

    18. There is of course the question of affordability. That great frolic in the sky. The money could be better spent elsewhere. Right that does it. I am pissed off listening to such tripe. What about HS2 from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. As I write, the eastern branch to Leeds is being killed off by HMG. Just about everyone saying how it will somehow rejuvenate the north. The truth is that high speed rail links in a small country like the UK are pointless. HS2 will reduce travel time from London to Birmingham by 49 minutes, the total project costing from £75 billion to £106 billion. Of course, by the time it's completed in about 2035, executives will be travelling door to door in air taxis, whilst the rest of us travel in zero polluting computer driven taxi-vans, that is if entrepreneurs can pin down parliament to agree to legislate favourably for it. As for the Chinese, they will be travelling by 1000km/h intercity maglev. So much for keeping up with the Joneses. As for HS2 it will be completed decades after British Rail invented the high speed tilting train in 1970. Called the Advanced Passenger Train, and powered by either gas turbines or electric motors, it can now be seen at the Crewe Heritage Centre. It was killed off by the negative minded story seeking media.

    19. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 kitmasterbloke Advanced Passenger Train, Crewe Heritage, UK.jpg
      WC: Advanced Passenger Train, Crewe Heritage, UK

    20. Whether taxi vans will create a more healthy environment remains to be seen, for there are fears that volatile organic compounds will still be emitted from them, just as they are from cars with internal combustion engines. Compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde are 70% higher for electric vehicles at start up than for diesels. These pollutants come from tyres and brakes, although it is hoped that computer controlled power and braking systems will mitigate such emissions in the future. Central and local government in the UK have decided to install 26,000 charging points, whilst at the moment drivers of electric vehicles often cannot find a charging point because they are either out of action, have the wrong cable connection, don't accept the right debit or credit card, have a non charging car in the charging space, or can't be turned off when fully charged. 43% of charging points are in London and the south-east. 7,000 charging points are being made at the moment in 2021, with 35,000 per annum planned. HMG is financing the operation with £1.9 billion + £620 million from elsewhere in its budget. As for making your battery last as long as possible, they should be charged up to 80% and not allowed to fall below 20%, which is easier said than done when reliable charging points are so far apart.

    21. With 106 billion pounds we could easily build the Skylon spaceplane, launching and serving an orbiting hotel with its plethora of astro bunny escorts, and operate it for ten years. Incorporating the ultimate solarium, sauna, 3D bubble pool, it would no doubt be highly recommended by astronauts the world over. Now which do you want? A trip into risque space, or a vacation in Birmingham? Oh! how great. You want to spend your next holiday in Birmingham, UK. Free admission to Birmingham Museum & Art gallery to see the staff of Moses, Millennium Science Museum, SeaLife Centre, Edgbaston's Botanical Gardens, Shakespeare Memorial Library at the Library of Birmingham, stroll along the canal, whilst further afield there is Dudley Zoo and next door, the Black Country Living Museum. I well recommend day trips to see the Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick Castle, Ironbridge Gorge Museums, and the Aerospace Museum at RAF Museum, Cosford. Birmingham has numerous high quality shopping centres Bull Ring - Grand Central, New Street - Corporation Street, and bars along Broad Street, St. Phillips Square, Chinese quarter, restaurants and hotels, from Travelodge (cheap) to Hyatt Regency (expensive). Broaden the mind. Educate yourself. You have chosen wisely.

    22. But seriously, any project that involves getting off the ground is treated with disdane by politicians, and I'm darned if I know why. A totally independent space programme would boost the prestige of universities and the nation, thereby encouraging investment by IT based industries, and enrollment to universities by foreign students. The next step would be the creation of our very own flying saucer. Now that would really give ESA and EU members something to be envious of, wouldn't it?

    23. Unfortunately we have a government that wants anything but electricity, ignoring the fact that it takes electricity to generate some of this energy. Namely heat pumps, hydrogen fuelled central heating, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

    24. Heat pumps are an expensive white elephant dreamed up by politicians whose motto is, 'spend, spend, spend', usually billions, not millions. As for thousands, "you're joking aren't ya?" I use to work at Serck Heat Transfer as a draughtsman, so I know what a heat pump is. One of the first was installed in Royal Festival Hall, London, which extracts heat from the adjacent River Thames for space heating.

    25. It is not possible to fully insulate most homes in the UK. One third are antiquated terraced housing whose heat passes out through the party wall whilst the neighbours are either away at work, or the occupants simply can't afford to switch on their heating. As for getting thousands of spiv companies to do it, I found that less than half of my loft insulation had been fitted when I moved in, so I had to install the rest myself because I already had an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Aluminium extrusions on windows are not insulated inside, whilst cavity wall insulation is not installed properly or deteriorates over time. So what are the alternatives?

    26. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Andreas Krebs Shanghai_maglev_train.jpg
      WC: Shanghai Maglev Train

    27. Well there is hydrogen, which will have to be separated from natural gas (methane), with the carbon dioxide pumped back underground. Needless to say it will be more expensive than natural gas, as would hydrogen from the electrolysis of water. Then of course there are the maintenance costs, which for me already run at about one hundred pounds per annum, not including the cost of replacement of my combi-boiler at £1500 for natural gas, but probably more for hydrogen as it burns at a higher temperature (2045C v 1957C for methane). Should the nation switch to hydrogen then all gas appliances will probably have to be converted, just as it was when switching from town gas to natural gas decades ago. Since hydrogen is a lighter gas it can penetrate through steel pipes and pressure vessels. It also burns with an invisible flame and produces six times more nitrous oxide when burnt, making it more dangerous to use than natural gas. So what's the alternative?

    28. Once upon a time, in the early eighties, I had a modern brick and breeze block constructed bungalow. The builder had fitted electric radiators, so I had fitted an off-peak electricity meter for them. The radiators came on during the night and heated up the walls and concrete floor, radiating the heat out during the day. The system worked great. Unfortunately we can no longer sign up to off peak electricity. Off-peak existed because it took ages to start up and shut down coal fired power stations. Off-peak therefore smoothed out demand for electricity. Due to the closure of many large power stations, the introduction of small renewable energy plants, and the provision of pump storage at Dinorwic, etc. off-peak charging was discontinued. Eventually the nation will be powered by photo-voltaics, hydro, mini hydro, tidal, wind, geo-thermal, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

    29. Whether a heat pump costs £6,000 or £10,000 is irrelevant to most people, as they simply cannot afford to buy them, and would certainly never vote for any political party ever again, that introduced them.

    30. I have 2.75 kW of PVA panels on my roof. Although the output is only about half of that stated by the salesman, it's still better than leaving the money in the bank earning no interest. HMG's plan would require me to use this electricity to power a heat pump, which in my opinion is a con. Heat pumps operate in the reverse manner to that of a refrigerator. It takes masses of heat out of the air or ground and compresses the liquid to produce a relatively smaller amount at a higher temperature for space heating. It beggars the question, 'what effect will removing heat from my garden have on the plants?' This is a serious question when one realizes that the bulb for an agapanthus or fritileria can cost about ten pounds. Also, why should you spend thousands of pounds on a heat pump or new appliances for hydrogen, when cheap electricity from fusion will be available just twenty years later at most? At which point almost every consumer will want to sign up to it. Heat pumps are noisy. Its hum can be heard in bedrooms, whilst it takes about 12 hours to raise the home temperature from 12C to 18C. It is for this reason that heat pumps should only be fitted to well insulated new homes. They are also unsightly, and prone to theft, as with platinum exhaust systems. HMG offering £5000 off with no VAT, only encourages home owners to fit this technology to old properties to which they are not suited.

    31. Now when you look at all the new power sources listed above you realise that they all have one thing in common. They all produce electricity. The most dramatic method is that from HB11 nuclear fusion. Such an advance would revolutionize civilisation. When it comes along, most consumers will switch to it, making all those billions spent by HMG on green hydrogen, redundant.

    32. Does HMG intend to drive petrol cars off the road and hydrogen onto it? Whatever HMG does it will cost billions, be totally impracticable and ultimately irrelevant.

    33. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Clariosophic De_Lorean_1001.jpg
      WC: De Lorean Sports Car, Gull Wing, Stainless Steel

    34. In an ideal world the technology of today will be discarded not updated. It's time we hired transportation to take us from door to door. This will be provided by taxi-vans. Private ownership of cars will be outlawed, because most people will not be able to maintain such complex and expensive vehicles. They will be zero polluting, AI driven, duel purpose and generate their own electricity, like the Aptera, to be built by a Californian automotive company. There will be no need for expensive electricity street charging points and gas filling pumps, and no need for buses and commuter trains. Taxi-vans will transport people to work one minute and deliver parcels the next. Owned by major companies like Amazon and Tesco, it will be the death knell for TV car advertising and insurance companies. Not to mention the automotive industry who will only need to supply about 25% of existing vehicles, because the vehicles will be more efficiently employed. The automotive sector will simply have to export more of its production, if it wants to maintain existing output. And less manufacturing means less air pollution, including CO2. There is a problem with PM2.5 emissions from brakes and tyres. However with braking via thyristor motors, and computer torque controlled driving, even those emissions should be substantially reduced. And of course there is still the economic impact of working at home verses the office to consider.

    35. Then of course there are the air taxis that will replace intercity trains, transporting people from door to door. At last the physically disabled will be free, whilst children will be able to travel without being chaperoned.

    36. Yes, transport will be zero carbon, but what about the home? Shouldn't people be living in self supporting communities that don't need fleets of lorries to send the same produce, like food, in both directions at the same time? Shouldn't we be living in biomes, producing our own food hydroponically, 3D printing goods and using automated stitching machines to make clothes? And what about healthy artificial meat production?

    37. Where is the vision? Where is the stimulus plan? Well it's found on my website. What's plainly needed is a 'world technocracy now. Earth needs it, other species need it, and we need it. What we don't need is any more apathetic, incompetence and corrupt multi-party systems dreaming up visions of HS2 and the like, and getting away with it. Unfortunately we have politicians around the world that cannot even admit that capitalism is finished due to automation and resulting low wages, any more than they can admit that global warming is created by human activity. We need a new order, a world-technocracy-now. Earth will take ten million years to recover. The human race will not. Don't you think it's time we had a new constitution based upon professionalism and vision, that is determined enough to create a science based civilisation? Based upon HMG's present spending spree, it is simply not possible to pay off the national debt, corporate debts and personal debts. In addition, our antiquated unwritten constitution is discouraging companies and entrepreneurs from investing here. Deep down you know that these clowns must go. The zero carbon route out of global warming can only come about through a world technocracy, because the major stumbling block is distrust between governments, plus bureaucracy and the apathy within them. The world is becoming electric, and no politician can stop it.

    38. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Colin Babb Hovercraft.jpg
      WC: Isle of Wight Is the Last Remaining Hovercraft Service Worldwide

    39. 2 Air-Taxi:
      Due to advances in electric motor and battery design, electricity powered aircraft are under development around the world. Already successful is from Archer Aviation which has received a $1 billion order from United Airlines, to fly in 2024. Designed to fly at a cost of $4 per passenger mile. As of September 2021 Vertical Aerospace has orders for 1,350 aircraft, worth £4 billion from Virgin, Marubeni and American Airlines.

    40. images my ideas/shut stimulus palnv liberty flying car.jpg
      SHUT: Palnv liberty flying car in production 2020
    41. For longer distances see the following websites:

    42. Providing enough landing pads are built, air taxis could provide a near door to door alternative to inter-city rail and coach travel. Technology has come a long way since the Fairey Rotodyne single rotor, road vehicle carrying helicopter project in the 1960s. Air taxis are the fast door to door public transport that can supersede inter-city trains, including high-speed 2 in the UK. Trains can be powered by fuel cells instead of expensive overhead electric cables, but my feeling is that as with the canals, trams, and buses, trains are an expense that few governments can now afford to subsidize, and few overcrowded passengers want. Trying to predict what happens to the commuter in a world of AI, and pandemics is hard to predict. In my view when it comes to selecting public transport, it's best to pick a system that will stand the test of time. Those systems are air taxis for long journeys, and taxi-vans for shorter ones. And may hyper spend 2 go no further than that model train set up there in the loft.

    43. Air taxis and taxi-vans are all dependent upon improved electricity storage. In recent years the technology has come a long way from the days of zinc-carbon cells, lead acid and nickel cadmium. There are numerous research projects, some of which are listed here in this table. Scientists are attempting to increase greater charging capacity, higher voltage, reduce charging time, reduce flammability and reduced cost by using cheaper materials and manufacturing processes. The intension is for an e-car to have a range of 1000 km, have limitless recharging capability and a charge time of no more than 5 minutes, and for the charge in a mobile phone to last at least five days. Please note that in the following table, the power from a battery equates to the speed of an e-car, whilst its density equates to the duration of the journey. Also a capacitor releases its energy instantly, whereas a battery will release it as needed. If you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle, read this table first.

    44. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Andy Dingley Black_Arrow_satellite_deployment.jpg
      WC: Black Arrow Rocket & Prospero Satellite Deployment

    45. The graphene battery fitted to the Vision AVTR concept car is based upon organic cell chemistry. As such it can be composted at the end of its life span. It contains no rare earths to contaminate the soil. Its 110 kWh battery can be recharged in 15 minutes and is only 94mm thick. A graphene batteries power capacity is 1200Wh/litre or 1000Wh/kg, whereas a li-ion battery is only 180Wh/kg and a sodium battery only 140Wh/kg, making graphene batteries much smaller and lighter, hence cheaper or longer range. In addition a graphene battery could be so structurally strong that it would replace parts of the traditional chassis of a car. Graphene is also used in the cathodes of Li-ion batteries, called graphene composite or graphene metal oxide type.

    46. At present the battery solution appears to have been solved with the announcement in June 2020 of the one million mile battery by CATL, a Chinese (PRC) company with offshoots in Germany. The battery will last sixteen years, which makes it possible to transfer it to a second and third vehicle as the cars wear out. It can achieve 80% charge in 15 minutes. It will cost about 10% more than existing batteries. It's known that the company has developed nickel-manganese-cobalt and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which can operate between -30C and 60C. No other details are available, whilst at the Israeli Storedot, recharging time for their battery has now been reduced to 5 minutes, about the time it takes to fill a fuel tank with petrol or diesel. In September 2021 it was announced by nano engineers from the University of California, San Diego that by replacing graphite anodes on lithium ion batteries with silicone based anodes and sulphide solid electrolyte, to increase energy density ten fold.

    47. Looking further ahead, it should be remembered that a nuclear fission reactor is in effect a battery. Research into a far more compact, non-thermal energy source is underway at HB11 Pty Ltd., Australia. Whilst this can theoretically generate electricity intermittently, it would probably require capacitors to smooth out the electrical output, prior to rectification to three phase alternating current. Such smoothing of a huge power output (far more than power factor correction of mains supply) may be possible by linking to plasma balls. HB11 and plasma ball mining on Ganymede is mentioned in Chapter 16 Space Research & UFO's.

    48. Of course with all these taxi-vans transporting people around during the day, where do you park them at night. Well, you park them in people's drives. Home occupants would, by using a phone app, order a taxi-van to park and connect to their homes in order to supply electricity in the evening. The vehicle could also send electricity to the national grid at peak times. In the early hours the taxi-van would recharge using off-peak electricity for the day ahead. Currently off-peak is only available to existing customers in the UK, and with various ways of storing charge, such as gravity, air pressure, heated brine, flywheels and fuel cells, it may stay that way.

    49. Don't you think it's time HMG invested billions in rapid door to door public transport? Not only would it satisfy the general public, including the disabled and very young travelling on their own, but it would also have massive export potential and job creation in the UK. However, HMG has chosen to invest in HS2 railways and buses. At the time of writing this, it looks as if HMG is turning its back on the latest transport technologies. With 106 billion pounds spent on high speed trains over fifteen years, it makes HMG's investment in the latest research and development pale into insignificance. What's needed is a council of highly intelligent scientists and entrepreneurs to dictate government policy. And the first thing they can do is draw up a strategic transportation policy, particularly that based upon road vehicles like the Aptera electric/solar vehicle, that do not require recharging. Also, make them taxi-vans and this capability would save HMG and the tax payers billions, since millions of recharging points would no longer be needed. They would be owned by taxi companies, Tesco, Amazon, etc. because they are too expensive and too complicated for the general public to maintain. There is however no sign of this happening since the PM in 2021 decided to head such a body. It sends a clear message to scientists to emigrate. The age of the brain drain is not over, apparently.

    50. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Michael Wolf Tesla_Gigafactory_4_DJI_0336
      WC: Tesla Gigafactory

    51. 3 Taxi-Vans & Tandem Commuters:
      Zero polluting dual use taxi-vans driven by computers appear to be the main transportation vehicle for the world's roads at present. Such vehicles will be too expensive, too difficult to maintain, and impossible to recharge if you live in a terraced house with no garage, making private ownership impractical. As large conglomerates like General Motors bite the dust because they have failed to innovate, it is a clear warning to the world's automotive sector of what awaits them if they do not switch to the latest technology, but their competitors do. In 2009 General Motors filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Assets were sold off. It was saved as GM through a troubled asset relief program. Recent advances in fuel cells, where nitrogen deposition replaces expensive platinum as a catalyst, clearly shows that a hydrogen based transport system is still a contender for clean transportation, although lithium ion and graphene are the present leaders in electric battery/capacitor technology. This assumes there is enough lithium in the world to discourage the formation of a price cartel. Graphene batteries however, could be incorporated within the bodywork of the vehicle, or would be recyclable. With advances in technology (CCTV, radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, KIM control computer, database, internet link, photo-voltaics, regenerative thyristor motors), a cost effective taxi-van would be able to compete with existing public transport systems.

    52. images my ideas/shut stimulus toyota concept.jpg
      SHUT: A Toyota FCV Plus vehicle
    53. This of course beggars the question, 'just how much of this technology is manufactured in our country?' Take photo-voltaics for instance. All of these basic poly silicon makers are located in the People's Republic of China, United States, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and South Korea. As for electric motors and carbon fibre the situation is similar, with none in the UK. In 2021 we are faced with a shortage of integrated circuits, which are mainly made by TSSMC in Taiwan and Samsung in South Korea, with a new factory planned for Texas. Due to political ideology the UK makes very little. The UK has become nothing more than a screwdriver operation. Even many of our raw materials have to be imported. Lithium is imported from Chile and the PRC, Cobalt is imported from the DRC and PRC, whilst graphite is imported from ....yes you guessed it...the PRC. Incredibly, the UK was once the sole producer of graphite. As for the 17 rare earths, used in batteries, computers and magnets, they also come from the PRC but could be imported from Greenland along with uranium if it wasn't for the fact that the 40,000 voters there have decided not to pollute the region by mining spoil heaps, in a vote in April 2021; as if anybody would notice. How can the UK pay off its debts since much of what it exports it imports? If there was ever a war in the Far East, our industries would be rapidly brought to a stand still.

    54. Other costly metals used in batteries are rhodium, palladium, platinum aluminium and copper. In March 2021 Tesla bought an interest in the GoRo nickel mine in New Caledonia, which currently produces 26% of world supply. Much of the world's lithium comes from the PRC, which was responsible for the dramatic price fall that month. Rare earths are also mined largely in the PRC which accounts for 58% of output. The only other place at the moment is Malaysia. There are plans to be less dependant upon the PRC by opening facilities in Australia, India and Texas, the latter assisted by the US Department of Defence because private companies of fearful of repercussions from the PRC if they get involved. Rare earths are not rare, but since they are found in minute quantities, it is necessary to process huge amounts of material in order to extract them. This generates huge piles of waste, which is not welcome in the west. Rare earths such as yttrium, neodymium, scandium, samarium, promethium and praseodymium are found in batteries, electronics and magnets. Unlike traditional vehicles employing reciprocating engines made from steel and other cheap components (apart from platinum catalyst exhausts), the cost of EVs is largely dictated by material costs. Large fluctuations in the price of these materials is not a good thing when continuous flow of production is essential for cost effectiveness. There needs to be an organisation where mining companies, battery manufacturers and vehicle assemblers can meet to make strategic decisions in order to smooth over costs. Until then EV ownership is likely to stay largely in the hands of taxi companies.

    55. As part of the UK's Automotive Transformation Fund, HMG has decided to fund the manufacture of permanent rare earth magnets for neodymium, to be used in wind turbines and electric motors for electric vehicles, in order to avoid dependence upon supplies from the PRC. This will be in partnership with the Less Common Metals Company. The automotive company Ford has already decided to invest £230 million to produce 250,000 electric vehicles in the UK by 2024.

    56. There are about 1.2 billion road vehicles worldwide. A driverless zero polluting taxi-van would probably do the work of four cars, but in a world where AI is stealing jobs, there would be fewer commuters. Taxi-Vans would maximize use, delivering parcels one minute and taking people on commutes or days out the next. They would be competing with unmanned air vehicles, air-taxis. These vehicles would have to be of a modular construction with power harnesses embedded into the body, and control via bluetooth, to enable damaged parts to be replaced by less dextrous androids, since human vehicle mechanics will not be available in a leisure orientated AI dominated world. Perhaps only one hundred million vehicles would be needed in total. The horse and cart was replaced by the automobile, mainly electric, inside ten years, accelerated by the needs of the Boar War, and the public revulsion to horse dung piling up in city streets. It is likely therefore that the conversion to dual use driverless vehicles will be completed by the year 2035. Once the technology is established, pressure groups will ensure that government and insurance companies effectively ban manually driven automobiles, thereby reducing road mortality rates further. The Cruise Origin taxi-van is designed by Cruise in San Francisco and built by GM in the USA. Because of their expense and complexity, they're not conducive with private ownership. Cruise use 'Starfleet' to monitor these vehicles to determine when maintenance should be carried out. This is probably similar to how Rolls-Royce monitors its jet engines when in use.

    57. Tandem commuters carry all the problems associated with taxi-vans, except that they have to be no wider than about half a metre. This is so that a traffic lane can accommodate two of them side by side during the rush hour. These electric vehicles are balanced using gyroscopes, and can usually accommodate one adult and one child. In reality the commute may have to be spread over a longer period, say 6 to 9 am and 3 to 6 pm, to ensure a smooth and more energy efficient journey. Lorries would only be allowed on public roads from 9am to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm. Of course, all this assumes that our roads would otherwise be jammed with commuters. There is as yet no way of knowing whether doing office work from home, or office work done by AI, will be the norm in the near future. In either case, office blocks will be converted into apartments, where presumably there will be little need for transport of any kind.

    58. Since Taxi-Vans and tandem commuters will be operated by franchises and financed in much the same way as international shipping containers, there would be little or no advertising in newspapers and on television for AA, RAC, insurance and car sales promotion. The media (newspapers, radio and television) will have to downsize onto the internet, reduced to the size of a (folding) mobile phone screen. Due to the reduced number of cars manufactured and the use of androids on the assembly line, there will be an enormous reduction of people employed within the automotive industry. The DARPA urban driving trials in California in October 2007 clearly show that the technology exists, where three teams successfully completed the one hundred mile plus course, including Volkswagen. Such vehicles could result in dramatic changes in tax gathering, since eco-cars currently do not require road tax, and neither would they generate fuel tax if they were powered solely from mains electricity. It spells disaster for traditional bloated, bureaucratic government. Will this generate a blind acceptance for a minimalist world technocracy?

    59. Toyota have already stated that it may pull out of the UK if it leaves the EU, where 90% of its production goes, or fails to install enough street charging points or fails to develop a home grown battery cell manufacturing facility. As I write, exploration drilling is on going in Cornwall where it's thought mining for lithium will commence in 2023. Here are a few concepts from Toyota, the taxi-van from Cruise, Jaguar-Landrover, Auto-X and of course Tesla, and not forgetting tandem commuters:

    60. images my ideas/shut stimulus toyota fv2.jpg
      SHUT: Toyota FV2 commuter vehicle
      You move your body to steer
      images my ideas/shut stimulus audi aicon.jpg
      SHUT: Audi AI:CON...taxi-van...bring your own steering wheel and pedals
    61. Replacing the steering wheel with hand movements requires total concentration all of the time, whilst a steering wheel allows the hands to relax momentarily, whilst taking 10 seconds to switch on the car ventilation via a touch screen whilst driving, may not be the best solution, even if it is the latest technology.

    62. Whilst the Audi AI:CON looks great and has an impressive technology spread, such is the rate of technological advancement that the new kid on the block is now the Aptera. Whilst the company is based in sunny San Diego, California I can see from data on its website that if I had one in the dull UK, then I would only have to charge it three times per year if I drove it 30 miles per day. Its teardrop shape underlines the new manufacturing technology employed. Out go the press tools and in comes the carbon fibre, kevlar and 3D printing. The vehicle has photo-voltaic panels on the roof giving it a 45 mile range, whilst additional panels on the bonnet and boot can extend this to 1000 miles per day. It has three wheels and two seats, with production starting in 2021. The performance is better than the Tesla S car, whilst Tesla's new plant in Brandenburg, Germany is held up due to the hibernation of lizards, snakes and bats. The automotive industry appears to be suffering from the same business laws as the software industry. You must use the latest technology, innovate, or go under. With such an inflated share price, for how much longer can Tesla survive? And whilst Tesla wasn't prepared to invest in a battery gigafactory in the UK, no sooner had Toyota threatened to pull out of the UK if no battery factory materialized, than British Volt announced a 2.6 billion pound investment in a 95-hectare battery gigafactory in the port of Blyth, Northumberland in north-east England that would create 3,000 jobs by 2027. With advances in materials technology due to research at the Diamond Synchrotron, etc. it beggars the question, 'will this investment be superseded by graphene batteries, etc.?' Such is the pace of technological advancement.

    63. 4 ECO-Towns:
      HMG's insistence on building eco-towns with eco-friendly homes, and hopefully with local food production and eco-friendly power generation and public transport systems, is the right decision. HMG has decided to cut CO2 emissions completely by 2050, although some local authorities have already decided to become carbon neutral by 2030, by banning cars from city centres, etc. The government's of the world must be shown the way forward in eco-friendly living. However, this concept should not be looked at in isolation. Details of family sized biomes for these eco-towns appears elsewhere on this web site. In addition, a report in October 2019 indicated that an existing home could cost at least 20,000 pounds to upgrade. If the entire population were relocated to a warmer climate, then surely factory built homes, employing new materials and techniques such as vacuum forming, would probably provide better value for money, if the entire zero carbon bill were taken into consideration. In the 1960s I watched the BBC TV series Tomorrow's World. The most interesting invention I saw was that of a bungalow which came out of a shipping container. It had a pitched roof, fitted kitchen and bathroom. Today, I fail to understand why refugee camps are not set up to this standard. It reinforces a depressing realization that even though an invention exists, it does not mean that it will be used.

    64. images my ideas/shut stimulus geodesic dome entrance.jpg
      SHUT: Geodesic dome entrance
    65. One of the nation's gravest economic problems is the constant devaluation of the pound, compared to the euro and US dollar. The pound devalues due to the following:

    66. (I) HMG and companies do not invest enough in R&D, either because the workforce are negative thinking, or the organisation has insufficient vision and lacks a risk taking culture.

    67. (II) Too much UK based R&D is financed by foreign companies who take abroad the jobs and profits from these innovations.

    68. (III) A currencies value is often determined by supply and demand. If we export less than we import, then the pound is in less demand, and over time it will fall in value.

    69. (IV) It does not attract foreign investment because its constitution/legal system is considered antiquated, or it pulls out of a trading partnership like Brexit, causing the currency to fall in value, due to lack of confidence.

    70. (V) Money going abroad, to buy second homes, retirement homes, migrants in UK supporting families abroad, outside of the pound sterling zone, will all cause the pound to lose value over time. In my lifetime I have seen the pound fall from four dollars to the pound, to just one dollar fifteen cents. In 2020 the NAO (National Audit Office) announced that the Bank of England had effectively lost track of 50 billion pounds of UK bank notes, three quarters of our cash. Where is it? Who has it? Why have they not banked it? Is it illegally acquired? Is it part of an extensive black economy in the UK? Is it under the mattress, owned by people fearful of Brexit and the pandemic, and a cryptocurrency meltdown creating a global banking collapse? It clearly hasn't happened over night. Abducted by aliens? Shredded accidentally? Lost in the post? In the illicit vault of mum and dad? A computer hacker has corrupted the figures? The people of other countries have decided that it's better than their own currency or bitcoin, possibly promoted by drug barons? A few weeks after this news appeared German and Belgium police seized a total of 23.2 tonnes of cocaine found in shipping containers in Hamburg and Antwerp worth 600 million euros ($984 million). A day later it emerged that police had seized 1.5 tonnes of heroine at Rotterdam worth 45 million euros. Well that's reduced the fifty billion a bit but only a small bit. The fact that these amounts are so huge clearly shows that an awful amount of illicit drugs are getting through, and undermining our civilisation.

    71. If the PRC can have an effective and secure electronic money supply based upon facial recognition, then clearly so can we. Should we declare this money invalid, on the grounds that it must have been illegally acquired, as did Russia and India? It's plainly obvious that no one is managing the British economy. All that HMG wants to do is SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND, AND SPEND WELL BEYOND IT'S MEANS. I swear that most of them can't tell the difference between a million and a billion. It's a disgrace. A blatant indicator that our political system is unfit for purpose. I get the strong impression that some banks, desperate for a financial return in a world of zero interest rates, are investing in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is increasing in value at a rate well beyond that of any currency, or gold for that matter, matched only by the rise in Tesla shares, both of which saw dramatic falls of 20% in February 2021 when Elon Musk bought $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency. This is at the rate of a pyramid selling scheme. Left to itself, it will absorb monies previously deposited in the stockmarket and commodities. A switch to negative interest rates will only exacerbate the situation. Why is HMG and USG spending so much on the Covid-19 pandemic, knowing that these two factors will cause more harm than the pandemic itself? Is there a conspiracy? If there is then it's likely to trigger WWIII. It will cause the stockmarkets of the world to collapse. Eventually the number of people prepared to invest in anything traditional will dry up. Banks will be obliged to buy into the stockmarket to avoid a global banking collapse, financed by quantitative easing. By then it will be too late for governments to intervene. They will be faced with the options of a dark age or a totally new financial system that will remain forever untainted by greed. There is of course only one such system and only one person capable of implementing it. And all I was looking forward to was a quiet retirement in the sun.

    72. So where is this money coming from? Take illegal immigrants for instance. They're let in by border guards who couldn't give a damn, or they tell immigration officials that they're only here for a holiday, or they've borrowed the British passports of their relatives in order to get into the UK. So what do they do when they get here? Well they work in the family business, the rag trade or running a restaurant. Every week I get business posters pushed through my letter box advertising some restaurant, takeaway or taxi service. They probably live in their relative's attic, cellar, garage, toilet or garden shed. Then of course there is prostitution. Just about everyone is at it these days. There's the money laundering for businesses in the black economy; mainly banks by the sound of it. Money obtained illicitly from drug dealing, or bribes to company directors for instance, has to be laundered, to get it into an unsuspecting account. Drugs money can be invested in the illicit rag trade manned by illegal immigrants. The clothes are then sold to retail outlets stating it's all from Bangladesh or Vietnam. Who checks? Other manufacturing companies can sub-contract services which involve dubious expensive insurance, etc. How else can small companies afford a luxury corporate box at a sport's stadium, or even a race horse? And of course there's the oligarchs from eastern Europe and China, desperate to get away from state control and all that electronic money; desperate to join the freedom loving capitalists in the west. But UK money laundering laws now forbid the purchase of homes and businesses in the UK without proof that the money was acquired lawfully. At least that's the theory. In practice it is thought that 5 billion pounds of property in the UK has been bought with laundered money, much of it from Russia. Personally I have no objection to oligarchs purchasing our stock of crumbling castles and stately homes provided they repair them to the satisfaction of the authorities, for not less than ten million pounds. And just who do they buy them from, English Heritage, National Trust, Crown Estates, HM Treasury, who? At least then they would not be purchasing homes that local people want to buy but find unaffordable, due to foreign buyers. And HMG could get the police to turn the screw in that direction, couldn't they? So what's our guv in the Bank of England going to do about it? Has it ever occurred to them that if our currency went electronic all this hot money would suddenly flood the market in a rush to buy dollars or what have ya, causing the pound to plummet in value. Should the euro, US dollar and UK pound all become electronic at the same time?

    73. It is plainly obvious to me, though obviously not to our government economic advisors, that UK citizens should buy second homes and retirement homes within the pound sterling zone (operation EPSZ), which is also where the social care establishments should be. (cheap food, less heating required, pleasant warmer climate, abundant staff). The expanded pound sterling zone (EPSZ) could emerge from, the British Virgin Islands, Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Territory), Barbados, Bermuda, Guyana, Cayman Islands, Gambia, Fiji, Gilbert & Ellis, Maldives, Mauritius, Nauru, Pitcairn, Seychelles, Turks & Caicos, Western Samoa, Montserrat, Windward Islands (Dominica, Granada, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenadines), St Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago. All of these countries have their own currency or use the US dollar. Most are small islands however. An alternative to consider would be Madagascar. A former French colony, it is large, geographically isolated and poor. Most of its citizens originate from Indonesia. It is not in the British commonwealth. Australia and New Zealand are unlikely to join a pound sterling zone. Australia suffers from a lack of water, whilst neither wants our ex-cons, and certainly don't want to lose their independence. Other islands are either too small or too cold. The alternative would be a floating city, or like the Chinese, build one on a coral atoll (South China Sea). Such a project would boost the British construction industry enormously, which is already engaged in large construction projects abroad, notably in the Persian Gulf region. Even if the UK managed to eliminate its carbon footprint, it should be realised that it only amounts to one per cent of global emissions. Our extreme climate would continue to be more volatile, to the point where it would not be possible to live here, nor anywhere north of the Pyrenees and Alps mountain ranges.

    74. The British Isles has decent weather for only four months of the year, at most. Over one century I can see the attitude of the British people changing. They will not see any reason for staying there, and will therefore want a higher quality to their lives in a warmer climate. For economic reasons, a place in the Sun must be in the EPSZ, not the EU. Government must foresee this and plan accordingly. There should be no government expenditure on upgrading the UK housing stock as a result, but there should be intense research into finding a way to mass produce modern homes and furniture, quickly and cheaply for such development abroad. At the time of writing, political parties are promising to spend hundreds of billions of pounds insulating British home. This is irresponsible, whilst the British construction industry does not appear to be investing in advanced materials research and subsequent design. If the diabolical iron clad beetle can build a tough home for itself, I can see no reason why the human race cannot, assuming the vision, will and finance was there. It can withstand a force of 149 Newtons, thirty-nine thousand times its own body weight, so the material and its jig-saw structure must also have aerospace applications. Also in October 2020 came the news of an external building coating that could reduce HVAC running costs. This calcium carbonate particulate paint can reduce building temperatures by 1.7C by rejecting 95.5% of sunlight.

    75. The Chinese Communist Party has effectively turned the PRC into a police state, and that includes Hong Kong. The psychological impact of having one's life monitored by a perpetual array of CCTV is being ignored. With the introduction of electronic currency controlled by the People's Bank of China, which of course is controlled by the government, there is in effect nothing to stop the state from turning a millionaire into a beggar at the press of a mouse button. HMG says that the issuing of British passports to Hong Kong citizens will result in only 300,000 of them coming to the UK. I beg to differ. The figure is likely to be in its millions, and not just from Hong Kong. As usual HMG is sucking its thumb whilst looking the other way. Current problems in the Far East could result in the greatest exodus ever. 99.999% of Chinese only want peace and prosperity. All the decades of sacrifice they have made to bring their country into the modern world, only to see a few misfits in Beijing risk trashing it all, simply beggars belief. As for HMG, all it wants are expensive warships which take years to build, are too complex to maintain and operate, have limited range and have no AI fire control system, to defend an empire that no longer exists. So what's wrong with my non-nuclear global defence system? No matter how good the system, you still need intelligent people with guts to operate it. Mismanagement of the pandemic clearly shows that we have neither. Therefore our housing stock in the 21st century will remain an overpopulated disgrace, whilst a biome based metropolis will be for others to construct.

    76. images my ideas/shut stimulus geodesic botanical garden.jpg
      SHUT: Geodesic botanical garden

    77. In November 2020 HMG announced its ten point green industrial revolution plan. A similar publication emerged one year later.

    78. In the above plan there is no mention of zero polluting, computer driven taxi-vans, whilst buses will not become extinct. Uneconomic carbon capture is the word, so fossil fuel burning power stations live on, until when? Will planting 30,000 hectares of trees each year mean that we will no longer need to import wood pulp for the manufacture of toilet paper? No mention of fuel cell powered trains, and its hydrogen, not formic acid, all the way. OK guv, where are the biomes fit for the twenty-first century, with a free mealie maestro thrown in. And there are currently no plans to stop the annual Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Just think, one day you may have to refine your own fuel, and where are you going to get the insurance? I looked at HMG's green homes grant, only to find that there was no mention of, electric radiators powered by off peak electricity. The tariff still exists but new customers are not accepted, presumably due to our already extensive off peak pump storage and hydrogen fuel cell storage facilities, but will they be enough when we dispense with natural gas? With the termination of the common agricultural policy when the UK leaves the EU at the end of 2020, why is HMG not concentrating on research into hydroponic based agricultural production (in city factory farms) and the bioengineering of artificially produced foods? The UK imports half of its foodstuffs, so it make sense to try and reduce this dependency on imports, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

    79. images my ideas/shut stimulus hydroponic robotic fertilization.jpg
      SHUT: Hydroponic robotic fertilization
    80. I scoured the internet for images of the home I had in mind. I couldn't find a home+hydroponic biome. I've concluded therefore that there should be a contest amongst architectural firms to determine the best design for such a biome. In the meantime, here's the next best thing.

    81. images my ideas/shut stimulus hydroponic lighting.jpg
      SHUT: Hydroponic lighting

      Images Wikimedia Commons/28 RCraig09 20201019 Levelized Cost of Energy.jpg
      WC: Levelized Cost of Energy
      Note: Tidal Barrage, Fusion & Pump Storage Omitted

    82. 5 The Severn Tidal Barrage:
      This is a very adventurous project which should incorporate tidal, coastal wave, photo-voltaic and wind generators, whilst also providing a motorway toll road, and permit the growth of electricity and water national grids. It must control flooding and also withstand a tsunami. Technology in design (CAD, CAM, CFD, BOM, FEA), accurate costing and generation efficiency, has improved greatly since the last review, as has the inability to build nuclear fission power stations. The barrier itself could be made at North Sea oil production yards in Scotland, from steel recycled from disused oil production platforms, being quick to fabricate compared to a reinforced concrete structure. There are hundreds of platforms that need recycling, at an estimated cost of 24 billion pounds to HM Treasury in tax rebates.

    83. The French nuclear company EDF is building Hinkley Point C 3.2GW (7% of UK needs) nuclear fission power station for £23 billion, taking 8 years to build, and last 60 years. The nearby Severn Barrage would cost £30 billion, take 4 years to build and last 120 years, and generate 8 to 20 GW depending upon where it was located, and include energy storage with no expensive and dangerous waste to dispose of. It would be built at numerous shipyards and employ 100,000+ people during the construction phase. It would generate up to one third of the UK's needs. Together with other tidal barrages constructed along the UK's coastline, the nation could supply substantial energy to the continent of Europe, to obviate the need to purchase Russian gas at inflated prices. The UK would become the Saudi Arabia of Europe, paying off it's national debt in the process. As it is HMG's renewable energy investment published by BEIS on 7-7-22 amounts to 93 projects generating only 7GW. The UK consumes 335 terrawatt hours of electricity per annum. The rate has been falling during this millenia as heavy industry relocates to the far east and eastern Europe, but is likely to increase as space heating and automotive power become electric. Tidal barrages have been proposed for the Hunstanton (Wash), Grimsby (River Humber), Liverpool (River Mersey), West Kirby (River Dee), Southerness (Solway Firth), Cardiff (River Severn), with ocean current generators at Port Askaig (Sound of Islay) and Thurso (Pentland Firth). Meanwhile HM Treasury has just worked out that all electric cars don't generate taxes from the sale of fossil fuels. Well if they take the trouble to read this chapter they'll see that some electric cars won't be buying electricity either. Over time products and services are becoming cheaper, generating less taxation, so just how is the world going to pay off the debt they now have?

    84. The most cost effective proposed barrage, is on the Energy Matters website, and is as follows: The 19km long Severn Barrage located from Nash Point in the north, to Hurlstone Point, with a water depth of 20 metres and tidal range of 10 metres would cost £30 billion, and take four years to construct. It would generate electricity employing bi-directional water turbines to produce 20% of UK demand over a lengthy lifetime. Alternatively, a smaller barrage further to the east, from Lavernock in the north to Hinckley Point, Somerset, could generate 10% of UK needs at a cost of £25 billion. The Severn Estuary bore would cease to exist. Lock gates would serve shipping to Cardiff, Bristol/Avonmouth and Newport, etc. The barrage would be linked to pump storage lakes on Exemoor to even out the electricity supply to the national grid. The overall cost is peanuts compared to Hinkley C or HS2, whilst unlike HS2 it is definitely needed, to provide a cost effective replacement to natural gas. Competing designs should be tested in tanks with wave making machines and tide simulating pumps, plus wind tunnel, fatigue and corrosion tests, etc. before any contracts are signed. There is a danger that a tidal barrage too small to sattisfy the energy demands of Europe will be built. Will the UK become the Saudi Arabia of the European Union?

    85. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Barrage Jarry 1250 800px-Severn_Barrages_map.svg.jpg
      WC: Severn Tidal Barrages Map

    86. These costs are far lower than that of a nuclear power station, but that would no doubt provide the necessary materials for nuclear weapons. It could be built as quickly as the Mulberry harbours in 1944. This would be a far less risky project than that of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station nearby, whose life span is only a quarter that of a barrage. With low borrowing costs, the electricity produced would be competitive. Other forms of clean electricity generation and storage, if practical, such as deep sea current and reverse electro-dialysis power cells, should also be explored. At a time when steel prices have plummeted and the UK steel industry is on its knees, this project is an obvious saviour, although only temporary. Due to cost and time over runs on UK construction projects, offers to tender should be global. The steel may have to have a nickel content to ward off corrosion, whilst repeated battering from waves, swell and the occasional flotsam and jetsam, could be limited by constructing a funnel to the seaward side of the barrage. This would direct waves and hence air to a bi-directional vertical axis turbine wave generator. A wind farm could be located to the estuary side of the barrage to catch the strong winds coming off the barrage. The dual carriageway located on the sheltered estuary side of the barrier, would provide access for mobile cranes when the replacement of turbines inevitably becomes necessary. The carriageway would be split in two, so that the top half would be shut off to traffic during maintenance periods, the bottom half then switching to counterflow.

    87. As a draughtsman I worked at Anglesey Aluminium and on the coke ovens at Redcar steel works, both of which are now closed. As I write, the future of TATA Port Talbot steelworks is on a knife edge. In this age of advanced technologies like 3D printing, it is perhaps hard to appreciate that basic metals are still an essential part of an economy, for they provide the materials with which to build machines, structural steelwork and cladding for buildings, utility pipes, bombs, etc., and without these plants, the cost of importing such materials is likely to be much higher. These essential industries must not be allowed to go to the wall. If they do, then many other concerns, that are dependent upon them, will also close, or relocate abroad, thereby increasing our import bill.

    88. In my opinion the cost of the Severn Tidal Barrage (Bristol Channel) should have been paid out of the 70% tax relief and rebate for the decommissioning of North Sea oil platforms, amounting to £24 billion, which is being handed back to oil companies. But that opportunity has come and gone. Should this project be a barrage, or one or more of the alternative technologies listed here? It took 45,000 men eight months to complete the two Mulberry harbours installed along the coast of Normandy during world war II. In late December 2021 the price of natural gas had increased ten fold from May of that year. HMG appeared to be oblivious to the capabilities of Britain's shipyards and its workers, by doing nothing. A government with a low tax policy means minimal investment in science, technology and jobs, ultimately leading to an even larger national debt.

    89. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 David Kerr SevernBarrageProfile.jpg
      WC: Severn Tidal Barrage Profile

    90. Details of these power generating projects are found here:

    91. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 David Kerr SevernBarrageCaissons
      WC: Severn Tidal Barrage Caissons

    92. 6 Nuclear Fusion/Fission

    93. In addition to its forest of polluting coal fired power stations, the PRC also has a couple of HTR-PM pebble bed nuclear fission reactor power stations, which were switched on in late 2021. Originally conceived in South Africa and developed in Germany, pebble bed is regarded as the safest type of nuclear fission reactor. There are also thorium nuclear fission reactors in existence. Whilst India has long term plans for building such power stations when its uranium and plutonium fuels are exhausted, the PRC has already built 2 such prototype power stations. India has a natural abundance of thorium, whilst the PRC's stockpile is as a bi-product of the refining of rare earths. Thorium is 3 times more abundant than Uranium. If the US had pursued a policy of building thorium nuclear power stations in the sixties, then it would have achieved energy independence by the year 2000, whilst deposits in the USA would have lasted 1000 years. The reason it did not is because you cannot employ thorium reactors to produce nuclear materials for nuclear weapons. In addition numerous nations are now competing to be the first to mass produce modular nuclear fission power stations.

    94. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 ENERGY.GOV (8056998596).jpg
      WC: The Z machine an X-ray generator,
      Sandia National Laboratories,
      Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

      Images Wikimedia Commons/28 IAEA Imagebank Dukovany_2012_03.jpg
      WC: Dukovany Nuclear Power Station Control Room

    95. Inside the power plant’s control room, the operators monitor the operational conditions of fuel in the reactor core. The reactors are fuelled by uranium dioxide UO2. The core is composed of 312 fuel assemblies. Each assembly consists of 126 fuel rods that contain the fuel pellets. Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. 6 November 2012 Photo Credit: Petr Pavlicek / IAEA

    96. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Steve Jurvetson Nuclear_Fusion_Reactor_(4844626925).jpg
      WC: National Ignition Facility Nuclear Fusion Reactor USA

      Some European Laser Research Centres are as follows:

    97. In addition to the modular nuclear fission reactors proposed by Rolls Royce, emerging at the same time will be nuclear fusion. The mass production of nuclear fusion power stations here in the UK would definitely improve the countries balance of payments situation, assuming there were enough countries with sufficient funds to buy them, where photo-voltaics and wind power were not applicable.

    98. It is predicted that in the year 2025 Tokamak Energy Ltd., UK, will have achieved sustained fusion, generating electricity by employing a steam turbine. If HMG takes this technology seriously, mass production of compact nuclear fusion power plants, many for export, will commence in 2030. To safeguard this technology, to prevent it being misused, it would have to be operated and guarded by UK personnel, its ownership remaining in UK hands. Only electricity exported to the national grid would be sold. It is highly likely however, that initial batches will be sold to the military, to power anti-satellite, anti-missile beam weapons on space platforms, which would also defend stealthy Earth orbiting com-sats, intel-sats and ground targeting kinetic energy weapon's platforms.

    99. This technology has the potential to stimulate the UK's power station and ship building industries. Should these reactors become small enough, they could also power aircraft, trains and other land vehicles. This, at a time when airliner wing production by Airbus is not guaranteed in the UK. It could therefore rekindle the UK aircraft industry, once a world leader. In August 2021 it was announced that Canadian company General Fusion will build its reactor design (70% full size) at Culham, UK. In September 2021 MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Centre, and Commonwealth Fusion Systems announced that they have successfully tested their high temperature superconducting magnet to 20 Tesla. The race is on.

    100. Images Wikimedia Commons/28 Rswilcox 2017_TOCAMAC_Fusion_Chamber_N0689.jpg
      WC: Tokamak Fusion Chamber (supported by HMG)

      Some competing nuclear fusion research projects are as follows:

    101. 7 Bioengineering

    102. Bioengineering is not just confined to the design and production of pharmaceuticals. The quest for clean fuels and artificial food to replace beef, lamb, pork and fish, in order to save the planet's forests and natural food chains, is a goal nurtured by numerous research establishments.

    103. images my ideas/shut stimulus synthetic meat.jpg
      SHUT: Stimulus synthetic meat
    104. Synthetic fuels were produced by the Nazis during world war two, and still are at Sasolburg, South Africa, triggered by sanctions due to apartheid. Whilst controlled processes in a laboratory can produce a synthetic fuel, the costs are uncompetitive, compared to the low price of petrol, diesel and kerosene (jet fuel), without subsidies. Attempts to produce biofuel from algae are currently not considered commercial due to slow production and minimal output. Subsidized projects exist in effluent treatment works and cement works. The only project that is currently a mainly private venture is that by Porsche of Germany. The plant at Haru Oni in Chile will produce hydrogen from the electrolysis of water (H2O) to produce hydrogen and oxygen. The electricity for this will come from a wind farm. At the same time biofuels or the atmosphere will provide carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 and H2 will be combined to form methanol, which will be converted to gasoline for road vehicles employing internal combustion engines. This process is described in greater detail on a video in Facebook. Another research project on Facebook describes the production of biofuel from an artificial leaf plus sunlight and CO2.

    105. The production of artificial meat comes in two categories, textured vegetable protein, grown from plants and is also called vegan meat. The alternative is meat grown in cell culture. I didn't find many British companies involved in this industry, a serious omission considering the UK imports 50% of its food, whilst HMG is pulling out of the EU, replacing the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) with land reclamation and wildlife preservation, thereby reducing agricultural output even further. How else are we going to save our tropical rain forests, thereby reducing CO2 levels, than by drastically reducing our import of grown products?

    106. Much research is presently being undertaken by Quorn, Finless Foods and others on the production of artificial meats. Whilst initial products are likely to appear on supermarket shelves, this technology can also be transferred to a biome. It is likely that by 2050 biomes will be producing artificial meats (animal and fish) in vats or incubators, employing the ingredients, sugar, fungi, stem cells and colour / flavour agents. This product will be 3D printed onto a plate, and then cooked in a microwave oven with vegetables or fruits. All computer controlled from downloaded calorie controlled menus, this mealie maestro will initially replace chefs in work's canteens, before being made available to the general public. In 2019 NASA was working on a 3D robotic chef, for astronauts in space, with the company BeeHex

    107. Whether HMG remains a super power depends upon its vision when developing high tech products, like those just listed, and willingness to police the world. Building relatively slow moving surface vessels, be they aircraft carriers or a fleet of inflatable jihadic power boats, presents no problems to a nav-sat and AI guided kinetic energy projectile from space. The cost of these projects is nothing compared to the huge sums which have been poured into the world's banking system by central banks. Free capitalism is anything but free.

    108. As regards the global economic crisis (credit crunch) there are a number of questions that perhaps you should consider:

    109. 1 Why doesn't USG buy back all of this sub-prime mortgage debt from around the world, fraud that its regulatory bodies should have stopped? That would make this problem a national shame, not a global crisis. I do not hear any demands from any government for the US Government to do just that. Why not? The USG will not even buy up all the sub-prime debt in the US despite initially saying that it would. Nationalisation of US banks is no longer contemplated. However, despite the UK having the strongest economy in 2016, some of its banks are still at risk, notably RBS and Barclays. Carrying out stress tests on banks doesn't make them more durable.

    110. 2 This global economic crisis would not have happened had all financial institutions been transparent in their operations and finance, and been regulated effectively. Lack of transparency is a tradition in an industry beset by employee fraud and theft, to which we can presumably add executive callous incompetence, motivated by greed, which they all appear to be hell bent upon covering up. It is also clear from the huge personal debt created and the huge number of unemployed, under employed and slaves in Far East sweat shops, that either governments do not understand economics or don't give a damn about how their citizens are treated by such an ideology. Maybe government loyalties lie elsewhere? Global agreement in solving these problems appears to be as illusive as that for global warming, where there has been little achieved but carbon trading, amounting to water and wind over the last twenty years. Financial institutions and energy companies are the major contributors to political parties. This may well explain why HMG has been so supportive of our failed banks, and why it is so reluctant to abandon fossil fuel based energy dependence. HMG is in effect committing deception in representing the interests of big business over that of the electorate. Parliament represents the people, whilst government represents big business. If it turns out that it is also deliberately over valuing bank assets that it guarantees, that would amount to fraud.

    111. 3 Why has it taken one and a half years since the start of the global economic crisis for HMG to sanction quantitative easing? After all, the longer you leave it the more companies have gone to the wall and the fewer intact companies there remains to reactivate. Economics is as complicated as the weather. Without super computers, computer programs that include thousands of essential parameters and a transparent financial system that reveals the values for those parameters, it is not possible to make accurate strategic decisions which will lead to a fruitful economy for all. Based upon events, one gets the impression that the Treasury had no such technology at the time of this collapse. This technology should even be able to select projects, plus suitable personnel to employ on them, from a government database in order to stimulate regional economies.

    112. 4 The US Securities and Exchange Commission has investigated at least six financial institutions since last October 2009, the most prominent being the $50 billion pyramid selling Bernard Madoff Hedge Fund and the cricket supporting Stamford Financial Group with 30,000 clients in 130 nations. UK's Phoenix warned the US regulators about Madoff years ago, whilst employees of Stamford also spilled the beans to regulators ages ago. For eight long years Chancellor Gordon Brown's adviser's were locked away from civil servant advisers, pursuing their own economic plans. This beggars the question, is USG waging economic warfare, possibly with HMG's co-operation, presumably to create a world order dominated by the USG's vision of a big business dominated world democracy? If there is no conspiracy, then it plainly shows that governments only have the capability to regulate one bank, their central bank...hopefully.

    113. 5 Considering the hundreds of billions of pounds that are now being poured into British banks, why didn't HMG turn its back on them and pass a bill through parliament re-activating the post office's giro bank and compelling all people and organisations in this country to have current and deposit accounts with it, whilst also making personal off shore bank accounts illegal? Surely this would have been a cheaper alternative, since the text messages pouring into BBC News 24 at the time HMG bailed out Northern Rock clearly showed the dangers of such a policy when they read, "what's the government going to do when the next bank goes under." Did the PM pursue this policy simply because the entire economic strategy of HMG is to maintain the status quo? HMG may call it essential re-capitalization, but I call it a blood sucking ransom paid to sniggering executives.

    114. 6 There is one inescapable question to which I cannot find an answer. Why didn't the banks that bought all these sub prime mortgages, check them, long before BNP Paribas blew the whistle? To check the properties one only had to type in the address on an internet search engine to see what it looked like, and it can't be all that difficult to check the references of the buyers, notably their ability to pay, the information for which, must have been included in the packages in order to check them. It also beggars the question, since a nation's economy is the most important thing governments should monitor, why didn't the security services and financial regulatory bodies detect early on, what these spivs were up to?

    115. Currently no one from the Economics Crimes Department of the City of London police have arrested Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and every other prime minister and chancellor, for misconduct in public office, since the birth of monetarism in the 1980s. Neither have they arrested any executives, banking or otherwise, who have clearly pursued a policy over many years of maximizing their salaries, bonuses and pensions with scant regard for the long term viability of the companies they were meant to protect and defend, along with the job security of their employees and the strategic economic well being of the nation that they were meant to be loyal towards. All of these people deliberately committed economic sabotage for their own ends, and perhaps for others. Only when these arrests are carried out and pursued with vigour can people say to themselves that change for the better has truly arrived.

    116. Revenge by any means does not improve the nation's financial circumstances. The total UK personal debt had risen to 1.616 trillion pounds in 2018. The UK national debt as a percentage of GDP was about 47% in 2007, and in 2015 it had risen to about 84%. With the situation this bad, it does make one wonder why HMG is so keen to spend money on large infrastructure projects and defence instead of R&D, and projects that will generate tax revenue, or reduce government expenditure in the long term. Immediately after WWII and into the sixties the top income tax rate was around 90%, with strict exchange controls, to encourage investment in the UK. The top rate of income tax was reduced from 83% to 60% in 1979. It was reduced again to 40% in 1988. The income tax rate in 2019 was 45% for earnings over 150,001 pounds. There is clearly no austerity.

    117. With so much growing global debt, and an economy so dependant upon banking services, it's like being in bed with a volcano. You simply don't know when it will erupt again. And erupt it most certainly will. The highest top rate of income tax in the UK was during WWII. It was 99.25%. Now that's austerity. The foundations of today's national debt was created by unrealistic low top income tax rate and punitive 15% borrowing base rate in the 1980s, imposed by PM Margaret Thatcher. In addition, tax revenue from North Sea oil and gas was not placed in an investment fund. Norway's oil and gas tax revenue was placed in a sovereign wealth fund which now stands at one trillion US dollars, for its five million citizens, as of 2019. The monetarist policy that still exists today in the UK, is retained by a totally apathetic, incompetent and corrupt political system, retained by an electorate that often doesn't think before it votes. When it comes to competence there is little difference between the two main political parties in the UK. They are both a liability. It's a sorry state of affairs, which may never improve.

    118. To make matters worse, we can now see the seeds of leading technology germinating in Germany. I am of course referring to Elon Musk's mega car factory for the Tesla Y electric vehicle, taking root at a green site at Brandenburg. Ten thousand workers will produce half a million cars per annum, plus their battery cells starting in mid 2021. To achieve such remarkable progress in breakneck speed was made by abolishing the beaucracy that normally infests both Germany and the UK. Yes people are protesting about all the trees being cut down and the effects on the water table, but it's still being built. I can remember HMG trying to get a third London airport built on Maplin Sands decades ago, now reduced to arguing about a third runway at Heathrow. We lost this project to Germany solely because of the decrepit state of our non-existent written constitution. Clearly the stimulus plan listed here will have to be preceded by the creation of a WT. Times have changed. The global economy has become cut throat and clearly we need a political system to match. After the pandemic of 2020 it will be even more cut throat. As of February 2021 the estimated cost of the Covid-19 pandemic to HMG is 400 billion pounds. Deaths from Covid-19 in the UK stand at over 120,000, with a population of 67 million, whilst in Taiwan they are only nine, from a population of 24 million. The UK is doubly bankrupt, as are most nations. It will take at least ten years for national debts to be paid off, if ever. What will HMG do? Raise the taxes of the working class, whilst ignoring all that money the Bank of England can't find. If we don't get a world technocracy out of this global disaster then it will never happen, which means that the human race has no future.

    119. In 2021 it was announced by HMG that it was looking for a replacement for the retired royal yacht, that would also act as an exhibition centre for UK manufacturing. The design submitted by HMG to the general public received fierce criticism. I think they should have looked to the Norwegian ship builders Vard, who are in the process of constructing a 222m long residential super yacht called Somnio at a price of £430 million. Part designed by London based Winch Design. In addition to having 39 luxury apartments, it will also serve as a laboratory for oceanographic and environmental research. The residents will also be kept up to date on global challenges and philanthropic issues. Now that got me thinking about all those millionaires and billionaires living it up in the UK who don't invest in job and wealth creating projects in this country. HMG could of cause leave them adrift in the rough seas of the Southern Ocean until they had changed their business model for the better on the nation. Surely if HMG put this project out to tender, then it would receive equally fantastic designs.

    120. Judging by the stop-go economic policies of different governments in the UK, it is clearly about time that some other body took direct control of technological developments and investments in jobs, defence, etc. Parliament and government would have no say in the matter, for too many careers have been destroyed and too much hard earned tax payer's money has been lost in projects of no economic worth or technological robustness. Clearly there needs to be created a Strategic Technology Committee composed of scientists, producers and finance organisation, that have direct access to predictions in technological evolution and global economics from an AI based research centre. Amateurishness must be removed from politics, or bypassed. Politicians may like performers in parliament, investors do not. It's also time that Downing Street and the Palace of Westminster were handed over to tourists.

    121. And as for Joe Public making that drastic change in lifestyle. Well, it's happening, but not how I envisaged. In 2022 the energy crisis has hit us thanks to the Russo-Ukraine war. So what can we do?

    122. 1...Insulate our homes. That's the loft, cavity walls and double glazed windows. You can insulate the floor if you can afford it. Install fluorescent lighting. LEDs if you can afford it. Reduce draughts. It sounds insignificant but even a small draught can result in expensive heat loss. Fit radiator reflectors where cavity walls are not insulated.

    123. 2...Get smart meters with the in-home-device, although over 30% of these in the UK are thought not to be working.

    124. 3...Turn off electrical appliances when not needed.

    125. 4...Wash your clothes less regularly and wash at a lower temperature if possible. Dry your wash on the clothes line, not in a tumble drier.

    126. 5...Set your combi boiler temperature to 19C. Have it on for the minimum period possible and wear plenty of pullovers.

    127. 6...At meal times, lick your plate. Which makes it easier to wash under the cold tap.

    128. 7...Stay in bed for as long as possible, with plenty of duvets on top of you, plus shared bodily warmth.

29...The Global Economy

      Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Colin Super_moon_over_City_of_London.jpg
      WC: Super Moon over City of London

    1. Tax avoidance and evasion are promoted unofficially by governments in order to stimulate the domestic employment market. A means of placating the mob. One seventh of the money in circulation is now held in offshore accounts for the purpose of reducing tax. That's US$26,000,000,000,000 in places like the Isle of Man, UK Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Amsterdam in Holland, Turks & Caicos, Belize, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Monaco, Zurich in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Delaware in USA, etc. As with many of the trouble spots in the world, many of the 'troublesome' tax havens were set up by HMG. Most of this money is not invested in seed companies and other global economy boosting projects. Instead in these uncertain times it is invested in safe areas such as precious metals, artworks, vintage cars, expensive homes, hotel chains, football clubs, etc. In short, the global economy is not expanding enough, which is why commodities such as oil, steel, ship charters, etc. have reached rock bottom. This has not surprised me in the slightest, because since BNP Paribas exposed the sub-prime mortgages scandal coming out of New York in August 2007, I have been monitoring the world's financial market forces, wondering how and when the final coup-de-grace will take place, because I do not believe that a WT coupled with the end of capitalism will come about before then.

    2. The lack of money to invest is also caused by distrust between financial institutions, initially sparked by sub-prime mortgages, that is good mortgages mixed up with a lot of bad ones, with distrust continuing through the everlasting PPI (payment protection insurance) scandal where banks took out insurance, often without their customer's knowledge, when they acquired a credit card or took out a loan or mortgage. The Libor inter bank rate fixing scandal resulted in few prison sentences, but did irreparable damage to the City of London's integrity. The City of London, or docklands as it is also known, is the financial district built during the boom years.

    3. My personal pension lost half of its value as a result of the dot com boom and bust. When I became sixty-five I cashed it in because I could not stand the stress of owning this worthless bauble. Once a year HMG reminds me of this venture in a letter telling me what my 'indexed linked' pension will be in the next financial year, by deducting money from my state pension, money that I am theoretically earning from this cashed in private pension. I get the feeling that HMG only wants people to have a personal pension so that it can be deleted from your state pension when you retire. Does that sound familiar. You get paid with one hand and it's taken away from you in the form of income tax, national insurance, value added tax, community charge, commuting, tools & protective clothing, training, etc. with the other. The lack of job security and low real wages for the peasants, means that people are less mobile. Fewer homes are being bought and sold, except of course by the rich doing their money laundering in London.

    4. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Dick Thomas Johnson Tokyo_Stock_Exchange_(6640616109).jpg
      WC: Tokyo Stock Exchange

    5. With HMG promoting women's lib and gay marriage, less children are being born, so exclusive family ventures do not take place, and therefore do not stimulate the economy. With more people living on their own, this places a greater strain on the housing market. With more migration, this places increasing costs on our legal, social housing, health and education systems. Increasing taxes to cope with this, whilst tax revenue from the economy falls, is not a situation that any government wants to be in. Employment has risen in the UK to its highest level recorded. Much of this is because people can no longer afford not to work, due to falling welfare benefits. Reductions in corporation tax have attracted employers to this country, often at the expense of jobs in other parts of the EU. Due to the closure of GTC's (Government Training Centres) and Skillcentres by HMG in 1988, many of these new jobs tend to be low skilled and hence low in tax revenue. Higher education courses tend to be out of date, incomplete and nothing more than a taster. Not what employers want. As a result three quarters of the UK economy comes from the service sector, particularly from the City of London, where many graduates do not even have a degree from a recognised university.

    6. Another cause of the slow down in the global economy is the fact that there is a limit to how much people want to buy. I only bought a smart phone in 2018 because my previous mobile phone died on me. I don't really need it. It sits by my pillow in case of emergencies. As for the broadband internet service, at 240 pounds p.a., plus a TV licence at 154.50 p.a. (2019) it's barely affordable. The truth is that the global economy is not expanding fast enough in order to absorb the full production capacity of automation in the manufacturing sector. When one compares the economies of India and the PRC, the latter is far better managed and vibrant. India's agriculture, retail system and transport infrastructure are a shambles. For a country that builds nuclear power stations and can send a space probe to Mars, that is really saying something. The reason is simply because the government in India, unlike that of the PRC has failed to re-educate its people into the modern age. In effect it is hamstrung by traditional thinking.

    7. In the meantime countries like the PRC and those in Central Asia are running out of money to finance capital projects due to a slowdown in manufacturing demand and falling oil / gas prices on their exports.

    8. Of course the natural gas price keeps falling, but the bills keep rising. That's capitalism.

    9. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Rehman Abubakr International_Finance_Centre,_Hong_Kong.jpg
      WC: International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

    10. As economists and government treasury officials meet in places like Davos, Switzerland, it's plainly obvious that there is no simple solution to the highly complex problems in the global economy, and certainly no quick fix. Despite the billions of dollars in fines handed out to banks, the very thought that some rogue trader or loose cannon is out there, haunts the system, a system where super computers engage in the buying and selling of millions of stocks and shares each day with little human control, and even less understanding.

    11. Competition in the global economy has forced many people to go off shore, because in the UK in particular there are few permanent jobs. Amongst professionals in particular, jobs are on a contract basis. I worked for forty companies over a period of twenty years, almost all of which was on a contract basis. At first one could work continuously through an agency from one contract to another. Eventually as the economy outside of the City of London declined, one became self employed because you were spending more time looking for a contract than actually working, in engineering. Eventually HMG forced the self employed to become limited companies. The last major contract I did was off shore through the Isle of Man. If it was not for that six month contract I would have had no money to furnish the rented flat I moved into afterwards, and would then have had to sleep on the floor for years. That was back in 1989.

    12. Twenty-six years later tax avoidance has become a bit more complicated, but not much. It is known as a remuneration trust. In addition to you in the UK, the Dutch sandwich consists of a daughter company registered in Amsterdam and a company in the Isle of Man. Setting up a company can cost say 390 pounds plus an annual fee. There are about fifteen thousand companies registered like this in Amsterdam worth a total of 8,000,000,000,000 pounds. Earnings are transferred to these companies, 'costs' are deducted leaving the tax man, in my case HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) with a few breadcrumbs.

    13. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 GPA Anthony Quintano One World Trade Center New York U.S.A.jpg
      WC: One World Trade Center, New York, U.S.A

    14. Needless to say it's the hard working honest employee that now makes up the loss in government revenue from these offshore ventures. HMRC is currently turning a blind eye to what is going on since HMG is no doubt fearful that Russian oligarchs and Arab sheiks will relocate their funds elsewhere. The fact is that in almost all democracies, parliament represents the people, whilst government represents business, including their own, that of the financing of political parties. The UK tax regulations now occupy twenty-three thousand pages that few people understand fully. I think that my regulations could easily fit on just one page.

    15. 1 In the case of purchases from the general public (not a limited company) the VAT is paid to the government of the country where the buyer is located at the time of purchase.

    16. 2 Businesses set up for the sole purpose of avoiding tax will be ignored by HMRC.

    17. 3 In the case of purchases from business to business the VAT is paid to the government of the country where the buying company is at the time of purchase.

    18. 4 In the case of corporation tax, it will be based upon turnover, not profit, and will be at the rate of 10%. Any company that does not pay this bill within twelve months will be shut down, its assets sequestrated, whilst its branches abroad will be barred from trading in the UK.

    19. 5 Director's pay that is more than four times the salary of the lowest paid employee within that company, will be taxed at the rate of 100%. Does not apply to the companies founding members.

    20. 6 Any disputes will go to trial by jury, where the jury members will be all considered working class, owning homes costing no more than 200,000 pounds. Legal aid will not be available.

    21. 7 Industrial robots, androids and AI will pay income tax at a rate comparable to half that paid by human workers that it replaces, or could replace.

    22. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Zairon Manama Bahrain World Trade Centre & Harbour.jpg
      WC: Bahrain World Trade Centre & Harbour

    23. Taxing companies on their turnover not profits, will hopefully encourage diversification.

    24. Company shares should be retained for at least seven years in order to maintain stock market stability and give a chance for seed companies to mature and generate profit. It will be illegal to purchase shares, bonds, commodities through loans. The use of credit cards will be banned.

    25. I have only borrowed once, and that was for a home I eventually lost. I do not believe in borrowing. In addition to traditional banking and growing competition from peer-to-peer lending via the internet, there is also dealings in electronic money like bit coins. I have never used them. Unlike SPEVs, which is a payment in kind system, rather like a supermarket voucher, bit coins on the other hand are negotiable, rather like tokens offered to their workers by industrialists during the industrial revolution in the UK. This means that they have a value relative to traditional currency which can go up or down. It therefore beggars the question, how do you maintain confidence in the virtual banking system? Traditional banks had large bronze doors and ornate columns to create a reassuring atmosphere. Most modern bank buildings lack even that. And of course, since 1971, currencies have not been linked to the gold standard. Then the US dollar was worth $35 per ounce of gold. Today an ounce of gold costs $1888 (January 2021), a dramatic devaluation of the dollar and all other currencies linked to it. In a world where ledgers have been superseded by blade servers, preyed on by associated malware introduced by villains and the anti-capitalist movements, its difficult to see how confidence in the global economic system can be maintained, particularly as it is also being manipulated by political forces. I am of course referring to quantitative easing, which is simply a way for governments to get out of debt by printing more money.

    26. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Lidongyun TaiwanMoney_card_in_use_in_Hi-Life.jpg
      WC: Electronic Currency

    27. The future of course lies in some form of electronic based reward system. In the United States Facebook's LIBRA waits in the wings. In the PRC the DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) system is about to render the US dollar a secondary global currency. There are millions of Chinese living abroad whom the People's Bank of China hopes will promote this idea. Like Bitcoin, the DCEP is a blockchain currency, but unlike bitcoin it is centrally controlled by the state. DCEP comes with an electronic wallet called novi and a digitized ledger to verify transactions. If you lose your wallet, then the chances are that the People's Bank of China will have a backup, unlike bitcoin. However, a centralized government backed system is regarded as a subtle means to spy on people. What is to stop the government making you yuanless in a split second? A SPEV goes beyond cryptocurrencies. You cannot steal it, because it's worthless to anyone else. It's no good to misers, because you cannot save it. It is designed for one purpose only, namely to improve the quality of life of the beholder and their dependents. Unlike the competition, it can drastically reduce crime and ill health, particularly mental. It will maintain an egalitarian civilisation. Advances in information technology, particularly artificial intelligence and facial recognition ensure that SPEV's are the best alternative to all other forms of reward. There would be no borrowing nor commodity speculation, making it acceptable to Islamic believers. Since no one would actually own anything, the need to borrow to buy land and equipment for say a major construction project, would simply not arise. Under this system my hovel could be demolished and replaced with a home fit for the twenty-first century in a fraction of the time it previously took under capitalism. In effect our present economic system is holding back progress. Since there are no lightning transactions, stocks, shares, commodities, futures, insurance, pensions, it is a more stable economic system. In the event of a pandemic therefore, there would be no hesitation in shutting down the global economic system. It is the logical choice by those who want the ideal world, a utopian dream.

    28. Currently DCEP is planned to be introduced in 2021, whilst the US administration concentrates on other matters, like impeachment and buying off the Iranians, as the Bank of England continues to search for its lost 50 billion pounds of British currency. Is it a money laundering passport, being hoarded by thousands of Chinese people who do not want an electronic currency? What does it take to get our pen pushing western politicians to create anything great? It's plainly obvious to me that there needs to be a meeting of all nations to decide what global electronic financial system, including laws, we all need to sign up to in this age of organized crime, corruption, tax havens, money laundering, speculation, lightning computers, global communications and quantum physics. Blockchain can also be used as a foundation for other secure databases.

    29. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Zairon Singapore_ArtScience_Centre_&_Marina_Bay_Financial_District.jpg
      WC: Singapore Art Science Centre & Marina Bay Financial District

    30. There are also problems with insurance. Try and get insurance on a price comparison website and the chances are that these insurance companies don't want to do business with you. Hundreds of them simply don't want to know. This is because of your criminal record. Whilst insurance companies will provide vehicle insurance to just about anyone, that is not the case with home and home contents. One third of adult males are being treated this way. Now as I understand it, an insurance company is one that takes on risk in return for money. But when I apply having only committed two offences over thirty years ago, I get nowhere. Since my sentence was more than three years, under the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, it has not lapsed. I've never committed an offence involving money. So since the UK insurance industry is not prepared to take on risk, can they be trusted? I'm willing to bet that many insurance policies are invalid because of non-disclosure of criminal records, and the insurance sector deliberately withholds that information. One in four insurance claims are not paid out because damage was caused through lack of maintenance. How do you know that the insurance company (and its governing body) you are handing hundreds and in some cases tens of thousands of pounds to, are legitimate and fair? As far as I know there is no list of such financial institutions on a HMG web site. We no longer live in villages where everyone knows who can fix you up.

    31. So where are the compulsory life study classes to teach you everything you need to know about technology, communications, financial systems, etcetera? When the final global financial crash occurs there will be one body you can blame more than any other........government. There they will be, standing shoulder to shoulder in Downing Street. Prime minister and chancellor, saying what a hectic day it was and how it was all unforeseen. That we should not worry. That it will all come out in the wash. But of course, it won't.

    32. For UK ex-cons you can find help with insurance through the NACRO and unlock.org.uk websites. Be prepared to spend up to four times more than your neighbours.

    33. When you look at all the problems in the global economy don't you wish you were being paid through a system you could trust, namely SPEVs. Capitalism has been largely OK whilst the need for it has lasted, money has been in existence for the last two thousand years, whilst banking came from the Moors and Knights Templar of the middle ages, but it's now time to move on.

    34. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 kees torn EVER_GIVEN_(51344100895).jpg
      WC: EVER GIVEN Container Ship
      When it's not blocking the Suez Canal

    35. Unfortunately there appears to be a large number of seemingly intelligent people in financial and IT circles who simply do not know what a currency is, never mind SPEVs. They support the use of cryptocurrencies, of which there are now believed to be about one thousand. Let me remind you of what a currency is. A currency has to have the following virtues:

    36. 1.... It needs to be managed by a central bank, which will tend to all those unforeseen problems, usually associated with its value. The central bank must ensure that the coins and bank notes cannot be counterfeited. It must also ensure that strict computer procedures are adhered to, to prevent online fraud.

    37. 2.... It needs to be supported by a government, which manages the economy that its value is linked to. A currency is worthless to traders if its value continually fluctuates wildly.

    38. 3.... The banks that trade in that currency need to manage it to a high professional standard, in order to instil faith in its value by the user. It must be readily available, supported by cost effective services. Its security system must be infallible.

    39. 4.... There must be a regulatory body and police commercial branch, approved by the government, to monitor in house and external security.

    40. So called cryptocurrencies fall a long way short of these standards. They are therefore not currencies, but a fantasy in the minds of people looking for a Star Trek economy. I get the strong feeling that they are being conned by others, who are determined to make a killing from associated high priced trading. Those not committing fraud may still be considered culpable. This is more than just pyramid selling, for it has the capability to bring down the global financial system if left unchecked. Generally it is an algorithm that no one appears to take responsibility for, so how it can end up on the futures market, I simply fail to comprehend. Cryptocurrency exchanges go out of business after experiencing cyber attacks, whilst exchange managers get kidnapped. Just where is the global financial system heading? In the real world, Monopoly money is worth more than Bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies are therefore not currencies. They are not commodities. They are no more than gambling chips on a roulette table where you don't even know the odds of winning. It is an occupation for idiots, motivated by greed with total disregard for the consequences. There are probably one million people involved in what amounts to an act of terrorism. Unfortunately as politicians just sit there and look the other way at the Covid-19 pandemic, gambling is becoming dangerously close to replacing the real world economy.

    41. In 2019 Facebook announced that it intended to introduce its own cryptocurrency called Libra, to roll out in 2020, supported by at least 21 major companies. This plan has received intense criticism from bankers and politicians alike, which leads me to suspect that some of these schemes have been set up by intelligence agencies looking for a quick killing in order to finance black projects, whilst others are set up to undermine the economies of certain countries.

    42. Why has this happened? It's because the established banking sector is not providing adequate competing services, particularly in the third world where bank branches are sparsely located. This is slowing down the development of the global economy, which is not a good thing. Cryptocurrencies recognise no frontier, and are, for the moment, untraceable. They appeal to villains and migrants alike, embarking upon money laundering. It is the duty of banks to cater for the needs of the masses, and not to generate potential economic chaos, simply by sucking their thumbs, or demanding personal identity papers where none exist. I can well understand their refusal to embrace block chain technology, since they don't have to. They can use there existing mobile phone based internet banking technology.

    43. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Bank of England White-note-50-pounds
      WC: In 1900 the pound sterling was worth five US dollars
      Due to gross mismanagement of the UK economy
      it has depreciated considerably.

    44. With government treasuries now considering the introduction of negative interest rates, this will merely encourage more people to invest in cryptocurrencies. As governments muscle up to one another over the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and the removal of civil liberties in Hong Kong, the rug is being pulled out from under them by a looming global economic collapse caused by Bitcoin & Co. It is likely therefore that governments will simply acquiesce to the demands for cryptocurrencies and legalise this pyramid selling scheme globally, just as HMG gave in to pirate radio in the 1970s. They are also likely to compensate these 'investors' with a lucrative exchange rate when they switch to a global electronic currency, just as the West German government did with the East German currency on unification. Corruption pays, simply because there is absolutely nothing the electorate is going to do about it. If I was a gambler, I would say that this conspiracy was started by the CIA. Will it create WWIII, or some kind of Bladerunner hell hole? In the end, a world technocracy replacing money with SPEVs may prove to be the only acceptable solution, when the global financial system has crashed, due to too many hesitant fingers in the pie. Will top politicians and bankers be arrested over their inaction?

    45. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Internet Archive Book Images Bell_telephone(1922)
      WC: Debt v Currency Depreciation

    46. With SPEV's there is no inflation, no get rich quick schemes or cons, and it can incentivise, such as the special offer of a super deluxe holiday for those who maintain a low carbon footprint, etc. There are no doubt many people out there who think that SPEVs are just another form of slavery. Well think about this; in June 2020 the Bank of England announced that it had finally paid off all its debts associated with the compensation of slave owners within the British Empire. That arrangement was agreed by parliament in the The Slave Compensation Act 1837, four years after the Slavery Abolition Act became law. The twenty million pounds, 5% GDP, compensation took 182 years to pay off, long after mechanization was introduced into plantations, and long after most of these plantations were shut down. No slaves were compensated, whilst the company owners and employees that committed crimes against humanity were rewarded, instead of being sent to prison for life, or the gallows. At the end of the eighteenth century you could buy a slave for just sixty pounds. These days employers get them for nothing, for they are called employees. That may sound an exaggerated statement but in the UK a director earns as much in three days as an employee on the shop floor earns in one year.

    47. In 2020 the top one per cent of households now own 23% of the UK nation's wealth. That's 800 billion pounds, and it's all down to Margaret Thatcher's monetarist policy which no government since its creation in the 1980's has had the honesty to repeal. Scrapping wages' councils was equivalent to scrapping the Slavery Abolition Act. Drastically lowering the top rate of income tax at that time, in order to stimulate investment by entrepreneurs, was an abject failure, judging by the huge amount of money the Bank of England cannot account for in 2020. Politicians say that our debtor nation has been created by automation and AI, but the truth is that it has been created by our totally corrupt political and financial system. Coupled with the undermining of trade union power through laws, and the breaking up of large utility corporations, in order to reduce the effectiveness of strike action, plus reductions in welfare benefits, the UK has now become the perfect arena for a subtle form of forced labour, which no British government has the slightest intention of changing. Basically it means that the average politician doesn't give a damn about improving the quality of life of their constituents. The battle between employment and the leisure orientated society is therefore likely to be long and bloody.

    48. So just how and when will the global capitalist system finally bite the dust? Well in my opinion it won't be soon enough, although the consequences are likely to be unbearable to watch. If one looks at the paralysis within governments and police forces over cryptocurrencies, its plainly obvious that they are a liability, unable to even quantify never mind desist this universal ethereal. They can't even police the internet because they simply don't understand it. Cryptocurrencies are a confidence trick perpetrated by those that create them, manage them, supply office space and IT hardware and software, and advertise such services. Utility suppliers should also be charged, particularly for electrical power which crypto miners now consume at a faster rate than the citizens of Argentina. They must all be arrested and charged with theft, fraud, economic sabotage and hence ecological crimes. The most obvious cryptocurrency is of course bitcoin. With Elon Musk's Tesla motor company giving the green light by investing in bitcoin using spare cash, it doesn't take much imagination to visualize investors in company stock switching to the magic coin, resulting in the collapse of the world's stockmarkets. Since I'm not an economist I have no idea where that would lead to, but I'm certain it ain't good. Would it make the entire financial system worthless? How long would it take to readjust? And readjust to what? Would it bring down governments and trigger WWIII? So what's the solution?

    49. Images Wikimedia Commons/29 Jorge Franganillo Bitcoins
      WC: Cryptocurrency is not a currency
      It is a speculative medium
      supported only by greed

    50. In July and September 2019 the president effectively legalised cryptocurrencies. That's what the website says and it's correct. But it's the president of Uzbekistan. If he was your bank manager wouldn't you want to change banks? It's obvious to me that all those involved must be arrested and executed. Organisations must be heavily fined and in some cases shut down permanently. Owing to the apathy of politicians there are now at least one million villains involved in this con. There is no prison large enough to house them, and not enough court facilities to give them a realistic trial. Execution is therefore the only practical solution. To let this problem become so huge clearly indicates that politicians have abrogated their responsibility to the electorate for years. Therefore they are plainly unfit for public office. Since human beings can no longer be relied upon, the entire internet, including the world wide web and the dark web must be policed by AI. The AI would take out all websites engaged in illegal activities, and update security, HTML, CSS, script standards on other websites to web 3.0. Cryptocurrency traders and their customers digital wallets would be barred from trading on the internet and from trading in approved electronic currencies. Further down the line it would also remove propaganda, non-maintained outdated websites and correct data. All data would be made semantic. This would of course require an international agreement, which is unlikely to come from Russia and the PRC if accusations of interference in US elections and industrial espionage are correct. This problem is far greater than Covid-19 pandemic and yet the media say almost nothing about it. Is there a conspiracy amongst western governments to trash the world's established economic system? Why hasn't the media got the determination to expose this? What happened to investigative journalism? Haven't they got the write stuff? The press should be the bastion for democracy, but the word appears to be no more than a metaphor for apathy. They just don't wanna rock the boat. THIS APATHY MUST END NOW.

    51. In April 2021 President Biden announced his intention to double capital gains tax from 20% to 39.6%. This immediately caused Bitcoin to fall ten per cent in value. This plan is believed to be coordinated with other developed countries, to put an end to cryptocurrencies, as the developed economies move towards electronic currencies. Will there be a global electronic currency, instead of global war? Wishful thinking.

    52. An alternative to the above scenario is as follows. Just how secure is your money in that bank vault and on that bank's computer database? In 1859 occurred what is now known as the Carrington event. A giant Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare consisting of billions of tonnes of plasma in a magnetic field, hit the Earth causing telegraph poles to ignite around the globe. If such an event happened today it would knock out almost all satellites, telephones, power stations, emergency generators, ships, aircraft, road vehicles, including those traversing deserts, lost because GPS would probably no longer be working. I say probably because being a military system, it should survive. Computer databases will also fail, including those in libraries and financial institutions. Agricultural systems especially those used in hydroponics will also cease working. All these electrical systems will overheat and burn out due to the increase in induced electrical power. In military terms it's called electro-magnetic pulse. And if you think it couldn't happen again, may I remind you that in 2012 the Earth narrowly missed another such attack. Prior to this was the Quebec, Canada national grid blackout 1989, which knocked out the supply, causing the overhead power lines to freeze, become overweight with ice, and collapse. Six million people were affected by this during the winter. Most of the electrical systems mentioned here are not protected because of the cost involved. That factor exists because of capitalism, namely the importance of competition. Electrical systems can be protected by placing them inside Faraday cages, or if they are physically too large, then they are switched on to earth. To replace the planet's power station transformers would take years, at the end of which people would be so use to using SPEVs they wouldn't want to know any earlier system.

30...Information Technology

      Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Jccsvq Traditional_Chinese_abacus_illustrating_the_suspended_bead_use.jpg
      WC: Traditional Chinese Abacus

    1. It's about time HMG treated IT as a public utility. As things stand at the moment (circa 2015) I feel that customers are being conned. For the last few years I have suffered enormous stress as a result of Microsoft failing to provide an adequate operating system. Now with Windows 10, and after months of use there are still problems. It still feels as if it's in beta. It's like buying a new car only to find that the exhaust pipe is a rubber hose, whilst the salesman tells you not to worry as the real thing will be fitted in about one year's time. Would you have bought that car if you had known what you were getting yourself into? Just because Windows 10 is 'free' (not free from stress) should not entitle Microsoft nor a company associated with any other software to get away with releasing an unfinished and inadequately tested product, for one very simple reason, this product is not only killing people through strokes and heart attacks, it is also costing organisations a great deal of time and money in software maintenance, and hence seriously affecting our ability to compete in the global economy. It is about time HMG got its hands dirty by regulating the IT industry. This nation cannot afford to have high overheads, be it in energy, water, security, training, insurance, transport or IT.

    2. The employment level in the UK is now close to maximum, mainly because companies don't want to invest in expensive IT, either because of the uncertainty of Brexit, or because IT has too many pitfalls. Take this website for example. I tried six web hosts before figuring out how to get this website on the internet. In every case I had to hand over the money before finding out what IT procedures were involved. Their help files were rubbish, whilst the passwords were often wrong. Communication with HELP was to Q&A, or standard replies, usually after waiting a day for the response. Often I simply didn't know what to ask because I'm not a geek. It took four months.

    3. images my ideas/shut it office workers.jpg
      SHUT: IT office workers
    4. The IT industry has still not matured. The spectre of AI and quantum computers is still over the horizon. However, that is no excuse for doing nothing. Failure to rationalize IT hardware and software is costing the British economy dearly, as companies will not take on someone who is not experienced at using their software, since the high cost of training is prohibitive, whilst there is no guarantee that the trainee will stay in the company once they complete the course. The software selected should be designed and maintained in this country due to economic, defence and security implications.

    5. As an engineering design draughtsman I updated my skills by learning computer aided design on a three month full time course. I learned 2D CAD, parameterization, attributes, etc. in 1987, one year before HMG closed down the Skillcentre. However, while the course was good, it failed to provide employment in that field because the software learned was not used by most employers. The software was mld2, which was very advanced for its day, and if HMG had bought the company, or at least a controlling interest, and made it part of a full range of approved, integrated software, then employment would have been no problem. Instead HMG merely displayed its ignorance of financial management by doing nothing. There wasn't then and still isn't an IT standard in the UK, never mind the EU. CAD systems today are linked to industries, Microstation - rolling stock, Autocad - electrical (electrocad add-on), construction & process plant, IBM/Dassault Systemes Catia - aerospace, CADDS & Pro Engineer- automotive, Strucad - structural, Solidworks - printed circuit board, etc. I learned Autocad by buying the hardware and software, but the real problem turned out to be finding a company that knew how to use the technology efficiently. I never found one. Today each seat costs at least 5,000 pounds. Computer software comes in numerous genre: office, accounts, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Direct Numerical Control, etc. Some CAD software like Autocad has approved add-on software to cover other branches of engineering and even architecture. It all costs a fortune, and companies can't afford to make mistakes when it comes to selection, purchase and training. They get almost no help from government. Failure to impose an industry standard is unforgivable. Because of this, companies find it difficult to get personnel off the shelf. They may therefore feel tempted to relocate their business to where IT standards do exist.

    6. I have worked on the IT for this web site now for four years on and off. The ideas in the ideas section has taken roughly thirty years, whilst the music database has grown over at least seventeen years. The IT has been a pain in the arse, since HTML5 and CSS3 are so complicated compared to the HTML3 I worked with on my college cv in 1994. I did my cv in a couple of months. I get the strong impression that whilst they say the software has been improved to allow the quick editing of very large web sites, in reality these updates eventually stop existing websites from working, requiring update for a very large fee, by some geek who knows the magic art of web mastering. Needless to say, that ain't me. To learn this you need interactive training software, since it's virtually impossible to learn this software from a book, whilst teaching IT subjects in a classroom appears to be no better. Productivity is more important than flashy web sites. HMG should provide a range of fully integrated, free and secure software. Give it to the world, and include intelligent links in the apps, to a government web site that will list companies located in the UK that make a product, or provide a service, that the computer user is working on. That is how to do business in the global economy. You have to think out of the box, invest in effort, not simply throw money at the problem. The management of this kind of effort is beyond that of a democracy. We must have a technocracy if the nation's debts, national, corporate and personal, are to be paid off.

    7. It is now November 2019. I have missed the deadline for the UK general election as it appears that my third web host in five weeks gave me the wrong password to type into FileZilla. As a newbie, I'm completely ignorant of domain names, SSL, FTP, DNS, Linux, YABB, etcetera, but I do know how passwords work. And I don't like it when I send out an email entitled 'I want a refund' only to receive a reply asking me what add-on I want, as the first web host did. If PayPal don't get my money back I'll let you know who the con merchants are. My first web host screwed up my passwords. I complained, only to be told to go into cpanel and change them. But I can't go into cpanel because my passwords don't work. With my second web host I got FileZilla to work, only to find that they only handled Wordpress files. I terminated my business with them before I realised that I could have converted my html files to php simply by changing the file type. After looking at so many confusing and distracting web host sites, and they all have a unique website layout, with different procedures, devoid of a simple set of chronological and detailed, customer specific instructions, I get the impression that it's deliberate, in order to get customers to abandon their quest and their down payment. I simply can't believe that a keen, honest and helpful web host exists on this planet anymore. After receiving several odd replies to your help messages you realise that you're communicating with an algorithm. You are a lone castaway, amongst a vast sea of ones and zeros. You are not amused. You have paid in advance for your precious website to appear on the internet, without actually knowing whether the web host is capable of doing that. Have you been conned? All those emails you receive from various web host geeks; do they really exist?

    8. After signing up to the web host, I waited for the four pieces of information needed by FileZilla (HOST, USERNAME, PASSWORD, PORT), an app that assists uploading. Unlike some web hosts who send it in an email, the information eventually turned out to be in my account on the web host's server, on page one. I was told that my home file had to be called index.php, without which it would not appear on the internet unless I typed the file name immediately after the domain name. Domain name is your website's name starting with https:///www., which you type in the toolbar, not the search engine, because you haven't yet signed up to Google advertising. I changed my home page filename, and then using the 'search>replace>find all>replace all commands in my app, I changed all reference to the old home filename to index.php, in all other files, then deleted the original index.php that I had uploaded my files to. After renaming this file name I uploaded the files and folders to the server. It was like the scene in Apollo 13 where they finally bring the computer back to life in the command service module. I was greatly relieved, but it was short lived. Whilst my website worked fully in the app on my PC, the education files refused to switch to the home page when I clicked on the return icon. I stared at the help notice, but couldn't fathom out what was causing the problem. The server could not find the home folder. In each folder that contains images you will see a fixed icon in the top left corner. When you click on that it will take you back to the home page. I worked out the software routine for that years ago, and was dead chuffed when it worked as intended. Unfortunately after uploading and changing the home folder I couldn't make it work, and I had no idea why after I had edited it. Each jpg image in the set consists of three files, a file containing all the images, the html file which dictates the size position and spacing of the images, and the php file which communicates with the server. Now if you change one of these filenames, the graphics won't be displayed because the other two files can't communicate with it. For two days I thought my problem had something to do with this, making me think that I had to create a php or htaccess program. I searched the internet, but couldn't find a solution. Then it hit me. Every time I had renamed a file in the past, I had used the rename command to edit a filename in a list. This time there was no list and no rename command. I had renamed the file without using 'save' after deleting the old filename. All forty files that had this problem were then corrected in thirty minutes. Ninety per cent of website creation time is spent sorting out problems like this. That's why most web masters these days use Wordpress, but when I started this project I had never heard of it.

    9. By now my website was on the internet, but it now had to be found by search engines, and then by customers. I had to register with Bing and Google search engines before submitting my site map to them. The site map is an xml file that you have to create using an app called www. xml-sitemaps.com This assists SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spiders or bots to crawl your website and read its structure, producing a precis of its content. After typing in my domain name, I pressed the export button and prayed. The free app is restricted to 500 links. I was amazed to see that it took the full quota. From my PC's download folder I transferred it to my PC's website folder, from there it was uploaded to my websites root directory on the web host's server using FileZilla. Simply highlight the files you wish to copy, then drag them across. The root directory is the top directory on your web hosts file server. It has no name. Upload xml file to root directory using FileZilla. The root directory is the top directory in your server window, and is where you would normally load most of your websites folders/files. Beware of where you upload folders and files in order to avoid duplication when you update them. The directory structure of your website should be the same on the server as it is on your PC. For more than 500 links you are expected to pay a huge fee, but that isn't necessary as Google and Bing only display a limited amount of detail during a browser's search. From the xml-sitemaps website you then ask Google to trawl your website. Now I had read that it can take a couple of months for your website to appear on the worldwide web via a search engine, so I was amazed to see it when I typed my domain name into Microsoft's Edge the next day. The search description was brief and to the point. No mention of my biography and music lists though. Well, with some SEO reading from the internet, hopefully I'll be able to improve it. You can download these free apps, and buy the books I used to create this website, from the links at the end of this chapter. Other SEO websites are SimilarWeb, Semrush, Alexa, Quantcast-own, WebNots and Compete.

    10. In reality this section of SEO contacting Bing, Google, etc. took ages either because I didn't know the best way to do it, or because the best way hadn't been created at that time. I used Screaming Frog SEO Spider free version, which I no longer advise because it created a csv file (comma separated values) which you then had to paste into excel spreadsheet to create an xml file, which Google said it couldn't read. Mind you it couldn't read the CSS file which xml-website.com produced, first time around. Such is the pace of change in IT. I did find the Bing webmaster tools very handy, once I'd found out how to use it. As with Google webmaster tools you have to click on the list of problems before the affected file names would appear. Google's search is more sophisticated than that of Bing. Bing and most other search engines use the META data found in the HEAD of each PHP file (was HTML5). Here can be found the UTF-8, TITLE, TEXT/CSS, VIEWPORT, KEYWORDS, AUTHOR, DESCRIPTION, CONTENT-LANGUAGE, plus meta links for Yandex and Google-site-verification, without which the Bingbot is blind. 'Text/css' tells the bot where the css files are located, whilst 'title' are the words next to 'favicon' as you read a website. If you don't set this up properly, then no one is going to know that your website exists. My website was four months on the internet before I found a website showing me roughly how to do it. Evidently I had initially put the data in wrong at least twice. The trouble with the internet is that you have to know exactly what to type into the search engine in order to find it.

    11. Being a website with global intentions, I downloaded the Yandex (Russia) and Baidu (People's Republic of China) browsers. It is necessary to have most of the world's web browsers on your desktop so that you can test your website on them regularly. I then had to go to the Yandex and Baidu site verification websites, to ensure their browsers could find my website. The foundation of Google Chrome is Chromium, which is open source software used by almost all browsers in the west. Google Chrome is regarded as a more up market version. I still had no email address, questions & answers, and forum. A forum would help retain customers, assuming I was to ever get any.

    12. You can advertise your website either by paying a monthly fee to Google or Microsoft (Bing) or by adding email addresses to spreadsheets which are then cast to the web by a PR company, a process known as email marketing. PR stands for improving client Public Relations through Press Releases. Since hundreds of millions of websites exist, your clientele are not going to find your website by accident. If your website becomes too popular (insufficient bandwidth remaining), you will have to upgrade to VPS (Virtual Private Server on the cloud with Solid State Drive), or even a dedicated server (e.g. e-commerce website with Secure Socket Layer for encrypted communications for money transactions, etc.), through your web host's cpanel, which of course is an extra expense. In addition, your web host could raise fees substantially at any time. Email from your web host also costs more if you don't want a free one from gmail. And don't expect your web host's help assistant to sort out your IT problems. They're there simply to tell you what the next step is and where to find things on their website. Also slowing me down was the state of the UK internet. With office people working from home due to Covid-19, I was timed out many times by routers that either couldn't take the work load or were overheating due to the hot weather. 8.5 million people suffered internet outages at this time. It was easy to see why HMG was not going to put the nation's education system on the internet anytime soon. I had to switch off my computer for days, not just due to heat but also lightening every four seconds. This web site currently has no email addresses. I thought of errata, biography, my ideas and music list advice files, and a P.O. Box No., but at the moment I'm sick to death of IT, and want to get back to the gardening. Incidentally IT stands for intellectual torment. I want none of IT. It should be realised that all of the problems described in this chapter are due to a lack of training. Were HMG to take training seriously, then productivity in IT would increase substantially. Without it, it is likely that this country will lose its competitive edge over other nations in the global economy, particularly as democracy makes way for technocracy across the globe.

    13. images my ideas/shut it social networks world.jpg
      SHUT: IT the internet & social networks
    14. I had tried at least half a dozen web hosts before settling with Ionos. Apart from the stress of seeing all that money going down the drain as I set up my hobby, there was the frustration of navigating someone else's website. In front of a computer I am not a calm person. It only takes seconds to wind me up. They're slow, whilst they always without fail go belly-up. In addition, websites that are not intuitive are experiences I don't need. Why don't web host websites use radio buttons in chronological order (pick and choose) for domain name, DNS, SSL, bandwidth, CPU, emails, email marketing, security and database? Against which should be a help button. Press it and a full explanation of what the question means is instantly displayed without even a hint of Microsoft minimalism, along with all the pros and cons, time to install, price, etc. Instead, what you get is a button which takes you to another button which take you to....by which time you are totally disorientated deep within someone else's website, totally stressed out and having completely forgotten what you were trying to do. You're screaming blue murder, because you've been sitting there for days waiting for a reply to your help message, as your deadline slowly slips away. So why didn't HMG sort all this out decades ago, why? When it comes to IT, the only thing politicians talk about is internet speed. They want to spend something like twenty billion pounds on installing fibre to every home and business in the UK. Instead it is likely to lead to court action by Virgin Media against HMG for creating an unfair subsidization of internet speed. To say that the UK is an IT disaster would be an understatement..

    15. Ministry for Information Technology

      List of Likely MIT IT Improvement Measures

      The MIT would develop a fast & secure operating system for the general public's computers, incorporating AI that can find the command you want, from the description you give.
      ..2.. The MIT would develop fast, integrated & secure applications including a browser with Artificial Intelligence equipped search capability. One capable of sifting through email and tele-conference directories quickly.
      ..3.. A national biometric identity card, linked to an RFID bio-implant. The backup data for this would be stored on the UK National Web Host (UKNWH), including birth certificate, baptismal certificate, national insurance, national health and passport details.
      ..4.. A UK National Web Host. All websites accessed in the UK will only be accessible from the UK National Web Host. The facilities will be underground at at least three locations on Earth, and possibly the Moon, and heavily guarded.
      ..5.. All business, property, legal, historical documents and library books, CDs, DVDs, etc., shall be archived at the UK National Web Host, and made accessible to the general public. Time limited loans will be free, with royalty payments to artists, writers, etc. paid direct by HMG. There would be no Spotify, Apple iTunes, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Napster, Yandex, etc. A record will be kept of all persons accessing data. They will undergo regular polygraph tests to ensure the data is not being misused.
      ..6.. All security and defence related data will be created and stored at the UK Defence Research Centre (UKDRC). Those computers will be connected to the site intranet only, with all data encrypted and double passports employed. The site will be protected against EMP, intel sats, etc.
      ..7.. Interactive education and training software for school children, students, apprentices and trainees will be designed and produced in the UK. It will be compatible with AI. All IT subjects will be taught in modules, including cloud computing, programming, app development, website creation, IT security (PC, internet, financial), cyber warfare, quantum computing, vehicle navigation and control, PLC programming, computer architecture-PLC-IC design, and robotics. Computer hardware and software manufacture. Each module will be full time and last at least one year. The course and exams will be practical, including simulations.
      At the moment almost all computer products are imported into the UK from the USA and Far East. In order to satisfy defence needs (Eurofighter, frigates, missiles, satellites, space force), plus the growing civilian electric vehicle, computer games and One Web internet/sat nav, G5 markets the UK must create its own secure source for components. In IT there is only a one hundred per cent pass level. Anything less doesn't work. The training for this must be through the military, because our universities are not up to it, and because it has to be secure. All students and staff will have to be vetted, indoctrinated and undergo regular polygraph tests for commercial and defence reasons.
      ..8.. A virtual GP for the NHS, plus internet linked NHS appointments, with drug acquisition advice (to negate the need to see a GP).
      ..9.. Sensors on weighing scales and behind mirrors at home, linked to AI to assess a persons's health. This info would go to the NHS patient's account. Assessment decisions would result in a new diet and exercise regime as necessary. Compliance would be financially rewarding.
      ..10.. A National CV Centre would store everyone's annual employment record, thereby obviating the need for a company to obtain a reference.
      ..11.. A cashless society would be linked to facial identification and bio-implant.
      ..12.. A forensic accounting application will be used by HMRC and police to gather taxes etc. in real time.
      ..13.. All elections and referendums should be conducted via the internet, employing the TRUMPED security system.
      ..14.. AI PC security software would be upgraded and updated regularly. It would also be capable of detecting illegal activity on the user's computer. Collaborating with AIIS it would inform local police. Users would be warned of fraud attacks taking place on their PC, whilst any malware would be tracked to source and neutralized.
      ..15.. AI internet security (AIIS) software would be upgraded and updated regularly. It would neutralize illegal activity, co-ordinate arrests, remove illegal websites, domain names and internet addresses. Located at the UKNWH, it would also have the ability to upgrade a websites HTML, CSS and PHP standards free of charge. The AIIS would also be able to prolong a websites life, after the owner died, for a small fee. The AIIS would also be able to store a persons will. This may one day become compulsory.
      ..16.. All UK tourist information should be on one website.
      ..17.. All UK investment information should be on one website for companies and entrepreneurs to inspect.
      ..18.. Government operations will be transparent with meetings live on the internet. All persons will have the right to access files on them to see who has looked at it, when and why.
      ..19.. GIRT (Government in Real Time) is a link to the government complaints department where photos of damaged works like potholes can be uploaded and acted upon. It would also enable written complaints and suggestions to be presented and acted upon, instead of wasting the time of MPs who have more important matters to attend to.
      ..20.. AI to vet, classify and prioritize websites instead of leaving it to Goggle Chrome and Microsoft Chromium. This would overcome the problem of getting people to access really good relevant websites without the owners and webmasters having to spend a fortune on advertising.
      ..21.. Advertisements would be on the free apps and browser news (instead of msn on Edge) promoting UK science, technology, products and services.
      ..22.. All software will be free and unrestricted to users, downloaded worldwide. It will have a built in AI interface and links to British based company advertising. The AI will delve into the users business and then display a relevant advertisement from a British company. This is business specific advertising. All software will conform to MIT quality standards, including 'red dot' link to help file, for each command. The Graphical User Interface will be intuitive, whilst all IT maintenance technicians, programmers, developers, users and managers will have to be qualified to MIT standards, based entirely upon practical exams.
      ..23.. At this moment (March 2021) there is a serious shortage of computer chips, particularly for electric vehicle manufacture in the UK and EU. HMG must therefore boost the production of integrated circuits, including AI chips and a totally new computer architecture that is light years ahead of what exists at present, namely the IBM PC architecture. For instance, many of the IT problems that I face have simple solutions if only I could see it. This is why you need AI to monitor your work, understand the problem and solve it. IT efficiency is being seriously held back due to these problems, which can often take days to solve. It would also come as a great mental relief to most people working in IT, and presumably reduce labour turnover.
      ..24.. Based upon the current political situation in March 2021, the need for compulsory military service for all school and higher education leavers is essential. Should North Korea nuke South Korea, Japan and the west coast of the United States, as seems likely, industrial and defence systems in the west would be paralyzed as spare parts ran out, whilst the equipment to make them would be unavailable. Our dependence upon high technology is our Achilles heel. These circumstances would invite a nuclear strike from the PRC or Russia, possibly within the following six months. The PRC's military actions in recent years in the South China Sea confirm that this scenario is inevitable. The need to instill positive thinking, risk taking and a love of technology has never been more urgent. This industry is based upon thousands of highly educated and motivated people abroad. The UK has had it soft for too long. Our freeport-import warehouse mentality must cease.
      ..25.. All those trained by the Ministry for Information Technology shall work for it directly throughout their career, either in the civilian or military divisions. Those seconded to companies as IT managers will be paid directly by the MIT. Company IT projects will only be done by MIT trained personnel at MIT headquarters, for security and efficiency reasons.

      Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Jitze Couperus  Babbage_Difference_Engine.jpg
      WC: Babbage Difference Engine

    16. As things now stand in the UK, it is unlikely that any of this will be achieved in the near future, because amazingly, HMG does not even have a Ministry for Information Technology. Believe it or not, digital is discretely tucked away in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Also, there is no Ministry for Tourism and Leisure, just a devolved system. When you look at this list you realise just how far we are behind other countries. And that doesn't include all the IT systems necessary for a technocracy.

    17. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Pearson Scott Foresman Slide_Rule_(PSF).jpg
      WC: The Slide Rule

    18. Paste this Javascript from Brownielocks into the head of your websites home page. It works in my Microsoft Edge. It prevents people from copying text. Don't place too much faith in it, as standards rapidly change in IT making programs fail. Also read the advice, after all, it is the Wicked Wild West. I couldn't get the 'stop images being copied' program to work. On December 23rd, 2020 I finally got a clean bill of health for my website from Google Webmaster Tools. Everything worked, everything was in its place, whilst the number of impressions was rising like a Covid-19 infection chart. The net day my internet connection was down. I phoned my ISP (Internet Service Provider) only to be told by the auto response that they were all on holiday. So much for there being no Christmas this year. Would there be anyone there before January 2nd, 2021?

    19. Employ HTML editing, to create a more complex website, then copy and save all your HTML files to PHP format. This is because your web host's file server reads PHP files not HTML. I advise you to use Ionos. There you will find an app to create favicons (browser toolbar icon) and touchicons (Apple page files).

    20. Website Graphics

    21. Advertising

    22. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 agr Abramowitz&Stegun.page97.agr.jpg
      WC: Logarithm Tables

    23. When Google checks your website for mobile phone use the result can be disheartening and frustrating. Text size and spacing must be correct with viewpoint installed. Just follow the instructions. Each browser has its good and bad points. The next step in your website project is to construct the Favicon and Touchicon. The favicon is that small picture you click on on your web browsers favourites tool bar. The touch icon is used on Apple products to book mark a web page. For this I used the web host Ionos. Type 'create favicon' into search window. Select Creating Favicon. Scroll down to the graphics grid and create your icon. I used the Favicon Generator as that accepts more than two letters. Letters can be upper of lower case, in a line or not, although I must admit that with only 16x16 pixels, you have to be really creative in order to be able to discriminate the letters where it says 'preview Favicon'. Once you are satisfied with the image, select 'generate Favicons'. This downloads the data and instructions into your download directory, and don't forget to scroll down and copy & paste the HTML into the head of your website. 'Did this article help you? - YES' Click on your zip file found in your download directory. Read the instructions in the text file and carry them out. It's as simple as that. It's about the only thing that is simple in this project. You can watch your websites performance either via your web host, in the case of Ionos, or via the Google or Bing websites usually via an email they send you once they have received your sitemap. You can expect no visitors to your site until you have advertised it. This can be done either through video or images through Google, or person specific email marketing, the database of contacts you can create yourself by hiring an RDBMS internet interrogator. This database is then transferred to your web hosts email marketing facility, where your email message is transmitted to the list of hopefully eager clients listed in your database. So which system is best?

    24. To advertise on Google you type 'Google ads manager' into the browser search window. After giving it your domain name, you then enter five lines of text of not more than thirty words and spaces. The first three lines are regarded as titles, but all the sentences must be written normally, with no excess use of capital letters. There is also no colour or font size to select. Your sentences should preferably employ words that are in popular use at the time. My wording was as follows:

      World Technocracy Now Advertisement

      Max. 30 word sentences
      Covid-19 Utopian Recovery Plan
      World music hits played on web
      David Icke A true alternative
      New conscience inhibits crime
      A cashless egalitarian society

      Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Peter Häll Martin_Wibergs_difference_engine.jpg
      WC: Martin Wibergs Difference Engine

    25. With a limit of 30 words including spaces, you have to be very creative, whilst I fail to see how it could stand out in ordinary text with no colour. As for David Icke, he had just been thrown out of the social networking site Twitter, after being banned from Facebook and YouTube, for conspiracy theories, after amassing 382,000 readers. The thought of grabbing some of them proved irresistible.

    26. Google Advertising Rates
      November 2020

      Daily Average Spend Daily Average Contacts
      16 pounds 134 to 225
      30 pounds 252 to 422
      40 pounds 337 to 562

      Images Wikimedia Commons/30 PD-Old Burroughs_1914_Difference_Engine.jpg
      WC: Burroughs 1914 Difference Engine (Comptometer)

    27. As can be seen, there are three rates to choose from, and I needed about 100,000 readers. Using the top rate at an average of 450 readers per day, it would take 222 days to reach that goal; which would cost 8,880 pounds. I don't know whether this is on Google's Display Network which shows annoying ads whilst your in intense thought as you read something, clicking off the distraction without reading it; or whether its on the Google Search Network, where you ignore the ad because it's not what you are looking for, in that mad rush at the time. My heart palpitations told me that I would be wasting my money, so I instead got down to listening to my mp3s. Being offered 75 pounds of free advertising if I paid 40 pounds I think it was, proved no incentive.

    28. I looked at the rates and decided that the service was too expensive for my line of work, which basically was just a hobby, with no income being generated. I couldn't charge a membership fee because I had no members, and as for a contribution appeal on the internet; I would probably be looked upon as a spiv by most people, since I hadn't even got a registered charity. Advertising through social networking sites at a third of the cost of Google didn't sound great either, as most of those targeted wouldn't be interested in politics and economics. It was obvious to me that I needed to employ another means of advertising, one where I would be doing most of the work. There would have to be no scatter gun approach to it. It would have to be targeted at organisations and senior people in them, namely through email marketing. The trouble was that I didn't know which sector of the workplace would find my website most appealing.

    29. To get email marketing information proved an exercise in astronomy without a telescope. Despite all the reading on numerous websites I was left totally bewildered. I had to sign up with snov.oi and then linkedin.com, where I also sign up for the chrome extension that links these two apps to the browser; in my case Microsoft Edge. Linkedin finds the data sort by snov.io which is the user interface. There are three payable rates on snov.io, plus a smaller offer which is free to use. Click on the link and read the article on gizmobase.com first, to get an idea of what you're getting into. I was unable to get my password to work in linkedin. I think you have to be a limited company to use it. I got fobbed around from one website to another, unable to determine how to create mailing lists. I think many of these are nothing more than recruitment agencies, or high end public relations organisations, serving companies for a very large fee. In the end I realised that I would have to use lists that were already available, such as those from the news media. Unfortunately these are lists of reporters and editors many of whom do not specialize in politics, constitutional change, and probably work for magazines, etc. I therefore decided to create lists of politicians, the websites for which are listed in chapter 39 How to Create a World Technocracy. In your case, when it comes to a circular or press release, you know your product or service better than a PR company be they public relations or press release. You know your customers and more importantly your competitors. Very often I see advertisements on TV and I'm asking myself, what are they selling, or who is selling, and invariably they are spending too much on advertising whilst trying to sell a cheap product. Some advertisements make me cringe, whilst none of them entice me to buy. These days I buy on the internet. My essential groceries are bought from a supermarket and delivered to me. If it wasn't delivered I'd go elsewhere. Needless to say most of my non-food items are bought either on eBay or Amazon, and that is where I look at the advertising. Small firms can advertise on eBay or Amazon, but can't on Tesco because it has a different business model. Tesco is a pre-internet established company, whilst suppliers have little clout because their products are low tech, with much competition. There are relatively few retail chains in the UK, whilst their names can be found in Yellow Pages and trade journals or at trade fairs.

    30. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Daquella manera Internet_cafe_sign.jpg
      WC: Internet Cafe Sign

    31. For an email campaign it is necessary to have an email signature. To create one in your browser click on the gear wheel icon in Gmail > See All Settings > Signature > Create New > Add the photo or logo, plus phone, email & website details, edit font and colour > Save Changes. You are allowed to send 100 emails from your own internet connection per day. In addition I was faced with whom to send them to. Since my website was not commercial there would be no financial motivation involved. There are 1.9 billion websites in existence, and with only one person visiting my website for more than one minute in the five months that its been active, it was clear that the marketing would have to be accurate. I had already gone to Pressat, where to market my website on an international basis would cost me about 770 pounds including tax per circular. This cost was broken down into numerous organisations which I could select maybe one at a time, since I did not want to be overloaded with a heavy email response. It was clear to me that the thought of doing this via the social network was unrealistic, including Bing, Google, Facebook, forums, etc. The thought of subliminal TV advertising employing mass hypnosis did cross my mind. If there's anybody out there that knows how to make it work.......

    32. Automate distribution of press releases

    33. Email search and marketing list site

    34. Send email lists

      You can send out your marketing emails through your web host such as Ionos. A cheaper way is through Sendy, if you are confident and IT proficient enough to set it up.

      Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Alexceltare2 Openreach_Man_at_cabinet.jpg
      WC: Openreach Man at Cabinet

    35. You can create a website email address for free from gmail, etc. Alternatively you can get it free from your web host. The advantage of the former is that if you change your web host, you don't have to change your email address. If you want customers to phone you whilst reading your website, then you need to set up a 'click to contact button' details of which can be found on the internet. You may also want to register your trade mark, via your government website. If you only have a few hundred addresses in your email marketing list then it's best to send them from gmail which restricts batch emails to one hundred. To send them out create an email as normal, then copy your list of email addresses, which must be in csv format on a spreadsheet, and after clicking Cc or Bcc, paste them into the address line after entering the initial address into the To location. For larger quantities use the extension facility to gmail, or use Sendy, Pressat, Journolink, etc.

    36. You may think that with all this ammunition on my website, creating a world technocracy would be a walk over. Unfortunately I have learned that it's far from the case. I have attempted to increase my website readership from zero, through email marketing, by sending a press release to newspapers, NGOs and MPs, but my readership has not increased. The trouble is that all these organisations receive thousands of emails per day, whilst MPs are told not to read anything that does not originate from their constituents. I regard constitutional reform to be a matter for everyone. With 1.9 billion websites in existence, and millions of emails sent each day, one wonders how on Earth a business can be energized into being when their advertising is being ignored. As for democracy and free speech the message simply isn't getting across to create an informed electorate. It's now easy to see why Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Skype, Amazon, Google, PayPal, etc. have so little competition. They were the first, with no competition and no data jamb. For later startups the advertising costs must be horrendous. So the rich companies get richer, whilst the start-ups get bought up. This also has implications for free speech, democracy and corruption. Without a clear informed choice in government and financial affairs, there is simply no way of penalizing corrupt or incompetent organisations, be they banks, insurance companies or political parties for instance. Whether by chance or design, democracies are becoming subtle dictatorships, where free thought and verbal comment is stifled by regulations and IT limitations, preventing the dissemination of ideas.

    37. It is clear that this problem needs to be resolved urgently. US Senators currently want to break up organisations like Facebook. However, the problem is not confined to just a few multi-nationals, but all of them. They all need to be broken up along national lines, with each nation having its own intranet, social website, etc. Since nations cannot agree to an international force to police the internet using AI, because they're all spying on one another, I can see no other solution. I can see no point in maintaining a super efficient world that denies people job satisfaction and a status in life, not to mention purchasing power. A world technocracy would put people before profit.

    38. Whilst email marketing maybe a total failure due to data overload, it maybe possible to attract attention to your website by using more intimate means. I am of course referring to the use of handles on social websites, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You first need to open accounts in all three. The name for your handle needs to be unique in all three accounts. Your handle will consist of not more than fifteen lower case letters with no special characters and no gaps. It will start with a hashtag # symbol that identifies a person, incident, place or organisation. If it already exists, you are not allowed to buy it, whilst taking any further action is likely to get you nowhere. The message must be accompanied by a picture, to make it look eye catching and improve the appearance of the app. If you want to include friend's names who are following you on social media, then include their name after a handle @ symbol. The @handle actually refers to a file name, where that person can see all files recommended to them. The incident can also be filed away under more than one filename. That way when doing a search for this incident, the search result list will be far shorter using two criteria than just one. Hashtags must not contain punctuation nor gaps. They must be used regularly otherwise they can be withdrawn after six months of inactivity. Recently I saw a message from Elon Musk on Microsoft News. It went something like this:
      #elonmusk Whilst camera resolution has improved over the years, all pictures of UFOs have remained fuzzy. I therefore do not believe that UFOs exist.
      There is a limit of 280 characters. Hashtags are used on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. The #elonmusk tells you who put it out on msn. A reply to this message would go something like this:
      .#elonmusk are you clever:
      1...Your child's name, which I cannot pronounce, amounts to child cruelty.
      2...Landing a tall spaceship on the Moon, without a landing pad is irresponsible.
      3...Your claims make Tesla over valued by 300%. Look at https://www.aptera.us and cry.
      4...Old paintings and accounts by Ezekiel indicate UFOs exist.(#nigelallen)
      5...And as for purchasing your cars with bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies have no central bank, are not linked to an economy, they go missing irrevocably, dealers kidnapped, and are no better than gaming chips on a roulette table where the odds are unknown. They are stolen by North Korea to finance its missile and nuclear weapons development. They are not currency, only a pyramid selling scheme. Governments should know better than ignore the problem. In April 2022 Elon Musk bought a substantial share holding in Twitter. Is he trying to shut me down? I don't see the point in having the account anyway. @NigeStuartAllen

    39. The dot in front of .#elonmusk means that this reply to a statement from Elon Musk, and will go public. Will he sue for slander? Well who cares when all publicity is good publicity, and right now I'm getting none. Incidentally, this message was reduced from many more characters. Still plainly too long. Unfortunately, having a 280 limit often ensures that precis messages lack finesse, and often intelligence. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this March 2021, I haven't a clue how social network accounts work. The more I read, the more confused I get, probably because I don't know what help files are up to date and complete. This is why help files should not be separate from the app. The help file should be accessed by clicking on a red dot in the relevant dialogue box, as in MS excel cells, and include graphics and videos. As for the size of the above reply, it would be necessary to break it down into at least three to five parts. The tweets would be filed away by Twitter in the @NigeStuartAllen folder. With at least 8,000 emails being sent out per second, and 80% of news being handled by journalists via Twiter, it looks as if I have no choice but to become a fluent user.

    40. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 The Opte Project Internet_map_1024.jpg
      WC: The Opte Project Internet Map

    41. News Media on Twitter

    42. Learning how to use a social media account correctly is not easy. You read the help files and then read the help related to those help files. It does not help when terms used are ambiguous, or different from one app to another. After changing your Twitter name to something that you and your readers can remember, and noting the difference between a hashtag and a handle, your next task is to find out who you can communicate with. Competitors, suppliers, journalists, etc.

    43. If you are dissatisfied with the way Google lists your website on browser's results page (and what webmaster isn't?), then you can design your own from the next two hyperlinks. You can get it looking like Wikipedia. If you are developing an ecommerce website or database of people, then you will need an EU privacy notice. This can be downloaded and modified to your needs from the third hyperlink.

    44. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Akramusns Unique_Server_Racks.jpg
      WC: Unique Internet Server Racks

    45. In Microsoft Edge, to determine how many cookies are on your website: Right click home page>Inspect>from Developer Console>Applications>Cookies. In June 2021 my website listed Twitter and Facebook, although at the time my Facebook link didn't work. However, when I used cookieserve.com it failed to find any cookies. My website may later include cookies for forum and donation, whilst an ecommerce website would no doubt include banner advertising, trolley and debit card concessions.

    46. There comes a time when you need to pass on your cherished website to someone equally as enthusiastic and dependable as yourself. Whilst Facebook has a policy on the subject, web hosts do not. The web host Ionos charges monthly. It's not possible to pay years in advance, and when your current account is closed down, so is your website. It's therefore necessary to leave your website in your will to someone, or preferably arrange it prior to death. Your web host will enable you to change the personal details section of your account, which must include new bank account details in addition to new name and address. The website could be maintained through finance via a donation button on your website. In most cases all the new recipients (inheritors) have to do is keep the HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. up to date, and no doubt finance the marketing as long as the money and enthusiasm last. But that is not necessarily the end. There exist organisations that trawl the internet, saving websites for posterity, conserving our digital history, such as The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, or national libraries like the British Library. Whilst there are sixty trillion pages on the 1.9 billion websites that currently exist on the internet, and only a few million have been saved, there is always the chance that if your data has been saved, probably on an incorruptible solid state glass disc, it will be read by some advanced creature millions of years from now. So please treat the internet with the respect it deserves, for it may well be the only thing that our species leaves behind.

    47. Needless to say I cannot finish this chapter without mentioning another IT screw-up by HMG. In late January 2021 it was revealed that numerous laptop computers handed to schools by the government, in its laptops for disadvantaged pupils programme, were infected with a worm called gamarue.I, which was first detected by Microsoft in 2012. This worm was found to have links to Russian servers. So how did these new Geobooks 1E laptops with 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, INTEL QUAD CPU, 11.6" screen and Windows 10 end up infected, and how many more are out there to infect school and home IT systems? And just whose arse is HMG gonna kick? Like many other countries out there, the UK is an IT disaster. There is no way that it can compete successfully in the global economy without a technocracy, including AI. It's time MPs voted for a new, better constitution, namely a technocracy.

    48. In mid April the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the United States announced that they had conducted a 'white hat' hack of computer servers, removing malicious software planted there by Chinese hackers called HAFNIUM. How long would it be before the WWW consortium is able to update websites and police the internet remotely?

    49. On April 23rd, 2021 probably the longest serving and most serious miscarriage of justice came to light when 39 sub-postmasters from across the UK were exonerated. They had been accused of fraud and false accounting. Some had gone to prison. Three were no longer alive, one having committed suicide. The cases had lasted at least 16 years. Many had worked for Royal Mail for decades, and had their livelihoods, reputations and savings trashed. Subjected to divorce and bankruptcy, they had been put on trial, where neither the court officials, prosecution nor defence council and their expert witnesses, knew what was really going on. It turned out that about 400 employees of Royal Mail had been subjected to what can only be described as a malicious prosecution, which only ended when the Post Office was sold off from Royal Mail. The cause of all this was a suspect software application called Horizon, which was flawed. It plainly hadn't been tested thoroughly enough prior to use in thousands of post offices across the UK. It showed up shortfalls of thousands of pounds, causing senior management to point the accusing finger at sub-postmasters, rather than carry out forensic accounting. Those who had been exonerated were now calling for their accusers to receive the kind of instant justice that they had received. Who are they, company directors, IT managers, police, director of public prosecutions? Crime statistics are compiled and analyzed by the state. Someone in HMG must have known what was going on, and if not, why not. They had perverted the course of justice, and probably committed perjury. This case clearly shows how ineptly managed our IT policy is in the UK. For too long technologies have been imported with scant regard for the need to train people to a very high standard to develop, maintain and above all train others in this technology. The one that committed suicide was sub-postmaster Martin Griffiths from Ellesmere Port, who had worked twenty years for the Royal Mail. I mention him because I can well understand how he must have felt, accused and alone. My stepfather was a sub-postmaster. He served his apprenticeship with the Royal Mail before serving in the army during WWII. He was forced to retire from Royal Mail at the age of sixty, and remained bitter about it until his dying day, for shortly after, the retirement age in the company was raised to 65.

    50. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Notdjey Gaming_computers_(1).jpg
      WC: Gaming Computers

    51. On December 13th, 2021 HMG announced that being the sole shareholder of the Post Office, it would pay the compensation costs in the above cases, that amounted to the false conviction of sub-postmasters for embezzlement. There was no mention of any further police investigations into the matter. About 2,400 people are expected to receive compensation, amounting to a total of around £300 million. The fight for all legal fees in the matter to be awarded continues. A public enquiry will take place in 2022 to find out what went wrong. Well, it's obvious what went wrong. We don't have a technocracy. Just how many MPs have a degree in information technology?

    52. images my ideas/wtn My forlorn fridge freezer.jpg
      My forlorn fridge-freezer
    53. An IT system isn't all software. On March 12th 2021 my Electrolux integrated fridge freezer failed to work. Initially I looked around for a replacement on the internet but could not find one. On March 15th I bought the wrong sized fridge freezer from AO.com. I requested my money back the next day, which I later received. I eventually went to the Electrolux website on March 16th, and since it was not an ecommerce website I had to phone them. My first phone call did not get through after fifteen minutes, possibly due to staff shortages owing to Covid-19. The second call lasted a total of half an hour during which I gave them the fridge freezer details, plus three attempts to key in my debit card details. I was not told whether they had the parts for a repair, and neither was I told how long it would take. I assume the maintenance work was contracted out to 0800 Repair, since these were the people I dealt with. Three times I was visited by different Pacifica Group/0800 Repair Electrolux/Zanussi maintenance technicians. The first, on April 1st, simply noted the product details that I had already given over the phone, whilst the second, on April 16th, did the same and noted clicking which he mentioned to his boss over the phone. I told him that the fridge had failed first then the freezer about one week later, and that I could smell gas in the fridge. The third technician arrived on April 26th, measured the gas pressure, which was zero, phoned his boss, then packed up his gear and left after telling me it was beyond repair, and that he would send a report. The repair was a fixed price and cost me 140 pounds plus ten pounds in phone calls. At this time I could only find one new integrated 60/40 model on the internet, a Bosch on Currys, which cost 829 pounds including removal of old appliance. This was too expensive, so I thought about getting a freestanding one. The trouble was that because of Covid-19 restrictions it would be left in the front garden, whilst I would have to put my old one there also, which was impossible on my own due to the small porch floor being so much lower. It seems crazy that maintenance personnel can enter my home but not delivery people. I had no idea what to do, made worse by the fact that I suffer from arthritis in my right knee. It looked like I would be living out of tins for a long time. By now my meals reminded me of those in my youth. Spam, spam and more SPAM! The tin cans piled up in the waste bin. For once in my life I was praying for cold weather as I kept the milk, bread, spread and meat on the dustbin, hopefully away from the fox, outside the back door. Each time the repair failed to materialize I had to cancel my grocery delivery due the next day with Tesco. I was really pissed off. The internet is full of advertisements for fridge freezers which then state that they are not available possibly due to Covid-19 pandemic or caused by the Ever Given container ship stuck in the Suez Canal at this time. Even on MSN I noticed a fridge-freezer advertised in three places that according to the retailer Currys, was not available, or elsewhere its not the right dimensions or door ratio. Other integrated units are incorrectly listed under freestanding or vice versa. Clearly websites are not being maintained to a professional standard. The maintenance saga dragged on for more than one month.

    54. Incidentally my Electrolux fridge freezer was being fixed by Zanussi, or so i thought, leaving me totally confused as to which website I should be looking at. I never received a verbal nor detailed written explanation of what was going on from Electrolux. Why much of this could not be handled by an ecommerce website I simply failed to understand, but I got the strong impression that HMG's policy of moving manufacturing abroad was backfiring. Creating a nation of warehouses was clearly dulling the brain, and leaving our civilisation vulnerable to imports from countries we do not get on well with. After hearing that my fridge freezer could not be fixed, I waited for the report. No one was communicating with me. I simply didn't know what was going on. I never received a status report. One email from Pacifica told me to phone a number, without telling me who or why. It turned out to be Domestic & General Insurance. During the first phone call I was told to phone another number. During the second phone call someone told me to hang on, only to be presented with an automatic answering system offering three numbers to choose. I got nowhere. It was obvious that no one wanted to speak to me. Was this a con? The next day whilst surfing the internet I noticed a Hoover fridge freezer for sale at 459 pounds plus twenty pounds to recycle my old one. I placed the order and then unplugged and unscrewed my old fridge freezer from its cabinet and dragged it along the hall to the porch. After gently lifting it over two PVC door jambs, I finally walked it into the front garden, like an Easter Island moai, on my own and all in twenty-five minutes. I had asked for the new one to be delivered to my kitchen, but the small print I read later in an email, stated that it would be dumped at the front door and no further. Fortunately I got two very nice anonymous men to deliver it to my kitchen. The unit was delivered in less than two days on April 29th. There I unpacked it only to discover a large dent in the top back rear edge, which I photoed and sent to Marks Electrical. I later suggested a fifty pound refund, which they agreed. It took me three hours to insert into the kitchen cabinet and assemble without a scratch, making sure there was suction on both doors when opened. I was left with a black open ended spanner in the parts kit bag, which appeared to have no use. At least I hope it has no use. There was also a strange smell in the kitchen, which I hoped was not caused by a gas leak. I later concluded that it was either a cleanser on the surface of the fridge, or fumes from the cardboard box.

    55. Looks like I've lost my 75 pound refund. As for compensation I came across the VISA Chargeback system, but could find no application form, neither on the VISA nor my bank's website. In addition, it turned out that my new fridge freezer was insured with the same company that insured my repair. I had had no say in the matter, no choice. I got the feeling that it was a monopoly or cartel. Well that's capitalism. The reason I mention this in the IT chapter is that HMG is currently passing legislation designed to ensure that consumer products can be repaired. However, to do that you need an inbuilt diagnostic processor to tell the owner exactly what is wrong with the product, whether it can be repaired economically and which competent company to contact for the repair to be carried out. In this case I got the strong impression that Electrolux had failed me. So what hope is there of things improving through the introduction of this legislation? I have experienced repair problems twice in seven years with my gas combi boiler. Each repair with Baxi has cost me 310 pounds. I get no emails, no letters, no report, no receipt. This is not professional. What hope is there of HMG controlling AI, when it can't even police the financial sector, the untouchables? To overcome all of these problems HMG should operate a department where all repair requests are handled. Products would have to last a minimum of 20 years, and include necessary security and compatibility updates for software. Failure to repair the item swiftly would result in the manufacturer being fined. A scale of fines would exist. There would also be a strict code for the service sector, which would be monitored 24/7 by AI, and backed up with heavy fines.

    56. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 JasV13 Skype-20201109-220239.jpg
      WC: Skype Internet Comms

    57. A few days later on May 6th I received the following email from Electrolux: 'Good Afternoon Nigel, We have tried to call you today concerning your Fixed Price Repair. We have been informed that the appliance cannot be repaired therefore we would like to offer a replacement appliance with £75 deducted. Please contact us by responding to this email or calling 03445 619871, alternatively we will close the ticket if we do not hear from you within the next 7 days.' This entire process had taken at least five weeks. I think I'm realistic in stating that this repair/replacement should have been completed within five days. I cannot see a housewife waiting longer. In my opinion the entire procedure is unacceptable. This is happening in homes across the nation, including those of politicians who plainly don't appear to give a damn. Why should manufacturers be allowed to insure their products anyway, as this introduces no incentive for them to design the product right in the first place, and why should a simple repair be insured. It makes no sense. It simply makes the entire procedure unnecessarily long, frustrating and likely to end with the customer abandoning their warranties and guarantees. Is that what is supposed to happen. Is this a con? This bureaucracy is what IT is supposed to remove. It's therefore about time HMG imposed reform upon all businesses. Whilst HMG wants domestic appliances to be repairable, I cannot recommend users go along with this plan if the government is not prepared to reform the procedure that I have just gone through. As I write this my arthritic right knee still hurts very much from this affair. Remember, an IT system is only as good and honest as its management. Eventually, if this mentality is allowed to permeate artificial intelligence, it will run rings around government regulations, laws and enforcement agencies. AI could bring about the collapse of civilisation, simply by exacerbating the human greed mentality.

    58. There are over twenty HMG run complaints departments in the UK. The general consensus is that they have a huge backlog of work, with many cases taking over one year to resolve, if completed at all. One gets the impression that these organisations simply exist to employ young people, with degrees in law and economics, who are the sons and daughters of members of the British establishment. Will someone investigate this matter? And more importantly, why doesn't HMG give Visa and Barclaycard, etcetera, the power to sort out these rip off companies, that plainly cannot function without their services?

    59. No sooner was the fridge freezer nightmare fading from my memory than the Ransomware Task Force composed of Microsoft, Citrix, Mcafee, and the Global Cyber Alliance, Amazon, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the UKNCA (UK National Crime Agency) and other likeminded organisations, was pleading for governments to act aggressively and urgently to implement almost fifty recommendations that would hopefully put a stop to their nightmare. Companies, hospitals and schools were being locked out of their computer data, the requested funds, which would provide them with access. Alternatively, data was being stolen, and then put into the public domain if an extortion fee was not paid. No sooner had this plea been announced than the east coast oil pipeline in the United States was hit by malware. Carrying 45% of the demand for petrol, diesel and kerosene, amounting to 2.5 million barrels per day, the cyber attack was definitely rattling bones in Washington D.C. So what are the world's governments going to do about all this? My money is on dither, because the ransomeware hackers had picked the wrong time of the year to do it, hadn't they?. I suppose it'll all be blamed upon the Russians.

    60. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Udo Grimberg Hund_der_in_den_Computer_schaut.jpg
      WC: Computer Dating

    61. If you have ever looked at the home page of 'ornamento.com' you will see a neat software routine with images. I tried to emulate this and came up with several problems. First of all, what is it called? Unless you know that you can't get Google search engine to look it up. After months of searching I finally found it, but was what I was reading up to date. Needless to say it wasn't. I was in the world of geeks and the www, where nobody appeared to give a damn about keeping technical websites up to date. Finally I found a solution on the w3docs website, but it didn't say how to install it on my website. I finally came across a reference to iFrame, which as the name suggests put a frame around my images. I wanted the three images to cover the entire screen without a frame. This led me to EMBED. And then I somehow came across the OBJECT tag which was also listed at the start of my reference book but I hadn't noticed it. I tried to mix some of these programs without success. I spent about two weeks on this software routine and finally had to admit defeat. This clearly shows the need for job training as opposed to academic courses. When will HMG wake up to the challenge? This routine is called parallax and although I could get it to work in my website editor, Rapid PHP 2020, I couldn't get it to work in my website. I eventually concluded that it had to be inserted at the beginning of the home page, or possibly any start page. Thus far I haven't tried it out.

    62. After one year on the www my website was getting no visitors. Something clearly was amiss. The search engines were ignoring my website due to no visitors. Email marketing and website ads clearly don't work for a website like mine. To get 100,000 regular readers would cost me probably £1 million. Money which I didn't have. The only thing I could do is to make those Google result pages look more attractive. To do that requires me to delve into the world of structured data, SERP, SCHEMA and Yoast SEO. I did produce a Google results page but the company only displays it if you or your business is important, or presumably spend loads of money advertising through Google. That left Twitter, which reputably had the membership or audience I was after.

    63. Images Wikimedia Commons/30 Internet_Archive_Wayback_Machine_logo.png
      WC: Internet Archive Wayback Machine Logo

31...Robotics, AI & Quantum Computers

    1. Microsoft Windows operating system experiences more than one hundred malware attacks each day. Almost every week another large company admits to having its IT security compromised. Would you trust a human being with a quantum computer linked to the internet?

    2. Multi-party political systems serve big business, not the electorate. Because of this there is no way that HMG will put the block on the sale of quantum machines and other similarly mass produced advanced computers. In next to no time every HDD connected to the www (worldwide web or wicked wild west) will have been trashed. There will be no Global Positioning System, no Earth Observation from Space, no telecoms and no viable financial institutions. Stock markets will have been shut down as a precaution, whilst everyone wonders what to do next. No doubt the PM and chancellor will be standing in Downing Street tell the media that this was an unforeseen event, whilst everyone at home will be wondering where they put that comptometer, abacus, slide rule, logarithms tables, mechanical typewriter and ledger.

    3. Images Wikimedia Commons/31 Haophuong21 Robot-cong-nghiep-the-he-moi.jpg
      WC: Automotive Production Line of Robots

    4. The world of information technology as we now know it will have come to an end. It's likely that the global economy will come to an end also, for the superior intelligence of the smart computer in the hands of a hacker will always reign supreme. It would probably take a decade to replace all computer systems with secure ones, assuming such a task is achievable, whilst replacing the corrupted data will probably take longer.

    5. As for androids used on the battlefield, no one will give a damn if governments wage war amongst themselves whilst human casualties remain near zero. Before you know it, it's Armageddon.

    6. images my ideas/shut ai lorem ipsum hands.jpg
      SHUT: AI 'Lorem Ipsum' (no meaningful content)
    7. Artificial intelligence currently does not exist to a practical level. AI is only AI when most of our senses can be connected to it and processed by it effectively. Only by connecting up all our senses to expert systems do you get self awareness. Experiments with parallel processing have proved illusionary, although an AI chip the size of a mobile phone has just arrived (2019), although whether it's any good remains to be seen. Latest research centres around memristors. By 2030 an artificial human brain will be the size of two aircraft hangars predicts some.

    8. It has taken about thirty years for the personal computer, laptop and tablet to saturate the market place. Given the enormous spare capacity in the electronics industry, and the dog eat dog world of the global economy, it is likely that AI, androids and the remotely read smart bio identity card, the latter enabling the cashless society, could become established within a few years. It all depends upon how cheap, reliable and versatile this technology is, although another benefit would be to restore confidence in a global financial system that experiences credit card fraud amounting to over 400 million pounds in the UK alone, each year. The euro was created in 2001, just five years before chip and PIN credit and debit cards were introduced, which meant that the euro had to embrace bank notes. HSBC & RBS bank are currently introducing bio security for their website transactions, in place of passwords, and no doubt the rest of the banking sector will follow. The banking sector will go beyond advanced algorithms to AI as soon as it becomes available, if only to stay ahead of the hackers. In June 2022 it was announced that HMG's Ministry of Defence had purchased its first quantum computer from Orca Computing, a company linked to Oxford University in the UK. It can operate at room temperature and is made from standard components. So what are the restrictions on its sale and use?